Susan, Galleries, and Tester Request

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I like Susan.  She writes a great blog at Moonthirty, I really appreciate her intelligence and good humor and insightful sewing tips.  We’ve had a lively email exchange going the past several weeks, as I asked her to test sew upcoming Cake releases.   Check out her alteration-free Cabarita.

Cab back collage

She did, and then took some fantastic photos to show how the designs work for her!  I love these photos of Cabarita, and the jersey stripe is just delicious.   Susan also blogs a little tip for fine-tuning the seam-and-hem area that can be a bit awkward.

Susan Hummingbird Orange Front

Susan also whipped up a quickie Hummingbird Orange skirt (that’s the short and simple one) with no pattern alteration- just a little fit-tweaking during construction.  That’s my favorite kind of fitting!  Minimal…

Susan Hummingbird Orange Pockets

And natch, I love the way she offset the stripes at the pocket and used an exposed zip treatment.  You can read about it here.

The test-makes I showed you earlier this week were from Leila and Mikhaela, who work on Cake production and logistics.  Susan doesn’t do that, but she does have a sharp eye for errors, clever stitching fingers and her body is in the higher range of Cake sizing.   And even better, she understands my random rambling emails about patterns!

Important to Cake

I know it’s done constantly, but I really don’t see the point in putting out patterns that have to be radically altered in order to fit.   Further, larger sizes often struggle to find RTW clothes that fit or that look like “real” clothes.   It’s nasty and I hate it, it’s like the entire fashion and clothing industry tells larger women they are unacceptable in a thousand silent ways.  This is told through lazy designing, bad fit, insufficient sizing and of course through advertising.  Why?

Picture 9

click for source- really excellent open letter to A&F and the fashion industry on the whole by The Militant Baker

Weight isn’t a measure of intelligence, wit, kindness, or ability.  It’s even debatable whether weight is an indicator of health.  It’s just… weight.  Besides, at the end of the day, another person’s weight is not my concern.   The main thing is to make patterns that fit and are well proportioned!  That’s where Susan comes in, to help me test the 50/55 size range and check that I like the proportions before releasing the pattern.  Susan’s a Cake Muse, and I’m really pleased to be working together.

Call for Cake Muses

As we get ready to ship y’all the new Hummingbird and RiFF releases, I’m finishing up my part of the production work for the next pattern release- Red Velvet.

Red Velvet Front Flat

While I’m sure the Cake Collaborators will be stitching up plenty of these pleated, bust-proportionate dresses over the next few weeks, I wanted to request a few sewing-blogger-muses in each Cake “size” range to help me test fit and proportion.  If you’d like to be a Cake Muse for RV, I have a few requests:

  •  30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 inch full bust-  I’ll choose one of each next week.
  • You have a blog
  • I’ll need 6-9 photos of your make to use on the sewingcake site and during the pre-sale
  • You are comfortable with pdf patterns
  • Intermediate to advanced sewist, but willing to follow directions
  • You have a sharp eye for typographical errors (helpful)

I’ll send the pattern and some guidelines out in 2-3 weeks as a tiled pdf and we’ll keep everything quite secret until the presale.    If you’d like to play, leave me a comment with your bust size and a link to your blog.  I’ll choose six Cake Muses and email you by next Friday.

Tomorrow: Hummingbird Sewalong Schedule, Badges, and Signup!

Had you seen that Miltant Baker post?  What do you think about that?


  1. I’d love to! My FB is 47″ and high bust is 38-40″ (depending on which bra I’m wearing).
    I blog on WordPress so my gravatar should take you straight there but just in case I’m at

    • Aw! The blog thing is nothing personal, it’s just that it’s easier to coordinate photos/reviews when someone blogs. That’s all. :) I’ll do some other things later that don’t have a req like that.

  2. Hiya Steph. Susan’s Cabarita is so stunning I immediately bought the pattern after seeing it. Making it up now, it is just lovely.

