Finished Object: Cake’s Red Velvet Dress Pattern #0369

We’ve been working and working for months to bring you Cake that’s better than ever!  I’m so excited to finally be posting this I don’t know where to start!  Find the first wave of the Red Velvet Collection patterns on Etsy.  Paper patterns ship in 2-3 weeks, and the .pdfs are available for instant download!

I have so many fun details to share, not to mention all the visual references I’ve been photographing and filing while I work on the collection!  For tonight, I wanted to keep it simple with an introduction to the patterns and the Muses.

LeilaB in 0369 the Red Velvet Collection

The Muses are sewing bloggers who agreed to test sew Red Velvet with me and be a part of the Red Velvet Muse project.  Our first Muse is LeilaB, who adeptly handles Cake Patterns shipping for the United States.  She does quick work and we love her for it!    Each day for the next ten days, we’ll show you how the Red Velvet Dress works with a variety of body shapes and style choices.  Check out LeilaB’s Muse Gallery page on and her pattern write-up at

Red Velvet Collection

click to view on Etsy! Dress, Leggings and Clutch on sale now!

I’ll also be showing you my own Red Velvet makes, and introducing another element of the pattern each day while I show off the Muses.  We’ll have some giveaways, some social sewing elements, I’ll reveal the Sewalong schedule, and more!  I’m really, really happy to be able to start rolling out new and shiny (and more easily navigable!) elements of, too!

Red Velvet Dress Cake Patterns Gardenia Print

This one of my Red Velvet Dresses.  It’s a medium weight cotton/lycra that’s very easy going and handled like a dream.  I opted to make the boxy pleat on this version of the dress, though the pattern gives directions for two pleat options.  I say “boxy” because it’s not a box pleat.  Box pleats are folded, like, well, boxes and stand away from the body.  This boxy pleat is sleek, with minimal fabric folded behind it.  (Tomorrow I’ll show you some scissor pleating!)

The skirt is slim cut, but not restrictive.  Like other Cake Patterns, I have a great series of posts lined up to help you do your very best sewing and fitting for the Red Velvet Dress.  This dress is designed for fit and ease tweaks at the side seams during construction.  I built on and refined the bust proportionate sizing system we used in Tiramisu, and I think it’s MUCH better explained in the instructions.

We have been spending a little time in the country during the early spring, and I’ve taken full advantage for photos!  We took these photos today at the duck pen, aren’t they adorable?  I love wearing heels in the poultry yard.

I had thought that when we released the Red Velvet, I’d do something fun like wear one of my dresses endlessly for a few weeks, as a personal style challenge.  I want to wait to do that until Cocoa and Carmine come out, then we can explore the concepts of “the LBD,” “the wallpaper dress,” and “the striped dress.”  Let’s do some wardrobing!!

Red Velvet Collection small

What do you think?  Are you excited???!  All paper patterns will ship in 2-3 weeks (already printing and assembling them!) and the .pdfs are ready to go!  We’ll have Cocoa and Carmine, the layering pieces, available from October but you can also pre-order them now as a part of the Red Velvet Collection.

It’s so good to be back here at 3 Hours Past and at, I can’t wait to start releasing the new references and it’s going to be so much fun seeing all our Muses!

The mini-clutch giveaway winners were chosen at random: sullivan1970, francescapia, and Chuleenan!  Email me your address and I’ll drop your prize in the post.  The first person I hear from gets first pick!  :)


  1. Yay, finally your new patterns are ready to go :D I’m sooooooooooo excited and need to order all of them ASAP :)
    And I’m so badly looking forward to the sew along and all the “extras” that come with Cake patterns (visual references for example, you just gotta love these!!!!!!)
    Now I’m just wondering how many pages the .pdf files will have altogether (all 5 patterns)?
    Because, you know, I really want to get going and can hardly wait more than a few days to begin sewing up the first garment from the Red Velvet collection (that sounds so elaborate, wow!) :D
    And yes, I’m really inpatient :)))))
    Although I just looove the sturdy paper you use for your patterns…. I just can’t decide which “bundle” I’m going to order and make it dependent on the number of pages I’ll have to assemble :D
    Thanks in advance for a hint!
    (And as always apologies for my “second language” English)

    • Hey Malina— Yaaaaay I’m really excited too! We’ll have the sewalong in early November. :)

      The .pdfs we have uploaded now are Espresso Leggings, Red Velvet Clutch, and Red Velvet Dress. If you use the tiling guides (we made them SUPER slick on the dress) then the pages to print are around 60. With Cocoa and Carmine, that’s another 15-20 each. Right around there. :)

      I know, and Red Velvet cake is so delicious! I’ve been trying to bake them, with varying degrees of success. But the dress has been LOVELY to wear…

      The paper is sooo nice… I like to lay it out and just look at it some times… hehe.

    • I know! When Leila sent me her pics my jaw hit the ground! I would have never picked that print, and she thought it was a gamble too but it paid off. Very cool fabric. I think it’s still available on sale at Gorgeous Fabrics…

      I have so much to show you! I sometimes wish I could say everything at once but I think we’ll have some fun discovering the new patterns. I’m especially interested in the leggings, I want to build a woven pants pattern or three… :)

  2. This dress looks very nice I like the wide waistband and the pleats. I really have my eye on the Carmine jacket. I can really see that being worn over and over with a variety of outfits.

