Pavlova Position 3: Nice & Knit

Pavlova Skirt Motion Dancing In the Rain

I used Position 1 & 2 for the Pavlova Skirt to explore how drape and hem finishes can affect the shape of a finished circle skirt.  Tonight, I’m shifting gears to take a look at using fabric and the circle to create different types of garments.

Pavlova Green in Rain Front

This is the Nice & Knit version of the Pavlova skirt- intended for casual wear.  It is cut in a seamless circle from t-shirt weight organic cotton jersey, pintucked, and features a seashell pocket variation.  Remember the tulle Pavlova with a knit waistband?  It’s the same treatment.

Dancing in the Rain

We needed to take photos of this skirt, but lately it’s rain rain rain all the time.  I don’t mind it, so we decided to go out into the rain with bare feet to show how Pavlova 3 rolls.  She isn’t fussy, she can go to the park, the grocery store, beach-combing, playing in the rain and relaxing.


Why would I wear a knit circle skirt where some might wear leggings or yoga pants?  Movement, the way the fabric swirls around as I walk and move.


I like that this skirt is cooler to wear than leggings or yoga pants, but every bit as comfortable.  I know some might not think full skirts are suited to an active life, but I beg to differ.

Play Ball in Pavlova

In fact, I find the extra fabric helps keep me covered when I’m being unladylike.

Back Waistband Tuck detail

Also, all that fabric is much more flattering to my body than leggings or yoga pants.  Another way to say that might be “The Nice & Knit Pavlova Skirt leaves much more to the imagination than the average knit loungewear.”

the ribbon is my tag.  Experimenting with that...

the ribbon is my tag. Experimenting with that…

Besides, it’s kind of nice with the pintucks and the chunky, mini, simplified pocket.  You can see how I cut the skirt seamlessly, inserted the pintucks, and changed up the pocket here at

What do we have up next?  Two rather fancy versions of Pavlova- two zipper insertion methods, applique, and some light drafting.  You in?

Shipping Update:

I couldn’t get a nice shot of my lovely map today (raining, terrible gritty light), but more Pavlovas have cropped up across the US, Southern Australia and also as far as the northern United Kingdom!  I wonder which ones will arrive in Canada first- the ones sent from Brisbane, or the ones from the US?  That border is notoriously slow.

Back to you

Do you ever wear skirts for lounging or for physical activities?  How does that work for you?  How about mobility in a full skirt?   And check it out- 51 peeps in the Pavlova Sewalong Group! 


  1. This one is definitely for me! I live in knit skirts, especially during our long, hot and seemingly never ending summers. Particularly like the pin tucks. I have made circle skirts before but do like the fact it has a proper looking band, rather than just a squishy elastic casing waist. By the way, the bonus of all our rain is that your pics look so good against the super green grass.

    • Yes, those endless summers…

      Thanks, a buddy of mine showed me a knit maxi skirt she had with pintucks like that. Except they were 5 in a group, not 3.

      It’s a nice solid way to do a knit waistband, definitely. I’m not a fan of elastic casings, they don’t look right.

      The grass *is* so green! Almost like it glows.

  2. I never used to wear skirts for lounging but I’ve been living in my Tiramisu’s lately! We actually just got back form a holiday in Brisbane and I was loving the weather, it was wet but at least it isn’t cold! Down south its hot in the day but then cold at night, a lot more up and down than in Brisbane (I took both Tiramisu’s up with me and wore them each day, that dress is perfect for warmer weather!)

    • It’s easy to live in those dresses… :)

      Don’t get me wrong, I really love the rain, and cloud cover. It’s good. But makes it hard to take photos!

  3. I LOVE full circle skirts & dresses, and have a number of these already in my wardrobe. I even wear them on my Vespa – which can be quite interesting, & does require careful tucking in of the skirt under my legs, to prevent me revealing more than I should to the other drivers! Luckily I usually wear them with a foofy chiffon petticoat, which helps to provide a ‘modesty’ layer lol.
    I do however find it a challenge wearing circle skirts on windy days! ESP as mine are all made out of light cotton that catches the breeze!
    They are great for picnIcs, sitting on the ground and lounging around, as there is so much fabric you can make sure that everything you want to cover is.
    I do like the idea of a comfy, stretchy knot version – that might have to be next.

    • Oh! I love the image.. :) Full skirt of a vespa.

      You know, I’ve only ever had one issue with a circle skirt blowing up in my face…. Maybe it’s just the types of breezes. hehe…

      And YES to picnics! Last year I had a loooong white circle skirt (octagon…) and went to the beach with my friend. I ended up spreading out my skirt so she could sit on it. hehe.

  4. I pretty much wear skirts and dresses exclusively, so yes, I do my lounging in dresses and skirts and do pretty much everything else in dresses and skirts. I have a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of 40s swing trousers and that is the extent of the pants that I have that get worn, and that’s only like once every two weeks or so at that. I love, love circle skirts because of the movement- I do a lot of swing dancing and it’s just so much fun to wear a full skirt when doing so.

