Shipping Season is Coming!

I've been working with some top-notch red dancewear velvet....

I’ve been working with some top-notch red dancewear velvet….

It’s been a little while since my last post- the one where I bought a load of fabric.  Then I was retreated into my drafting-cave for a bit of production work…  My periodic silences on the blogging front are necessary so I can make up new Cake releases for us to play with.   I’m always reachable by email though, even in my drafting-cave.   I’m really glad y’all understand.

I’ve been keeping in close contact with our printer in the UK while the new patterns are being printed and assembled.  We have a great working relationship already, the quick and timely exchange of information and files is refreshing.   Besides, as an indie designer it’s great to be working with a high-quality indie printer.  Our goals and interests intersect.

Table of Contents Image Feat

The patterns were to be ready for shipping by this week, but Claire our printer had an accident.  I was alarmed when I couldn’t get ahold of her for two days at the end of last week. I thought something must be wrong because we were right at crunch time with the patterns.  It turns out she had an accident and was badly burned down one side of her body by boiling water.   She spent the night in the hospital burn ward and checked herself out to get back to overseeing the work.  Indies.  Feel better soon, Claire!

This slowed down the work (which is in the last stages), so Leila and I won’t have patterns ready to ship to you all until early next week.  I am sorry for this delay, I really wanted a smooth and perfect process this time. Tira 2nd Ed and Bonny will also be a little tiny bit later. Before, it was blizzards holding up shipping… One of these days we’ll catch a break!

Besides, I’m really excited and impatient to get this pattern into your hands, it’s absolutely the best Cake Patterns release yet.

I didn’t put out a public call for Hummingbird testers because it made sense to have the other talented sewists who work on Cake projects involved in the test-sewing experience this time around.  (That, and, well, there’s a pleasant surprise about H-bird that I want to keep completely top-secret until you open them up….)

click for source

click for source

This is Mikhaela’s Hummingbird (Green) Top.  Rumor has it she’s working on a Hummingbird skirt or two, too!  Mikhaela makes Cake’s engaging cover art, and her husband Masheka illustrates Cake’s detailed instruction sheets.  We take turns skyping in the middle of the night for planning meetings, and I really enjoy working with the pair of them.  We send a lot of emails and files to each other…

A turquoise Hummingbird skirt... click for source

A turquoise Hummingbird skirt… click for source

Mikhaela hasn’t been sewing much for the past year but lately she decided to get back into it and build out her wardrobe with simple and wearable basics.  I’m really delighted Mikhaela is sewing up Cake, and I love this capsule wardrobe she built herself.  Dotted Hummingbird Peplum Top- check.

Love this with jeans for a casual Friday, too!

Love this with jeans for a casual Friday, too!

I have some more looooovely test-Hummingbirds to show you this week from more Cake Collaborators.  On Friday I’ll post the Sewalong signup/sorting details/badges! (June 17-27 work for everyone?)

Then next week we can get started on the new tutorials and cutting options I have in store for Hummingbird!  It’s been tough to keep all that under my hat, I can’t wait to show you my jeans waistband autopsy, top-stitching tutorials, and alternate cutting layouts…! (Not to mention a super-fun torture test for the indigo dyed hemp-denim I got my hands on!)


  1. I cannot wait to get this pattern! I have attempted so many pencil skirts that have ended up in pile of shame in my sewing room that I am itching for a good pattern and helpful flicker group to get it fitting right! Plus I love the top!

  2. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear about Claire’s accident; I hope she starts feeling better ASAP!!

    I cannot WAIT to get my hands on that hummingbird pattern. Hoarding knit fabrics as we speak…

    • Me too! I knew something was wrong when I couldn’t get through, and glad she’s alright now… : /

      I can’t wait for you to have it! Really, really really really. :)

  3. Oh wow, I hope Claire gets better soon. What dedication!

    I’m so excited for Hummingbird!!! And surprise surprise, I’m actually HOME during the sewalong! I’ll be sure to find some great knits for the pattern this week on my trip down south. :D

    • Yes, me too. Poor Claire!

