From “Pinning” to “Doing” : The Egg White Face Mask

Picture 13

I like slapping stuff on my face from the pantry to see what happens, it’s interesting.  And cheap.  And I feel like I’m sticking it to “the man” somehow (no one sells me beauty products by making me feel ugly).   I also strive to try out new things I find on Pinterest and the egg white mask kept showing up…

My skin gets gross in the summer.  I like to keep my skin tidy and clear so I don’t feel the need to wear foundation.  There’s a few obvious skin fixes like adequate hydration, quality sleep, exercise and a decent diet.  That’s not always simple to maintain.  Besides, my pore problems run a little deeper than needing more beauty sleep once the heat, humidity and UV start taking their toll.  (Not to mention the copious amounts of sunscreen I wear.)

In the past, I’ve used an oat bran mask to soften and cleanse my skin.  It’s great, does a beautiful job- especially when mixed with a spoonful of plain yogurt.  The only thing I don’t love about it is it can be kind of sloppy to apply and chunky to remove.  This is no problem when I need a really deep scrub, but I wanted to find a skin fix  halfway between an oat mask and a regular cleanse.

Egg White Face Mask 1 | 3 Hours Past

Egg white masks are exactly what they sound like- egg whites.  That’s it. It tightens the skin, minimizes pores, smoothes out the skin’s texture and removes blackheads- gently.   Just whip it up a little so it froths. (Egg yolk hair masks are marvelous, btw.)

Egg White Face Mask 2 | 3 Hours PastI took these pictures the morning after a late night with a friend, you can still see the remnants of a nuevo-flapper eyeliner experiment around my eyes.  I quickly washed my face, but nothing serious.

Egg White Face Mask 3 | 3 Hours PastI applied the mask with my fingers.  It does smell like eggs, but I don’t find the scent too unpleasant.  The egg whites feel like a slightly viscous mask, the kind that will indeed tighten and tone the skin and perhaps peel off.  Then I wait.  It dries after about 15 minutes.

Egg White Face Mask 4 | 3 Hours PastWhen it’s dry, my face feels completely immobile.  Is this what it feels like to get Botox?  Then I rinse it off with cool water.  It comes off quite readily, I finger-scrub using a circular motion to clear off every last bit of egg.

Then I pat dry and apply Sorbolene.  By the way- that’s the best best best moisturizer I’ve used in my life.  It’s better than all of the expensive creams I tried to get my skin under control, it’s better than the “I don’t have rent to pay but I have a job” potions I used in highschool, it’s better than the organic flowery smelling stuff at Lush.  It’s simply the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin.  A $5 bottle of Sorbolene has lasted me the better part of a year. (It’s also fantastic for removing clown makeup and shaving.) $5 for a year’s worth of the best moisturizer I’ve ever used.

Egg White Face Mask 5 | 3 Hours PastThe egg white mask removes my greasies, drags out the impurities and leaves behind smooth-as-charmeuse skin with very little mess or inconvenience.  Once I saw the results were worth it, I got over the scent of raw egg.  I always notice my skin continues to spit out yucky things for a little while after I remove the mask.  Is that TMI?

Egg White Face Mask Final | 3 Hours PastI did not, did not apply anything except OCC Lip Tar NSFW before taking this last shot.  I like a monochromatic look, so I dabbed a tiny bit of Lip Tar on the apples of my cheeks.  I took all of these phone camera photos within the same 20 minutes or so in my bathroom.

I took all of these photos right after my egg white mask.  No foundation, though I did use some other paints...

I took all of these photos right after my egg white mask. No foundation, though I did use some other paints…

In fact, I think the effect is even more pronounced on a proper camera so the egg white mask has become a part of the photo-shoot process around here.  I want to look nice for y’all.  I save the leftover egg whites in the fridge and re-apply for several days in a row.  It’s gentle and by the time I use up the entire egg white, I feel incandescent.

Click for source

Click for source

Next time I get the itch to try something weird on my skin, I may try the gelatin mask.  I’ve read mixed reviews, so I’m feeling more cautious than curious at this point.

