Pavlova Pdf Pattern Releases!


The paper Pavlova pre-sale patterns have been arriving in sewing rooms from Brisbane to Yellowknife to London to Wellington to Brooklyn and most places in between.  If you’re still waiting on yours, give it a few more days and if it doesn’t turn up, please email me.  stephc(at)3hourspast(dot)com

Meanwhile, three Pavlova Patterns are available now for download from Craftsy:

Pavlova Skirt OverviewPavlova Skirt & Pocket, all sizes

Pavlova 30-35Pavlova Wrap Top 30-35

Pavlova 35-45 OverviewPavlova Wrap Top, 35-45

Pdf patterns are interesting.  Everyone, everyone, especially those who have never attempted making pdf patterns, has an opinion about the best way to do it.  Personal preferences of various sewists often conflict, and there’s no way to please everyone.

click for printable sample pdf page

click for printable sample pdf page

Naturally, we gave it our best shot anyway.    It’s time-consuming to field emails about pdf pattern tiling and scaling.  I’d rather make a pdf that prints perfectly for anyone, anywhere without tech support.   This meant hours of back-and-forth between me and TaranM, printing samples on our printers, wringing our hands, working out the “best” way.

It seems the “best” way for us is to create a tiled pattern with somewhat generous margins, no overlaps, and  a simple layout.   We divided the top into two sizing chunks to conserve paper for smaller Top sizes, and separated the tops from the skirt.  This pdf has printed out properly on A4 and Letter printers (100% scaling), and I’ve done everything possible to ensure I don’t wake up to a morning inbox full of printing/tiling issues.

It’s been hard and weird working out a good solid “system” for making pdfs.  I hope that with Pavlova, we’ve finally hit the right note.  Do please let me know if we haven’t.

Off Week

I’m going to take off blogging this week while I prep for the 30 Minutes A Day Pavlova Sewalong that kicks off on Friday.  We’ll have such fun. I’ll be back on Thursday evening to announce the house prize for the house that completes the greatest number of Cake Standard Pavlovas during the sewalong, as well as an explanation of “Cake Standard.” I’ll be prowling around social media and the flickr group, too.  (If you purchase a pdf and want me to “sort” you into a house, email me and I’ll assign you one at random.)


Do you have any questions about the pdf  making process?


  1. WHat I love about your patterns is that I get a complete outfit. The next pattern looks like another winner. I’ve limited myself to buying only indie patterns this year and I doubt I will ever go back.

  2. Oh, I long awaited the .pdf pattern release and this post made my day! I couldn’t resist and bought the Pavlova .pdf pattern on Craftsy. I very much appreciate how thoughtful you design your patterns and how you strive to make the customer’s experience as smooth and convenient as possible. And I just love your little “extra” ideas. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too strange, I’m not a native speaker so I apologize for my English.
    Just go on like this and have a nice week off!

    • I’m so glad! :) Thank you! I do try to stop and think, it saves so much trouble down the line. But then sometimes it’s impossible to know what problems might arise… I think we’re closer to perfect this time.

      English is a funny language! I’ve lived in many different English speaking places, I don’t think I speak it right anymore either… It’s all good. :)

    • Thanks, Evie… I won’t be lazing around or anything, though, I have some parts of the next pattern releases to work on (like, *yesterday*) and some serious doll sample sewing to plow through. Yes, serious… ;) The girls have to be “just so..”

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