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Tiramisu Dress 30 Minute Sewalong | Cake Patterns

I’m so pleased to announce more details about the Tiramisu Dress 30 Minutes a Day sewalong!  When I mentioned it last week, many of you said YES YES YES so I made a blog button, set some dates and created a flickr group so we can share inspiration and work out any sewing or fitting issues that come up.  Head over to for more details and to sign up!  I’m writing the posts for the sewalong right now so that during the sewalong I can focus fully on sewing support.   Let me know if there’s a particular topic or detail you’d like to see covered and I’ll work it in.  The sewalong is paced with a knits-beginner in mind, but all skill levels are more than welcome to stitch together with us, 30 minutes a day.

Tiramisu Class And Eats | Cake Patterns

Yesterday we met for the first-ever Cake class at Voodoo Rabbit.  Schedules are tight this time of year, and we lost a few peeps who had pressing social engagements.  We were three, plus me and the Voodoo Rabbit girls and we had a blast!  I love the intimacy of small classes, and Voodoo Rabbit is a bright and well appointed boutique space in The Gabba.  I made a Tiramisu for afternoon tea. Kylie the-perfect-hostess who runs Voodoo Rabbit made us delicious tea to drink with our Tiras.  Cake, stitching, tea, and camaraderie ruled the afternoon.

Ali May's Tiramisu | Cake Patterns(The next to last step- just the side seams left!)

Alison made a terrific charcoal and gray striped Tiramisu, we also had a sky blue version and an absolutely fabulous orange and white striped version!   Even more amazing- on three very different body types, the Tiramisu worked without alteration.  Woohoo!

If you live in Brisbane and you’d like to join me at Voodoo Rabbit this Saturday from 12-5 to have some Cake and sew it too, just fill in the form and we’ll get you sorted.  For the Voodoo Rabbit space, I want to keep class sizes quite small so we all have plenty of room to work and solid teacher-interaction.

We had such a lovely afternoon, Ky and Cloud and I are discussing setting up regular classes in this space from the New Year- and maybe a few fun social events!  It’s hard to find communal sewing space in Brisbane since Piece Together closed (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?) so it will be wonderful to have a regular teaching space.  Some of you have contacted me about drafting or fitting workshops- I think we’ll be able to do some good work in the Voodoo Rabbit space.  Once we get a schedule worked out, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Tuxedo Bag Voodoo Rabbit | 3 Hours PastRandom detail- I spotted this bag in the Voodoo Rabbit shop and immediately fell ridiculously in love with it.

Tuxedo Dress | 3 Hours Past

Cloud told me she had been inspired by the Tuxedo Dress I made for Frock Out last May- no wonder I love it!  It’s so cute, I’m tempted to dabble in bag-sewing again…

Picture 8

I’m still releasing new support pages on the site. The sleeves are coming!  I feel like I’ve been working constantly for the past several weeks and it’s starting to catch up with me a bit.  Besides that, I’m finding it’s harder than ever to balance work with life during the holiday season.  In my old age, I’ve learned that when my mind and body tell me to ease up, I have to ease up.  I know you’d also prefer that I slow down a little rather than burning out.

Thank you for understanding, it’s really hard for me to tell myself to slow down when I want to finish everything and make it perfect right this minute.

That said, after a few days of being MIA from the internet, I’m feeling much better.

This week I want to write about a few things that aren’t Cake related (if I can..!), and I’ll be updating the sewingcake site with the final support pages and Pieces of Cake. And of course, I’m always reachable via email.

Picture 9

(oh- and Canada: has anyone received their patterns yet?  I think Canada is the last country we haven’t heard from so let us know!)


  1. Hi! I meant to tell you earlier, but my Tiramisu pattern arrived in Canada this week! (I just tweeted you too, but I”m not sure if I remembered the right @name!)

    • Great, thanks for that, Gillian. :)

      I’m @sewingcake on twitter, I switched from @3hourspast which was the previous handle. Sorry for the mix up!

      • Ok, good to know!
        (I just spent a happy half hour trolling around looking for pieces of cake and reading up on the pattern… I’ve got 5 pieces now, and I am getting excited about your photo inspirations for the hummingbird! Looks awesome!)

        • Oh what fun! :) We’ll play with Hummingbird later this spring (well, early spring), I’m pleased you like what you see so far!