    I am a 34″ A cup so am on the smaller size plus a pear shape (38 to 40″ hips depends how much chocolate I’ve been enjoying :-)) The size 30 was perfect for the Tiramisu, it looks like I’ll be a 30 for the Cabarita. I would be interested in pattern testing. I am extremely anal retentive about details (eg: did you know on the pdf Cabarita the number sequence for the hip sizes reads 38 41 40 41 on both top front and back).

    Would be cool to pattern test for you. My blog is

  3. Awww, I would LOVE to test sew the Red Velvet pattern!
    My FB is 38.5″, so I am unfortunately between sizes but I successfully made a Pavlova in size 40 which fits me very well (you can see it in my blog, I didn’t make any fitting changes except for lengthening the sleeves).
    Normally I blog in German, but I feel confident in English as well. I don’t think I will be helpful in detecting typographical errors, but I am capable of translating instructions from English to German.
    I’m blogging over at

    By the way, I love the Hummingbird variations that you and your pattern testers came up with and am really looking forward to receiving my copy of the pattern!

    • Thanks so much, Malina. :)

      The Hbird pattern will be with you so so so soon, thanks for pre-ordering. I think you’ll like her.

  4. Hey Steph, I’d love to try out for being a tester again (you picked me for Tiramisu also). I use the 30″ bust size and I pretty much always write up overly detailed pattern reviews! Susan’s top and skirt look really cool and I’m excited for Hummingbird.

    • Hey Molly- I remember, and this time around I’m MUCH more in control of the process so we should have a nice smooth testing time. :) Thanks so much.

  5. I would be happy to do some pattern testing for ya! I fall right into the 35″ bust size and would be happy to take photos of my make, put them on my blog, follow instructions and do some spell and grammar checks for you.

    Off to read the militant baker post! Gorgeous Cabarita Susan!

  6. Muse sounds so inspiring, much nicer than pattern tester! And, yes, I’d love to be a muse!!
    My full bust is exactly 35″ and I’d love to have a red velvet in my wardrobe! I usually blog in German but would happily write a bilingual post ;-) Plus I’m not too bad finding typos and incongruities.

    • Yes- well- there’s people that live in my imagination that I pretend to be dressing when I draft, and I find that’s really helpful. So Muse it is. :) Thanks so much, Constance…

  7. Would you take a 35,5 bust with longer torso and short legs? I’m not sure what my sewing ability would be designated as… I actually kind of prefer PDF patterns to normal ones, and I do have a sharp eye for typographical errors. ;-) (Link to blog as usual.)

    That post reacts to something/someone I’m not familiar with. So while I guess I agree with her, I’m not able to tell exactly what she’s reacting to.

    • Yes, I would. :) I would say your sewing ability is Master Artisan, you know so much about such a range of fiber crafting! :)

      Ah- it might be a very American kind of mindset, or maybe a very “English Speaking World” mindset- that fatness is extremely unacceptable, it’s gross, clothing manufacturers only making smaller sizes because they don’t want people thinking they’re less cool because fat people can fit their clothes, etc. It’s just stupid elitism and meanness really… That’s my read on it… But basically, Jes was responding to a string of comments from the pseudo-cult-leader-like head of Abercrombie & Fitch, a teenage clothing brand. She’s just challenging the status quo.

      • The status quo is very much widespread. It was those comments I was not familiar with.

        I would have to make much much more to really feel like a master! See The Great British Sewing Bee and the winner. ;-) I think I’m intermediate. :D

  8. The Red Velvet looks like another FABULOUS pattern from Cake! And LOVE Susan’s makes. Is/will the Hummingbird be available in pdf anytime soon? I don’t think I can wait 4 weeks for a paper pattern! (I’m soooo impatient.)

    • Thanks, Julie. :)

      Yes, the pdf is ready to go, I was just waiting to release it closer to the paper pattern shipments. I’ll send out a big email and etc when it’s ready.

      And yes, the time lag gets me down too. We’re working on it.

  9. I’m also in the 35 high bust range (37 full bust) and tall. I love how easy it is to lengthen your designs with the draw your own side seams feature. I promise I would follow the directions the first time I made it and not hack it like I did Tira. :)
    You know my blog. I’m pretty good at spotting grammatical errors. I think I fit the rest of the qualifications too…

    I’m in love with Susan’s top and am on pins and needles waiting for mine to arrive. It’s been nice seeing them on different people because I was wondering how deep that V went in the back.