Have you ever tried either an oat, egg white, or gelatin mask?  How did that work out?  What other masks (of any type) do you like to use?  I can’t be the only face mask addict out there…

Cake Cake Cake

By this weekend, I’ll have published the last of the Tiramisu Support pages on, including the FBA page and the Sleeves hack.  Tira’s been quite an interesting learning experience, and while it shows in the pattern that Tiramisu was my first release I’m still proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We.  You, me, and my long-suffering husband and friends.  I didn’t broadcast this widely before, but I want you to know that Cake Patterns and the Tiramisu Knit Dress Pattern came to life without me having to take out any business loans.  The pre-sale covered production costs for the pattern, and while I haven’t paid myself or contributed to our rent or upgraded my equipment yet, I think that’s something to be proud of.  It’s a big deal to me.

Thank you.

It took over 6 months to build Cake, figure out the process, pole-vault over hurdles and deliver Tiramisu to your doorsteps and letter boxes.  Pavlova, the second release, has been in production since late October and is nearing completion!  We should go to print in early January.  That’s more or less 6 weeks versus 6 months to produce a pattern.  I’ll be running the Tiramisu 30 Minute A Day Sewalong in early January, and want to focus my energy on that project.

Pavlova Circus And Pre-Sale | Dec 15-20 | Cake PatternsCirque

Instead of shooting for an early January Circus that conflicts with the sewalong, I’ll be running the Pavlova Circus and Pre-Sale from December 15th-20th.  It’s shorter this time, dreamier.

During the Pavlova Circus I want to focus more on design inspiration, ballerinas, pattern lore, the new Cake Covergirl and meringues. Oh- and of course, I’ll show you the insides and outs of the many versions of Pavlova I’ve stitched together during production!  Basically, this Circus will be all the delicious types of posts I haven’t been publishing lately but have been dying to.

Besides, at this time of year, who has the brain cells for lengthy tech posts?  Let’s have some fun!


  1. I haven’t done an egg white mask in years, but back when I did I probably didn’t need it yet. Now my 30 something skin needs a lot more attention, and I think I’ll give this a try. We keep chickens too, so no shortage of eggs!

    The mask I regularly use in a honey mask. My husband kept bees a few years back, and we have lots of local honey in the pantry. I keep a jar on the bathroom sink and mix a dime sized amount with a couple drops of water in a small bowl. After rinsing my face well in the morning, I put it all over and let it air dry. I just leave it on for a couple hours if I am staying in. I have had really bad problems with dryness, and tried all kinds of moisturizers and exfoliants, and never dreamed that just honey would be the thing that would help my skin. It makes it very soft and smooth.

    Thanks for the egg white tip! Your skin does look very nice!

    • Yes! I did that sort of extra stuff when I didn’t need it, too. :)

      Thanks for the tip on the honey mask- sounds great! I use it as a hair mask sometimes (with olive oil) but I’m slightly terrified to put it on my face…. I might have to try it though, if it works so beautifully…

  2. Well don’t your skin look so dewy and fresh (smile). I discovered the egg mask myself just a few months ago while I think I was visiting “Crunchy Betty’s” website. Mine was spritzed with a little lemon juice too, I think. It’s amazing how smooth and soft if makes the skin, huh? My fave is my Manuka honey mask. The stuff’s so great you hardly need moisturizer:)

    • Thanks, Victoria.. I takes work, lots of work…

      Cunchy Betty? I’ve never heard of her but I’m thinking of Betty Crocker wearing an oatmeal mask so now I just have to look. hehe.

      Oh my, I do love using lemon juice on my skin. It’s amazing, agreed. For some reason I hadn’t thought to add it to my egg whites but it makes complete sense. :)

  3. Your skin looks very good with that egg white mask. I tried it too, a while ago (also because I kept seeing the pins). My skin was enraged and sore afterwards, so it’s not for me. What my skin does like is full fat plain yoghurt with honey :) And it tastes good too!

    • Oh no! What is your skin like, in case someone reading has a similar type and can avoid the same result…?

      I do like yogurt, but I can’t use it too often or my skin gets kind of “fat”… I’m not sure how to explain it but I learned I can’t use it all the time… I have sort of oily but sensitive skin, if that’s a help…?

  4. You should indeed be proud of your accomplishments! No loan for a start up is great. Btw, I saw Katie’s (KIDMD) Tiramisu post yesterday, it was fab!

