OCC Lip Tar Sampler Giveaway!

I love lipstick.  Some time ago, my friend Veronica at Vegan Beauty.com.au sent me some lovely Lime Crime eyeliner and lipstick to try.  I’ve since thrown out my old reds and invested in another tube of Lime Crime- Retrofuturist.  Then Veronica sent me several sample pots of OCC “Lip Tar” in her picks for my coloring.  Veronica is a devoted vegan, and also a very talented makeup artist– her picks for me have never gone wrong:

I’ve been tweeting my morning lipstick lately.  I wear lipstick every day, even when I don’t leave the house. When I wear lipstick, I feel more “together”- like I’m at work.  I am at work.  It’s good because if I have to drop everything and rush out to get proofs printed, or someone drops by to consult, I’m ready to go.  My morning twitter lipstick conversations are fun, too, a little light chatting with other lipstick buddies about color.

after field testing, I got myself a tube of Demure, and a tube of NSFW.  Love them, they'll last for years...

after field testing, I got myself a tube of Demure, and a tube of NSFW. Love them, they’ll last for years…

I’m not vegan, but I don’t like what I found when I looked into the ethics of makeup manufacture.  It seems to me that in the modern world almost everything we do is somehow unethical- hurting the environment, hurting animals, hurting sweatshop workers in developing countries.   I try to find ways to make the ethical switch where I can, and not beat myself up too much about the other stuff.

So far, I can say without reservation that the vegan lipsticks and other makeup I’ve tried have been extremely high-performance.  For me, choosing to use cruelty free makeup is easy.  It’s not more expensive than regular drugstore brands (here), and, well, I know a rabbit wasn’t tortured to give me my red lipstick.   That’s my choice, my experience.


Lip brush

When Veronica first sent me a sample pack of Lip Tars, I sloshed the whole sample pot on my lips with my fingers and to my dismay watched the Lip Tar feather all over my face and my hands and fingers and any surface I walked near.  It’s packed with pigment.  When I wrote to Veronica, she gently suggested a drop of Lip Tar on a brush would go a long way.  I prefer a brush anyway, and discovered the tiniest bit of Lip Tar gave me great coverage.  I apply a thin layer, blot, apply another layer, blot, and then dot a bit on my cheeks and blend.  Marvelous.  Once the Lip Tar settles, it’s a very soft and lasts nearly all day (not like tar at all).

The Goods


I love Lip Tars (and playing with new-to-me colors) so much, I asked Veronica to put together a few sample packs for us!  I have these lovely little sets to send out to y’all over the next week!  I’ll choose two winners a day and announce the winners in each post this week- two a day.  (I’m so hooked on giveaways…)  Each pot holds enough for 3-5 applications.  At least.

Get In On the Goods

If you’d like to play, the rules are simple.  Leave me some comments (each bullet point is a potential comment):

  • What’s your usual color?
  • link to an article about animal testing (I need to be educated)
  • Extra 2 points for Australian readers- Vegan Beauty is an Australian online retailer
  • Tweet this post
  • Facebook this post
  • Pin this post

I’ll pick two winners using the Random Number Generator each day this week, Monday-Friday.


Don’t forget to pick up your Pavlova pattern by Friday to be included in the “sorting” for the Sewalong!


  1. Just because I’m procrastinating from going to bed, I’ll be the first comment, commenting first on my usual (and as it turns out, favourite) lip colour. Now, I’ve only gotten into wearing lipstick in the last year or two, and haven’t really since fall, but my fav lipstick is a stick I’ve had for approximately 10 bajillion years. It’s Cover Girl (I know I know) in an antique pink shade. It’s sort of a dusty pink with greyish tones (?? I’m not good at describing colours) and is only a few shades darker than my natural lip tone. I feel a little self-conscious wearing bolder tones, but that has more to do with growing up thinking that bolder colours are for nights out. :)

    I think my fav colour out of the ones you’re modelling is ‘trollop’, but they all look fantastic on you! Though I’m not as much a fan of the orangey shade on you.

    anywho, tl;dr procrastination weeeeee it’s time for bed. For real this time. :D

    • Hehehe. I love our twitter chats while I’m posting. It’s worked out like that quite a few times, I guess we’re both creatures of habit.

      Yeah… Psycho (orangey) has its own charm, I think if I were doing a really hard-core vintage look for some reason I might wear it. It says “vintage” to me… Or maybe if for some weird reason I was wearing warm colors… It’s not terrible, but I doubt I’ll invest in a whole tube of it. (Trollop, however…)

      I bet you’d rock those peachy tones.

