Pavlova Patterns Arrival: Australia First

Four big boxes packed with Pavlovas!

Four big boxes packed with Pavlovas!

The great Pavlova Shipping Season has commenced!  The printer shipped our lovely Pavlova patterns to me in Brisbane via dhl, and to Leila (Cake, NH) in Indy via UPS.  Leila in the USA should have hers on Thursday morning, but mine have arrived already and it’s only Thursday afternoon!


I know. It’s mad. Best to just lean into the International Dateline Weirdness and enjoy it.  Also weird: the patterns arrived 10,000 miles away in Australia sooner than they did in Indianapolis.  From Kansas.


Cake’s Australia/New Zealand orders are nestled snugly in their shipping envelopes, most of them with postage already attached and ready to slip into your postboxes.  Friday is our drop day!  We’ll be posting all current Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt patterns purchased via Etsy, and sending out our pre-order shipments to Cake Retailers.

That’s Friday world wide. Tomorrow, if you’re in the Antipodes.  Day after tomorrow if you’re in the US.  I know. Weird.  Let’s just focus on Friday.


I’ll get a better shot of the map while we’re tracking.. :)

We’ll track the progress of our patterns as they arrive and y’all tweet or email or convo me to let me know you got them.  I can’t help it, and the map is right there on the wall already…

Leila and I are especially keen to race to the Great White North, Canada.  It seems that patterns from the US to Canada take a looooong time, and I have an idea the post might work more smoothly from one commonwealth country to another.

I have a nice schedule of posts lined up regarding sizing, length alteration guides, grainline blasphemy, light drafting exercises, and of course our appliqued birds!   (Oh yes, and my invisible zipper lesson for complete beginners.)  I’ll post the table of contents for the week’s posts tomorrow, and also the links to sign up for the Pavlova Sewalong!

Side note: Would a flickr tutorial before the sewalong be useful?  I know some readers wanted to join in with Tira, but weren’t sure how to.  Let me know in comments.

Pdf patterns: Once the Pavlova pattern begins arriving in Europe, I’ll launch the pdfs.  I separated the top from the skirt, and the tops are further separated with 30-35 together and 40-45 together.  If you just want the pocket, it’s already available.


  1. I have been in Perth for a couple of days and wore my Tira dress today. I got ever so many comments everyone loves it especially how the skirt falls.
    Great idea the invisible zipper lesson and great the sizes are separated. A Flickr tutorial is a good idea would be helpful. Look forward to Pavlova but haven’t decided on fabric yet.

    • Oh how lovely! It’s always nice to get positive feedback, and I agree, that skirt is nice. :)

      Ok, check check and check. I’m feeling rather gleeful about publishing the invisible zip lesson, I’ve never published it before though I’ve taught it a bajillion times offline. :D :D I won’t wear clownface makeup this time… hehe.

      well, keep half an eye on the variations I trot out this week and it might just make choosing fabrics a little simpler. :)

  2. Yes please Steph! I would love a Flickr tutorial earlier. I really enjoyed participating in the last one and can’t wait for this too but a sneaky peak before hand will satisfy my curiosity. By the way, I wore one of my new Tiras yesterday and asked my husband if he liked it. He said yes, where did you buy it from? He thought it looked that great. yay!

    • Ok good! :) I’ll get the Pavlova Sewalong stuff set up and ready for us to invade, and take screenshots while I do. I think probably a printable pdf tutorial would be useful…?

      Oh! I love love love comments like that. :) Was he surprised when you said you made it? (not a comment on your sewing skills, just on perceptions… :))

      • A PDF is always great. I like these especially if you keep them on a device and you don’t have Internet access. And my husband is used to my sewing creations but I think it was the style of the dress he particularly liked. And the fact it fitted well. I call it a designer and sewer triumph!

  3. Yahoo! Finally get my Pavlova pattern in my hands soon .I might even make myself a pavlova to eat on the first day of the sewalong. I would really love a Flicka tutorial.I have two different green embroidered fabrics for the skirts, and cream merino, and a two pieces of bamboo knit fabrics for the tops. Now I will have to watch out for the postman.

