Guide to Brisbane Fabric Stores

I’d like to make a helpful guide to Brisbane’s fabric stores, if you would like to add a review of your own or point out a store for me to visit, let me know!  Be sure to check back, I’ll be updating this page regularly.

Voodoo Rabbit– 904 Stanley St, Wooloongabba and Etsy– Interesting and fun counter-cultural quilting fabrics and craft items as well as fine japanese cottons.

The Fabric Store- 38 Wandoo St, Fortitude Valley– Shangri-la for apparel sewists who want a perfect balance between quality and price.

Sckaf’s– Indooroopilly Shopping Center, 1st floor and also online.  They have everything but the kitchen sink, but it’s all good stuff!  Some of it’s expensive, some of it’s synthetic, but mostly it’s great useful fabrics for home apparel sewing.   They also stock a wide range of buttons, bits and pieces.

Sewco Sewing and Patchwork- 1290 Logan Rd, Mt Gravatt– This is the place to go for top-quality quilting fabrics, patchwork know-how and machines.  I used to work here and I can personally vouch for the quality of their machine sales- the owner works very hard to train knowledgeable staff to help match people to the best sewing machine for their needs- no tricks, just great service.  They also offer free shipping on machine sales over $300 anywhere in Australia.


  1. Thanks for the post – I am going to race into the Valley on Friday and check out The Fabric Store.

    Another store that is worth a look is The Fabric Collection (, which is at 80 Sumners Road, Sumner. It offers “an exciting range of bridal, evening, formal, special occasion and fashion daywear fabrics”. Definitely worth the drive (I live on the other side of town).

    • I have to agree with Debs post , Fabric Collection ( 80 Sumners road , Sumner Park , ph 3279 6620 ) is definitely worth the drive . Fantastic range of good quality cottons , linens and silks … OMG , what a fantastic range of silks and bridal fabrics they have!

  2. Gardam’s on Adelaide Street! I love this shop. I travel to Brisbane for work several times a year and always make a pilgrimage to Gardam’s. I’m never disappointed and the staff are so helpful and knowledgable.

  3. For those on the eastern side of town head to Bargain Box Fabrics at 8/168 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba. Lots of basics for everyday and a few other surprises hidden if you search :)

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  5. There is also Gardam’s in Indooroopilly, but they carry mostly wedding/evening wear fabrics. For people interested in quilting fabrics, there is a little store called Pepermint Stitches in Sylvan Road, Toowong that has a vast array of any quilting fabric you could think off.

    • You know, I’ve bought from them online and at the craft shows, but I haven’t every visited the Peppermint Stitches bricks and mortar store… how silly is that? I think they’re the ones who introduced me to Oliver + S patterns, for which I’m extremely grateful.

      Gardam’s is *so* overpriced… Every time I go, I find stuff I know I can get elsewhere for 1/3 of the price… And the waitstaff are kind of snobby, which I find hilarious…. But I’ll definitely add them to my list of reviews next time I go with my camera in hand! :)

  6. A bit further north is east coast fabric warehouse at Lawnton, very cheap, lots of quilting stuff and jersey linings and all sorts but being a warehouse it’s dependent on what they have in on the day, most things are $7 and under

  7. There is an amzing shop called Selective Fine Fabrics in Underwood, when you enter you think you are in Alladin’s cave , anything for weddings, formals and balls, if you can’t find it there it doesn’t exist !!!

  8. I have also been to Selective Fine Fabrics and I totally agree with Elizabeth the range is amazing. There are beautiful fabrics imported from France, Italy, all over the world. Great for special occasions

  9. I have been shopping at Selective Fine Fabrics for the past 12 years.I bought all our bridal fabrics for all 5 of my daughter’s weddings.I have made all the wedding gowns/bridesmaids and mother of bride outfits.If you are looking for unique fabrics, this is the store !

  10. I am desperately trying to find fabric to make boardshorts for myself for summer. I have a pair that are my favourites (the only pair I have bought in 5 years) and they are starting to fall apart. All the shorts I have tried since have been horrible. Would you have any idea where ti look?

    • Have you looked at The Fabric Store or Lincraft? They will often have that kind of thing, usually comes in around this time of year.

      • Yes, I have called and looked in most places in Brisbane. I will keep trying!!! thanks for your help : )

  11. Long way south to the Gold Coast, there is two independents that rock, Fabric Frenzi, on Spencer Rd, Nerang and another store inLeda Dr, Burleigh. And My fav, The Fabric Shop, 73 Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina. fabric Frenzi carries upholstery and lycras and good prices and lots of habby things, its always interesting to check out. Maria and the girls at The Fabric Shop carry very wide ranges of jerseys, after 5, dress fabrics and habby, all sold in a lovely bright clean store with sofas to sit read pattern books, and best of all, knowledgeable staff who sew. my stash grows everybtime I visit.

  12. I just found a new one yesterday … East Coast Fabrics. It’s a warehouse kind of set up. Half the stock is quilting, all at under $8 yesterday. Lots of interlock and Lycra, nice woollens and suiting, fun denim … quite a wide range. Couldn’t find anything over $10/m. Unfortunately a bus-load of ladies had just arrived so I only had a quick walk through and made a mental note to return again.
    It’s on the other side of the highway from IKEA, almost exactly opposite, in an industrial estate.
    I was so excited I just had to share it with someione!!

