The Dress in a Day Project, Hour 2

Hour 2- Exterior 50% cut. Changed into an at-home dress, pinned up hair. I can’t think with lank locks, sporting my jammies. Much more comfortable now. Also hung out a load of sheets, fed the ducks, mother-in-law called. Put a length of weirdly distressed silk into a gentle conditioning wash to attempt to bring back the lustre. More on that later.

Dress must be cut from a single thickness, and I played with the pattern positioning in order to show the pretty flowers to the best effect. A potential snag- I’m missing part of the instructions, the parts about attaching the collar. We’ll deal with that later.

I’m absolutely swimming in the damp, still air. I hate February as a summer month. I’d expect this sort of behavior out of August, maybe even a recalcitrant September. Oh February, February why must you dampen my brow, frizzle my hair, and torture me in this manner?