The Weather in Kansas and Cake in Brisbane

click for source and a little info on The Little Apple

click for source and a little info on The Little Apple

Just a quick update on Pavlova progress today.  Cake Patterns are printed and assembled in Manhattan, Kansas.  Aka The Little Apple.

click for source. This is from the same storm, photo at Dove Mountain.  Pretty.

click for source. This is from the same storm, photo at Dove Mountain. Pretty.

The Little Apple is currently under deep and picturesque snowdrifts, which explains why I couldn’t get the printer on the phone for two days earlier this week.  I have to stay up late or get up quite early to speak to them, and I was getting a little frustrated.   Rest assured, the Pavlova patterns are printed and ready to ship.  As soon as the logistics carrier can break a path to the printer and pick up our patterns, they’ll start their journey!

Picture 53

Meanwhile, another project I’ve been working on behind the scenes is coming to fruition.  During the Pavlova pre-sale, I was suddenly struck with an urge to make a rag doll based on Esme the Pavlova covergirl.  Mikhaela and I put our heads together and made a jointed paper doll.  Our resulting work deserved to be sampled in fabric, tested, and refined.  That’s what we focused on once production on Pavlova wrapped up.  Very soon, I’ll be able to talk about this a little more.  In the meantime I thought I’d ask for your reactions to the overall design of the pattern?  It’s 18″ sq (~45cm) and makes a lovely detailed 17″ dolly.

I’m printing off a few copies for myself to test and finalize and quickly stitch up samples, then I’ll formally introduce you to “the girls.”

And still more…

Another behind-the-scenes project at Cake involves working with an indie printer to produce more patterns.  More!  We’re still talking and sampling, but once we’re all on the same page I’ll be able to start sending some sweet Cake Riffs your way.   These will be like Cake given the Burda treatment, created with intermediate and confident sewists in mind with minimalist instructions.  I thought I’d mention it, because one of the first Riff releases will be this lovely striped top that I’m dying to put in your hands…

If you’d like to receive an email message when this pattern becomes available, leave your email address below and I’ll let you know.  The RRP for the printed pattern will be $8.00 + S&H and $5.50 for a pdf, tiled or printed on AO size paper.

Whew!  Do check out the applique tutorial and template poll, I’m closing that on Saturday morning and I’ll make whichever applique you vote for.  (Go Team Skunk!!! Unlimited voting.)

Today’s winners of the OCC Lip Tar Giveaway:

Picture 56 Picture 57

Congrats, ladies!  Please email me and I’ll drop it in the post early next week.  (stephc at 3hourspast dot com)


    • Thank you! I woke up this morning with a surprising number of emails in my box about it, so I’ll get on it this week and make her happen…

  1. I pinned your striped top and looking forward to the doll. I belong to a craft group where the main activity is quilting. They were very impressed with my Tiramisu dress and now I plan to make a doll and the Pavlova skirt and top – Fun.

    • So much fun! :) Soooo much fun. I hope your group likes my girls, they’re for the quilter/crafter lady in me. And the little girl who used to make dolls I suppose. Great way for a kid to pick up sewing…

  2. I just adore that stripey top! I really need to start sewing with knits again! I love wearing them and I’ve actually sewn with them before but I always just seem to drift away from them when fabric shopping.

  3. Yay! I adore that stripey top. So glad you’re turning it into a riff. Could you share yardage requirements for the top yet? I think I’ve found the perfect fabric for it! Thanks!

    • Hmmm… with the bias back I’d say 2m tops… But I have to double check all of that. And the Riffs do not have detailed, rich instructions like regular Cake…. Very very basic but good written instructions…

  4. I live 2 hours east of Manhattan – we had ~40 cm of snow since Wednesday night. The weather stations reported that Manhattan would have ~50. It has basically shut down the state. While the stuff is very pretty, people in Kansas really don’t know how to handle it. (I lived farther north, in Michigan before this, and we would be on the road during the storms with no issues. They don’t seem to have the knack of plowing when cars are on the road in Kansas.)

    • Thank you. And I’m on it. I’ve been held back by “the process” but now it’s getting to the point where everything is happening. :) Mostly.

  5. Squeeeeak! I’ve had my eye on that stripey top for ages now! Can’t wait to get going on the Pavlova sew along either.

  6. Love the boatneck top. I might see if my daughter would like a new style top for her wardrobe. i would love to make an “Esme” doll, maybe I’ll get a granddaughter one day.I think the snow looks loverly.Sooo tired of rain followed by sun and high humidity.

    • Thanks, Ann.. You know… Dolls aren’t just for little girls. Not these dolls, anyway. :) Can’t wait, can’t wait to introduce you…

    • I would Ginger, I would, except there’s a whole raft of work that goes along with that: source the fabric at a price I can upsell it for, photograph the fabric, make an etsy listing, market it, cut it, pack it, and ship it.. There’s just not enough hours in the day. :) And I live in Australia, no one wants to pay the shipping for fabric from here..

    • Hmm. I looked it up and the weather channel and other sources didn’t think so. You winding me up? Sigh. Who can tell. I guess eventually the patterns will come in. Rather frustrating though.

  7. Ooh – can’t wait for my Pavlova to arrive and with the new top it looks like I’ll have to start a queue ;-).

  8. Love the cloth doll! I do long for smaller ones also, as little space here and many of my friends collect small hand made dolls, 6 inches tall and under. But just adore the cloth doll to dress!!!!

    • I love dolls, too! :) We have our big pretty main doll sorted out, but I really can’t promise I won’t play around with mini mini mini everything. It’s too fun!

  9. That top is stunning! Alas, I am a new and unconfident sewer but sign me up anyway – I’ll stash the pattern until I’ve had more practice. If my into-everything toddler ever lets me get any … :)

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  12. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to say

    keep up the fantastic work!

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