    • Update – East Coast Fabrics have just opened a new store on the Gold Coast, and to celebrate all fabrics in all stores are $5.95 a metre (until 19 January).
      I predict another fabric binge in my near future!

  13. Hi Lovleys,
    Can you suggest where to go to get some Knitted/Jersey dress fabric (not plain)?
    Appreciate your info,Michelle

  14. Thank you for your quick response.
    Have just returned from our short visit to Brisbane.
    Went out to The Fabric Shop and to Gardams,but no luck for what I was looking for .Thank you all the same as it was good to know what direction to head in.Wishing you a happy festive season.

  15. There is a shop at Ferny Hills called Fabrics at Ferny. They have dress fabrics, quilting fabrics, haberdashery and lots more. They also have a online shop. Lovely fabrics at very reasonable prices and the staff are so friendly.

  16. New to Brissy, need a local quilt shop, having withdrawals, in the Brisbane city area. Thaniks

    • There’s a lincraft in the top floor of the myer center, it’s a bit of a chain but it consistently surprises me. Not a local quilt shop, though. If you need a quilt shop fix, you can try Sewco Sewing and Patchwork on logan road. Peppermint stitches is also good, and Voodoo Rabbit in the Gabba is a boutique space, but has some really well chosen quilting fabric stock.

  17. Found East Coast’s new store at Kortum Dr, Burleigh Heads on the Goldie, lots to tempt and prices were great. Took home two end rolls of upholstery fabric that were $2 a metre!!! Patchwork range was good too. Will be visiting again

  18. For patchwork fabric you can’t go past The Quilter’s & Embroiderer’s Store in Salisbury. 286 Evans Rd. They have thousands of rolls of really quality fabric. Not open on a Monday though (or Sunday for that matter). They used to be in Haig Rd, Auchenflower. For a smaller opposite style of shop (also in the opposite direction) there is one at Boondall called Craft & Hobby.

  19. Selective Fine Fabrics is a must for anyone in Brisbane searching for evening/ bridal fabrics! If you ask anyone that has shopped there- their customer is absolutely exceptional. I can not recommend them highly enough.

    • I have heard nothing but good things about them. I hung up my “special occasion dressmaking” spurs after I got married (my wedding dress was the last one) but who knows when I’ll need it again?

  20. Alla Moda at Emporium for exquisite but expensive imports. Irma Smith upstairs Brisbane arcade.

    • Thanks… I’ve been to them but (forgive me!) never found their stock very useful. Plenty of fancies, but extremely overpriced… If I were making some chanel style suits or some evening gowns, though, I’d go there. :)

  21. There’s also a place in cannon hill shopping centre called trad’s that also sell great cheap fabric :)

      • Oh Trads is one of those emporium type places. It has upholstery, lycra, cottons, lots of good quality thread for $1 or $2, cheap zips, lots of elastics (cheap from .30 cents),tools, curtaining, light bulbs, just goes on. I just bought some silk from a bulk buy they bought from Daniel Lightfoot. They are always friendly and helpful.

  22. Does anyone know a good upholstery fabric shop. I am only looking for small amounts (2-3 metres) at a discounted price but interesting style – maybe with text or script I also want canvas for outdoor chairs. Have tried all the above except frenzy which is a bit far away. Bella

    • Well… I don’t really sew much upholstery, so I don’t know. Spotlight often has a variety of designs in upholstery fabrics, and the offerings can vary widely from store to store… That might be a place to start? I can vaguely recall a few upholstery type shops scattered around the city but they would all be rather expensive. Sorry I can’t be more use!

  23. You need to visit East Coast Fabrics definitely, I got two lovely end rolls of upholstery fabrics for under $10.00

  24. Oh thank you for this blog. I’m also new to Brissy. Spotlight and Lincraft seem to be “dropping the ball” with their fabrics and moving too much to manchester and other home stuff – not impressed with either of them.
    I’m so looking forward to visiting some of the suggestions above.
    I’m into dressmaking, patchwork etc.
    Does anyone know where I can buy Hemingworth machine embroidery thread on the northside (or within walking distance from a train station) please.

    • Ooooooh this is an older post, since I wrote this The Fabric Store opened up at 38 Wandoo st and they are aaaaaaamazing.

      About hemming worth in the north side, I couldn’t say. Can you order online maybe? Sewco sewing centre would probably have it and while they are on the south side, they do take phone and internet orders.

      • Thank you for your reply, Steph.
        I can get to Fortitude Valley on the train – sooo looking forward to visiting The Fabric Store!
        I can get Hemingworth threads from Echidna at Capalaba but its a scary trip by car atm until i get used to the traffic.

  25. Very interesting site……really looking for trims for cushions. I have the fabric and have been surprised to find large stores with limited stock, especially when trying to co-ordinate colour matches. Seems to be another shrinking area, now covered by the ready made outlets.

  26. Hi Ros, try tjs in redcliffe they are in sutton street, they have an amazing range or trims , lace and pipping by the metre and heaps of colours. Well worth the trip especially if your looking for upholstery stuff as well.

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