  2. I stick to mostly reds. I do the retro look quite often- usually rocking 40s or 50s style or a combination of the two- so red suits me quite well. I sometimes go to pink, though, when I’m wearing purple.

    And I know what you mean about ethical makeup. I know I can’t make everything in my life ethical and problem-free, but I do it where I can. At least my clothes and my makeup don’t hurt anyone (except myself when I burn myself with my iron or stab myself with a needle).

    • Ah me, I love a god red. I think I have… sigh… 5 different shades in rotation? I will say I keep the Lime Crime in my bag, it’s in tube form which makes it much easier to quickly touch up while I’m out….

      Yes! At least my clothes and makeup don’t hurt anyone… Exactly. At some point I’d like to dive into fabric production ethics, but for now it’s in the “Too Hard” box. Though I clean that box out fairly often, so we’ll see what happens…

  3. I’m going old school with just the one comment! I usually wear either a dark cool red or a dark cool pink that reads close to red. Like NSFW (well, a little bit)! I’m heading towards vegan and vege makeup purely due to some of the pigments used and their origin.

    • NSFW is like the best of both worlds, pink-red wise..

      Ugh… We were talking about the use of turkey blood or something in lipsticks the other day? Was that you? I keep thinking about it and it keeps grossing me out, I need to dig around and find out more about that. I can deal with cochineal (beetles), it doesn’t bother me too much but I draw the line at turkey blood.

  4. Red, red, red for me! Love that they are vegan!! Does that mean they also don’t use harmful chemicals–even if not tested on animals?

    • Yes. The Lip Tar formula uses peppermint oil, hemp oil, and various pigments (printed on the package). The peppermint oil gives the Lip Tars a very pleasant but not overwhelming scent, but it does mean the pigments shouldn’t be used near the eye. I use it for cheek color, works great. (And to be honest, I think my skin texture has actually improved since I started using OCC Lip Tar and the excellent tinted moisturizer…)

  5. Red or hot pink for me too – neutral reds usually and not the brightest – I don’t have your fabulous high contrast so my colour palette is a little duskier. As I wear mostly soft reds anyway, it all works :) And my house is all soft reds too. I basically like to think of myself as living in a big pt of pasta sauce! heheeh

  6. My go-to lip colour is towards nude/light pink, since I like putting focus on my eyes. I don’t wear lipstick that much because it doesn’t hold very well. Maybe the lip tar is just what I need! :)

    • Lovely. :) I keep trying to convince myself to try a pale lip/dramatic eye combination but the reds and bright pinks keep jumping on my lips… I love that look though, it’s just so pretty.

      I blot blot blot. That seems to help, if I don’t blot I end up leaving a trail of red lips behind me on my daughter, on the husband, on coffee cups, just all over the place..

  7. I’m a fan of fuschia lipstick but if the outfit calls for it I wear red. Most of the time for work I wear a subtle light pink and I often just wear a tinted gloss. Whatever is a cool colour and goes with my outfit or accessories really.

  8. I usually wear something close to the color of my lips so something with a tint of red or lip gloss. I’ve actually been wanting to buy more lip color, especially deeper reds but I didn’t want to spend $$ on a company that uses animals. Your post is so on time!! Here’s a link to an article I found: http://www.aspca.org/aspcakids/real-issues/animal-testing.aspx. It’s sad really.
    Okay off to tweet, fb and pin this post! Thanks for all the chances to win!

  9. Sydney-based lipstick lover – glad to know veganbeauty exists. Last time I ordered a lip tar, I ordered it from ebay and it took aaaages.

    Anyway, usually wear Models Own in hot pink, because I’m not really about subtle. I like that even after it “wears off” I stil have pigment unless or until I wipe it off.

    I used to be all about red, but now it feels super dressy to me. But I’ll have to break that association because it instantly glams up even my casual looks.

    • Seriously, Veronica *really* knows her stuff, and she’s a really lovely person. :) She samples everything, just ask.

      I’ve never tried Model’s Own, but I definitely get the lack of subtlety. hehe. When I apply the Lip Tar properly, it stays and stays and stays even when I eat or flap my gums for hours… Total win.

      You know, I let the whole red lip thing lapse for a while personally when I first quit working outside the house. Then I realized that as silly as it is, the red really does make me feel more put together, and also I always notice it on other people in public and smile. It’s pretty, a nice touch of color in a dreary world.

  10. I don’t wear lipstick everyday, being more of an eyeliner kinda girl, but also because by about 9am lipstick is gone! When I do wear it though, I love a coral colour. I’m a bit too scared of red! I have a Lipstick Queen coral colour (which actually I’m not that happy with) and a Clarins one (which I love, but is a bit too sheer for going out)..