    • Oooh that’d be fun. :)

      Oooooooooh your fabrics, Ann. You do have a flair for picking fabrics. (I’d say drop by and pick her up, but I’m running around doing errands and then making some videos today… :( catch up soon.)

      • Yes , would love to catch up soon. Now I will just have to listen out for the postman on Monday.

  4. I want the top; I have some stash fabrics that have been screaming at me to become this top since you launched it first… PDF patterns for the win, for me. I like the instant gratification of seeing the pattern on my screen. I like the solidity of paper, but I like being able to re-use paper with PDF patterns, and then read the snippets of Lithuanian grammar and suchlike on the back of my pattern. :D And it’s not much more work for me, because normally I make my own patterns, and have to do alterations to existing ones anyway…
    Looking forward to invisible zipper tutorial.
    Also, international shipping is crazy. I experienced the craziness – the maddening side of it – while waiting for a book ordered from Amazon. It was supposed to go by Royal Mail (and thus not be traceable – huh). It came at least ten days later than it should have, and it came from Malmö. The head reels.

    BTW, a teeny tiny detail about your new blog layout: could you somehow introduce a link to the comments at the bottom of the posts? Not just at the top, as it is now? I usually read through the whole posts on the front page (that’s why you made the new layout, after all) and then have to scroll to the top again to comment! Otherwise, I love it.

    • Yeah, I get that about pdfs. :)

      Invisible zippers… well.. This one is aimed at complete beginners, you see? You’re very experienced! :)

      How extremely odd about the book coming from Malmö. I used to like keeping track of train fares and internationa airline flights and prices, like a hobby, now I keep track of all this shipping stuff. It seems to scratch the same itch, and it’s rather interesting. I’m most interested to see who wins the race to the Great White North. Last time, the patterns took TOO LONG to get to canada….

      Thanks for the note. I might be able to, but I doubt it. I don’t code much, so I did not build this theme. I bought it as is, and I can’t change it much aside from cosmetic things like fonts and background color. But I’ll go have a look around and see what I can do. :)

    • Ahhhh! I knew Dior was once again recycling the 50’s, but I missed the Prada show! That silly model, if she’d straighten up and button her coat, she’d look very smart indeed. ;) I might need to go digging around in the fall shows and see how many of them can be made from Pavlova. That’d be an interesting treasure hunt.

  5. Looking forward to another great sewalong and will be sure to let you know when the pattern arrives… woohoo… getting excited and can’t wait to see what colour envelope I get… they look great and adds to the fun :)

    • Hehe. I’m looking forward to it, too. The sewalongs are such fun for me.

      I just randomly used the envelopes, no idea who got what color until we get Sorted. :)

    • Thanks! I’ve been trying super hard to take better care of my hands, and this green (I guess it matches the blog and also the pattern) is my favorite color. :)

  6. Hip, hip, hooray! And, I just noticed that there is a stripes layout for the Pavlova top! Very cool. I thought the top might be really neat with stripes. I hope someone makes it with stripes so I can see how it looks. I usually need to see things first – not so good at visualizing myself. Congrats, Steph, on getting to the shipping stage. Looking forward to my colored envelope! :)

      • Hi, Steph! Thanks for that link. The top looks fabulous in stripes. I’m totally inspired. :) And looking forward to the invisible zip tutorial. Got to buy an invisible zipper foot first…

        • Hi Steph! Thanks for the link to sewruth. How much extra fabric would i need to buy to make the top longer by about 2″ in even stripes? Been taught by you how to sew invisible zippers, but a refresher never hurts.

  7. Yay! I think I’ll ditch the overly fussy jacket and skirt I’m sewing up for * Easter, and wait for the pattern to arrive. Suit will be delightful later at a wedding, if I ever get married again (30 years and counting on the current contract; no plans to break it, at present). Or if Darling Daughter happens to choose these colors … but I digress.