    As far as masks are concerned, my 17 yo DD has oily skin an loves when I give her a flaxseed meal mask. I simply mix a couple tablespoons of ground flaxseed with hot water, let it cool a few minutes, during which time it forms a gloppy, thickness. I spread it in her face, then tissue and rinse off after about 10 or 15 minutes. It smells nice, and it moisturizers her skin while taking away the oiliness if that makes any sense. Her skin looks amazing afterwards – she wears no makeup save for a tad of eyeliner/mascara on occasion.
    Your egg whites appear to have worked well. Your skin looks beautiful!

    • Thanks, Andrea… :) Oh! Katie’s Tiramisu is SO pretty, isn’t it? When I saw it I thought “I want that!” and then reminded myself I have several Tiras already. haha.

      Oh cool! I haven’t tried a flaxseed meal mask but I have some in the fridge so might have to try it. I like what regular ingestion of flaxseed oil in my breakfast does for my skin, so I would think a topical application would work wonders. :)

      Thanks. :)

  5. My skin needs all the help it can get…I really must try this! Your skin is always radiant…I never stick my nose outside of the door without foundation
    And massive congratulations on launching your business without external funding. That’s one heck of an achievement and you should be very proud of it. Bravo!

    • You’re so kind, thanks… :) I do try to make an effort for photos or going out, but it’s really impossible to wear foundation in this weather.. Ugh…

      Thanks. :) Y’all did it.

  6. You look beautiful – thanks for the reminder! I use olive oil (our own from our olive grove) and salt or sugar as a body/hand scrub before I shower. It´s wonderful! Received my tiramisú pattern yesterday, I´m thrilled. Well done to you :)

    • From your own grove! That’s so cool, and I bet it has a *lot* of wonderful things in the oil that haven’t broken down through storage and shipping and etc. Wow. Neat.

      I’m so pleased you like her, let me know if she gives you any lip… ;)

    • Thanks! I like to change the banner all the time, flowers I see around the neighborhood or fabric macro shots, or the work of Georges Seurat… Whatever comes up.. :)

      Also thanks. hehe. I have a medical thing that gets aggravated by UV exposure (and I live on the surface of the sun, apparently), once I figured that out I was a much happier person. The side effect has been pale skin, but I like it…

  7. What a great idea! I avoid makeup except lippie, and never put stuff in my hair, but the weekly trip to TV land with its GHDs and airbrushed foundation (a BAD kind of cake!) are kind of tipping the balance, so I will have to give this a go. I have fine skin that tends towards the dry now I am in my 40’s, whereas it was oily in my teens-30’s, so I may have to test the egg, the honey, and the flax bran, But not all at once ;-) Thanks everyone!

    • Hahaha! If you do decide to go all at once, it’d probably still work… What fun that would be.

      Weekly trip to TV land? Are you going on TV or something? I have no idea what that means but I really really want to know… Anyway let me know how you go, beautiful lady!

  8. Egg-white masks are amazing, aren’t they? Almost all the older Chinese ladies I know use them, and I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why my mom looks like she’s 20 years younger than she actually is. I used to hate doing it when I was a teenager, but now I know better. I actually just save my eggshells in an old yogurt container after I bake or make egg dishes, and as long as I’m not stingy about putting every bit of egg into my dish, there’s enough leftover for a mask. But then, I also bake and cook eggs a lot! Something my mom does sometimes is put a couple drops of either lemon juice or ginseng extract into the egg, and that makes for a nice variation on the effect. With the lemon juice, it really brightens up the skin but can be drying, and the ginseng is just nice.

    • Wow. Well, now I’m absolutely an egg mask devotee! Your mom is super pretty… I’ll have to try both the lemon juice and the ginseng, thanks for the tip. :)

  9. Have you ever tried milk as a cleanser? Just apply it sparingly to your face, with fingers or with a sponge. Let it dry. Then, rub gently to roll off the dried milk along with dirt and dry skin flakes and whatever else has adhered to you. Rinse to clear off residual milk. It’s messy, but does a good job of cleansing skin that is sensitive to soaps. Full-fat milk (or even cream, should you be overly-endowed with cash) moisturizes as it cleans. Fun for young children to do, as they seem to be covered in milk much of the day anyway. At least, mine was.

