Hummingbird Sewalong Schedule and Sign-Up

30 Minutes a Day Sewalong Hummingbird Headline

The Hummingbird (and Cabarita) patterns will be shipping next week, so in preparation I made a few new additions to the sewingcake site:

Hummingbird 30 Minutes A Day Sewalong Main Page



Here you’ll find the schedule, blog badge codes and other info.

Hummingbird Sewalong Flickr Group

Picture 14This is the Flickr group for the Hummingbird Sewalong.  In the past it’s been a great way to share progress and sewing tips, and it’s always fun to sneak a peek into someone else’s sewing room.  We’ll also use the Flickr group for fitting.

Hummingbird Community Gallery Page

Picture 12

It’s a little spacious at the moment, but I set up the Community Gallery page so it will fill as we sew along together.  I really like the Community Gallery pages, and if you have a Pavlova Separate or Tiramisu Dress you’d like me to add to those Community Gallery pages, just let me know.  I try to keep up, but I definitely miss some here and there.

Flickr Setup for Sewalongs Tutorial

Picture 15

I made this Visual Reference Guide before the last sewalong at your request.  It’s still there, and even though Flickr has undergone a bit of a change since then it should still be helpful in advance of the Sewalong.

The 30 Minutes A Day Sewalongs are written with beginners in mind, and I have a growing database of beginner’s lessons to help you achieve a nicely sewn garment even as a beginner.  I’m open to requests and suggestions, so if you see something missing from the schedule or would like to know more about a technique or equipment, let me know and I’ll work it in.

Picture 16

While we’re on the topic of, I made a new section.  It’s “Fresh Cake,” which is a page that shows posts/pages in chronological order at a glance for easy browsing.  Each day’s sewalong lesson will show up here once it’s published, I’ll tweet and pin and also update the links on the main page.  I hope this is all smooth and straightforward, do let me know if you have any questions!

Next week, I’ll introduce you to the new Visual Reference Guides for cutting variations and denim sewing.  It’ll be fun, I’ve been waiting and waiting to share them with you!  Have a great weekend!

(…if you have a blog and you’re interested in test-sewing, please leave me a comment on the Muses Post from yesterday.  I’ll be reading up and checking out blogs over the coming week, and will email the testers with guidelines next Friday.)


    • Yes, of course. The sewalong is all about you and your sewing goals… I will say though, it’s a really simple top. The only slightly tricky bit is getting the binding to go around the curve, but I have a nice little video for that so you can see how I hold my hands while I’m doing it. :)

      • Seriously, the top is SO easy to sew! I made it in two hours and I’m not a beginner, but I think even a beginner could do it quite well… It has no set-in sleeves and doesn’t even need hemming if your fabric isn’t prone to unraveling.

  1. Steph you are killin’ it with your new patterns! I am sewing BEAUTIFUL versions around the blogosphere and the most incredible thing is how well your peeps are fitting themselves. I am so happy for you – your hard work is paying off and you should be proud of all you have accomplished in such a short time. Very high quality!!

  2. It’s so fun to see how you been building on the two past sewalongs! I’m looking forward to so many topics, especially cutting variations for efficiency, size logic, and the waistband. But I think I’m most excited about the denim sewing! :)

    (I love Tanit-Isis’s red top featured on the Hummingbird Gallery page. It looks great with her jean capris.)

    • Yes- I always learn as I go… This one was a bit easier to set up. It’s a lot like setting up a regular sewing space for a class… Arrange the tables, check the irons, recover the ironing boards if they need it, count the chairs, check the electrical outlets… Except it’s making a flickr group, setting up the sewalong pages, etc etc etc. :)

      I love that too! It’s the Blue without the dickey, and I love it.

  3. Think I will be making a denim skirt too. They are so useful because they go with all the random tops I keep making. I really need to start sewing with a plan, and your patterns are perfect for that.
    Anyway folks, guess what? I started a blog yesterday! It’s a bit of an adventure, since I never did anything of the sort before, but hopefully it will become a sort of record of my improvement. I look forward to filling it with my photos and finished items.

    • Oh cool! I agree, a little denim skirt is kind of like the casual wear version of the LBD… Goes with everything… Congrats on the blog, too! When I started blogging, I didn’t know anything about taking photos, uploading, or any of it really.. I’ve learned a LOT in the process. All the best to you. :)

  4. Hi Steph, I’m eagerly awaiting my Hummingbird (and Cabarita), and am planning to do the sewalong this time, having followed along with the Tiramisu one. I’m confused about what exactly is involved in signing up, though. Is it just joining the Flickr group? And do I have to wait until I know what house I’m in? Thanks for helping out a confused newcomer.

    • They’ll be there so soon, so very soon!

      Yay! Please do just jump right in, we get a really nice supportive vibe going, y’all are awesome at that. :) Just join the flickr group for now, that’s it. Some have started posting their fabric pics, that’s cool too. :)

      You’ll have to wait to know what house you’re in, it’s completely at random because I can’t imagine the amount of time it would take to carefully engineer the houses. It’s just whatever color envelope you’re sent. :) I know it’s a bit “wild west” with all of that, I do things a little differently but this is pretty much how the sewalongs for Cake will go. :)

  5. Congrats on your awesome new pattern and sew along! I’ve never done a sew along and really want to do this, but I’m super nervous about fitting, since I have zero experience in that field. Thank you for making a sew along geared towards beginners!

    • Thanks. :) It’s ok, I designed the fitting to be as painless as possible and I have a LOT of experience fitting people without actually touching them. :) Sometimes it’s a bit frustrating to use words and pattern sketches rather than just pinning you up myself, but we can get there if you’re willing to give it a good shot. :)

  6. I’m all over this one!! Just saw Mikhaela’s HBird in person yesterday and it’s gorgeous! And Lee’s striped Cabarita top!! Cake is BIG in NYC!

    • Thanks, Nettie! I loved Lee’s Cabaritas, she sews so nicely. :) Cake in NYC.. I like that… Now if only I could follow her.. ;)

  7. Tried to comment yesterday but I don’t think it worked. Got my pattern in the mail! Sooper excited. Running out to get a few notions. Pieces already traced! This is my first Cake pattern and first sew along! :-D

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