    • Blot blot blot? I also slop a ton of light moisturizer over my lips and let it sink it, seems to help. But mostly blot blot blot to help the pigment stay… :)

      Scared of red? :D I get that… Some time ago I picked up some chick lit and it was called Mommy Dares or something like that. A group of bored mommies daring each other to do fun stuff. That’s why I picked it up, but as I was reading I could see I wasn’t exactly the target market… Anyway, one of the dares was for one mom t wear red lipstick every day for a month. She was sooo scared, and nervous, and felt weird until she got used to it and realized it was a really nice infusion of color and fun into her daily routine. I wish I could recommend the book but it’s really rather dreadful. (or maybe I was expecting dares like tightrope walking or shark fishing or something…) But the agonizing over the lipstick dare was pretty entertaining….

  11. Historically, I don’t usually wear lipstick for several reasons: my lips are quite thin, I lick my lips a lot, I don’t like the taste of conventional lipsticks, I don’t like to reapply during the day, I also don’t like the ingredients in conventional lipsticks (I make many of my own beauty products). Lately I’ve been trying to take better care of myself, and this includes my appearance. I’ve come to realize that a little lipstick goes a long way for a polished appearance. The lipstick I’ve used for a while is Origins Matte Stick in Berry: http://www.origins.com/product/3848/11965/Makeup/Daily-Essentials/Lips/Matte-Stick/For-velvety-lips/index.tmpl. I like the color, but not the feel, but it has mostly natural ingredients, so I go with it. After reading a post here I picked up a tube of Lime Crime Glamour and have discovered the joy of wearing lipstick. I’m a convert. I’m still getting used to the idea of wearing lipstick (who says girls with thin lips can’t wear lipstick? Well, a girl told me that once in high school and it stuck in my brain. I believed her and felt bad about myself. No more! I’ll be a rebel and wear lipstick!!!)so most of the time I only put on a teeny bit of the Lime Crime since it is such a bold color, but boy do I feel pretty when do :-).

    • Wait, wait, you make your own?? Do you blog about them? Or something? Please please tell me more! Pleeeeeease! I’m really interested in that, but since I started Cake I haven’t had so much time to experiment with that kind of thing.

      I get that about taking care of yourself. I’ve been trying harder, too. It’s important, isn’t it, and I find when I look after myself decently it extends to so many other aspects of life… And you’re so right about lipstick. The second thing I would suggest is eyebrows… A tidy, well-shaped eyebrow looks nice always.

      AHHH! You love Lime Crime?? How good are they? I was so so so snarky in my head about the packaging and the scent, but now I’m sure they’d have to pry my Lime Crime from my cold dead fingers… ;)

      High school girls are kinda dumb (not an insult, god bless high school girls, but they’re babies… I never really understood why it was so important to “stay young” and follow trends that 18 year olds like..). Pretty much universally. Even the smart ones are naive and inexperienced….

  12. I love the Pretty Amazing line by Bare Minerals. I wear their red shade a lot but I also love a dusky pink shade for a bit more toned down look. I’m also a fan of Kat Von D’s lipsticks.

  13. I like cooler colours, and apparently, since I got my colours done (totally a thing and not made up by Muriel’s wedding at all) I’m totally right about that (I’m a spring, which is cool… which makes no sense but I’m ok with it). Love a good blue-undertoned-red!
    But then, posting to Perth is probably just as bad as posing to the US! It is with my postie…

  14. Wow, that sounds really good! I’ve been trying to go with natural make-up (local German drugstores have quite the variety), but nothing is quite as lasting and pigment-intensive as my MAC lipstick. I love shades of cherry and retro fire engine red. :D

    • Yeah- we get some German products here, cosmetics a bit and homeopathic stuff, very interesting. I’d love to visit Germany one day and wander around the grocery store. I’ve never tried MAC but have always heard amazing things about them.

  15. I’ve just started putting lipstick into my daily routine. I’m constantly on the look out for the perfect red.

  16. I love to wear different shades of lipstick. In the summer I love watermelon pinks and some corals if I’m tan, and in the winter I tend to wear more plum shades. I also really like a light neutral, with a hint of pink. I have sensitive skin, and haven’t found a long lasting lipstick I can wear. This sounds like a great product!

  17. Tweeted and liked on facebook. I’ll probably post it on facebook right away because I have a few vegetarian and vegan friends (and a few who just try to make better choices) who would love to hear about this product. :)

  18. My usual colour is a cool raspberry and sometimes I use a red tinted gloss (again a cool) with a touch of red lipstick. I have never tried any vegan makeup but I am interested in the concept. I have certainly started moving my skincare products towards more natural products

    • Cool. :) To be honest, I kind of didn’t expect much from an ethical lipstick… It seems to me like in many ways, sometimes the ethical choice is not the greatest product, know what I mean? But this, this is tops.