    • Bwahahah! but your hack was so clever! I loved those sleeves, very 30’s and chic. :) Thank you! And yours will be with you Very Very Soon!

  10. What a great post. I too get sick of hearing the word “fat” and the assumption that larger proportioned ladies (myself included) cannot also be beautiful. In my mind weight is just a number (just as age is!) and as long as a person is healthy physically and mentally with their size, there should be no issue. Unfortunately most clothing and pattern manufacturers don’t seem to realize that the “new normal” size is NOT 6 but more like 14. Imagine the amount of business companies would get if they offerred more options in the wider sized clothing?

    Don’t get me wrong, this often affects petite ladies too as my 20 year old daughter has a hard time finding clothes to fit due to her small frame (5’2″ & 95 HEALTHY pounds).This struggle to find good quality well fitting clothes is what drove me to start garment sewing in the first place so I guess I should be thanking those companies with limited offerings because I found lots of new sewing friends!

    I would love to test your Red Velvet. My high bust measurement is 45 and full bust is 47. I also have a blog at My Modern Vintage which you can find by clicking on my name.

    PS…I found Susan’s blog a few weeks back while checking out her Me Made May outfits and totally agree with you about her insightful and witty writing. Just great…and her Cabarita top is too :)

    • Besides, the weight comes from many different sources. In my case, the bones. So, yeah, it’s a number. If it changes sharply, something’s probably wrong, but that’s about it, I guess…

    • Thanks… And as for larger women being beautiful, it’s all in the eye of the beholder really. Countless artists over the past several thousand years have left behind relics to the beauty ideals of their day, and it’s all over the place. Ever see Peter Paul Reubens’ paintings? Gorgeous….That’s just one example.

      Yes, I agree that petites have the same sort of angst and difficulty that pluses have in the fitting room. That’s what happens in a “one size fits all” cultural mindset…

      Yes, Susan is just…I love her blog! :) She has spirit.

  11. I love Susan too :)

    My full bust is 45-46″ depending on my bra and I have a blog ( and work with pdf patterns whenever possible (I am one of those strange birds that prefer them). I would be so excited to pattern test. I’ve made two version of the tira which I love, but struggled a little bit with fit. I think the new tira release would have resolved some of my fitting issues, so I’m excited to see how your new fit info will be applied to new patterns. My main issues are that I am short-waisted and that i think have a proportionately small bust for my waist/hip size (or, at least as considered by the big 4 patterns). I really, really love the look of this next pattern and I will definitely be making it as soon as its available!! In fact, it would be perfect for an upcoming trip I’m taking and I think I will use it in an unexpected way (other people hike in dresses, right?)

    P.S. Thanks so much for all the body positive talk you do around here, and for including such a wide range of sizes in your patterns!!

    • Megan,
      I seem to have the same issue. My measurements are 47 bust, 42.5 waist, 54.5 hips and the biggest issue is though I am 5’7”, I am extremely short waisted. I also have high hips (like 4-5 inches between waist and largest part of my hips) so getting a good fit should hopefully be easier with RV. What adjustments do you typically make to solve the short waisted issue?

      • I wish i was an expert, but I am still figuring this out! For the tira, i cut the appropriate width per my measurements, but cut the bust length the next smaller size (does that make sense?). I also shortened the midriff piece by an inch. But i haven’t really figured out anything TNT. I do think the Red Velvet will be a good one to get the fit right on.

        • I ordered the Tira and may try what you suggest. I am truly hoping to nail this down finally so I can actually spend my time sewing instead of constantly tinkering with the pattern!