    • Yeah, I have a couple pairs of leggings and some K Hepburn style trousers, but that’s about it… I could use some shorts, but I guess the season for that is nearly over in these parts… :) I know many people live in trousers and never wear skirts, but I don’t get it….

      • Dresses are the best. You can just throw them on and be all comfy and not have uncomfortable waistbands and stuff (aka why I don’t like pants) and then people think you’re dressed up and stuff. Permanently a part of the No Pants Brigade.

  5. oh, i love this! you are definitely providing plenty of food for thought and different pavlovas for us to try. this has to be on my list if i can find a great knit fabric! if i make 2 from stash fabric i can acquire some more for one skirt can’t i? and the top (i have no knit fabric in the stash as i find it hard to get stuff i like!)

    • Oh good! :) That’s the idea. The next one is rather bright and splashy… I like her more than this one, though she’ll probably get worn less.. Hmm…!

  6. During the warmer months, I wear a lot more skirts and dresses. I get too cold to do that in the winter, but I think that the skirts are much more flattering than shorts on my thighs, and much more comfortable in the hot, humid weather that we often get during the summer! So I can definitely see myself trying this variation, though I’m going to have to see if I have anything already in the stash to make it work.

    • Yes, for sure… I like loooong skirts in the winter, and do wear pants a bit more when it’s cold. For sure.

      Shop the stash! Do it! :) It’s a really easy going pattern, there’s an endless variety of fabrics that can be cut into a circle skirt…

  7. I am notoriously difficult to fit into pants and I haven’t had the time to draft my own pattern, so I started making skirts. Well, I love them! Now I exclusively wear skirts – they are much more comfortable than pants, and super flattering. I agree with Steph about fuller skirts too. I have two small children (3 and 4.5) and spend a lot of time sitting on the floor. A fuller skirt allows me to get down and up modestly and I can sit cross legged, bonus! They also better camouflage my “mummy tummy”. I have also been living in my Tiras and am looking forward to adding more full skirts to my depleted wardrobe. The few skirts I have now are all A-line, which is flattering, but a little movement constrictive. I have plans for 2 Pavlovas in woven fabric but it never occurred to me to make a knit version (Steph, you’re so smart, you’re my hero!), so now I feel like I should make 3 Pavlovas!!!!

    • Pants. I can do those. If only I had more hours in the day… I miss pants fitting.

      Don’t mind me!

      :) I’m glad you like the knit version, and I completely agree about its suitability as “mommy clothes”- getting up and down, hiding a shy kid, etc…

  8. I Love that skirt. I live in the Deep South of WA and haven’t got my pattern yet but it must come soon. I am yet to buy fabric. Because of where we live it is a long way to go anywhere so the skirt will be perfect for long hours sitting in the car, and so feminine.

  9. I wear long skirts almost all the time – including doing all of my housework. Yes, occasionally they get in the way a bit … in which case a shorter skirt like yours is better, but really… anything that isn’t strictly a jeans activity is completely doable in skirts. Even “jeans only” activities can be managed in skirts, with a bit of getting used to.

    Really enjoying the happy pictures of you playing and enjoying your pretties!

    • Yes, I get that… Mowing the lawn, gardening, etc. I wonder how it was that skirts got a rep for being less mobility-friendly than pants… ? I could see how very long ones in many layers would do that, but otherwise… Hmm.

      Thanks! :)

      • I feel bad for the girls at I see at some of the Christian schools around here because they’re always in these ankle length skirts that are basically slim-fitting dirndls made out of a double knit or something and they do not look mobility friendly at all. How could they run in those? Or climb over things? Ugh. I have no problem with modesty, but modesty can be accomplished while still being comfortable, practical, and fashionable.

  10. I find full skirts more comfortable for most activities – cycling, picnicing, road-tripping, gardening, cleaning. Plus I get a nice breeze and I look like a lady :) Yay!

  11. Hahha! You had me sold at, “The Nice & Knit Pavlova Skirt leaves much more to the imagination than the average knit loungewear.” Hurrah!!
    I wear skirts as often as I can get away with them in this windy pants wearing place I live in. I totally agree that skirt fullness is the key to keeping modest and flexible when being active!

    • Bwaaahahaha… Like that? ;) It DOES though. Definitely. I’m not kidding, every time I see leggings as pants out in public I shrivel up a little bit inside… Mostly I just try not to look at what other people are wearing, but I *really* don’t understand that one and it seems to stick out… It’s just hideously unflattering… Oh well.

      Modest! That’s the word I didn’t use.. But you’re right. Modest…

      • ha! Move to Malta and you will be permanently shrivelled up….. leggings as pants with little tops – on all types of bodies and ages. I guess it’s sort of overdemocratisation of fashion or something? Otherwise the main trend here is towards supeminis – winter or summer. The more time passes, the more Agatha Cristie films set in the 30s I watch, the more I gravitate towards longline skirts – they’re so much more soigne – that isn’t really the prefect word for what i feel. Stylish? not elegant or smart – I’ve never been that type…. Definitely comfortable – I cannot stand even kneelength skirts in summer as the back of my lower thighs stick to chairs.

