Pavlova Position 4: Circle Duo

Circle Duo- Side shot

Position 4 Pavlova Skirt is about looking smart, about cut, and about use of printed fabrics.  I call this one “Circle Duo” in honor of it’s predecessor skirt from my time at Sew Weekly- the Circle Trio.  I’ve held on to this piece of midweight cotton sateen stretch fabric since last August.  That’s forever in my tiny sewing room, but I knew I had to save this fabric for a special Pavlova.

Surprise on the side!

I used some leftover white cotton canvas from Pavlova 1 to create an underlayer skirt.

Double Rolled Hem | Bias Bound Circle | Pavlova Position 4

The red hem is made of bias binding (click for guide on finishing a continuously bound circle) and the white skirt is hemmed using a sturdy and lightweight double rolled hem.

Back View Circle Duo

I had some fun trying on my new skirt with old favorites from my closet.  This is the Duchess of Cambridge Top, still lovely after all this time- she’s one of few items I don’t toss into the washing machine (though my husband did, once!).

Black and Pavlova

Here I paired the skirt with my Kiss N Ride Blouse (another Sew Weekly Make!) and some dapper ballet flats that always make me feel like dancing.  While I’m not sure I’d wear all white with this skirt out in public, I’d definitely wear this combination out.


Some time ago, I noticed a friend of mine wearing an gray army green circle skirt (plain light cotton twill) with an asymmetrical hemline.  The idea won’t leave me alone.  The asymmetry on her quiet skirt was less pronounced and worked quite well as smart-casual-neutral-with-flair.

My shorter side is 16″ (~40cm), but I also have another layer beneath.  I’d recommend a shorter side of at least 20″ (50cm) for a single layer skirt.  I made a visual guide for intrepid intermediates and higher who would also like to play with asymmetrical circles.


While Position 3 was all about casual wear, Position 4 is way fancier.  I’d wear this to nice lunches or maybe dinners, teaching, and meetings.


This asymmetical cut can be used to show off a beautifully printed or textured fabric in a dramatic and unexpected way.  A solid layer with a lace overlay would not look out of place, either.  Why not try sheer layers?  I wish I had unlimited time to play with all the ideas that come into my head!

Pavlova Position 4 Drafting & Stiching Guide (including exposed zipper experiment)

Pavlova Position 4 Gallery

Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt on Etsy

Position 3 Pavlova

The funny thing is, I slipped into my green knit Position 3 Pavlova after finishing photos this afternoon.  It’s more comfy to wear- like pj’s! (also- I ate an apple and my Lime Crime lipstick didn’t come off…!)

Shipping Update:

I hear tell we have Pavlova in Canada, and I believe it came from Leila!  Pavlova is also spreading out to the UK and France, so we’ll be releasing the pdf patterns this weekend.  (We’re being really, really careful finalizing the tiling so it’s possibly perfect!)

Shipping Season-Sewalong Posts

Our Pavlova 30 Minutes a Day Sewalong begins on the 15th, next week!  We have 61 members in the flickr group, which tells me we’re likely to have a lively online class!  Hooray!  However, I want to be careful and well-prepared and rested (not to mention the other Cake work I need to do).  I’ll finish tomorrow’s applique skirt and tutorials (applique, template, invisible zippers for beginners), then I need to not work online for a few days.  I need to spend time with my family, also fleshing out the Sewalong Posts and taking care of some pressing Cake work.  That means I’ll show you how to play with the Pavlova Top during the sewalong instead of trying to cram it all into the time before.

Is that ok?  I’m still working out my time management skills..


  1. I was so focused on the skirt that it took me until the end of the post to realize you were standing on a table the whole time! I love this version! It leads to so many options. Definitely take some time for yourself – you’ve given us a lot of food for thought to mull over in the meantime!

    • Yes! haahah! We got creative, it’s hard to photograph white outside in midday, but more rain was forecast for later. The lighting has been very difficult lately so we tried the tabletop…

      Well, we still have some applique to get through.. Just a touch. :) And thanks.

  2. Love this one! I have a similar one in army green and white from Nelson Molloy. It’s one of my favourites. How much of each fabric do you think you used?

      • Wow, glad it made an impact! The under circle is much smaller than the outer so it’s very ruffly. I have to drop into sewco this morning so I’ll pop the skirt in your letterbox so you can have a closer look.

  3. I received my yellow envelope today – wonderful. Your plans sound fine to me I also her some catching up to do. I don’t know how you do all you do. I like it with the red top too

    Looking forward to starting Pavlova. Best wishes from beautiful Demmark WA.

    • Oh good! :)

      Well.. My husband cooks. And is generally really helpful. I like to keep busy, too. But it’s important to rest too..

      Denmark sounded lovely in your other comment.

  4. What a cool idea to have uneven circles. I bet if it was longer, just one layer would look really neat too, purposefully disheveled!

  5. I really like this version of the skirt – will you be providing a few ideas for the wrap top too?
    Pattern arrived in Wellington, NZ this morning too – yay!!!

      • I’m making a cushy lovely merino draped cardigan from the Pavlova Wrap Top pattern for a pg friend who will be bfeeding late nights in chilly weather. :) It’s a bit thick, sweatery fabric but should be wonderful. And I’ve cut out the wrap top from that woven crinkle linen, she’ll be making an appearance during the sewalong. I may also cave and make one with short ties in the back. :) There’s many ways to play with the top, but I thought I’d keep everything tidy and, well, separate.. ;)

    • Woohoo! And Wow your icon! That’s one of my favorite Dreamstress Rate This Dress entries *ever*. I dream about that dress…

      • I adore that dress too. I LOVE the green and blue together with the same colour values – breaks lots of rules with such success!

  6. My pattern arrived ion the West Coast, Sout Island, of New Zealand today. Just in time to have a play round with it this weekend. Thanks, and thanks also for your lovely comment on my Tira III blogpost recently. :)

  7. Wellington New Zealand received Pattern Today! :) And tip for stiff hemming a cotton – try facing the hem including a non woven medium weight interfacing. This will also soften but will still always have more body than without. :)

  8. Oh I love that red fabric. It has the appeal of polka dots but I love the more loose feel of the circles. No risk of being childish with that print. I can see why it took a little while to find just the right project.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE both outfits! Still waiting for my pattern to arrive but with elections on in Malta things have rather ground to a halt now… I am already planning a celebratory outfit based on the unofficial results which show fatcats out so I am in a brilliant mood:)
    Oh – have you tried LimeCrime’s carousel lipgloss? It is amazing. I adore it and wish they had more colours.

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