    • Thanks, Megan! I’ll take a look. :)

      Short-waisted can be tricky to balance sometimes, but it’s quite possible. One of my favorite tricks for smaller on top/larger on the bottom is to use some big dramatic design details on top. Like a cool collar, or some ruffles, or neckline interest, or big old sleeves. :)

      I hike in dresses. Kayak, too. It’s perfectly acceptable… I do it because I like to.. And making so many Tiras/wearing them to death all summer taught me the true value of the humble but well made knit dress. It’s a workhorse of a garment… I could throw a Tira into my suitcase to go visiting people down the coast and no matter the occasion, I was decently dressed… At the beach, out shopping, having big family dinners, catching a train, etc etc etc… I really want to see what else I can do with the “knit dress” category… :)

      Yeah, for sure. I used to be really negatively focused about bodies and weight, then at some point I realized I was torturing myself and poisoning my mind. So I figured out how to quit it. Besides, it’s really really really none of my business… Weight is one of those things that’s a combination of habits, genes, and personal choice and I have enough to do to look after myself. :)

      • Thanks, Steph! Actually, my favorite trip for dressing my short-waisted body is to wear lots of knit dresses :) Always forgiving and flattering and most RTW pants don’t come up high enough to be comfortable for me (and i’m still scared to make pants). I actually have this pattern in mind as a “river dress”. One of my favorite hobbies is taking extended river rafting trips (like backpacking, but on the river)- i’ve got a week long one coming up this June in Idaho. A river dress is an essential part of the packing list! Perfect to put on when you land the boats at camp each evening and cocktail drinking and dinner cooking commence. Also essential for those days that you aren’t going to encounter any rapids thats might force you to make an unexpected exit from your boat :) I have a Jalie Skort on the sewing table right now, but I’m hoping to make up a knit dress in something quick drying before my trip. I was thinking about the Tira, but honestly the bodice is going to be way too gapey when wearing a sports bra and the circle skirt will be a bit too much skirt to manage in windy situations! This red velvet pattern looks perfect!! That pleat should provide lots of room through the hips and legs for a short after dinner hike and i think the bodice will still look great even if i’m not wearing my most boobilicious bra.

  12. Hi Steph, I would love to test also, my high bust is approx 35″, you may remember me from the Brisbane tiramisu class, super curvy and a “challenge” :) my blog is I have good attention to detail and am happy to follow instructions and not to change the pattern :)
    Thanks also for all you positivity towards curvy women, it is a great healthy attitude that should be more widespread.

    • Thanks Lizzie, and YES of course I remember. :)

      Well, if enough of us decide to be rational and be kind, then attitudes will change. Know what I mean?

  13. Wow, great Cabarita.

    I’m a 35″ full bust, one of my biggest pet peeves a typos and I am new to Cake Patterns – I’ve ordered the Bonnie and have been drooling over the Tira but haven’t got it yet – so would be following the instructions word for word. I’d love to be considered as one of your muses.

    Oh, and thank you for the link to the Militant Baker. Awesome post

  14. Would absolutely love to be a Cake muse :) I really love how you try to cater for different sizes. I usually find it very difficult to find patterns that fit around my bust, since I’m a G cup. My high bust measurement is 40. I’m an intermediate to advanced sewist and would be more than happy to provide you with plenty of photos of my make. My blog is here: I have recently changed my blog address, and used to be The Naked Seamstress on this blog: You might know me from there.

    • Thanks, Stephanie… :) The sizing I use isn’t perfect, but maybe one day it will be if I keep working at it… Or very close to perfect, I can accept that… :)

      Oooh, G cup challenge.. I get that. It’s tough, to be sure. Ah- I remember Naked Seamstress. Thank you! :)

  15. Thank you so much Susan and Steph for the inspirational sewing and words. I love your version of the Cabarita! It is the beautiful fabric and the fit that has completely sold me on the pattern. I have been on all the patterns that CAKE has offered but have been hesitant due to the more fitted versions that have been previewed. Your’s is fit great and has an ease that I can feel good in.

    Steph, I cannot wait for Red Velvet… it is a beautiful dress design that offers so many options and it happens to be my favorite cake and make it often. PS, my family fell in love with the Hummingbird Cake too.

