Waist to Hip Ratios

I’m juggling numbers again- this time I’m curious about waist to hip ratios.  The more waist and hip measurements I receive, the better my data and my ratios.

I already have a smallish database of waist and hip measures from the Pants Block work and from classes, but I want to cast my nets wider.  I’d like to compile a data set of 300+ measurements, would you mind taking a few seconds to fill in the form and help me out?  The survey is completely anonymous, and I’d really appreciate accurate measurements.  I’m especially interested in non-standard body shapes.

Thanks!  Once I collect the data and juggle numbers, I’ll write up a post about my findings!

To help spread the word, I made a button and code to share!

Code: “<a href=”http://3hourspast.com/waist-to-hip-ratios”><img src=”https://3hourspast.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/ideal-waist-to-hip-ratio.jpg&#8221; width=”175″ height=”225″ /></a>”

For blogger:  Copy all of the code.  Then go to your dashboard in Blogger and click Layout.  Then click “Add a Gadget” at the top of your side columns.  Scroll down to html/javascript gadget, click on it and paste in the code from this button.  Click save.  Viola!

Thank you thank you!


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  3. Hi Steph, I participated in your survey and tried to add your button to my blog. Your directions are very clear, but for some reason, your button just looks like a question mark on my side bar. I will leave it there for now, in case it is a blogger problem that will be resolved. I did try!

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  5. for the waist, I get a 5cm variance depending on how straight I stand or how much I suck in. I gave you the larger number.

    • That’s fine, Kate. Usually you’d stand normally and take a firm measurement without pulling tightly. Measure the way you like your waistbands to fit…

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  7. Measured my waist snugly at natural waist … which is not where I wear my skirts or pants (I’m really shortwaisted so they sit much lower)! Was this OK?

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  9. Entered my data – then tried to insert your button, but I can’t get it to work. Is anybody else having problems? or – is it just me lacking brain cells?

    • No, it’s my lack of brain cells… I keep trying to correct the code, not really sure why it’s not working… It works when I try to use it in my sidebar with a text widget…

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  12. Hi Steph, added my measurements and tried putting the button on but I too am having trouble. It is not adding to my blog! I find your survey very interesting! Thanks

    • Sofie– I’m sorry! I keep fiddling with the code, but I’m pretty sure I just don’t know what I’m doing. If anyone else knows how to configure code, could you show me?

  13. It would also be interesting to ask about the distance between the two measurements — my smallest waist measurement is above my belly button, and my widest hip measurement is around my thighs, so there is more than 30 cm in height between on and the other. This seems like a lot, but maybe it’s not so unusual.

    • Well… To a certain extent, that’s easily changed… And the placement of a waistband is super subjective to begin with, so I could only imagine the results of such a survey….. But I’ll keep it in mind, I am figuring out how to set up a more detailed, but still simple survey for round two… :)

  14. I entered mine and my sister’s. I also wanted to enter my other sister and mother, but they’re not here and I cannot find the paper with their measurements. :-(

  15. Hope it’s not to late! I just added my measurements. I love your blog! I’m playing at building my own patterns. I have a Jacjues Ruc dress I found in a thrift store that I love. I am using it as inspiration and have made one dress already in a sort of similar style (it’s asymmetrical and simple, with really interestingly cut side seams, and is very comfortable and flattering. Round one is a huge success. I will be making many with variations of the wonky hemlines. Your blog gives me a lot of encouragement to just keep playing!

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