  2. I’m happy to announce that I got my Tiramisu pattern on Friday, all the way over on the Atlantic side of Canada. I’ve read through the instructions & look forward to the sew-along in January, as long as I can find some knit worth while buying (it’s very hard to buy decent fabric locally -maybe I’ll just buy the crap & do a full muslin, then order some after). I plan to make for both myself & daughter with sleeves. Cheers from Nova Scotia!

    • Oh good! I’m glad to know it. :) Muslin first is always safest, and has a great range of knits they’ll ship anywhere. Fwiw! I’m not working for them, they just have good fabrics and solid customer service, even for internationals.

    • Sure thing, susanne. I’m thinking all you’d need to do is perhaps lengthen the CF, the midriff section would probably sit above your bump and the skirt is generous enough to accommodate, too. :) But yes, I can put together a little info-tute-pic thing on lengthening the front for mat wear.

  3. Oh how I want to sign up for this….but The Boy is in hospital smack bang in the middle of it! Eeek! So I’m going to pass on this one…but bookmark all the posts so you can hold my virtual hand when I do make my first Tira.

      • Cool. He should have had the surgery last week but has a cough, so that didn’t happen. He’s having cannulas (cannuli?) fitting in his tear ducts and sinuses which will hopefully resolve a lot of issues for the little sausage. Fingers crossed it works! I’m scared stiff…..

        • Oh my gosh Evie, that’s some scary stuff. Poor boy! I’m sure he’ll be ok though, and like you said it’ll help him out. *hug*

          • Thank you so much. I know its necessary but so wish it wasn’t. The hug is much appreciated. x

  4. I’m in Canada!! Haven’t got my Tiramisu yet, but here’s hoping it arrives this week! If kristinm100 got hers, then mine should be “just around the corner”, ’cause I live in TO, too!

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  6. It’s not often that I wish I still lived in Brisbane, but I’m currently wishing it. And that’s very unusual considering that it’s summer!

    That charcoal stripe Tiramisu is fantastic! Well done to the maker!

    • I’d love to have you in classes, Oanh… :) Been thinking I should head down Melbourne way sometime sooner or later… :)

      Yeah, Ali (and the other ladies) did a great job!

  7. What a surprise to see Alison’s face smiling out from your blog. She has made a lovely version of your pattern.

    You poor ‘old’ thing – sorry… can’t accept you calling yourself old.. feeling a bit older than you at the moment as I am having one of those ‘0’ birthdays this week.

    • You know Ailson too? :) I found out I taught her sister to sew a few years ago, it’s a small world! Isn’t she lovely, though?

      Haha…. I guess I’m not old but- but- learning to respect my limits without blowing past them is definitely something I’ve only learned to do in the past couple of years… With a bit of age and experience… ;)

  8. My Tira finally arrived! here in Ottawa, Canada. I CAN’t wait to get started, and I’m really keen on seeing how you do the long sleeve variation. Or I’ll have to find another cardi to wear with a short sleeved version!

    • Oh good! I’m glad, really didn’t expect Canada to be last, this shipping stuff is interesting.

      Yes- sleeves by the weekend, no matter what. :) There’s two ways to do it really, both pretty straightforward… :D

  9. My Tiramisu arrived today- I am in Greece. Thank you! Now I am ready for the sewalong. I have some more time to ponder about fabric choices….

  10. I got mine today! I’m just outside Toronto. The pattern looks fabulous. I am going to have to make it up over the holidays but I’ll also sign up for the 30 minutes a day sew-along. Congratulations Steph! I hope you make lots more patterns too. I’ll buy them all.

  11. Oh good! :) And thanks. Yes, I think I have many of the bugs worked out of the process, time to have some fun putting together new patterns! :)

  12. Hi Steph, Love you blog!!! Just thought i would let you know that I run a sewing studio in Brisbane called Ministry of Handmade. So even though Piece Together is no longer with us, I am here. You might like to check out my website
    I am keen to expand my range of workshops and will be adding new selections over the next few weeks….so if you know of any folk who want to learn to sew…..send them my way!!!

    • Thanks, Julie! :) So weird we’ve never met, but you are way way way to the extreme other side of the city from me… ;) Drop me a line, don’t be shy..

  13. Yes! I’m in Canada and got mine last week – I’m so excited to sew it up in the new year! I even have some beautiful plum bamboo jersey I bought specifically for it! :)

    I also pre-ordered Pavlova – that top is just gorgeous! I love your winter white version the best! :)

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