    • Oooh did you make a Hummingbird Cake? I really should blog more about baking but it’s kind of a whole other genera of blogging, isn’t it? What Red Velvet recipe do you use? It seems to be a fairly controversial recipe with many variations and of course, everyone’s personal version is the right one… Know what I mean? :)

  16. Ooh, Red Velvet looks pretty!

    I’d love to test out a pattern (or two, or three, or all of them, haha!) for you, so this is me raising my hand in case I get chosen. :-) I’m a 35″ bust.

    My blog:

    (And as you know, I like to give feedback on things. ;-)

  17. I have to say that I really, really like your philosophy on sizing!

    And if you need a tester in the 35 range, I’m game–might be a little late in starting due to the honeymoon, but I’ll do my best to catch up after! (And if you need someone a little more immediately, I’d love to be kept in mind for a future release!)

  18. Hiya, no musing just cheerleading but I have read The Militant Baker’s letter, it was linked to on Facebook. It’s interesting that younger people are really feeling the effects of this disenfranchisement of larger sizes too. As a teenager 30+ years ago, there were no clothes apart from things grandmothers wore over a size 14, This is what got teenage me into sewing seriously. Noone ever talked about it – but then there were no blogs, no way of creating an international voice.
    I am blown away by the choices available now in larger size ranges – across all age groups, price brackets etc, it is far easier to just buy clothes. But really, nothing has changed. The fashion industry itself is just as stupid, ignorant and elitist as it always has been. Thank goodness for sewing!!

    • Thanks, MrsC… I always like to know what things were like before, it’s great for perspective. It seems to me that “fatness” is a part of what can be a rather virulent cultural war over aesthetics… But at the end of the day, each person’s body is their own responsibility and no one has a right to dictate what to do with said body… That’s the way I think about it, anyway.

      I think you’re right, there are some options now but it still has quite a lot of room for improvement. And yes, Stupid, Ignorant and Elitist to be sure.

  19. My full bust is 50 and high bust 40 and I’d love to be a tester. I blog at new I really appreciate your use of testers at both ends of your size range. The small gals have just as much trouble as the large gals.

  20. This is wonderful. I am loving all these new blog discoveries and gathering inspiration from them all. I love the Red Velvet dress, it seems you just hang out somewhere in my head producing the patterns of my dreams!

    • I totally have your house bugged. hehe. just kidding. And thanks! I like it better this way too. I get really bored looking at photos of just myself. Yawn.

  21. Hi Steph I’d love to be a tester. My full bust is 40-41 and I wear an F cup. Plus the launch date you have for this cute nrw pattern is my birthday! I’d love to be considered. I’ve just ordered Tiramisu and can’t wait to make it up along with a group of local sewers and then go out for cake! :-D

  22. Oh, lovely! Thanks, Susan for the review. Your chevron stripes are so absolutely perfect aligned that I wept a little. :) (ok, a lot). (ok, still weeping).

  23. Um, YES. You know I’m game! My measurements are as follows- high bust: 41, full bust: 43.5, waist: 35, hips: 46. Very, very hourglassy. And of course you know you can find me over at

    Also, I totally got my fabric for my Hummingbird in the mail today! I was dubious about spending $14 for a yard of cotton twill, but Mood claimed that it was an Italian designer overstock and it was in the perfect weight so I took the plunge. The non-flouncy skirt only needs one yard anyway. SO GLAD I DID. It’s PERFECT. Also, the heavyweight cotton jersey that I got for the top is just perfection and it is the exact same color as the skirt I did for the Pavlova sewalong. I may need more of this fabric in my life.

    And a question- …………..will Red Velvet also have a cute collar like all those adorable ones I saw when I was lurking your RV board on Pinterest yesterday? :D :D :D

    • Also, I should add that I basically spend all day proofreading student work, so I guess you could call proofing my day job. And you know that I’m good at troubleshooting pattern issues, like the Pavlova pocket and waistband/binding issue, as well as figuring out how to create the top in a one-way print.

      • Woohoo! Thanks, Merry! :) $14/m is pretty medium/low-ish priced here for fabric, sometimes I think if I posted how much fabric costs here heads would explode… ;) I’m so glad you found a good fabric! Yay!