        It gets really cold herebelieve it or not but I have found that opaque tights or knitted tights or wool tights do the trick. Knee length boots work too. And I have discovered Falke merino tights which though pricey are worth it – they are so fine I can wear shoes that I’d wear skinny tights with, super soft, and have hadgrafted toes! No toe seam! If anyone out there has ever had sore spots on their toes from seams in tights, you will know how amazing this is. They’re half the price of Wolford’s which although also a beautiful merino mix, have a toe seam – boo. Plus the Falke have a two seam seat (very flat seams_ which for some reason is more comfortable than Wolford’s one seam, even though it’s flat.

  12. I received my Pavlova on Monday in Minnesota. I get around primarily by bike when the weather is more conducive and tend to wear skirts and dresses. I really like bias-cut A-line skirts for biking. I can move, and they tend to stay in place better. Someone local ( makes skirt garters that I use with those that don’t.

    • Yaaaay! :)

      Bias cut a-line… Sounds like a half-circle like Tira? Similar?

      Thanks for the lead on skirt garters, that’s a great idea!

      • The ones I have in my closet aren’t as full as the Tiramisu skirt but still give me room to move without flying around in the prairie wind. I’ll be testing the Tira’s bike riding capabilities pretty soon, though.

        You’re welcome on the skirt garters!

  13. I like that line too! Especially before I figured out to make pants that fit me, I wore skirts for EVERYTHING, and I still love doing it at unexpected times and places. People will give me a funny look, like “you’re wearing a skirt for this?” but I’ll just not say anything and get on with whatever we’re doing. Pretty soon it’s obvious that my skirt plan is working fine. After so many years of wearing practically nothing but, I feel like I have a good sense of how many things skirts can actually work for, and I agree, they’re almost always super comfortable and flattering. It’s still winter here, but if I wear a longish wool skirt, wool tights and knee socks (and boots of course) I’m nice and toasty. However, this post is making me long for spring, sandals, and flowy clothes!

  14. Just got my Pavlova in the mail today!!! Here in Ottawa, Canada.

    I really like this knit version of the skirt, it’s definitely something I could wear. The red top (Hummingbird?) looks super nice with the full skirt.

    • OH! Hhahah! Now I need to check who sent yours, but I think it was Leila! She has me beat. Wow, I’m really amazed. It took aaaaages before…

  15. I love the idea of wearing more skirts, especially since I’ve been living in yoga pants since my daughter was born last year. None of the skirts I currently own would work well for chasing after a toddler. Looking forward to seeing how Pavlova fares! :)

  16. I have one pair of knit trackies/lounge pants that I use as PJs when we go camping, and that’s it. The rest of my wardrobe is skirts and a couple of dresses. I have yet to find anything I can’t do while wearing one, and actually find them more temperature friendly. Tights under a thick skirt is much warmer in winter than jeans, and the air movement created in summer is great. I’m always wary of full circle skirts though, I live in a very windy spot.

    I love the little pintucks on that skirt, very cute.

    • Fwiw, I find that the skirt blows against my legs usually, rather than up… But *shrug* maybe the breeze here has something to do with it. :)

      Thanks! :)

      • It might be the particular type of breeze, but I’ve found that even my skirts that are significantly less than a half circle often try to expose way too much leg.. or more. Ive become quite adept at holding a child with one hand and my skirt with the other while trying to cross a parking lot with arms full of shopping.

  17. Hmmm. It’s famously ‘breezy’ round these parts too. Maybe I need to weight the hem? Or (preferred option) make a ‘foofy’ petticoat to wear beneath.

    • Mmmm foofy petticoats! I love mine… But it’s too hot here to wear them most of the year.

      You could weight them, yes… Or… I’d be really surprised if a longish circle skirt blew up around your ears. Very surprised. I find they usually swirl around me and get tangled in my legs more often than exposing me… ? :)

    • Pale is interesting. :) Really though, I think it’s fashionable or something. Or almost fashionable. I’ve seen *so* many teenagers and 20-somethings lately with sun umbrellas, even guys. And this is the land of the bronzed aussie surfer guy…. Super interesting..

      • If I had alabaster skin like you do then I’d be fine…sadly not the case. So I put just a hint of pale colour (I’m not heading into oompa loompa territory) and that works well. It is interesting though how after a century of the dark tan being king that pale is coming back to the forefront.

  18. Go pale people! and full skirts! I’m super pasty and will be attemping to make skirts/dresses for the summer season here (NY). I think between pavlova and tiramisu I should be set and comfy. BTW, I received my pavlova on Monday.

  19. I don’t think my post didi go I don’t know what happened. I just want to say I got my Pavlova it is yellow which is really wierd because I knew I would get yellow.

    N o I don’t live on the Nullarbor ( but may as well for the time it takes to get the mail) I live in a beautiful, beautiful place called Demmark on the south coast of WA near Albany.

    I wrote about wearing skirts but won’t repeat in case you got it .


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