Finished Object: Crinkle Linen Pavlova

Burbank Forest Reserve QLD | Pavlova

I’ve been sick with a sinus infection since last Friday.  Today was the first day I was feeling myself.  Stephen needed to run a work errand this afternoon(Koala Bushland Reserves), so Lila and I tagged along for a nature walk and a photoshoot in the forest.

Crinkle Linen Pavlova | Cake Patterns

This is the Pavlova Wrap Top made in the crinkled linen gauze I showed you a few weeks ago.   It’s a woven fabric, not jersey as per the pattern.  My measurements fall between 35 and 40, so I used a 35.  I hear Cake Patterns is relatively generous with their wearing ease, so I went for the smaller size.

She’s tied at the back because I did not compensate for the woven fabric when I cut the tie.  It does not prefer to stretch around my waist.

Crinkle Linen Pavlova

This is a fresh make, and it’s linen.  Experience tells me the linen will relax over time, so it’s likely that eventually the ties will go round the front.  I don’t mind either way, to be honest.

Pavlova Wrap Top in Crinkle Linen Gauze

wearing my sturdier shoes while climbing down an embankment. The stick is a useful driftwood souvenir from beach combing a few weeks ago.

The 35 is a wee bit (2″) short for my waist length, which I can get away with in a jersey.  I like this top and have worn it several times, but if I make this again in a woven I will lengthen the front.

Pavlova Crinkle Linen | 3 Hours Past

I don’t make many sheer tops, but I like this. I like it enough to make a few nice camis to go underneath. Apologies for the VBS.

I found the fabric surprisingly easy to cut and handle once I decided to ignore the texture.   I just plopped down the pieces and cut.

I used a lace motif as a tag

I used a lace motif as a tag

The handling required a little finesse and fusible webbing, and when I overlocked the raw edges in Step 12 the fabric shrank from the cutting blade.  Where the overlocking didn’t catch the edge, I simply made an old-fashioned double fold hem.

Lila photobomb on the mossy log...

Lila photobomb on the mossy log…

This fabric was an experiment, it’s just so different but I love it and had to play a little.  The Pavlova Wrap Top can be made in a woven, though I’d recommend sticking to very soft or drapey ones.  It needn’t be sheer, but I think a denser or crisper fabric won’t look right.  This particular fabric will become very soft and drapey with wear.

I posted more photos and just the facts over at

Nature Walk

The air is cool and soft, a light rain fell while we were out and it raised the fresh scent of damp trees.


What do you think?  It’s unlike me to wear a sheer top, but I do like it and think I may play with that more later.  After I make some nice camis!  Do you wear sheer fabrics?  What do you wear underneath?

I’ll be scarce around here during the rest of the Sewalong.  (Draped cardi from Pavlova later this week.) We’re up to day 6!  Then, next week, we have the Hummingbird presale!


  1. Love the sheer Pavlova top. And a woven. Thanks for that. It’s also making me wonder if I can make the wrap, with some front lengthening, with a stretch blouse fabric. I need to comb through stash to see what I can experiment with. Thanks

    • Yeah for sure. I would again repeat- probably not a good pattern for stiff fabrics, but for soft ones thumbs up… :) I know the height of the waist here might not be for everyone, too, but I like it.. And maybe layered with a longer top underneath and the back-tied Pav on top… I see so many possibilities in my head!

    • Hahahah! I need to dig around and find the “Adventure Pavlova” vid Stephen took… I was wearing my pink linen one, we were out in the kayaks after rain in the mtns so the creek was up.. He went ahead of me down a patch of quick water and filmed me coming through it. Except… He was right in the middle of the creek so I ran him down. Apparently I was supposed to bank and pull up next to him.. Heh. Good for a laugh..

      Glamorous? hehe. Just comfy. And linen is tough… And I hate being precious with my clothes.

    • Me neither! I’m kinda wishing I’d made her longer, and she’s definitely different than my other Pavlovas but I like her, too. :) Thanks.

  2. Ooh I like it even though it is a sheer! Interesting to hear the difference between wovens and knits. It’s good to see you out and about having fun with your hubby and daughter!