        Yes. I drafted up like four collars, put a cute/easy one in the pattern and I’m thinking I’ll release the others as a pdf-only “extra.” We’ll see, but that’s the idea. Did you know detachable collars are a thing people are doing these days? I’ve been researching, very interesting…

        I get that about proofing. For whatever reason, it’s just not my special talent. But we’ve been working hard on eliminating little typos etc and this will add one more layer of perfection to the final pattern- having ten sharp-eyed Muses looking over our pre-print work. :)

        • Oooooh, I like! And I’ve considered making myself some detachable collars, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

          About $10 – $14 USD a yard is the going rate on a lot of fabrics around here, but I’ve gotten so used to either buying them with coupons, buying fabric from the place here that is mucho cheapo (like $5 a yard for cotton twill), or buying discount fabrics online. $14/yard fabric would be a splurge for me if I wasn’t buying anymore than one yard.

          Btw, I’m totally sold now on getting the Cabarita. It and two yards of this- – are totally getting bought next paycheck. Also, I came to the realization today that I totally do have a fabric stash, but it’s largely fabric that has been bought for a specific purpose but hasn’t been sewn up yet. -_-U

          • Oh how lovely! :)

            I kinda kinda have a stash in the same way… But very little fabric that I actually buy sits around for more than 6 months, so I don’t count it as stashing exactly…

  24. Red Velvet looks exactly like a dress I’ve been plotting and planning to frankenpattern, so I totally want it! I’m happy to test too, though I’m probably beginner to intermediate, rather than intermediate to advanced. I’m definitely good on proof reading. And I’m a 30 bust in your patterns. 😄

  25. Susan’s top is fabulous – so excited that Cabarita is on its way. Red Velvet looks positively delicious. I wish I could offer myself as a muse, but I don’t have a blog and I’m just a beginner sewer, albeit a very adventurous one. Perhaps one day! :)

    • I’ve found her to be pretty wearable. And I love her invisible pocket, it’s nice and almost completely undectectable… :) Thank you!

      Bonny will be out soon, very very soon!

  26. Ooh, red velvet looks gorgeous- I’d love the chance to test it. My blog is and Tiramisu was the first pattern I wrote about. I’ve got a lot better at blogging, photography and sewing since then (I cringe at those early photos). In real life I am a curvy 5ft 2 with a 34 DD bust and the 30 D Tiramisu fit perfectly. In fact I’ve discovered it is my most worn item during me-made May so I’ve just cut out another. Oh, and I work in education so spend a lot of time correcting spelling mistakes, typos and grammar.

  27. With a 40″ bust and intermediate sewing skills, I think I qualify! I do love a bit of pattern testing. It gives me great satisfaction to try a new pattern and help fine tune it before it’s release. Keeping secrets is also fun! I blog at

      • Yes, it is confusing! The “About’ page on my blog explains… but in brief, I started attending sewists meet-ups in Melbourne before having my own blog. Everyone would introduce themselves as such and such from such and such blog. I adopted the introduction format at these gatherings and became, Anna, Blogless Anna. When I did start blogging, I thought I’d run with the joke. Yep, that’s me, a little bit quirky at times.

  28. I’d love to work with you on this…I’m a 46.5″ full bust so don’t know if that would work for you for testing purposes. I know you know my blog and I’d be happy to take the required photos and check spelling and grammar for you too.

  29. Oh I’d love to test your new pattern, but with the baby due in 2 weeks, I don’t think I would be able to meet the deadline :D I will be eagerly following the progress though, good luck!

  30. That’s a excellent tip from Susan about the hem! & I love her Carbarita.
    I made your Tiramisu in Liberty jersey, and whenever I wear it, I feel amazing :-) So a chance to sew another dress of yours would simply make my day!
    My FB is 40″ with much of that being my wide back! I blog at and blogged your Tiramisu here I’m very confident sewing children’s clothes, but trying to up my game with clothes for me!

    • Yes, I thought so too… It’s all the little things, isn’t it?

      Ooooooh a Liberty Tira. I’m so glad she makes you feel that way, that’s exactly what I want my patterns to do. :) Thank you! And I’m sure if you keep at it you’ll feel much more confident with your “grownup” sewing. You did a great job on that Tira.

