Pavlova Drop Day Part 1 Complete!


Whew!  I shipped out 104 Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt Patterns this morning.  I’m so thrilled she’s on her way to you!


Yesterday I showed you our cheery fun pre-sale envelopes.  We decided to also place the envelopes in a mailer, lest the greeting card envelope fail to protect your pattern in transit.

I took some time this afternoon to set up our digital shared sewing space on Flickr for the Pavlova 30 Minutes A Day Sewalong.  The colored envelopes are a way to connect Cake sewists at random, sorting us into “houses” during the sewalong which is from March 15-25.   Each house has a discussion thread in the Flickr page, check it out.  There’s a little prize for the winning house…

I had tentatively set the start date for the 10th, but I want to make sure we leave enough time for everyone’s patterns to catch up with them.  The 15th seems a safer bet, don’t you think?

30 Minutes a Day Sewalong Pavlova Headline 2 | Cake Patterns

I also took the time to set up our Pavlova 30 Minutes A Day page, where I’ll post the links to each day’s lesson.  The code for the blog badges can be found there, too, as well as the sewalong outline.


You’ll also find some Flickr user tutorials on, too.  I hope that helps, I know technology can be really frustrating sometimes!

Next Week’s Schedule:

Pavlova Wrap Top Tie Sizing

Shipping Kickoff Weekend- Pavlova Sewalong signup, the sorting and table of contents posted, Pavlova Sizing

Position #1- Winter Pavlova- Soft and Flowing (choosing drapey bottom weight fabrics, hong kong seams, soft circle hem with lace)

 Position #2- Stiff and Traditional- Summer Pavlova (Horsehair Braid Tutorial, hook and eye application, stiff fabric guidance, invisible zipper tutorial)

 Position #3- Knit and Neat (simple knit waistband, seamless cutting layout, knit pintucks) Grainline Blasphemy- Pavlova Top, Stripes Cutting Challenge, And Woven for Jersey

 Position #4- Circle Duo (asymmetry/layers, double bound waistline explained) Pavlova Top and Fusible Webbing Applications For A Perfect Finish

 Position #5- Applique- The Birds (graphic appliqué techniques and template)

I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to get your patterns so we could start playing together, and I’ve been saving up Pavlova posts for aaages.  Time to dive right in!

Last thought

I think blueberry is my favorite...

I think blueberry is my favorite…

Of the five fruits- mango, kiwi, blueberry, strawberry, and passionfruit, which is your fave?


  1. Hey Steph! Tutorial for Flicka group looks great, will give it a try on weekend. Love that you have detailed each days lessons Will be missing two days of skirt, but I will have everything prepared so i can just pick up from where I left off. The “Positons 1 thru to 5 will be the Tutorials before the Sewalong begins? My Favorite “Passionfruit”

    • Oh Good, Ann. Just text me if you’re doing it and having any problems, I’m hanging round the house all weekend.

      Yes, Positions 1-5 are aimed at stimulating creativity… There’s so much we can do with circles, I’ve been waiting for aaaaaages to play circles with everyone. :)

    • Yeah for sure… I just had some that were like candy. Except without that gross sugar slime after mouth feeling. Juicy, mmmm. I’m going to have to go get some more blueberries… :)

  2. You’ve been busy! I checked out all the links and joined the group. I love the added surprise of finding out what house I’ll be in (just like a little kid!). The 15th may be a better start date since with all the positions I may need to make several trips to the fabric store to prep. I’m torn between Kiwi and Strawberry but I’ll go with Strawberry. They remind me of late spring (which I wish would get here already).

    • (tidied that up for you, Shar, I hope that’s ok!) I like being busy… :) Thanks for joining up! :D

      I hoped the houses thing was more fun than irritating. As I was packing it up, I had a major flash of Harry Potter memories and was kind of jealous I don’t get sorted. :)

      Mmmm… Kiwi, strawberry.. They’re all delicious and full of vitamins and fiber. Mmmm….

      • Thank you – I do appreciate the tidying (I’m a bit of a perfectionist). Me too about the Harry Potter memories. I think it’s a really fun idea that will help connect sewists!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! All the support pages and resources you have pulled together look amazing and so helpful! I’ll be starting off with a Position #1 Pavlova. The timing for the sewalong works for me. In fact, I hope to wear my completed outfit to a dinner party at the end of March. Last, but not least, my favorite of the 5 listed fruits is passion fruit, even though I’ve never eaten the actual fruit, just had it in yogurt and sorbet. :) Looking forward to all the posts and tutorials!

    • Thank you thank you thank you. Y’all keep me on my toes, I thought the earlier I publish the table of contents the better. :) Was way too disorganized last time around, that bothered me. :)

      Ooooh! That’s what I like about Pav. She’s nice enough to wear to a dinner party (in the right fabrics, of course) but comfy enough to wear slouching around the house or kayaking or what have you….

      Yes- These tutorials are what I’ve been working on while I’ve been blogging about bags and fingernails and shoes and ballerinas… hehe.