    • Yes! I really dig Carmine, she is in a way the result of an ongoing challenge with myself: polarfleece. I love the polarfleece one… She goes by shoulder width, and the front overlap is highly adjustable depending on body shape and /or design choice. She folds over a variety of ways. Carmine will be out in the second wave!

  3. Woohoo, Steph! Congratulations on Cake’s first birthday and on a stunning collection. I just ordered the pdf collection and am now eagerly awaiting the Red Velvet Sewalong! In the meantime, I know I will be inspired by all the Red Velvet dresses you and your muses have made. I love the slim styling of the skirt. I think it’s totally me! Ooh so much fun. This afternoon I’m off to buy some fabric for more leggings… :)

  4. Yea! You’re back! You look lovely in your floral Red Velvet. Right now I’m most excited about the leggings and the jackets since those are needs in my wardrobe right now, but I have a feeling after you get done with all the dress posts I’m going to be just as excited. Plus my stash fabrics have already started whining about which part of the Red Velvet collection they want to be. I have two plus size stretch black velvet dresses that think they want to be a Red Velvet dress.

    • I am ! Have so much to share!!

      Thank you! I am really digging this fabric, and Lila REALLY wants one. I have some fabric left over…

      I have dress posts and sheep posts and leggings posts and structured hem posts… SO excited to share, I’ve been documenting the sewing for months now so I’d have plenty to blog about… ;)

      Oooh a refashion! Are they the same black, or would you use them tonally? MMm, tonal velvet… I love it. :)

      • Same black. Tonal would have been amazing! They’re identical dresses in different sizes a lady bought and never wore. She cleaned out her closet and gave them to me. I didn’t know what to do with them until I saw the Red Velvet dress. They’re 96% polyester and 4% spandex. I’m hoping they won’t be too heavy for the dress.

  5. I can’t believe I’m one of the three giveaway winners! Thank you so much! I’m going to email you my address right now and then come back to this….

    You look brilliant – I love the print dresses – yours and Leila’s – and I love the black version – I am dying to see one with the cute petal collar! And that chicken/heel set of pics is the best :),

    Ooooooh I love everything – can’t wait to get my hands on all of them, especially the jacket and shrug – I have already earmarked a piece of black merino for the Carmine :)

    New cake! Yummy:))))))

    • Woohoo! Got your email, sorted! Thanks!

      I’ve been taking a series of photos with farm animals. At first it made sense, I was wearing merino head to toe and next to a sheep… But the we got adventurous… More of them later I promise! Hehe.

  6. Very excited! I ordered the dress and leggings patterns, and will also get the jacket when it comes out. Happy birthday!

  7. Finally……a knit dress which is not a longer tee (not so cute on my nice big shoulders and nice big bust) or a wrap top (cute, but forever falling open unless it’s so tight i’m strangling). A beautifully flattering scoop neck, wide band allows for torso definition, wise skirt pleating allows room to move whilst maintaining a slimmer profile…..

    i have about three lengths of knit i’d love to make into dresses, but i just could. not. find. a flattering, easy to wear and make casual knit dress (except for long tees and – wrap dresses). The fact that you’ve made that Carmine shruglet and made to measure leggings?

    How much icing can a gal fit on one cake? Looks like you’re trying to find out :) steph Q

  8. Steph this is such exciting news! I have a back log of your patterns to catch up on making but I am really, really looking forward to making this dress. I have worn and worn my blue tiramisu and she is still holding on well a year later, however I feel it is time for a new summer dress, in a new style! Now, to pick which colour! Congratulations on not just another brillian pattern release Steph, but a wardrobe concept. I’m really looking forward to seeing Cocoa and Carmine in detail – they are just the kind of thing I go for over my dresses and other tops too so will coordinate well with the rest of my wardrobe! Thank you for your awesomeness!

  9. Fantastic collection Stephanie! Couldn’t wait for the paper patterns, so I bought the Expresso leggings as a pdf. I usually prefer paper paterns, but I need them to wear under my dress. I am getting on the back of my husbands motorbike after a gap of 25yrs, of not being a pillion passenger. They are going to be made in pink cotton lycra to go with my hot pink and fluro green striped Tira. At least the dress will be easy to find in the laundry basket. Well Done.

    • Thanks, Ann!! Let me know how you go, we had a lot of fun trying to destroy the pattern in testing and she held up soo well and I have some really hilarious leggings shots to feature! Hehehe.

      OH! I’m so excited about you going cycling with R! And your outfit, we *have* to meet up, it’s been ages!

      • Steph, I really love the blue floral lycra mix RV. Yes we will have to catch up soon, maybe after school holidays? Just finished printing, taping the Expresso leggings, will measure and trace off tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes, not expecting any problems. Just a silly question, does and Cocoa and Carmine take into account larger biscept measurements?

  10. I have just ordered the dress (paper version) and am really excited to get started. Hope it gets to Hong Kong in time for the sew along. Fabric washed, bobbins wound, standing by :-)

  11. Wow, what a fabulous collection, especially carmine and leggings, suits my style and will get lots & lots of wear. Happy Birthday and what an amazing follow on, congratulations Steph :-)

  12. I’m so, so excited about this. I’m going to have to wait for paper patterns though because even my excitement would be no match for printing and taping an entire collection. Leggings. Yeah!!!

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  14. The Red Velvet Collection?!?! SO SO BRILLIANT! The dress and accesories are so lovely – well done!

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