Design Inspiration Poll: Circle Skirt Applique

But first- today’s two winners of the OCC Lip Tar Sample Packs:

Picture 14

Thanks for the link, Emily.

Picture 15

Hey Kate!  I wasn’t completely clear- OCC is an American brand.  But is an excellent Aussie retailer!DSC07103

If you two ladies would please email me your addresses and your palette preferences, I’ll drop those in the post to you!

Circle Skirt- 5 Positions of Pavlova

During the Shipping Season as you’re all receiving your Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt pattern, I’ll be releasing a series of drafting and techniques tutorials tailored to the Pavlova Separates.  Circle skirts are a very versatile shape- easy to sew, fun to play with.  In keeping with the off-duty ballerina flavor of the pattern, I thought I’d call these the 5 Positions.

skirt with a secure and tidy knit waistband.  click for full tutorial on  We'll revisit knits and circles more closely very soon...

skirt with a secure and tidy knit waistband. click for full tutorial on We’ll revisit knits and circles more closely very soon…

For the 5th position, I thought we could go tacky and hilarious or surreal or avante garde with some good old fashioned appliques!  I know how to execute them (and write the tutes!) but I thought I’d ask for your input on the applique design before I finalize the tutorial:

very lazy, linked to my pinboard.  click for path to source.

very lazy, linked to my pinboard. click for path to source.

How cute is this?  I love rainy days, and we could add in some pretty raindrops, too.  Or.  Some kind of bedazzler?   Why not?

click for pinboard

click for pinboard

Plain diamonds appliqued around the hem might work.  And tassels, so mischievous. Without them, it could be a cool graphic way to show off a neato printed fabric.

Picture 18

Sans rickrack, and perhaps only one bunch of flowers… What if they were dimensional?  Ooooooh…

click for full pattern photos

click for full pattern photos

These were part of a “general purpose” vintage applique pattern, aren’t they adoooooorable?  Pick these, pick these!  I want to wear skunks! (And are those little birdies… or…? sequins? )

Picture 21I noticed this applique for birds and a cage last year, and the idea has been following me around ever since….

So let me know what you’d like to see by voting below.  I’ll include a pdf template of the applique I use on my final skirt, and she’ll be revealed as the 5th Position of the Pavlova Skirt.  Sound good?  (I am not, am not, am not making a poodle skirt, though.  :))

Vote as many times as you like before the end of this week. Then I’ll get to work on that applique tutorial!


  1. Hey Steph!! I just love Birds, so that is where my vote has gone!

    Take care my lovely, LOVE the new blog design… loads clearer. I need to do something a bit more extreme with mine, hmmmm.

    Good luck!

    Bundana xx

    • She will, she will be there soon! And I’m pleased your inspired, I hope you like the tute series I’m finishing up… :) And then there’s the sewalong… The sewalong!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make a circle or semi-circle skirt, so I’m pumped to get the Pavlova!

    Wasn’t the birds and birdcage the inspiration behind that birdcage-like pocket you made a while back?

    • I like circles…

      Yes, well, yes sort of. Except I didn’t end up applique-ing or otherwise using the inspiration. So it’s been rattling around in my head for the better part of a year!

      • I’m looking forward to seeing what you do for an applique. I’m planning on making a skirt out of a pretty boring but really useful wool I’ve got a tonne of in my stash. I thought at first that I wouldn’t want an applique, but actually, an applique out of the same fabric might be interesting. We’ll see! :D

    • Ah, well, you know… If I’m going to the trouble of making an applique template and tutorial, I figured it should be a bit novel… I haven’t looked but my spidey senses tell me there’s plenty of poodle skirt applique instructions and inspiration out there.. Also, I’m not really a dog person. Probably more a skunk person… And cats and so forth.. Difficult animals. :)

    • I think they would, too… I do like that skirt, I think it could be done well and be rather attractive… Definitely the hardest one I posted.

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