How To Eliminate a Horizontal Dart

Sometimes, a horizontal dart is superflous or undesired for one of many reasons.  Perhaps the wearer prefers less shaping in the garment; perhaps the fabric does not like darts; perhaps the sewist wants to embellish a garment without worrying about things like darts.

I did this with a piece of paper- I suggest you try it yourself if you want to get your head around the concept.  It’s a pretty nifty trick once you learn to do it:


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  2. hi Steph – I am not sure about pictures 8 & 9 ( the last 2 steps). Picture 8 – shows a short gap at the apex of the horizontal dart – did you close this before drawing a straight line from the left cut edge in the dart( what dart are you referring to here) to the bottom of the seam . Can you do me a little diagram showing me where this straight line is drawn in – to be sure.

    thank you – Kind regards – Wanda Smith

    • Hey Wanda- No, I don’t close that, I ignore it. The he straight line is to smooth out the lower edge- there’s zero rocket science to it. :)

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