Waistband Visual Reference and Shipping Updates

Click to view reference

Click to view reference

The waistband treatment on the Hummingbird Skirt takes its cue from the many RTW casual wear waistbands I’ve dissected.  This waistband is slimmer than the jeans waistband we looked at last week and lacks belt loops.  For this reason, the slim straight waistband works as a solid but discreet waistline finish when worn under an untucked top like the Hummingbird Peplum Top.

I know I have some beginners out there, and a few who may not sew the way I do so I make a detailed Slim Straight Waistband Visual Reference on sewingcake.com.  At the end, several options are given as a waistband closure- whether to use a hook & bar, button, or snap is basically a sewing/style preference.

Once I get over my fear of hammers (tomorrow is the day!), I’ll link to the snaps reference there.  Would a button Vis Ref be useful, too?  I could slip on in during the sewalong…


Speaking of the Sewalong, I want to let you all know what’s going on with your Hummingbird (and other*) patterns.  It’s been weird, I haven’t had all the information to hand, and I didn’t want to tell you the wrong thing only to have to correct myself later.

For some reason, my carton of patterns are being held up in Australian Customs.  I have a customs agent and logistics manager and the carton is beneath import minimums- it’s just paper.  It’s most aggravating because no one will tell me why they’re being held or when to expect them.   At first, I had the UK and US distributor wait so we could send all the patterns at the same time, but I just couldn’t wait anymore.  If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, your pattern has already been sent to you and you should get it this week I should think.

I haven’t had any problems of this sort in the past, and I’m doing everything I can think of to find out when I can have the Aussie patterns.  If anyone out there has an idea, then let me know.

…Sewing Along…

Pre-order Hummingbirds were sent off in pretty oversized envelopes.  These correspond to one of the “Houses” for the friendly House Competition during the Sewalong.  (If you missed out this time, you can still sew along!  And the next pattern presale will have a sorting and sewalong aspect.)

Picture 6

You can find the badges and more information about the sewalong on the main page hereVisit the flickr group and join up if you like a bit of social sewing!  This time around,  I asked Taran, Mikhaela, Leila and Susan (who work with me on Cake Patterns) if they would like to be “Heads of House” for the sewalong.  They said they will!

The Heads of House will help me keep track of entries for the House Competition and they’ve also been all over the Hummingbird Pattern during development.   They can help you out with sewing issues if I’m… you know… asleep.

One of Mikhaela's Hbird Tops!

One of Mikhaela’s Hbird Tops!

Mikhaela– Rufous House

Picture 8

Taran – Sabrewing House

Picture 9

Leila– Anna’s House

Picture 10

Susan– Violetear House

This sewalong gets more and more like Harry Potter every time we play, doesn’t it?

*Tira and Bonny next week!


  1. Whoo Hoo! I got the notice that my pattern was shipped! I can’t wait for its arrival! Hope you get things figured out with customs soon. That can be so frustrating.
    I love the idea of house leaders. This is going to be so fun!

    • Yes, very frustrating…Especially the part about not getting any details about why it’s happening… :(

      The sewalong will be such fun!

  2. Oh, bad, bad customs!! I had no notice that my pattern was shipped, but don’t know if I would normally get notice (as per comment above, that’s how I know) since this is the very first thing I have ever ordered online. Yup. (Please close agape mouth and lower eyebrows now….thank you. :) )

    • Hi Gjeometry, Cake is the only supplier that I have encountered that sends a shipping notice. Well my husband got a part for his car yesterday, with tracking. It was great as I wasn’t home to sign for it, and they e-mailed me every time things changed,eg ( in truck with driver, attempted delivery and finally at Post Office, for collection). WOW first online order, have fun with the rest of the interent. I started off slowly with ordering on e-Bay and using Paypal.Just found that added security great.

      • Thanks Annosos! Yes, I’m starting off with baby steps, ordered Steph’s seashell pockets from Craftsy (downloadable, so came instantly) and then the Cabarita is my first mail order through PayPal. Then, PayPal began sending me so many emails asking if everything was okay and if I needed help setting up and that I had not made an account yet and what could they do, freaked me out!!!!!!!!!! Lol. So, I backed off ordering again, but know that there are so many patterns and fabrics that you really can only get online, so, for my newly found sewing love, I am going to have to increase the baby step into steps and go ahead and make an account. :)

    • Hey Gj (CM)- I just checked and your order has has shipped and you were sent a notification on June 4. Maybe go check your Etsy email address to be sure it is correct? :)

      Ordering online is very addictive… Just a warning! And I’m flattered your first online purchase was Cake Patterns. Enjoy your Cab!

