Leila, Shipping and “Sorting”


Y’all know Leila.  If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and you purchased Cake, your pattern was almost certainly shipped by Leila.   She blogs over at Three Dresses Project, where she just posted a thorough review of the Cabarita Knit Top and the Hummingbird Orange skirt.


Seeing Leila’s Cabarita with a coordinating solid collar, cuffs and bindings makes me itch to stitch up another one.  I really like this effect, and in the comments on Leila’s post there’s some great suggestions for other patterned fabric mash-ups.

hbird-and-cabarita-full-body-back“I love an interesting back. Actually this top gives you front and back interest. Even my husband had a big wow moment when he saw the back.”  I love them too.  This back goes together easily, but really elevates this past being a regular old t-shirt- even if it’s just as comfy.


Leila also whipped up a serviceable and basic denim Hummingbird Orange.  That’s the short and sweet version of the skirt.  She did a great job picking out the seams with top-stitching thread- let alone the fact she put the skirt together before the instructions were complete.  How clever is she?  Flying blind and she put together a really great little skirt nonetheless.  Thanks, Leila!

Shipping and Sorting- Hummingbird

I mentioned last night that we’ll be shipping the Hummingbird (and Cabarita) patterns from next week.  The sewalong is set for June 17-27, and I’ll post the schedule, signup and blog badges on Friday.  I’m so excited!  This is my favorite part, the time when we get to sew together.

pavlova sorting

Last time, for the Pavlova Sewalong, we sent out pre-ordered Pavlova patterns with colored envelopes to sort Sewalongers into “houses.”  We had five fruit-themed houses, with the winning house receiving $10 Cake Patterns gift codes and bragging rights…  The sorting was Leila’s idea- she had to go shopping for envelopes and found the fun colored ones.  We put our heads together and came up with the sorting- once we thought it up, it seemed way too fun to pass up!

This time, we’re shipping pre-ordered Hummingbird patterns in colored envelopes for four houses:

Rufous House

Those who receive their pattern in an orange envelope will be in Rufous House, named after the pretty orange Rufous Hummingbird.

Anna’s House

Those who receive a pink envelope will be in Anna’s House, named for Anna’s Hummingbird.

Violetear House

Green envelopes will come to those who go into Violetear House, named for the Violetear Hummingbird.  Don’t you love his dear little ear-feathers?

Sabrewing House

And finally, blue envelopes go to Sabrewing House members, named for the Sabrewing Hummingbird.

The House that completes the greatest number of Cake-Standard Hummingbird Separates during the sewalong (no cutting corners, but variations are ok) wins!  It’s a fun way to make a connection to other social sewists, a bit of fun.  These envelopes are a bit bigger than normal, and they’re pretty so they’ll stand out in the mail.

What do you think of the mascots this time?  Do you think having 4 rather than 5 houses will change the dynamic?

And you know what- I just realized I have some very nice scraps of jersey that would be just large enough for some contrast Cabarita collar and bindings…


  1. These houses are named after such beautiful and incredible birds. I will feel lucky to to have any colour, but secretly hoping to be in Anna’s House! I agree with your previous post that this pattern will probably be my favourite. Most probably as you can never go wrong with the shape of a straight skirt, and I am so hanging out to put in the pretty back versions. And the peplum tops, such a fashion statement right now, but more importantly for me a tummy hider.

    Again Steph, I am really looking forward to your unique and excellent fitting guides to make my outfits mine. Can’t wait!

    • I looked for birds to match the color, but also to have a little fun… I just couldn’t resist Violetear (ear feathers!!) and Sabrewing, so pretty and evocative… :)

      I think you’re onto something about straight skirts, and there’s a surprising amount of customization possible in the shape of a straight skirt… From “almost a-line” to “Joan Holloway.”

  2. Oooh! I might actually be able to participate in this sewalong! I get back from the honeymoon the day before! So that means it works, right? :D

  3. I should clarify–the first link to her review post is broken. The link to the comments on her post link to her post fine. :)

  4. So just to clarify, any hummingbird pieces I make or cut out before the sewalong won’t count, right?

    I’m so excited to be participating this time around!

    • Well, no, I don’t think they will…. But I will give a bit of extra time at the end for getting “finished” photos because I know that sometimes one is at the mercy of weather/lighting/significant other as a photographer and it can be super hard to get the photo immediately… Last time with Pavlova, we went right into presale mode and I think it was all a bit rushed… We’ll space it out better this time. :)

  5. I love the birds you chose for the sorting. My favorite is the violetear. And Leila’s outfit gives me lots of inspiration. Thanks fir posting/linking to it. The contrast collar and cuffs are just lovely, lovely. And the top stitching on the skirt is fabulous. I’m getting lots of ideas. It looks like I may be living in these separates this summer. Goody, goody!

    • Oh, I forgot to mention that the link to Leila’s blog (“just posted a thorough review”) doesn’t work when you click on it. It tries to go to a page on 3hourspast.com.

      • Oops, I should have read the previous comments better. Sharon already alerted you to the broken link.

        • It’s all good. Thanks though, always good to know when I have spinach between my teeth, if you know what I mean… :)

          Yes! I loved those basics myself this past summer, they’re just so darn easy/fun to sew and wear..

  6. Fingers crossed for Violetear or Sabrewing. :D

    And I had resisted the call of the Cabarita, but now I think I really want it. I saw a fabulous red and white vertical striped hacci knit on Girl Charlee that is almost begging me to buy it and make into a Cabarita. And the swimsuit I’m making is red with white polka dots, so a nice and breezy red and white Cab sounds like a divine cover up…

    Oh, and speaking of Girl Charlee, I just got this fabric in the mail: http://www.girlcharlee.com/vintage-birds-on-mint-green-cotton-jersey-blend-knit-fabric/girl-charlee-p-6578.html?cPath=143

    As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it, so I broke my no stash rule to buy 3 yards of it. I kind of want to make a Pavlova top from it (the blue in the print matches a denim skirt I made so perfectly) but I don’t knooooowwwwww. I just love this print so much and I kind of want to make a dress from it but I also want a top and GC just better not run out because I’ll probably want more so I can have both. I JUST REALLY LOVE THIS FABRIC OK. Do you have anything in the pipeline coming up that would be perfect? *goes off to lurk your pinterest*

  7. I love the ear feathers! This will be my first Cake pattern so the sewalong sounds wonderful and will finish up just in time for my week of vacation. What a perfect time to then show off my new duds!

  8. What pretty, pretty birds! :-)

    I missed the pre-sale, but ordered my Hummingbird last week – will I still be able to take part in the sew-along? *fingers crossed*

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