  19. Steph, you look great in bold colors. My face and features are small so if I wear a vibrant color I feel like my lips take over my whole face. Usually I just stick to tinted lip balm. I try to only use makeup made with natural ingredients and recently found a recipe on the web for lip scrub made from coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey that’s really helped keep my lips from getting chapped in our dry winter air.

    • Thanks, Shar! I’m just a little bit dreaming of green or blue lipstick, but… Not yet… Sometime probably…

      I think you’re wise to match color intensity to your facial topography, so to speak. Not an exact science, but it makes sense… And thanks for the tip on the scrub!

  20. I don’t go out of the house without my ‘face’ on! I shudder at the thought of it. I love red lipstick and in fact only have the one…a MAC red that I wore to our wedding and pretty much every day since! I agree that a bit of lippy makes you feel pulled together and ready to face the world.

  21. That’s wonderful news Kathy, I hadn’t heard about that.
    I barely ever wear make up of any sort these days. I just can’t be bothered any more, and my eyesight has gone west, so I can’t see to do anything complicated. A slick of vaseline on the lips suffices! Amazing how ones priorities change – as a teen and twenty something, I wouldn’t have been seen dead without full maquillage.

    • I get that, priorities changing as one ages. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to middle age and watching my hair grow a bright silver streak like the other women in my family… Is that ok? That I want to be middle aged? ;) (though I do enjoy being in my 20’s, too… )

  22. I like pink for everyday and red for night or special occasions. I just started eating vegan this January and I am slowly changing my beauty products too. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Cool. :) I recently switched back to vegetarian eating, long story short I’m glad I did. I wasn’t eating much meat anyway…

      I do love giveaways…

  23. It’s been a long time since I wore makeup regularly but I’m living in Europe right now and feeling a lot duller than makeup-free in Wisconsin ever was so I want to go back to a red, red lip for “slightly nice.”

  24. I’m new to lip colors, and I’ve been wearing Ulta Brilliant Color Rich Plum. I usually try to buy cruelty free products that aren’t loaded up with unpleasant chemicals, but sometimes I buy generic cheap stuff when I have no idea yet what kinds of colors will work (like with lip color).

    • Yes, I get that. Completely, I don’t like shelling out for products if I don’t know whether I’ll like them/they do what I want them to…. But then if I have a little stack of mini pots to play with, what fun with no risk… :)

  25. Yikes, I’ve got one lippy that I bought in 2005 and am still using (obviously infrequently). It’s a natural pinky brown, which basically looks like my lip colour but brighter. I’m finding after having a bub I’m wanting to wear make a little more as I tend to look more pale and tired than ever before! It’s tricky though, as you don’t want to cover your face with chemicals

    • I think there’s some scientific studies about men preferring red… Heh. :) All the colors are pretty, really, it’s just a trick of finding the right color for coloring…

  26. Just for kicks today i made myself go out without a speck of makeup… but uaually I love the ritual of putting on makeup! I think a nice sheer berry colour makes me look better, but lipstick is the one kind of makeup I often forget to wear! I’m always looking for something that will last through a day of teaching without needing to fret how it fades.

    • Yes, it’s definitely a ritual.. .I think of it that way too sometimes.. :) And I hear you about lipstick and teaching, it just plain old disappears after talking a lot…

  27. My fav lippy colours are red, red and red, blue/red or orange/red im not fussed, i have dark hair so i think it looks retro.

    Animal testing – in my 20s i was very aware of the active anti-vivisectionalist punks/hippys in Christchurch NZ. I wish i could find an article an article but it was hush hush as they would sneak into chicken farms to set them free. This happened at least once as for the rest, i wasnt there personally :( I learned about veganism from these pple, and strangely enough the vegan diet i had then was the most delicious id ever( and to this day) eaten.

    ooh look i found something on the net http://www.nzavs.org.nz/.
    It hasnt had an update since 2009, but Christchurch did have a distructive earth quake in early 2010 (?) i cant remember and i was here! Im glad the group is still going!
    will put this page up on my Fb

    • OOoh thanks for the links and info… I’ve always been really interested in human rights issues, and developed something of a blind spot about animal rights… And whether they should have them, etc. But for things like cosmetic testing, well, no, I think it’s just horrible and silly to torture animals that way. Not the biggest fan of industrial meat and egg and dairy practices. (I grew up on a dairy, remember it well…)

  28. may i also say, until i saw the photos of the Wintry Photoshoot, i wasnt keen on trying out the pavlova pattern.
    This is mostly because I am on a very tight budget and i assumed the shapes would’nt suit my curves & swerves.
    :P now i see these pics and more on Etsy and ive changed my mind.
    I have some beautiful purple small hounds tooth wool that would suit the skirt.
    And i really just want to do a sew along :3

    • Yeah for sure. :) I live in this subtropical land of perpetual summer, but I like to think my designs work for other climates and lifestyles, too… I’m glad you liked Lauren’s photos.

