Cake- The Prequel

What’s Cake?  Well- many of us who sew like to make fun stuff: dinosaur costumes, fluffy dresses, excessively quirky 40’s frocks and all manner of clothes which don’t see much wear.  These garments and projects are the “frosting.”

Many sewists use the term “cake” to refer to useful sewn items- pencil skirts, knit tops, knit dresses, jeans: the kind of utility and casual clothes that everyone needs.  Why shouldn’t sewing and wearing those kinds of clothes be great fun?  Why not get the most from your sewing time (and $$) by making garments you LOVE to wear all the time?  Do knit tops and jeans have to be 100% utilitarian and boring?

I don’t think so.

Right now, Cake Patterns by The Consulting Dressmaker is in production.  The first pattern, Tiramisu, will be available by early November and closely followed by others.  To recieve notification about the Tiramisu pre-sale and new pattern releases by email, just fill in the form:

Update on printing options: the Tiramisu pdf *will* be available as a download!


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    • Which is dumb of me because you’ve already been doing that, but the idea of making Cake Patterns (ha ha!) really got me excited. Which is also dumb because hello, look at all of your top patterns so far. I don’t know why, but I’m still super stoked. :D

      • That’s awesome, Heather… and these won’t be pdfs, but “real” patterns… So much work goes into setting it up, though! Whew.. :)

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  4. I have to wait until November? I want to make Tiramisu now! It is just what I have been looking for in a knit dress – and I love the stripe work.

  5. Congratulations! I have submitted my name and email for further updates, and so excited to see your first dress in this teaser post. November will be here soon, but oh, I can hardly wait.

    • Thanks! I hadn’t gotten any emails from this form, so I checked it. Turns out there was a typo so they haven’t been going to my inbox! All fixed up now… Sorry!

  6. YES YES YES YES YES. That Tiramisu dress is perfection – I must have one in my closet! I’m so glad that this is available internationally! Many congratulations on this exciting new venture!!!

  7. First of all, congratulations on completing something you thought belonged in the “too hard” box! That’s amazing enough. Combine it with the beautiful Tiramisu and it just goes off the scales. I’m very excited about this.

  8. Congrats Steph,
    Will they be in paper form – please say yes as I detest trying to stick together adult patterns with 30+ a4 sheets of paper. Childrens I can do – adults nope.. :)

  9. i love it! now we just have to wait four months- I can’t wait to whip up that flattering moveable dress. Thanks for sharing, even if it is a big tease ;)

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  12. Awesome dress and thank you, thank you for doing this! Can’t wait for your dream to become a reality…November can’t get here soon enough! :) Congrats on your accomplishment!

    • Yes, I think both types of patterns have their strengths, and I’m super pleased to be making a regular paper pattern. :) They will be ready very soon!

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  18. I am so glad Tiramisu will be available as a download as well! I love dowloadable patterns, as I live in Brazil, shipping is expensive and the mail is not very realiable… I already have the fabric that I bought specially for this pattern, I can’t wait!

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  21. I love the dress, but have a question. Do you think there’s enough stretch in the edges of the neckline to be able to use it to nurse a baby? My dear daughter will be needing some nursing clothes, and I am always happy to sew for her.

    • Yes- I think so. I made a version for my girlfriend who nurses her baby, she promised to report back. It seems to work well, I’ll be sure to report back (with photos!)

  22. Thank you for your quick response to my question. I really love the pattern and am looking forward to making Tiramisu. There’s some silk knit fabric that’s been mellowing in the stash that could be perfect for this dress . I am not terribly experienced at using knit fabric, so I’ll probably use another fabric for my trial run.

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  30. I just heard about you and love love love how you approach fit. I still make mostly costumes but am nearly ready to dip my toe into ‘real world’ clothes. I always need to alter, but am looking forward to getting closer to ‘me’ without having to re-write the entire pattern.

    • Heard where? I recently found out someone from Brisbane heard about me when she was in Portland learning to sew pants… Small world!

      I really love sewing clothes I’ll wear over and over again. It frees me up to experiment with pretty finishes or use of fabric… So I hope you like what you see around here, I’d love to get you sewing clothes…

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