  31. I’d like to try being a pattern tester. I am a 37″ bust, but I have a small frame and often end up sewing a size smaller for fit. In your Blank Slate Tee, I sewed a 35. I am also short in the waist, and I am a little large in the waist relative to my bust. I blog at, and, though I am not immune to typos, I have a degree in English Lit, so I can usually find spot them when I am looking carefully.

  32. I would love to help you out. I am a new sewing blogger, but a long time sewist. My full bust size is 39″, and I usually sew a 12-14 in the big 4 patterns. I am halfway through my year long ready to wear fast and loving it. I blog at Whoever you pick, the pattern looks lovely and I can’t wait to see it made up!

    • I hope so… I’m really enjoying her, I think that’s probably a good indication… And I have a few little extra surprises to go along with RV. But I must just keep my mouth shut about them or I’ll spoil our fun. :)

      Aw- maybe next time?

  33. Ooh, fun! I would love to test for you! I’m a 35″ full bust, though I ended up making a 30 in my Tira and it’s perfect. Love that dress! Eagerly anticipating the arrival of my hummingbird and the red velvet looks awesome! Yay for more Cake!!

  34. There are a number of great muses who have already signed up, but I would love to test your size 30 bust! I love your focus on all sizes, and think it would be fun to test out your pattern for us, ahem, small-busted gals. As I have learned making bras, all body sizes are soo unique, and I’d be delighted to showcase that with Red Velvet. I have tested a couple of patterns before, am a regular blogger, and quite the stickler for grammar!

    • Thanks, Meg. Clothes for every body… As much as possible, right? :) And bra-making… I was dabbling in that before Cake ate my sewing room.. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to go back to that. Did you get the fit you want? What pattern did you use?

      • So far I have used a Mrs. Depew Vintage French Bra Pattern (simple), Kwik Sew 3300 (did NOT work for me), Pin Up Girls 1200 (I think I have finally adjusted it enough), and I have a Merckwaerdigh pattern I’m hoping to try. Talk about different body shapes! Bras have been by far the most challenging make, but also incredibly practical! I can’t wait to get my pattern block down, and after 15+ tries I’m slowly getting there…

  35. I am a 40 inch bust with 37.5 inch high bust. I would love to be a tester! I have lost a good chunk of weight and in doing so very few of my well fitted hand mades fit me anymore! I am dying for my Hummingbird to get here as I plan on finally making some basics that will fit me again from it! Thanks for all the work you do and this awesome opportunity!

  36. Hi Steph,
    I would love to be a muse/tester for you. My full bust is 49″ so would be starting with a 50″ and working from there. I have many fitting challenges and would look forward to really giving the patterns a work over. I have been pattern testing bags and am used to working with PDF patterns as well as providing detailed feedback. Feel free to contact Samantha -pleasereleaseme(dot)letmesew(at)gmail(dot)com for a reference of my detailed and helpful feedback.
    I am 5’10” tall and usually adjust for height. My waist is 44″ and my widest point is 66″ (8″) below my waist and not actually my hip – did I mention fitting challenges? ;)
    I am currently returning to work and struggling to find suitable work wear so my sewing machine is getting quite a work out.
    My blog is called Dee-Tales and I blog at You will find posts about some of my fitting challenges there and the solutions I have found/not yet found.
    I bought Tira at the pre-sale and forgot to buy Pavlova that way so will get it a bit later. I am about to finally sew up my Tira today and laughed as I read Susan’s post on making it as I could sooooo identify (I linked to her through one of your earlier posts and have been reading along with her ever since). You may not remember, I was one of the ladies who enquired about it as I fall outside the hip sizing for it – you answered my enquiries with encouragement. Based on that and what I have been reading on your blog since then I am loving what you are doing.
    Now that I have written an essay I will go and get busy with my sewing machine and leave you to it.

    • Hey Dee- Thanks for that, really interesting! :) I had a look at your blog and absolutely applaud your de-wardrobing efforts! Let me know how your Tira goes, I think the skirt should still work over your hips, the half-circles are pretty amazing for accommodating various figures.

