Cake Standard Sewalong & Expansion

Our Pavlova 30 Minutes a Day Sewalong kicks off tomorrow!  I’m so excited, we all had such a good time with Tiramisu and I look forward to experiencing the extra dimension that the house sorting brings to the social sewing this time around.

As promised, before we begin the Sewalong I need to announce the House Prize and set a few parameters for play.   I’m open to suggestions, so if I mention something that sounds odd or if I forget something please let me know in comments.

Eyes on the Prize

Cake Cash 10

I mentioned before we’d have a small but cool prize for the house (kiwi | passionfruit | mango | blueberry | strawberry) which collectively makes the most garments during the sewalong.  I like prizes.  Sometimes its tricky to get it right, and I hope you’re pleased with a $10 off Cake purchase for the winning house.

I really, really would rather send out a little gift but I had to think about it pragmatically (uuuugh!).  There’s a possibility that I might have to send as many as 35 little gifts out to winners.  Aside from the cost of the gift, the cost of shipping that many small things internationally (the vast majority of Cake Fans are in the NH) would break me.  If only I could!

The Rules:

24 hours after the Sewalong closes on the 25th of March in Guam, I will not be counting any more finished garments.  To have your garment counted, please upload a finished photo to the flickr gallery and indicate your house with a tag or in the description.

The house with the greatest number of completed and uploaded “Cake Standard” garments will win $10 off their next Cake purchase.  With the Hummingbird pre-sale from the 27th of March, this should come in very handy!  (Winning house will be announced on the 26th and Cake Cash sent out.)

Only house members who participate in the sewalong (commenting even if they do not complete a garment, sewing, etc) will be eligible for the house prize.

Cake Standard:

Please respect the sewing, and only count a garment as complete if it has been sewn according to the instructions.

For the Top:

  • Neck binding
  • hemmed edges
  • sleeve binding
  • cleanly finished seams

For the Skirt:

  • *a* pocket, either the seashell pocket or another of your choosing
  • hem
  • zipper (edited to add: a button placket or zipper omission for a knit version of Pavlova is just fine.)
  • feel free to substitute your own favorite waistband
  • cleanly finished seams

This is honor system, but I trust you.  Also, I can see unfinished seams from the outside of a garment.   Yep.  I might ask if I’m curious or there’s any contention.

The idea is to cheer on and encourage each other, especially those in your house, and to get to know other sewists a bit better.  Nothing too serious!

How is that?  Let’s play!  I’ll be releasing the lessons at noon on each day.  Last time I published daily at midnight, but I think it’s better to publish each lesson in the middle of my day so I can make sure there’s no glitches.  It starts tomorrow!

In other news…

Picture 11

Cake Patterns was featured on PR!  I recently made an agreement with Deepika to create a Cake Patterns store on Pattern Review, and Cake was featured in the PR newsletter yesterday.  You can’t imagine the enormous, wonderful mess of emails and orders in my inbox this morning, it was so exciting!


Several independent retailers already carry Cake Patterns:





If you’re a retailer and you’d like to carry Cake Patterns, please email me: stephc (at) 3hourspast (dot) com


    • Yeah! Let’s get some sewing done.. :) And I’m dying to sew up the pavlova variations I’ve been saving… The draped cardi for a friend and my own crinkle linen one…

  1. Hi Steph,
    This sounds good. $10 off is always handy to have. I have a question about the pocket rule. Does the pocket have to be on the outside of the skirt or can it include traditional in seam pockets? I have some beautiful 100% silk in a gorgeous grey colour that I planned to use for the skirt. I want to make this as dressy skirt with some trim. But the external pocket does not fit into my design. What do you think?

    • Inseam pockets are a great option, use the Tiramisu pockets if you have them. Just lay the pocket bag piece along the skirt side seam and mark the dots.. :)

  2. Yes, I do have the Tiramisu pattern. I will substitute that. Just checked out Pattern Review and you have some great reviews already. Congratulations.

    • What fun! :) I have a few tricksies up my sleeve, quite literally, for the top and you may find you have more suitable fabric around than previously thought… :)

  3. Congratulations Steph on being featured on Pattern Review… there’s definitely no stopping you now! Big things coming your way and lots of Cake for you to make… and for us to bake LOL

    • Thanks, Chris. It’s really good, to be sure. :) And our workflow process has improved dramatically, I should be able to produce patterns more quickly now. It’s frustrating to draft something and then wait 5 months before it’s on your sewing table..