      Yay! I’m so glad you’ll be around for the sewalong! :) And very exciting about your trip down south, hope you find lots of lovely fabrics…

    • Me too… It’s like I live with these patterns for months, and they’re still not really real to me til y’all have them and we’re sewing. And that top is so cute, I agree!

  4. I’ve missed your posts, but am so glad you’ve had time to design and draft!

    So looking forward to Hummingbird. I’ve got fabric for two skirts prewashed–still trying to decide about fabric for a top or two. Stinky, though, that I’ll miss the sewalong this time ’round. :( We’ll be on vacation. Thank goodness that there will be a whole bunch of valuable tips and resources when I get back. :)

    So curious about the super secret surprise in H-bird!! Thanks for spreading fun and joy!

    Last, but not least, please send wishes for a full recovery to Claire!

    • Post and internet takes up a lot of time/brainspace. I wish I was able to do both concurrently but I just can’t, it seems.. :)

      Aw!! Well, enjoy your vacation. Where are you going? And yes, the Sewalong archive will be there, no worries…

      I’m a bit gleeful over the little surprise…

      I will and am! She’s a really strong woman, and we’ll have the patterns very soon.

      • We’ll be in Colorado for a couple of weeks – spending some time in the mountains and with my husband’s family. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good flight with our 1 1/2 year old. And sewing up some cake to wear on our trip. :)

    • Yes indeed. It’s so random, just one of those things, but she’s sounding well so I hope she’ll get better fast…

      Me too! :)

  5. Well, I cannot deny I AM getting a bit impatient to get my hands on Tiramisu finally, but, uh oh, water burns… Been there, done that, so to say; I burnt half my hand with really hot tea once, and I had a scar for years. Thankfully, it was my left hand. So, get well soon, Claire!

    • Oh yuck…! I spilled some boiling water on my stomach when I was very pg and while it didn’t “get” me too much it still left a really painful burn (and being in “mommy brain” mode I was terrified it had somehow hurt Lila but it was all fine..). I hope she gets well soon, it must be really dreadful.

      Tira Second Ed/Bonny will be shipping out shortly after H-bird and Cabarita, not too much of a delay there. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. :)

  6. I ordered the fabrics for the sewalong from Mood the other day- a seafoam-colored heavyweight cotton/lycra jersey for the top, white stretch cotton shirting for the cuffs and dickey, and dark purple cotton twill for the skirt. I’m still iffy about the idea of me in a peplum, but I figure if I don’t like it, I’ll just get a little more fabric and make the top into a dress.

    I winced when I read that about Claire. Burns are awful and I hope she feels better! I’m kind of dying to get the Bonny pattern, like I have the fabric and everything ready to go for my separates set (deep blue mid-weight cotton jersey and white grosgrain ribbon). I would go ahead and make my matching circle skirt, but I want to make the top first so I can decide how long I want the coordinating skirt to be. Bah!

    • Ooooooh! Sounds so delicious! You really have a flair for choosing fabrics. (And note to self- go dig around in Mood fabrics…)

      I mentioned this before somewhere, but when I first started muslining peplums and wearing them, I was a little.. Weird about it? I felt strangely self-conscious and half decided not to release a peplum… But then I tried it on again a few days later and it looked/felt completely different to me. It hink it was just wearing a “new” style that threw me at first.. (I’ve worn vintagey peplums in woven, but not a t-shirty one, know what I mean?) But making the top into the dress would be great, too. I’m making one too, I can’t resist the urge to make Hummingbird Dress… :)

      Bonny will be along just a little bit after Cab and Hbird. Not too long, I think Leila and I will get all the patterns shipped, take a half-breath, and then get the next wave to send out. It’ll be fun. Maybe I should make us a mix tape. :) Sorry for holding up your sewing queue! We’re doing our best to get them out as quickly as possible. :) (I should have the Bonny tiled version ready in a day or two, email me if you want to swap the paper for a pdf and I can do that…)

      • I have about three yards of a bright blue jersey (which is actually a knit bedsheet that I scooped up at Goodwill for like $2) that I may use for an experiment if I like the peplum, the experiment being creating an interchangeable peplum and skirt. Like I think I would use velcro so I could switch the the garment from being a peplum top to a dress and back. Hmm… We’ll see.

