Two Red Velvet Little Black Dresses & Indie Retail

0369 SusannaS2

For today’s Red Velvet Muse post including fabric and fit details, check out SusannaT on!  Susanna also shows off her Espresso Leggings sewn during the testing phase.  Thank you, Susanna!

She and I have become friends this year.  Susanna loves my patterns and I adore the fabric she stocks in her shop in Stockholm, Sweden.  I used that same orange and pink stripe for a “top-secret” project due later this year:

Yes, we have some girl's patterns coming!

Yes, we have some girl’s patterns coming!

Retailers are an important link between my sewing room and yours.  I have an Etsy shop that I run with my distributors LeilaB (USA) and EvieJ(UK).  It’s great, and a portion of the shipping prices we charge in the Etsy shop go to pay them for the hard work they do.  With the release of the Red Velvet Collection, we completely updated Cake’s shipping prices to reflect current shipping fees and to pay Leila, Evie and me for the work we do to ship Cake patterns.

Etsy Shop Shipping Prices

Working with retailers helps spread the wonderful world of Cake sewing to more people, and it takes some of the pressure off our Etsy shop.  You may also save a bit on shipping!  I’ve forged some great friendships with retailers I work with- in Susanna’s case she was involved in the pattern testing process for the Red Velvet Collection.

I buy fabric from her, too.  The striped jersey on her legs is the same as the fabric on my daughter’s back.  Whether you shop for Cake on Etsy or from one of our stockists, you’re contributing to the indie sewing economy and supporting hard-working designers and retailers like us.

Cake Stockists interactive map

Check out my new cool interactive maps on to locate your nearest Cake Patterns retailer!  If you’re a retailer and you’d like to carry Cake Patterns, click here.

StephC’s LBD

RV LBD Pocket No Gape Neck

This is my LBD made from the Red Velvet Dress pattern.  It’s a lightweight merino jersey, and very well suited to this pattern (heavier fabrics work fine, too, as long as they recover ok).  You can see here that the Red Velvet Dress features another Cake no-gape neckline.

For the first photoshoot with this dress, I wanted to just show off the dress.  No styling, no hair, no shoes.  This is the first black thing I’ve made for a very long time.

I like the invisible pocket, it’s like a 21st century ladies’ ticket pocket!  It fits my iPhone and keeps it snug up against my waistline seam.  I made this one from scraps of red dancewear velvet, it’s a nice little surprise.  It’s also a fun and nifty bit of sewing, very carefully explained in the Red Velvet Dress instructions.  At the same time, it’s simple to omit for a very quickly sewn Red Velvet Dress.

Tomorrow I have a Muse post from SusanK and a couple of new Red Velvet references for sewingcake!  Keep an eye on the Cake Patterns Facebook page for new sewingcake pages and preview pics!

Red Velvet Collection

It’s really exciting to have these patterns “out there” for you all now, and I’ve been really pleasantly surprised how many of you are purchasing the entire collection!  I hope you love sewing all these pieces as much as we loved creating them.

What do you think of our two very different black merino Red Velvet Dresses?


  1. I love this dress, this morning I went fabric hunting and bought two printed viscose fabric, they are drapey and soft and hopefully will work well with this pattern, so excited, can’t wait to start stitching! :)
    Well done Steph, I love your patterns, your energy and the passion you put in your job and the fact that there are no sleeves to set in, yay :)

    • Thank you, Solange! I love my RV’s too, I keep tweaking until they’re just right… The waistline seam gave me fits for a couple of weeks, but I’m glad I didn’t ditch the pleat concept because it’s so nice to wear!

      Thanks! I know how to make sleeves, really! :) But I enjoy seeing what we can do without them…

  2. I’ve never bought patterns from you before, although I’m always buying other indie patterns. This time, I love the look of your Red Velvet dress and also thought of giving a try at the leggings (although I’m not a leggings type :) ). As much as I’d have loved to buy the entire collection, I decided I’d take a break from pdfs for a while – because I’m taping the Colette Beignet and lines and matching marks are always off (maybe it’s my printer, or is it me? I don’t know). I have sewn mostly with pdfs lately, so tracing will be a nice change. I hope I’ll find some nice fabric here (we lack good and nice jerseys in Southern Italy) until my patterns arrive :)

    • Hi Maryall! :)
      Good to see you here, I bought Tiramisu and Pavlova top patterns before and hadn’t had any problems taping them but I can totally understand taking a break from PDFs, I decided to buy the entire PDF collection, I want to start stitching as soon as my fabric is dry :) and I wanted cocoa and Carmine as well. I’m sure you’ll love Steph patterns, anyway we can discuss about it in our sewing group, it will be good fun.
      As for fabric shopping, here in Italy we’re not very lucky and it always makes me angry that many times I search online and see “fine/beautiful/gorgeous Italian jersey”. Where on earth can we find it in Italy?

        • That’s truish. I live close to Milan and I can usually find decent fabric at decent price but I see wonderful Italian fabric online that I can’t find in shops (both online or brick and mortar) in Italy.