  4. oh, Steph! What exciting news! Congrats on the Pattern Review store and new orders. And I love the prize for the winning house. $10 off Cake is a superb incentive. I’m going to do my best to finish a top and a skirt during the sewalong. I know I’m going to be learning so much (invisible zipper!) and having a lot of fun along the way.

    • Oh good! I’m glad you like it. :) I am really cranky though, that I can’t send out little gifts. But I had to be realistic.. Oh well!

      I think you’ll do fine. Invisible zippers = no sweat with a good invisible zipper foot and a bit of practice. In fact, heaps of my ladies get a nice invisible zipper the first time. We’ll have fun, oh definitely.

  5. I am beyond thrilled for you at how Cake is taking off! I know you’ve worked immensely hard on all aspects of this new brand, and it’s nice to see this starting to bear fruit. Long may it continue.

  6. So exciting! How will you celebrate? Hopefully, sooner than later, I’ll be able to join the fun!

  7. Darn, I suppose this means I will have to put a pocket in my skirt, which i wasn’t planning on doing. Can’t let my fellow Strawberries down!

    • Ah, well, you know, it’s for the best… A little inseam pocket is discreet and quite quick to insert, just use the Tira inseam pocket and transfer the dots to the Pavlova skirt side seam…? :)

  8. Congratulations Steph! Pattern review write up and comments are fantastic.Cant wait to get started, I have only assembled my fabric at the moment, hopefully 3 tops and 3 skirts. I am going to Try and only sew the 30min a day, but not sure I will be able to contain myself. I’m going to try and teach my husband how to cut out clothing patterns AGAIN. Can’t wait for the fun to begin.Lets go!

    • Hahahah! I love your enthusiasm, Ann! :) The Pavlova goes together so quickly, I’m sure you’ll easily finish however many you take into your head to make. :)

  9. Hello! So excited that your business is growing! You deserve it. Doing sewalongs right after the patterns are released is genius; it shows you care about our success with your patterns and gets lots of versions out there on lots of different bodies for people to see who are interested in the pattern. I always want to see as many makes as I can when I am looking to buy a pattern! So helpful. A quick question, is a zipper necessary to qualify if we are making a knit skirt?

    • Hey Melissa- Yeah, I care and love seeing how the pattern is used by many types of people. After all the work that goes into production, this part is fun and easy. :)

      Good question! No- no zipper required if you make a knit version. :)

  10. Congratulations Steph on being featured in Pattern Review! It’s been so great to follow along with you and see Cake Patterns come to life and grow! $10 per person for the winning house seems like more than a small prize to me – it’s very generous. I can’t wait to sew along with you and the Flickr group!

  11. I didn’t get a colourful envelope! CAn you sort me or should I sort myself ;)

    Can’t wait to get started! I have to bet my fabric in the washinmashine tonight!

    Susanna Sweden

  12. What a fun sewalong! The addition of the fruit ‘houses’ is a nice touch :). Will bring people together who don’t likely know each other.

    And congratulations on being featured on Pattern Review and for all the retail outlets your patterns are in now!

  13. Malta has Pavlova! yaaaaaay! Actually, it arrived on Thutrsday but the postperson dropped it in my sister’s box across the road… they tend to confuse our post. I have a yellow envelope – is that mango?
    I must tell you Steph, your instructions are brilliant. So clear, concise, beginner friendly without being boring for those of us who are not beginners…. and I love that you are doing sewalongs for each pattern. A couple of indie dsigners started off by doing that but then kind of fell by the wayside – if you continue it, your loyal fan base will grow like crazy. Personally, unless it’s something aimed at men, I will just continue to get your patterns without even considering whether I have anything similar in my huge pattern stash…(the men thing is cos I’m single)
    I am eager to see what you come up with for the top – I think you had mentioned the possibility of using wovens, which is an idea I really like!

  14. How exciting, to be featured in the PR newsletter! I just saw that this morning. :) (Still catching up on everything I fell behind in while in camp.) Congrats!

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