Shipping Logistics and Whimsy


But first- a little note on a useful piece of equipment:  for the type of shipping I handle, I needed a single-label printer.  I bought the Dymo 450 Turbo last month and I’m impressed!  The software is intuitive and the printer also integrates with excel spreadsheets.  It’s quick, quiet, and crisp; easy to load and I don’t have to buy ink for it (thermal printing).  I liked this so much I sent another one to Leila, who handles NH shipping for Cake.  Recommended without reservation, I bought this myself, I only mention because it’s great.

Cake Shipping Logistics


LeilaB lives in Indianapolis and receives partial shipment of Cake Patterns (saving postage fees and airmiles), which she then breaks up into shipments for Cake’s Candian, European, and American customers- both Etsy orders and wholesale.  She does a rock-solid job!


I live in Brisbane and handle Cake Kits as well as all Asia-Pacific pattern shipments.

All Etsy Shipments 2012-Feb 2013 Country

This is the country/region breakdown Etsy orders for Cake.  Neat.  (I like charts almost as much as spreadsheets…)


This is the world map that hangs in what was formerly our study and is now Cake Central.  Leila and I have spent some time coordinating carefully so the Pavlova Shipping Season runs smoothly, without the hair-raising adventures of the Tiramisu Shipping Season.  I wanted to track the arrival of your patterns back then but it went into the “Too Hard” box.

…and Whimsy

Not this time!  In the interests of science, Leila and I plan to drop all the patterns in the post on the same day.  Then as you tweet, comment, and email me to let me know your pattern arrived, I can put a yellow or pink sticker on the map and take a picture before every post to keep you updated.  What fun!  Our “drop date” will be announced shortly, it won’t be long now.


We’re sending out the pre-orders in bright, pretty envelopes.  When you receive your pattern, if you want to sign up for the Pavlova 30 Minutes A Day Sewalong you’ll be sorted into “houses” by color.  The house that makes and photographs the most separates during the sewalong gets a little Cake prize!  We’ll talk more about that later.


Tomorrow, I’ll make the Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt pattern available for regular retail price on Etsy.  All orders placed for the next week will also go into pretty pre-sale envelopes for the sewalong!  (pdfs will be available on Craftsy- skirt and top separately and also together once the patterns ship.)


  1. I love the idea of the coloured envelopes.I could be in the sewalong group with someone local or even someone thousands of miles away.Just think about the different fabrics used.

    • Heheh. I couldn’t think of another word- houses… classes? That’s not right, we’ll all be working from the same pattern and lessons… Teams? Makes it sound sweaty… :D

  2. There’s no way I’m going to miss the pattern when it arrives! Really looking forward to receiving it and how fast they fly around the world!

    • Yes! It was really fun for me before with everyone letting me know their Tiras arrived, you have no idea how badly I wanted to track and document it but Tira shipping was a little too… Hmm.. Thrilling.. on my end for that. :)

  3. I can’t wait to see that burst of color in my mailbox. I’ve got the perfect knit fabric for the wrap top – it is for knit fabric, isn’t it? If not, I better get shopping!

  4. ooh, i love your ideas steph – leila will love posting all those colours (if it was my daughter she’d only post the pink and purple ones and we’d be at the postbox for hours as she dropped each one in individually!)

    • Hehe. It’s a bit confusing, but Leila is Cake’s (grownup) NH distributor, and Lila is my little daughter. :) Lila has already helped me quite a bit to prep the shipments, stamping the envelopes and helping me affix labels. She likes stamping, and I “pay” her in stickers and coins.

  5. Wow! I love you your mix of science and creativity! I am very interested in watching your arrival tracking progress, and I can’t wait for my colored envelope. Thanks for making this so fun for us all! (I just ordered my fabric for my skirt – it’s a plaid wool suiting that was on sale – yippee! still looking for fabric for the top)

    • Science! I like doing both.. The science and the creativity. Yesterday I was working on a godet for H-bird and ended up re-learning a bit of trig to inform my drafting formulas… Then spent quite some time playing with the shape of the godet because I wanted it to suggest tail feathers… Science and creativity. Or something… :)

      This skirt is really nice in suiting!

      • I used to be a high school math teacher, so I am so glad the trig came in useful. I was always looking for ways to make the math I was teaching more relevant to my students – it would have been great to let them know how math is useful for pattern drafting. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever go back…

        as for the suiting, when I saw the windowpane suiting sample in the fingertip swatch kit, I knew I had to have a skirt like that! I have some jersey sample swatches on their way to me. I’m going to check the color and then compare them to the fingertip swatch kit to make my choice for the top. Thanks so much for providing us newer sewers with such practical tools! :)

  6. How clever to provide the top and skirt patterns separately as pdfs. I love the look of the top but I’m not sure I can see myself wearing the skirt, so I was uncertain about the pattern purchase. I will DEFINITELY be buying the top now! Thanks!

  7. I am excited to purchase the pattern when it releases next week. I was not sure during the Circus but have assured myself that it will be great for my office.

    • Oh good! I love the top so much, it’s a quick sew and works with a lot of other separates…. And there’s lots of ways to tie it, style, etc… :)

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