Hummingbird Sewalong Winning House: Sabrewing

shared on flickr, not blogged, an experiment from the process...

shared on flickr, not blogged, an experiment from the process…

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been silent here at 3 Hours Past over the past almost-two-weeks while I wrote and ran the Hummingbird 30 Minutes A Day sewalong over at  Personally, this is my favorite part of the pattern production process.  I spend weeks and weeks behind the scenes working on production, sewing up my own samples and writing guides and tutorials before the patterns are even printed/distributed.  But once we start sewing along together, I can see my work in your sewing and on your back and that’s really rewarding.  Thank you for sewing along!  (And remember, there’s always next time!)

Last time, when we sewed Pavlova together, the Hummingbird presale followed close on the heels and I couldn’t fit in any group posts.  I did start making the Community Gallery pages over at at that time.  If you haven’t already, do check out the growing Community Galleries, there’s one for each current Cake Patterns release.


I love making games and giveaways, and for the Hummingbird Sewalong we sent out all pre-ordered Hummingbird patterns in brightly colored envelopes to separate anyone who wanted to play for the Hummingbird House Prize into your house:

Everyone who made a new garment or learned a new skill or pushed their sewing “comfort zones” during the Sewalong is a winner.  You won by extending your sewing experience, building your wardrobe, making new friends or even just trying something a little different.  This time around, we had 108 members join the Flickr Group and 522 photos uploaded!  That’s way more than the previous sewalongs!

I really enjoyed getting up every day and putting the lesson on, tidying it up and updating the lesson to reflect what was going on in the Flickr group.  Then I go running around and looking at all the pretty new makes and progress!  I love it, I’ve gotten to know many of you and your figure types and a bit about your life during the sewalongs.  I think of y’all while I’m working on the next set of designs, you’re really inspiring!

The tally was close, and I probably should end this series with the winner.  Instead, I’d like to announce the winner right now, then we can take some time to look through the other houses over the next week.  I thought that would be a nice way to showcase all the lovely new Hummingbirds!

Sabrewing Hummingbird

  I’m pleased to announce: The official winner of the Hummingbird House Competition was Sabrewing!


Way to go, Sabrewing! You sewed really well and worked hard, please visit our old Sabrewing House haunt to collect your prize code.  The code is available openly on the honor system, I know who is in Sabrewing and I believe I notified everyone.

Unfortunately, I could not link each photo from Sabrewing House above to its Flickr page, but you can find all public Sabrewing makes tagged here in chronological order.  I’m so impressed with the work you all did!

Denim waistband no zipper!

Gillian (House Sabrewing) made two Hummingbird Skirts without a zipper.  Click here to learn how.

Maryanne's Hummingmisu

And yes!  This is a Hummingmisu, one of several varieties of Hummingbird Dresses that popped up in the sewalong (stay tuned this week to see others!).  Here, Maryanne used the Hummingbird Blue as a bodice with the Tiramisu half-circle skirt!

Extra Points for Community Support

Find your knit stitch

When we were working on Finding Your Best Knit Stitch, I felt my visual reference/troubleshooting guide was incomplete.  After all, machines vary widely.  I show the settings for my machine and while the settings would be similar on other machines, I thought it might be nice to take a look at what everyone else is using for knit seaming.  So I asked, and it became a part of the game: one point for each individual’s photographed sewing machine/stitch settings for a knitstitch (at the bottom of the visual reference, here). This was really interesting, and I think I’ll use “Community Support” daily points like this for future Sewalong games.  It’s a really great resource for new-to-knit-sewing friends, too.

Been Quiet, What’s Up?

I’ve been quiet on the blog front because I’m working hard on solidifying Cake.  I’m changing up the way I handle productions, streamlining, taking stock, building infrastructure, checking the books, all of those things that take a lot of time.

I’m finishing up the next release, too- Red Velvet!  She was sidelined for a couple of weeks, but now we’re finishing up and nearly to the pre-press stage.  Originally, I had planned to pre-sale her from next week, but that is not what we’re doing anymore because I want to avoid supply chain errors bred by pre-saling.  I hope to have her printing toward the end of this month, and then dear me, don’t I just have some wonderful new things to show you?

In the meantime, I want to feature the other Hummingbird Houses (which are full of goooooorgeous work and deserve their own posts!) and then venture into a light little series I’ve been thinking about for a while- it’ll be something fun to talk about before the next round of pattern releases…

Hummingbird Class in Brisbane

Hummingbird Class at Voodoo Rabbit

If you live in Brisbane and you’d like to join me and a small group of like-minded sewists to explore the Hummingbird Skirt and Top pattern, then click here to visit the Voodoo Rabbit Class Listings for more details!  It’s a four-week Tuesday Evening class (6-9pm) from July 30- 5 spots left, book early!  (Price of the pattern is included in the class, “discount” if you already own the pattern!)

What do you think?  There’s some pretty nifty sewing from Sabrewing House, dresses and details.  Great work, Sabrewing!

Next up: Violetear

Then: Annas

Finally: Rufous

paper and pdf patterns on Etsy

paper and pdf patterns on Etsy


  1. Thanks so much, everyone, for the inspiration advice, and support! I had a lot of fun sewing with you all! And thanks to Steph for being such an active hostess, and feeding my addiction to all of her patterns!

  2. I have so much fun participating in Steph’s sew-alongs! Thank you all for the support-it really motivates me to go on!

  3. Congratulations to Sabrewing House for earning the most points and congratulations to Steph for running another successful sew along. Even though I wasn’t in the winning house, I do feel like a winner because of all the skills I’ve learned. For example, I am now a pro at inserting invisible zippers, and I’m no longer afraid of knits. :) thanks, Steph! It’s always so much fun.

    • Hooray! I think those are both major hurdles in the sewing, so I’m really pleased you’re confident with those skills now. You’ve been sewing up a storm, really good work. :)

  4. Thank you so much for hosting such a fun sewalong! I wish I could’ve gotten to making my skirt(s – I had so many planned out in my head), but I just got too busy prepping for work. I’m so excited to get home this week to get back into my sewing room! Although I’m kind of hoping to finally finish my Tira, a summer skirt would be a useful addition to my wardrobe! :D

    Also, I wore my blue Hummingbird (with a white tank top to modestify the deep neckline) at work one day and got a lot of compliments on it! :D

  5. And the comment from my mother in law, which I know you have all been waiting for (!):
    “As with the last ones I like some, and dislike others. The top with a white bib inset reminded me of one I had as a child. We were told to make do and mend during the war. A neighbour of ours who did sewing for pin money, turned two of my dresses into one when I had grown too tall for them. She cut a bib piece out of a white dress and fitted it into a pink and white tiny check one to enlarge the chest, then she took the frill off the bottom of the white dress and put it on the pink one to make it longer, and added a row of pink buttons on the bib just like the one in the sewing comp. It really brought back memories. I dont think any of my friends knew that it was not a new dress, and I loved it.”

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