      • :D Solange!!! I did think about you, but I wasn’t sure ;) I’m not saying that pdfs have something wrong, it’s just that I’ve probably printed something like 250 pattern and instructions pages in the past three months, and taping them has become very time consuming (even more than tracing).
        I’ve “only” bought the RVDress and the Espresso as paper patterns, I figured that by the time they’re here, I’d find a nice fabric for them, too. The only options for me are online shops in UK, unfortunately :(

        • Whew! That’s a lot of .pdfs, I can see how that would be tiring! Don’t worry, the paper patterns will be shipping in 2-3 weeks, we’ve been practicing. :) Thank you for your purchase, I think you’ll love the paper. Something magical about that paper…

          We have directed a considerable amount of time and effort to make the best and easiest .pdfs possible… Taran has done really elegant work with the Red Velvet Dress especially, when she sent me the first tiling and I realized I could print my dress in less than 30 pages I was *shocked* and excited. :)

  3. Oh, Steph, when will you release children patterns? I mainly use knit for my daughter’s clothes because she’s in preschool so lot of action and movement. Her “uniform” is usually leggings and a dress or tunic, I’m using the Go to patterns Signature dress, I made 10 of those already for my tall and chubby 4 y/o, but I’d love to change now, I’m getting bored of stitching always the same pattern and can’t find anything else I really like. So I really rely on you :D

    • I hear you, as a cake sewist with a little girl. Kids patterns are in the oven so to speak… little red velvet girl, marshmallow shrug and gelato leggings. :) Lila is a tough critic, too…

        • Lila has claimed the remnants from my blue gardenia dress, she loves the Red Velvet Girl dresses I’ve made her and was really involved in the development process. It’s a nice little girl’s dress, not just a scaled down #0369. :) The pattern works for quilting cotton, too.

  4. I love the idea of a little black dress! It’s weird, when I went to order the collection last night it said that the shipping to Europe was $19 something, so I chose the PDFs instead.

    • Hi Joanne… Yes, that would be right for 5 patterns. Shipping prices have gone through the roof internationally, and I had to change my shipping rates to reflect this. We will soon have more retail options for Canada and Europe, it’s in the works!

  5. The patterns and dresses look brilliant Step! I’ve worn my tiramisu dresses to work all year, with bare legs in summer and leggings in winter. But I think the neckline on the Red Velvet will be better again for work and now I can make coordinating leggings instead of relying on boring black. As for made to measure leggings, wow! You mean I won’t have to discard leggings which have torn apart at the widest part of my thigh when the rest of the fabric is still in great condition? Fantastic. Am I right that if I want to buy now, at the reduced price, I need to buy from your etsy shop, and the NZ retailer Dresses and Me will have the patterns for sale after printing?

    • woohoo !! I have a new red-striped Tiramisu for myself in the works, I wore the other one into the ground last summer. :)

      Yes! Have you seen Black Milk? They do these pretty cool printed leggings that are kind of a “thing” but they’re $80. Pffft. As if I would. Now I’m eyeing anything with spandex as potential leggings fabric! hehe.

      Yes, you are right about that. Penny will get the patterns after I receive my shipment of paper patterns.

  6. Red Velvet looks so lovely in a solid color–on both you and Susanna. I think I’ll start with a solid one, just so I don’t have to worry about stripe-matching or print placement. :) In fact, I just bought some brown rayon knit. :) I definitely appreciate seeing Susanna’s version because her body shape is similar to mine. I also find it really helpful on the galleries that you included a body measurement chart with the corresponding size that the muse used, as well as any changes they made.

    It is truly a pleasure to work with your patterns. And I am so excited about Cake for kids! My daughter would love to have a matching dress. :)

    • Thank you, Tanya. :) Yes, the idea behind Muses is to show that the key is good fit/good fabric/good sewing… Not necessarily having a particular body shape! I really appreciate all the hard work they’ve put into the project, too, they’re a lovely group. :)

      Ooooh, am I right in thinking that brown is your black? That’ll be lovely.

      • Yes, brown is my black – for the fall, at least, especially because brown will pair so well with my first knitted object, a Honey Cowl in a lovely rusty orange color. :) I started knitting because I wanted to one day make myself sweaters that actually fit, but I may not need to anymore because Cocoa and Carmine might fill that need. :)

        • Yes, I think brown would complement your complexion beautifully. :) I miss knitting! Sigh.. Hope your honey Cowl goes well, nice one. Carmine is directly based from knit shrug patterns, I love those circular cut ones and it was really satisfying to “translate” it into knit. Just a couple more weeks for us to play with her so she’s perfect!

  7. I am so excited about Red Velvet, I’ve love Tiramisu so much! I can’t wait to get my patterns, I’ve excitedly posted on the Australian Sewing Guild Facebook and of course on my own. I LOVE your patterns Steph xxx

  8. Where does one get merino jersey?
    Also, do you think the leggings would be suitable as a base layer if made up in a light merino jersey or silk jersey? We have returned to winter and the idea of thermal bottoms that would actually fit correctly is tempting.

  9. Ooh it looks so different in a solid. I really like getting to see the lines of the dress. That pocket is adorable too.
    Nice to see some stripe leggings. I’ve got some knit in my stash that I want to try!

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