    • That’s interesting, Lin, I have not tried it but now I might or the curiosity will kill me… :) I mean, yogurt does a pretty good job so it makes sense that milk would be ok, too.

  10. While the smell of eggs would probably be enough to turn me off it anyway, with a child who’s rather allergic to eggs, I won’t be trying it any time soon, much as I’d love those results on my skin. I’ve been using the oatbran mask for a while now and finding it pretty good, and my preschooler delightedly tells me I look like an angel when I have it on, so I guess I’ll stick with that – both for my skin and her amusement. Don’t know what kind of crazy angels she’s been seeing though :)

    • Ah yes, then probably no eggs for Sarah…

      That is so cute! Isn’t it funny the weird things that little kids say, it always makes me wonder what’s going on in their little heads… hehehe.

  11. I’ve never heard of sorbelene, but I’ll have to look into it. I hadn’t heard of an egg white mask either though. I do remember having to take oatmeal baths as a child when I got poison ivy, so I can imagine that might make a good mask. I mainly stick to cetaphil daily advance lotion and pond’s wipes, but I have crazy sensitive skin. Also I love your red lipstick! It always looks so great on you in photos.

  12. Is Cetaphil kinda-sorta the same thing as sorbolene? I think so, no idea really though.. But I have been amazed at how well it works for something so basic and cheap. My MIL put me onto it…

    Thanks! Red lipstick and I are BFF’s…

  13. I am thinking I will try the egg white- currently I use 1 tsp yeast, 1 tsp baking soda and fresh lemon juice as a mask- it is wonderful but messy… egg white seems so simple! Your pics are fab- I love the lipstick color!

  14. Your skin looks lovely with this treatment! I don’t think I’ll try it though, as the owner of very sensitive very dry skin! I don’t even put water on my face very often, and it doesn’t scrubbing. I only have to go out in this weather( UK winter) and it tightens up to a size smaller, unfortunately that doesn’t make me look any younger.

  15. Your skin looks beautiful! I may have to try the egg mask, if I can get over the smell of egg lol.
    I’m so excited about your Pavlova top – Does it have an option to go lower on the neckline?

    • Thanks Jenny… It’s a lot a LOT of work. Well- once I did my first mask and saw what it did to my skin I absolutely did not care about the egg scent… ;)

      Yes- in a way. The neckline can sit higher on the bust or lower, it depends in part in the fabric used and the way you tie it. All very easy.

  16. Wow, your skin looks amazing! I have lousy skin, so I’ll have to try this. I’ve kind of given up hope that anything will make mine look better, but it never hurts to try, right?

    • Thanks, Ginger. :) What are you talking about? I seem to remember you always look just gorgeous in your photos. ;) We all have off days though…

  17. Hey, a couple of questions about the Pavolova (or let me know if I should go over to your other site?), which I have loved since you first made it.

    Is the top a full wrap or a faux wrap? I seem to remember from your prototype that it was a “proper” crossover wrap, but from the drawn pic I am not sure (from the front perspective, the wrap part seems to sit high, just under the arm; but it does not show from the back – other than as the tie).

    Also, I think I remember you saying that this need not be made from a knit – am I right?

    And is the skirt a 4-gore with an elastic waist? Or another closure I can’t quite make out?

    Thanks, and congratulations on number 2!

    • Great questions, Stephanie! Just briefly-
      -It’s a full wrap with a muffin cover.
      -The wrap can ride high or low, it works either way.
      -I haven’t tested it on wovens, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on a soft, draped-y woven like a silk or some kind of gauze. I’d probably avoid stiffer fabrics.
      -It’s a 4-piece circle skirt with a clean and simple “double bound” finish and an invisible zipper.

      I know that’s brief but I promise all will be revealed in the Pavlova Circus. :D I’m super super excited about this Circus!

  18. I have used geletine to create “wounds” for the Sydney zombie walk,the next day my husband commented on how great my skin looked! I’ve been using it as a mask once a month since and it’s great for my sensitive skin.

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  20. Thanks for the egg white mask tip. I’m not usually one to go for the “kitchen remedies” but seeing your results made me take another look at this one, and at least for right now I’ve managed to stave off/reverse some horribly deep acne spots that were making their usual monthly advance in the cluster of PMS symptoms.

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