    • Yeah! I usually shy away from sheers but I might have to change my approach in the future… :) We do have nice times together, and turning the errand into a nice walk made it a bit less irksome for Stephen.

  3. I’m not one for sheers myself, but your lovely top is making me think twice. Would be especially nice in the summer! As for making Pavlova out of a woven, do you think a lawn would work?

    • Yes! so nice for summer. I’ll be sure to get another shot of this top after a few months go by, the texture will change considerably.. It’s still a bit stiff, even after my “aging” technique…

      I think a lawn would work, but I’d really really avoid anything that’s stiff or densely woven. A soft lawn? Yes… Just be sure to double check the tie length and front waist length. :)

    • Thanks, Cari. :) I like answering questions with sewing projects. I’d been fielding some questions about that, and I wanted to sew up the linen so it seemed as good a time as any.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this top made up as I love the fabric. I think it has turned out great and I love sheer fabrics and wearing cami’s underneath. I made a sheer skirt (6 gore trumpet style) on the weekend and instead of regular lining I made an extra layer of the same as the outer but made it longer so as it became a two tiered skirt and it turned out great. This weekend I’m getting stuck into my pavlova top & skirt and can’t wait!

    • Your skirt sounds lovely, Chris. :)

      And thanks! I like it a whooole lot more than I would have thought if someone said to me a few months ago “Steph- openweave crinkly linen wrap top. You’ll love it.” The color is one of my faves…

  5. Hi Steph… I’ve just spent 3 weeks reading all your archives. I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I have to say… I LOVE your patterns. As someone who has lost a lot of weight, I have a lot of loose skin around my middle, which means waists never fit, even if the hips and shoulders do. I am completely enamoured with your completely adjustable waist idea. As soon as I sew through some of my stash, I’ll be stocking up on knits for a Tiramisu or two and Pavlova tops.

    Keep up the great work… everything you’re doing here is really appreciated!

    • Oh! Thank you. I’m glad there’s a few things in the archives worth reading.. :)

      And thanks! I think a lot of us women struggle with figuring out how to dress bodies that change and morph from babies, or hormones, or age, or gravity or other weight fluctuations, so I like to keep our options open. Do let me know if you need a hand with your makes, and check out the sewalongs at sewingcake.

    • Thanks, Sera. :) It does mean camis, yeah, but I wear them anyway as “undress” around the house…. They’re kinda skimpy and store bought though, I might have to get my hand into making a few of my own…

    • We do like our nature walks.. :) You’re so right, the color *is* perfect for Spring. Hehe. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, though, and we’re going into Autumn. I think. I’m never quite sure to be honest. :)

      • First day of Spring was yesterday here- I have been wanting to make something with that lovely color but sometimes when you have something in your head you can never find exactly what you want! Yours is super pretty…

  6. I love the sheer fabric. And the colour. If I wear anything remotely sheer it has a cami underneath or I just don’t feel comfortable.
    Have fun with the sewalong. I’m looking forward to seeing Hummingbird.

    • Yeah… I don’t think the visible bra thing is a look I can pull off… But a perfectly sensible friend of mine begs to differ, she finds it attractive and tasteful. I guess it’s all down to comfort levels and preference at the end of the day…

      We are having fun with the sewalong! There’s so many Pavlovas popping up, such fun. And H-bird will be out very soon, next week. I’ve been prepping for this for a little while now, very excited to show off… ;) And we have a new girl to name! She has sass… Yes, such fun next week..

  7. How pretty! I love that fabric! That color is a great one for you!

    I don’t generally use many sheer fabrics since I don’t have many tanks/camis in my wardrobe, but i have a couple of things that I do wear in the hottest part of the summer, like a sheerish white cotton buttondown– perfect for beating the heat! I wear a nude bra underneath to cut back on the peep show. :)

  8. Very pretty! I’m just out of camp and starting to poke through all the posts I’ve missed, but I’ve been curious about the woven version of this top since you first metioned it was possible. I wonder if I have anything drappy enough for my own verison? I really like the look of your fabric though. Looks like it’d be cool and breezy on those hot summer days!

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