        And ooooh switching to pdf is tempting but… Blargh, I think I’ll wait for the paper version. And the packaging looks so perfect. And I’ll still have my little sailor set done before the end of June, in time for a swing dance convention to which I fully intend on wearing it. :D

        Oh, and thanks! I sometimes think I like picking out the fabrics more than the actual sewing. After a lifetime of being at the mercy of RTW and polyester, it’s so liberating to have full control of my wardrobe. Actually, in some ways it’s a little restricting in that my OCD gets triggered somewhat because I am now fully capable of being as matchy-matchy and overly coordinated with my clothing as I so choose. This is why I have a Pavlova skirt, a pair of shorts, and (soon) a trenchcoat all made from the same mint green cotton twill.

  7. It is good to hear from you. . I went into Textile Traders yesterday and saw just the fabric for Hummingbird, so I bought it. We have been invited to a wedding so decided to choose fabric for a wedding or evening outfit. I am really pleased with it so hope it looks as good made up as I imagine.

    Best wishes to Claire I hope there are no scars.

    • I know… I’ve been really quiet… If I could both blog and create new patterns at the same time, I’d do it, but both take a lot of creative energy and I have to admit I have limits… :) (Hard for me to admit, though!)

      Oh how lovely! When’s the wedding? What’s the fabric? You told so much and so little! I have a wool crepe drapey drapey Hbird Pink (flounce) I’ve been hoarding, we’ll get her out and talk about her before/during the sewalong too. The pattern works with a nice variety of fabrics…

      I will pass on your good wishes, and add my own. :)

  8. I forgot to say I have bought a new sewing machine!! Haven’t had time to even unpack it yet but looking forward to lots of fun and some amazing creations?? (With your help of course).

    • Oh what fun!! That’s so exciting? What is she? What can she do? (As much as I love my own Janome 4900, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an industrial or semi-industrial machine for quite some time.. Horsepower… :D ) I will be quite, quite happy to help you break in your new machine. :)

      • Sorry had to jump in here. I have a home industrial Necchi 6110 and LOVE it! It sews through thick layers like a dream and makes denim sewing a breeze. She doesn’t have a computer and is super easy to use. You should check it out.

  9. Oh goodness re Claire. I hope she recovers fully & properly. I’m certain everyone in the sewing community who bought this pattern would be very happy to wait while she recovers well! Um, I somehow failed to buy this on preorder but I’m off to do so now! And I, for one, will cheerily wait as long as Claire needs.

    • Me too. :( I think Cake is run by a pack of women who don’t know how to sit still, and Claire insists she is well enough to get the work done. I’m keeping in touch, keeping an eye out, I hear you… :)

  10. Hate to hear about Claire’s accident but lovely to hear the new patterns are shipping soon. Me Made May forced me to realize I sew way too much frosting and not enough CAKE!

    • Yes, I am the same. :) And how great is MMM for helping prioritize one’s sewing? I always always found it was so helpful for that. I’m glad we have MMM.

  11. I’m always a little antsy waiting for your next post. Always makes my day to read what you’ve been up to. You are so cute! Thanks for sharing so much with us.

  12. Mikhaela’s top looks great. I’m looking forward to receiving my Hummingbird and sewing something for myself. I haven’t sewn myself any clothing since my oldest was born almost 5 years ago. (lots of various reasons, mostly I kept hoping to loose the baby weight, which some is still hanging around) It’s been too long.

  13. Your commitment to excellence is really inspiring!!! Though, your boundless energy mystifies me! I guess that happens when you’re doing what you love!

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