      We’ll sew along shortly! :) I’m totally looking forward to it.

  29. I usually wear a warm peachy pink. It’s funny because I think I gravitate toward the same color. I’ll come home with a new color and then realize it’s pretty close to what I already have! Even if it’s a different brand! I have 2 of the clinique chubby sticks right now because they look like a fun big crayon. I’ll have to do more research about cruelty free products. I always love your red lips. I guess I just haven’t found the right red for myself.

  30. I wish I could find a lipstick that would stay on my lips more than 5 minutes! My lips also tend to be dry and chapped which doesn’t help the lipstick-staying-on problem. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love the chance to try these lip tars out!

    • start with a really good balm or moisturizer, and give it a chance to sink into your lips… Then apply, blot blot blot, apply, blot blot blot, and then after that I often dab a little concealer around my lip line… That way it stays, through talking and eating and flapping my gums… ;)

    • Me too… I hope it’s not one of those things where I look back in ten years and say “Dear me, what was I thinking?” but I doubt it… Red has a timelessness, doesn’t it?

  31. Then, the lipstick! The one I wear all the time is Clinique Black Honey — I got it as a Christmas gift.

  32. I tend to favor nude or gloss shades as lip color wears off me so quickly. I would love to try some lip tar in some soft reds or pinks. Thank you for a great give away!

  33. Oh, exciting!! :-) I don’t wear lipstick as much as I’d like to – it’s something I’m trying to get used to wearing at the moment, as I love the look of it on others. Wearing it more often is one of my mini-goals for this year. ;-) I’ve got a Beseme Red lipstick, which is just gorgeous, red’s are definitely my colour more than pinks are.

  34. No lipstick here, but the usual lipbalm colour (and taste, too, when applicable) is raspberry (and related). The cool sample looks cool to me! :D
    I’d link to an article, but it’s in Czech. :P

    • Hehehe. I like your style, Hana. And Czech is ok, there’s always google translate.. Not a perfect translation to be sure but quite a useful tool.

  35. I usually go with a tinted lip gloss because I chap so easily but I would love to find a deep red. I don’t like the ones that look hot pink after ten minutes as the color wears off. I may have to try lip tar and gloss on top!

  36. Dark colours – because I have been told that I have a lot of pigment in my lips so lighter colours look funny. I like blue-based reds and pinks.

    I tweeted and facebooked this post

    Being in Australia I find that we are the *last* (relatively speaking) to get these kinds of new products – mineral make up, vegan make up. Thanks for bringing an Aussie brand to my attention!

    • Thanks, Kate. :) I have naturally dark lips, too, I tried a very very pale pink yesterday and it was dreadful. Just dreadful. But I could see someone with more delicate coloring could wear it beautifully..

  37. As a blond, I am a “pink” girl who probably should get up the nerve to wear “red.” I am also a vegan. I decided to go vegan a few months ago for my health more than anything else. I have way more energy, lost some extra pounds and my allergies have disappeared. So far, so good. I don’t wear makeup that often but from time to time, I do enjoy a nice lipstick and a bit black mascara – an especially important pick-me-up during the dark days of Canadian Winter. I’m loving my Tiramisu pattern, btw.

    • OOh I love blondes in wram reds and in soft reds… Aesthetically speaking… :)

      I’m so glad you love Tira! :) I have much more good stuff in the works, I hope you like them too.

  38. I usually wear muted reds but if I am feeling “out there” I will wear bright red. I joined the Vegan Beauty site and had a look to see what the fda policy is on animal testing. Vegan lipstick sounds great after I read the stats on how much lipstick a woman swallows in a year. I also pinned your post but have no idea what I am getting into.

    • Yes, V’s site is just lovely. :) Apparently women swallow like 2lbs of lipstick a year? I read that once and thought… I wear lipstick every day but there’s no way I purchase, let alone eat, 2lbs of lipstick a year… hmm… :)

      No idea what you’re getting into? A bit of fun, nothing serious. hehee.

  39. Dark red. Go Aussie! I would love to try this lippy all regular ones make my lips flake and peel.

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  41. I wear raisin usually or a bluish pink. orange-y pinks are not good. that said, coral is always nice.

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