Applique Poll Winner and Catching Up

Picture 62

Last week, we looked at inspiration for an applique motif to use for a Pavlova Skirt variation.  Tiptoe Through the Tulips and Sweetie Skunks vied with The Birds all week.

Picture 21

The Birds motif won out!   I’ll play around and feature it towards the end of the Pavlova shipping season when I’m showing you my Pavlova variations, and include a bird and cage template as well as a simple visual reference guide.  What fun!   The inspiration seems to show four bird variations, but I think I’ll stick to one and scale it differently.

A larger bird would have a graphic effect, while little birds would work for a small touch of whimsy.  The inspiration has a little flower, too.  The cage could be fashioned from either bias tape or ribbon of some kind- I’ll rummage around my ribbon drawers and see what I turn up!

You all were really interested in this top- I call her Riviera.   I had 75 emails about her over the weekend, which means she’ll be finalized this week.

Picture 65

More of you prefer paper patterns than pdfs, but Cake knows how to do both now so we shouldn’t have any issues getting this little top made into a simple but easy to use Riff pattern.  I might not mention her for a little while, but I’ll be sure to alert anyone who signs up here when the Riviera top becomes available.

Meanwhile, there’s more snow predicted for The Little Apple, where our Pavlova Cake Patterns are being held up.  I’ll let you know just as soon as the Pavlova patterns can leave the printer, and we’ll ship them very quickly to all of you who ordered one and to our stockists.

What bird shape do you think would look nicest on the skirt?  In flight?  Stylized?  Peace-dove-ish?  Those of you who applique- what is your favored form of applique?


  1. The name Riviera really suits the top. Yeah birds! I think a stylized bird would look nice or on the other hand a majestic hawk or other bird of prey might be an interesting twist. I’ve never done applique so I’m interested to learn.

  2. Oh, tiny pout. I voted for the skunks, over and over. Ah, well, the birds are also charming. I’d vote for a bird in flight, as if it had escaped from the cage. My favorite form of hand applique is needle turn, but in practice most usually opt for a machined satin stitch to cover the edge — be sure to stabilize with tissue paper between fabric and feed dogs!

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