  37. I’ve ordered my first Cake pattern (the Tiramasu and just waiting for it to arrive), in the meantime I’ve been looking at the Cake sizing charts. My high bust is 33″ in which case I would make a 30, but my bust measurement is 35″ in which case I would make a 35. I am a rectangle body shape so I’m always looking for patterns that will provide me more curves, while trying to discreetly cover my mummy tummy, which has sparked by interest in Tiramasu and the Red Velvet looks just as great. Maybe sewing a Cake pattern for the first time might be an advantage during testing? Either way RV is a dress I would love to have in my wardrobe. I haven’t been bogging for long but have been doing so at :)

  38. Hi Steph, I would love to be a cake muse for you for Red velvet. My full bust is 40″. The style looks great, pretty neckline and sleeves. My blog is Always up for a bit of proof reading too. Thanks Lucy.

  39. Hi,
    I would so love to be a pattern test for red velvet. My high bust is 34, my rib cage is 30 and my full bust is 39. LOL my measurements are 39-31-40 but I am only 5’2″ tall and very short waisted. I am an intermediate to advanced sewer and I blog.

    I could rant on and on about diet and health. First there is the fact that all the health advice we’ve been getting from official sources since the 70’s is exactly the opposite of what we should be eating. Also no one mentions that the definition for obese has changed to include more people. We are tricked into eating food that is not nutritious and then blamed for not having any energy and being hungry as our bodies cry out for nourishment. I can’t cite the source but I read that this is the first time in history that junk foods cost less than healthy foods.


  40. I’m so gutted :-( I would have loved to be your 50 inch busty muse :-( I could almost see myself starting a blog to qualify. But I do have a flickr account where I post my handmade wardrobe and I’ve been really good this month with me made may ’13, hinthint. And I have purchased all of your patterns so far because you’re one of the only designers who thinks of us larger ladies… oh well, sniff, sniff :-( please consider me if you don’t find anyone in that size range ;-) you can find me on flickr as user “chrichrimano” if you want to see what kind of clothes I sew and sort of gorgeous shape I am ;-)

    All the best. Christina

  41. If you’re still looking for pattern testers I’d love to! I’m a 35″ bust and blog at I’d love to help out :-) i can definitely convince the boyfriend to take some photos :-)

  42. Hi! If you’re still looking for a Red Velvet pattern tester, I’d like to give it a try. I’m a 45″ FB, and have a blog at I haven’t been a very good blogger recently, but I would definitely write up the pattern and post pics.

  43. Oh my gosh, Red Velvet looks as delish as the red velvet cake I had at my favourite dessert place on my trip south. I was actually thinking of you and this mysterious dress as I nommed it up! :D I’m excited to get my paws on it.

  44. If you still need a 40″ busty lady I’d love to help out! I blog at I like pdf patterns, I’m an advanced stitcher and I LOVE to try out new patterns. I drive some of my co-workers crazy when I edit their reports (at their request!) so I am good at spotting the typos : ) I am looking forward to your next releases, going to be doing a Tiramisu for summer. What fun this is!!

  45. Oh. My. God. I think I should just put aside a Cake fund so I can buy all your patterns. I will need to have the Red Velvet dress. Do you think it’d work in a ponte, or does it need super drapey fabric? (It’s probably too late, but I cut a 45″ bust in your patterns… I’ve also seriously failed at blogging lately.)

  46. Pingback: Finished Object Part 1: Back Yoke & Applique Zipper « 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

  47. Hmm. I commented 2 days ago putting my hand up for testing, but it never appeared :(
    It’s probably too late now, but I’ll try again anyway. 47″ full bust, I’d love to test it – I had lots of fun testing out sisters of edwardia.

  48. Pingback: May Stashbusting Tiramisu No. 3 | The Amazing Adventures of Taracat

  49. If you still need testers for your Red Velvet dress I would like to submit myself. I have a 42″ full bust, 35″ waist that’s quite high, and 48″ hips. Red Velvet looks like it would be quite flattering for my high waist and full tummy. If you don’t need any more testers, that’s okay. I’ll just have to purchase it once it’s up for sale. =D

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