Her Name is Pearl!

Her Name Is Pearl!

It’s official!  Our impeccably coiffed new Cake girl is named Pearl.  The voting was close over the weekend, but Celeste was narrowly beaten by Pearl.  Perhaps her name can be Pearl Celeste?  Do the Pearl and the Celeste camps agree?

Picture 26

We’ve only just begun playing with the Cake ladies.  (Trust me, I can see through time.)   I love the characters we’ve created to illustrate Cake, and you haven’t seen the last of Penelope, Esme, Maya, or Pearl.  In fact, I think it will be great fun to find them new dresses to wear.   I plan to spend some time soon refining the Petit Four doll patterns based on each character.  It’s been slow going with the PF patterns, but we’re on the right track now, more on the dolls soon!  We’re working on a man character, too…

In fact, with the Pavlova Shipping Season drafting/cutting posts, the Sewalong, and then the Hummingbird Pre-sale, I’ve been really active online lately.  It takes up a lot of time.  I need to step back for a few weeks and work on Cake drafting and development to the exclusion of much else.  The sewingcake site requires attention, as well.  I’m working to make it more user-friendly, so it’s simpler to find what you need- no gigantic changes, but small refinements and improvements.  And there’s all those lovely Cake kits to assemble and order pieces for…

Hummingbird Peplum Top & Skirt

Thanks so much for playing along with the naming and for your support during the Hummingbird Presale!  I’m really excited about printing this one and putting her in your hands, the process has improved dramatically since I started Cake and our new printer offers much greater flexibility with ordering and service.  It’s a relief to be working with them.

I have a hatful of smaller patterns to release, patterns I’ve been sitting on for months while we worked on finding the best printer for Cake.  It was really frustrating- you want the pattern, I want to put the pattern in your hands…

Tip for aspiring indie pattern-makers: Don’t get the Big 4 to print your patterns.  Find anyone else.  The guy down the street with a coin operated xerox machine is probably preferable.  Or check out sewprint.uk.  Claire is a very smart woman.

And the winner is….*

The winner of the Stay Tape giveaway is Teresa!  I used a random number generator, and this comment won:

Picture 24

Thanks everyone for playing along, and for your support during the presale.  I have a couple of FO posts not related to Cake (GASP), so I’ll keep writing some. Just not as often for a few weeks.  Is that ok?

*it seems to me I still have a Lip Tar sampler from our OCC Cosmetics Giveaway hanging around my shipping area.  If you won and haven’t received your prize or another giveaway, please email me.  stephc at 3hourspast dot com. 


  1. Oh I’m so excited to find out her name is Pearl and good to know my vote helped make it happen. I don’t mind sharing and calling her Pearl Celeste but I’d rather keep things simple and easy to remember and just calling her Pearl sure is easy to remember :)

    Looking forward to all the wonderful things you have planned for our characters and for the dolls as well.

    I can see my wardrobe full of lots of Cake.

    Oh by the way I ordered my Australian Girl Doll on the weekend and received an email today letting me know she’s in the post…YEH… I can see some cake for her coming too!

    • It was my fave too, though I’d’ve been quite happy with most of the names originally suggested. Pearl seems right…

      Australian Girl Doll? I’ll have to look into that, I hadn’t heard of it before our twitter chat. My little Lila is loving her American Girl doll, and I like the connection to American history and also my own childhood. Many of my first garments were sewn for my American Girl.. Anyway, Lila’s the type of kid who likes order and taking care of things, so the doll is a good one for her even though she’s younger than the recommended age…

      • I can imagine how much Lila is loving her American Girl doll and I don’t think she’s too young for her and you would be the best judge of that as well! If I hadn’t found Belle who is the Australian Girl doll I wanted my second choice was the American Girl doll Molly… I just loved her story and the history behind her and she looks a little similar to Belle. You just never know once hubby gets over the shock of me buying myself Belle I might just order Molly… besides I think Belle is going to need a friend or she’ll get lonely while I’m at work LOL.

        • I like Molly, too. I devoured her stories when I was a little girl, it was the first time I really understood about WW2. Men don’t understand dollies, my husband has been living with me and my Petit Four obsession for months and he just doesn’t get it at all.. :)

  2. Well I didn’t pick either of those names but I can deal with Pearl. I am hoping that when my arm heals I can sew my Pavlova. I have discovered I’m making very slow progress when I sew at the moment. I’m sure I’ll get back to it and be less frustrated when all of my tendons recover. In the meantime, I will look forward to some imaginary and virtual sewing. Enjoy your time as you take a step back – I’m sure you need to to allow you the space to think and reflect on your work, leave alone documenting and designing everything that you need to. I’m looking forward to making Pearl’s skirt!