    • Heheheh. I hope she doesn’t disappoint. :) I like doing the shipping, I recognize so many names and smile and… I don’t know, it’s a very happy time, shipping time. I hope yours turns up soon! It seems the post to NZ is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes a week, sometimes it never shows up. Who knows?

  4. Woohoo! Aw, I’m happy about the date change, that means I could catch up when I get home from camp and still join in! Thank so much for that. :) Out of those fruits, I think my favourite is mango. I’m crazy about the fruit, it’s so good! But I also really love strawberry. Hmm, tough choice. I’ve never had passionfruit though.

    • Yeah, for sure. :) I’m just worried about some European ladies and maybe Canadians being left out or not getting the pattern in time, so we’ll err on the side of caution.

      Mango! I ate too much of that one month when I was pregnant and Stephen was doing an assignment in Borneo. Mango tastes of loneliness and indigestion to me, but I can see the appeal. :) It’s a pretty color, too. Never had passionfruit? It’s ok, kind of soupy with seedy things, a bit bitey. It’s not my fave, but a little bit on other stuff is alright…

      • I never liked mango until my best friend found out and refused to accept it. She brought mango every single day in university until I admitted defeat and learned to like them. Now I’m hooked. The same woman is also responsible for my addiction to sushi and swiss chocolate (although both of those required far less effort on her part). :D

  5. I can’t wait to get my pattern in the post!
    For the sewalong, the 15th would definitely be a better start date for me, as I will need to order my fabrics and wait for them to arrive.
    My favourite of the flavours, I think, is mango, but I do also love passionfruit.

    • Me neither. Wasn’t yours held up last time and I expressed you another and then the first one showed up? Hhee. Fingers crossed we have better luck this time!

      Mmmm… Such fresh fruity deliciousness. I’m going to have to go buy some fruit…

      • That’s right, lost in the post for weeks, it was. But this time I feel lucky! And I ordered my fabrics today – Navy & white polka dots for the skirt and chartreuese bamboo jersey for the top. I hope I’ve ordered enough as I will need to lengthen the skirt.

  6. Blueberry here, too, without a doubt, though closely followed by mango. Blueberry milkshake and mango lassi are easily my favourite drinks. :-)
    I’ll be missing out on all this stuff, but still happily follow from afar!

      • Lassi is an Indian yoghurt drink.

        No colourful envelope, in any case. I hope, hope, hope to get to sew this soon, but not this way. :D When will you release the PDF? I’d *love* to sew up a Pavlova top to wear with my LBD to the National Theatre on March 24th (it looks like perfect match), but I’m not sure that’s likely, what with my other workload…

    • You know, I’m surprised more peeps haven’t said strawberry… :)

      How was your Tira? Have you worn her out yet? Did you catch the Tira love? There’s something kinda magical about wearing a presentable garment that is comfy as pj’s, and I’m so pleased to learn it wasn’t just me noticing it… :)

  7. I’m really looking forward to joining in the sew along this time. I’m also hoping my pattern arrives safe and dry considering the torrential downpours we are having at present! Congratulations on your second pattern going to distribution!

    • Wicked! And they should, I hope. You’re not too far from me, I’d be shocked if it didn’t show up on Monday. I wouldn’t have been surprised if a few turned up Friday late, but I guess not. :) I think you’ll love Pavlova, I bet you could wear her to work. She’s rather ladylike in a comfy way.

  8. Thanks Steph, for all the lovely extra touches you put on your pattern release. I’m really looking forward to my pattern arriving in New Zealand and to the sewalong.

    • Hehehe. I can’t help it… When Leila found brightly colored envelopes a while ago, I said “GET THEM! We can play a game of some kind!” And now I’m wishing I could be sorted, too! ;)

      I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. :)

    • We should be able to get together for that in the next few weeks. MIL and I are both always busy busy doing something, but we’ll get it! Should be quite fun, been thinking I might make her a cosy merino Pavlova as a thank you. :)

  9. I am waiting in anticipation and hoping mine will arrive on Monday! It’s like being a little child waiting for christmas. I do have some nice mid weight suiting material I bought a couple of years ago that is just waiting for the perfect pattern. Just in time here for our Brisbane winter, he he.
    Since pavlovas are actually my favourite dessert, I think I am going to love this. And my favourite toppings would have to be strawberries and passion fruit on top of the lovely whipped cream. Let the pavlova challenge begin…..

  10. My pattern was very patiently waiting for me in the post this afternoon and I am oh so excited by it! This is the first ‘real’ copy of one of your patterns that I have as I only have the test version of Tira on polytrace from when I did that one for you. I loved opening the package and the envelope! Such beautiful, clear instructions. I had to hug the envelope! To add to my excitement, I’m in the passionfruit house! I love passionfruit so this is perfect. It may also give me an excuse to try the Adriano Zumbo Passionfruit Macarons as well! Oh yay – happy Monday! Thanks Steph :) :) :)

  11. My pattern arrived this morning! I’m in Bedfordshire,UK. My house is Kiwi(not my favourite fruit I have to say, but a lovely colour anyway).

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