Sisters of Edwardia Notification

If you’d like to receive a notification when I release the “Sisters of Edwardia” blouse, please fill in the form and I will send you *1* email when it becomes available.  Depending on how quickly the testers work, this will be out by the third or fourth week of this month, available through my Craftsy store.


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  2. I do love the way this blouse is developing. It looks very comfortable and dressy. My first thought when I saw it but before I read your comments was that the neckline looked a little loose, so it’s great that you’re tightening that up. The range of motion is wonderful.

    • Hehehe. Is that your very graceful and polite way of saying “I can see your bra strap?” ;) I wish my husband would tell me when something like that is going on. Oh well. The next one is bra-strap free. :)

  3. I love this! I actually have that same silk twill in coffee and chocolate tones! That aside I love the style of this and particularly love the contrasting bands. I’ll be keen to see how you grade the sleeves down. If you need a tester for the 40″ I’d be happy to help… you never know if you don’t ask :-) Cheers Deb

    • Oooh, I bet it’s just insanely gorgeous in browns! Would be quite interested to see what you make of that fabric. :)

      I think I’m ok for testers now, I’m about to go spend some quality time with my drafting table and scanner.

  4. Oh, I do love it! I am struck by how the pattern in the fabric shows so much more in the black and white photo!
    And, I confess…I often iron my shirttails and skirt hems that same way!

    • I know, it’s weird… I was going to hang on to that photo until I did a color values for dressmakers post, but I had to put it out… In person the pattern is pretty distinct, we just had weird timing for these photos. (Cause I *HAD* to get them off to Mena!)

  5. Hi Steph
    Thanks for replying so quickly – I will enter that in then.
    I only just discovered your blog through another blogger’s link to your non-T. Thoroughly enjoying and have already sent your post about (disgusting) polyester to my sister – hoping I can get here put off it for good….
    Don’t you love the net – Australia to Malta in seconds!

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  7. I’m a 34″ and would like to order a 35″ when it’s ready. My waist is 28″, and I’m petite. Will the 35″ be good, or should I size down to 30″?

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