    * My father always claimed that, if you don’t wear new clothes for Easter, the buzzards will … well, he euphemized it for us by saying “spit on you.” I think his own father used a more colorful term. Although, in a panic, buzzards and vultures do vomit, so perhaps “spit” was actually what he meant. I’ll ask him.

    • Woohoo! I get sick of fussy sewing, too… Pavlova goes together in the blink of an eye, practically. :) A great palate cleanser.

      Heheh. I think in the back of my head “if I get married again,” too… Not like, I want another husband (mine is the best one..) but to have a fun party and dress up and re-vow or something… Maybe a big anniversary party sometime. That’d be cool… Hmmm…

      What? I love these random tidbits you come up with, Lin. Such color. I wonder what buzzards have to do with Easter? Hehehe. Love it.

  8. Great news! Can’t wait for the pattern to get to Malta:). I am also very happy about the stripe layout – I have some striped cotton jersey which I think would look amazing as a Pavlova top…. Whenever I read Pavlova I think of my mother. She went through a phase of making it for dessert every time we had guests. She used to get these Australian Woman’s Weekly cooking books which are brilliant – still have them – except for the pasta one which was full of recipes that as a Mediterranean half Italian woman I cannot envisage – particularly the sweets…. sorry but ewwww. She told me that during the war she went to some dinner at some Brits who had a sweet pasta dessert and she pretended she was diabetic not to eat it:). I guess if you’re not culturally averse they migt be good and hope I haven’t offended anyone…
    I love your nail varnish. Is it Lime Crime? Thanks to you I have ordered lipsticks, a lip gloss with the coolest packaging and a velvetine – all amazing! Enabler:). Steph – BTW – since you changed the layout of your site I cannot get into it at work – it comes up on my screen like the Cake site does – all garbled:(.

    • Oh – and can I ask a question? There’s this gorgeous grey lightweight wool I have my eye on – Dormeuil at half price from this mens’s shop (est 1925!) which is not bringing in more fabric as there’s no market! Dyinig to buy it but since I want it below the knee I need the pattern to calculate… what is the finished length of the skirt, please? Actually, a suggestion – could you put finished length of the patterns on the envelope? And could you perhaps do it like Sewaholic who does it from the waist not from the back of the neck which I find really hard to see in my mirror? Does anyone else out there prefer it that way? Am I being difficult? I hope not. Thank you in advance:)

      • I hope she hurries up and gets herself to Malta. :)

        That’s lovely about your mother. I like that. I do not like the thought of sweet pasta. I would probably do the same as your mother and just pretend to have diabetes… Except I guess when you break it down, it’s just flour like cake would be… But yeah… Wartime meals were kind of gross, makes me admire the wartime generation a bit more…

        Ooooooh get the wool! It sounds like a useful fabric at a good price and decent quality. I believe the skirt length is written in the pattern, it’s 24″ anyway. that’s 61cm. It’s super super easy to make the skirt longer, and with the layout I use it makes great use of fabric. And the 24″ is from the waist. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll be extra vigilant about printing that on the envelope back for future releases. :)

        You’re not difficult. You’re helping build Cake.

        Also- try clearing the cache/history and then restarting the computer. It seems to have done that for several people and simply clearing and restarting made everything work. Let me know. :)

      • Nope, the Hungarians have one too. Pasta with honey and poppy seeds, which is remarkably tasty for lunch! ;-)

        • Ground poppy seeds and sugar + melted butter here! “Nudle s mákem,” so very typical. Or quark, sugar + butter. I sometimes even eat spaghetti sweet, which is not the way it is done normally… not spaghetti. :D

  9. Oh! and the nail polish is called “Sinful Colors Professional” and my color is called “Pistache.” It’s a really good coverage color… Two coats, base coat, top coat, perfect. I’m so pleased you like Lime Crime, I find them utterly delightful.

  10. While mail to Canada is slow from the US anyways, mail to the Yukon can be even slower. It can take up to 10 days to get a letter from Whitehorse Yukon to Winnipeg Manitoba. And sometimes, a package will take 2 days. WEIRD. I have my boyfriend on strict orders to email me when your package arrives, so I guess we’ll see which this one is. :D

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