      • :) Yay, good to know everything is all on the up and up. Actually, officially your seashell pockets were the first online order ever and the first mail order was the Cabarita (rolling my rrrrrrr’s even whilst I type, even though I know that’s not the ‘official’ pronunciation). I think online ordering is likely addictive to the ‘average’ bear, but I tend to be anything but. (read: uhhhh……quirky). But, yes, got to know and like you and folks who swear by your patterns, so totally trusted the process. (although PayPal is now freaking my out mildly). Can’t wait for it to come! Am thinking Hummingbird may be next, but will likely be too late for the Sewalong. :(

  3. How frustrating that customs is holding up the patterns. Arghhh! Hope everything gets sorted out quickly.

    I really appreciate the waistband visual reference, especially the pressing tips. And I’m glad there’s no hand sewing involved. :) A couple of questions about the waistband. Would a similar waistband treatment work for Pavlova? And would this kind of waistband work if you want to tuck your shirt in? or would you need a wider waistband?

    I may totally have to copy Taran’s Hummingbird top. I love it!

    • I hope so too, and yes, very frustrating… I’ve been channeling my frustration into the next set of patterns, so they’re close to being finished….!

      Yes, similar would work for Pavlova.

      Yes, it works with a tucked shirt. It’s just a very inoffensive, easy going waistband. Nothing fancy or spectacular, but she gets the job done. :) It’s really easy to make a wider waistband, just cut a wider strip of fabric. Right after cutting and before finishing that first raw edge, fold it in half lengthwise to get the right crease line but other than that, it’s fine to make her wider if desired.

      I love TM’s Hbird, too! :) I think I’m going to try a “Green” neckline width with a “blue” neckline depth for my Hbird dress… :)

  4. Steph, How annyoing! Naughty Customs!
    But they do a pretty great job by screening things coming into the country, and going out, just think about when people try to send our beautiful birds and animals, in a drugged condition out of the country for sale on the black market. My son once had a Body Building supplement sent from America, and it had a banned substance in the ingredients, so they returtned it. Better than having used it and being banned from competition, for life, if found in drug test.
    I’m sure they will sort it out soon.

    • Yes, I get that, I know they work hard and they’re just doing their job and etc etc. My major issue is why they have to act like everything is some kind of state secret. Are they counting my patterns to check the invoice? Are they holding it up because of the gum on the paper? Do they think I am importing drugs? Are there secret paper-mites coming in from the UK? There’s zero information, no one is in charge. It’s my property that I need to conduct business and they’re making me look like a fool and holding up everything. I have had hundreds and hundreds of these patterns sent out to everyone, and I haven’t even been able to put my hands on the final product… That is my main issue, them acting like I’m not allowed to know or ask what’s going on. It doesn’t help that I often have to repeat myself on the phone because people don’t understand my accent.

      :) But I know it’s not your fault or anyone’s fault so I guess I’ll get them when I get them.

  5. Sorry Steph , It’s a government department, Thats just the way they are, but they aren’t being helpful,which is frustrating. I would be jumping up and down too. Shouldn’t your Customs agent be more helpful, it’s his job? Very annoying , you didn’t have these problems before? I agree with you it is your patterns and they should be more helpful. I don’t think you look like a fool. So Sorry.

    • It’s ok, I know it isn’t your fault. You would *think* my customs agent would be more helpful, you’d think. I’m just about to go spend some more time on the phone to see what I can find out.. No problems like this before, I’ve had things sent out from all over the place and it always takes 2-3 days. This is entirely unprecedented.

      And thanks… I just want my patterns!! :)

    • Ah ha- I got an answer today. Apparently the wrong piece of paper was attached to the outside of the boxes, they think I’m importing an entire print run and should pay duty on that. When it’s more like I’m importing a third of the print run. Sigh. Will get it sorted asap though. :)

      • How difficult would it have been to tell you that at the beginning and saved time and stress? But I suspect you’ve already asked yourself that question. It’s the 21st century with global commerce and instantaneous communication and still a tiny bit of paper puts a spanner in the works.
        Good grief!

  6. I’m so excited for this sew along, especially since I’ll actually be home for all of it, and now have LOTS of pretty knit fabrics to choose from thanks to my trip down east! :D I hope the pattern comes in time, but I got the notice and it should be enough time to make it to the Yukon no matter how much Canada Post drags their feet (if it doesn’t get lost again). Oh! I forgot to email you, but my Pavlova showed up a few weeks ago! It arrived just before I flew down east, and I forgot to let you know. Thanks so much for resending that. :)

    I hope that you work out the issue with Customs. >:( How annoying.

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