    • I hope so too…! Winter is coming… And give yourself some time and TLC, you’ll be better soon. :)

      Yes, I definitely need that space. I was a little surprised this weekend when I discovered that school holidays go on for another week. Another week? I love my daughter but I want my workweek back. Luckily Stephen is around to help keep her busy..

      How was the wedding? Did you finish your dress in time? Or did your beautiful trusty gray see another wearing?

  3. Both of my kids are itching to get back to school/nursery and I’m itching to get back to my sewing machine. Soon.
    I think you owe it to yourself to take a step back and catch up. We’ll be here!

    • Dear Pendle Stitches. Do you live in Lancashire near Pendle Hill. I live in Western Australia but have friends in Longridge and Leyland and have visited several times so I know about the Pendle witches.

      • Good lord, its a small world. I live just outside of Leyland (we’re the next village along) but love the Pendle area (which isn’t that far away). I was brought up in Leyland and used to go horse riding in Longridge when I was a teenager!
        I’m thrilled that you got the reference. :-)

  4. You are amazing! Any time you feel like you need a break you take it cause you probably needed it weeks ago. But thanks for working hard to bring us such amazing stuff!
    Yea!! I’m so happy about Pearl! And that the ladies might be coming back in new designs. How fun.

    • Oh you’re so kind! A very very short blog post takes about two hours to prepare and write, it just takes up so much time when I need to be drafting and putting kits together (YAAAAY).

      Oh yes, they’ll be back… :)

  5. Still think she should be Phoebe – after the famous Phoebe Allens Hummingbird nest webcam. (I can post a link if you can’t find it by searching, but be prepared to waste hours watching her!).
    Anyhow, Pearl was my second choice, so that’s ok!
    I bought an American Girl doll for my God daughter when she was born, and I collect a new outfit for her whenever I go across the pond. She’s 5 now, and I’m itching to give it to her, but I think I’ll just wait another year or so – I think there’s probably a ‘sweet spot’ around 7 or 8 for American Girl dolls?

    • What is that? Don’t be afraid to link, I don’t mind as long as it’s not lewd or is useful or interesting… I love hummingbirds, I used to sit at the kitchen table back home and watch them come to the feeder at the window in mom’s garden. Lovely little things.

      Oh how nice! Lila is the type of girl who likes to keep things tidy and in their place, she keeps her toys in good condition and together, it’s her nature… So for her, a nice and complicated doll like Addy was a good choice. She loves taking her bonnet of and putting it back on, dressing her for bed, all of that. She’s still a little young for the stories, but that’s ok. So I don’t know! I think it depends on the child. I got my AD doll when I was 9, if I remember correctly.

      • http://www.ustream.tv/hummingbirdnestcam
        This is a link to the live stream of Phoebe’s nest. She is a beautiful hummingbird who nests every year in the same garden somewhere in Florida. The homeowner has been broadcasting the stream since 2007. You can watch her building her nest, laying her eggs, raising her babies, and eventually see them fledge. Free to watch and totally fascinating! Like I said, be prepared to waste hours on it!
        You just need to take account of Florida time.

        Thanks for the tip re the dolly. I think 6 will be old enough for Holly to have her, she’s a gentle and tidy soul. I hope to get her interested in sewing some day!

  6. I’ve had such fun following along! I was rooting for Celeste, but I really like Pearl, too. I’m very curious about the quality of the new printed patterns – guess I’ll be able to see it firsthand in a month or so! :) Enjoy a restful and reinvigorating break!!

  7. Where would I get an American Or Australian doll? I looked on the Internet but found talk of coupons which lost me. I have a niece who spent time in America who has just had another baby girl. So when I read the talk about American Dolls I thought one would be a really good present.

    I voted for Celeste but I can cope with Pearl.

    Best wishes.

    • Where in the world are you Lyn?
      I bought my God daughter’s doll in the store in Chicago. Unfortunately the online store won’t ship overseas, so I pick up extra accessories for her whenever I visit the USA.
      If you do a google search I’m sure you’ll find the websites for the American and Australian Girl dolls. The UK version is called My London Girl, but the choices of dolls and accessories are much less inspiring.

  8. Thanks Fiona. I am in Western Australia . I had never heard of those dolls I found the Australian Doll.

  9. She’ll always be “Judi Pearl” to me … Yes, it is more than fine if you only post a few times a month. What a silly question! Good Lord, woman, look at all the other things that are going on in your life right now. Take some time for a nap every now and again.

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