Name That Girl Poll, Tins and A Giveaway!

Thanks for your warm response to the Cup Sizes for Derriere concept yesterday!  While I know it is not possible to create a pattern to fit every body shape, I think with the Hummingbird Skirt we’ll get pretty close and remove some of the angst that comes with fitting a straight skirt.  And there’s always the online class/sewalong with a virtual fitting room so you know you don’t have to figure it out alone.  (I have no intention of not doing sewalongs for these Cake releases… It’s too fun.)

Cake Tins: Amiable Sewing Companions

Cake Kits are light and thoughtful little crafting and sewing kits assembled by a sewing teacher- me! 

I value practicality and sustainability, and those values translate into Cake Kits.  This means your kit isn’t some shiny gimmick wrapped in cellophane.  Cake Kits are useful, lightweight collections of tools, notions, and fabric swatches assembled to demystify your sewing.  I want your sewing to be as stress-free as possible, not a scary mysterious quest.

Pack em flat like Ikea for optimal shipping- $6.20 max ($1.20 Australia, $4.50 NZ)

Pack em flat like Ikea for optimal shipping- $6.20 max ($1.20 Australia, $4.50 NZ)

The tins are of the highest quality to withstand shipping as well as life in and out of your sewing room.  The Hummingbird Cake Tin is a little larger than a DVD case, and ships efficiently worldwide.  Cake Kit packaging is specifically chosen to be reused, composted, or recycled.

These kits are designed to work in harmony with individual Cake Patterns and with the free sewalong classes we enjoy after each pattern release ships.

You can check out the specs on Cake Kits in SewingCake’s Etsy Shop:

Organic Cotton Sateen Envelope

Fingertip Knowledge


Kawaii pockets for everyone!

Hummingbird Cake Tin

Giveaway Time!

Picture 17

Y’all know Sunni, right?  Sunni runs A Fashionable Stitch-  and online haberdashery shop which caters to the needs and wants of apparel sewists.  I buy my stay tape from her, she’s a reliable source for a brand I like.   She and I are separated by an ocean, but we belong to the same community.  I like that.  Besides, I know most of you can easily order from her and you’ll be in good hands.

Light, practical, strong, reusable and just a bit cute.

Light, practical, strong, reusable and just a bit cute.

When I told Sunni I include her stay tape in my Cake Tins she sent us ROLLS of it, gratis, for kits!  Thanks, Sunni!  This is a different type of collabvertisement– I include tape from Sunni’s shop in my class kits for you, complete with sourcing details so you know where to find more if you like it.  This keeps costs down and also helps spread the word about Sunni’s thoughtfully stocked shop.

If you don’t know Sunni, go check out her new *free* zipper class on Craftsy!  How great is that?

Name That Girl

What Is Her Name?

I didn’t forget!  Through all the fun this week, I’ve returned to our post about the naming the latest Cake girl.  She applies her lipstick in the reflection of her phone’s camera, completely oblivious to our conundrum, taunting us with her tailfeather flounce.  I read your comments and thought about the names you chose, and picked five for us to vote on:

Vote as many times as you like until the end of the day April 7th in Guam, when the Hummingbird Pre-sale Closes.   Thanks everyone for the wonderful name suggestions, I picked five that I thought suited her character best.  Now it’s up to you!

….And The Giveaway…


I’m offering a small giveaway in conjunction with The Naming: two rolls of fusible stay tape from A Fashionable Stitch nestled in a cute little zippered bag I made from a Tiramisu Sateen Envelope Panel.  How is that for practicality?  You’ll be set with stay tape for a whole wardrobe of makes!

Isn’t she cute?  I love little zippered pouches like this!

To enter, just vote for a name and let me know in the comments.  If you have a strong favorite, why not try to sway the vote?  For another chance to win, tweet, facebook like, and/or pin this post and let me know in comments.


  1. I voted for — a name which brings visions of someone who is well groomed and proper which is how I invisage the cake girl as being. Are we allowed to say who we voted for?? I wasn’t sure, hence the dashes.

    • Yes, it’s quite alright and part of the fun! Well groomed and proper? Hmm… Nameless sometimes has a rather devilish sense of humor, from what I know about her, but she does like to present a polished appearance. ;)

  2. Hey Steph, I enrolled in Sunny’s Free Craftsy course yesterday.Looks great.Thanks for providing her blog address in one of your posts. I now subscribe to her blog.She, like you are a fountain of information. I will have to place an order with her soon.

    • She’s certainly knowledgeable and runs a good shop. :) I can’t find that stay tape here anywhere, but it’s so solid and lightweight I just can’t go past it. Besides, after shipping it costs about the same as a roll of stay tape if I bought it here anyway…

  3. Thanks, Steph. I voted for the name that I think is most suitable. I love both Sunni’s blog and her shop, from which I have bought quite a few items since she set it up.

  4. I’ve voted too. One name just jumped off the page for me. I love that Stay Tape that Sunni has. I have a small stash of it, but none in black. It would be lovely to win some more.

    • It’s good stuff, isn’t it? I tend to use the woven the most, even on knits because I find the knit tape likes to curl some… The woven is a bit easier to handle, and creates the same effect…

  5. i voted! i just went with the one that i felt looks like her the most. i love that stay tape! i’m running low and need more!

  6. I voted too! And wanted to add that you should definitely keep the names that don’t make it in reserve for future Cake girls–it was a very tough pick, and my vote was purely based on “what name does this girl look like?”

    • Yes! I had thought that at some point we’d work with old characters for the new patterns, I’ve grown so fond of the girls… :) But there will probably be others, they’re fun to bring to life….

  7. Your cake kits are fabulous. I love my cake roll sewing kit! It was easy to assemble, and it’s so great to have my important sewing tools in one place, each with their own little pocket. To the items that came with the cake roll, I added a seam gauge, small scissors, and an additional fabric pen. And I’d love to win some of that fusible stay tape!

      • Thanks, Tanya! I’m really glad you like your Cake Roll, I find I use mine when I’m setting up for a particular project and want to keep everything mobile and organized so I don’t have to scrabble around for my tiny sewing pieces. It’s good for that, to be sure. :)

  8. I voted for Kate :) Also, I’m SUPER excited to get this pattern (and also suddenly very happy to remember a certain knit fabric I’ve been hoarding, yay)

  9. I love Sunni’s shop, and that knit stay tape really is a winner. :)
    I’m torn between Celeste and Athena. I really like the slightly unusual names. But I voted for Athena. Possibly because it reminds me of Prof. McGonagall. I’m a freak like that. ;)

    • Agreed!

      I like different names, too… And Nicola’s description of Athena really made me like Athena as a name for this girl (or maybe another one…). :)

  10. I like Kate! And, I love Sunni’s blog and shop, I’ve shopped there before and can give a personal recommendation for it.

  11. I voted!!! For…. the name I suggested! So glad you thought it fit her enough to make it into the top 5. I’ll have to look into Sunni’s tape. The stuff I bought last was WRONG.

    • How wrong? Was it stiff? I hate that. What the point of stiff stay tape? Maybe for tailoring, I suppose, but I remember years ago being so frustrated by not automatically knowing the difference and wondering why the stuff didn’t behave as I wanted it to. This tape is the good stuff. :)

    • Thanks, Susanna. I like Kate. Oh dear me, I like all of them. It’s hard! (Had a similar tough time naming our daughter, but we got there in the end…)

  12. Hola!
    I voted Celeste – she looks classy, confident and self assured!
    Can’t wait to sew this skirt up.

  13. I voted. Pearl was my grandmother-in-law’s name, and she was sassy and awesome just like our new girl appears.

  14. You know I saw the name Pearl and thought – “that is her name!” but nearly clicked on something else because it seemed so old fashioned and no one else would think it was the ‘right’ name. But I went with it and was pleasantly surprised that she (so far) is indeed Pearl! She is so a Pearl…Go Pearl!

  15. I really liked Judi with an I because you don’t see it that much and I thought it suited her hairstyle.

    Your tins are really cute and practical too.

    Thanks for blogging.

  16. Oh, how awesome! Love the giveaway, and voting too. :-) I think. Judi is a fitting name- unique spelling, strong name , not terribly common and polished. And generation appropriate :-) swayed any one yet?

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  18. I votedd the other day and then continued to browse your website and completely forgot to mention in the comments that I was interested in the giveaway. I would love to try the stay tape. And I can’t wait to get the pattern in the mail!

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