This Is What I Did Today: Pavlova Proofing!

Picture 4

Lately, I’ve had a steady stream of emails and etsy conversations about the Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt pattern release.  Here’s the facts: once the pattern and artwork files leave my computer and turn up at McCall’s printing in Kansas, I have little control over the printing timeline.  Sure- I can send emails, I can stay up til 1am (or get up a couple of hours early) to phone the printer, but that’s about it.


But now- I have the final proofs.  As soon as I got them this morning, I ran to the printer (downtown, in the rain, on the bus) to print the Pavlova files.   Once home, I pored over the work for hours, double checking measurements and my notes and the pattern pieces against the proofs.


I already triple checked the full size pattern pieces, these are the more easily printed scaled versions of the pattern tissue so I can once again check the seam numbering and notches, etc. All good.

Friends, I can not *wait* to put this pattern into your hands.  Beyond that, I can’t wait to show you all the Pavlova related photoshoots and new tutorials I’ve been assembling and hoarding since the pre-sale in December.  This proof is a winner, and I’m sending her to be printed as soon as possible.

Cake’s biggest improvement since the Tiramisu release is the linework for the tissue- now digitized by none other than TaranM aka Tanit-Isis.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you she’s a clever sewist, but she’s also a talented digitizer.  Like the rest of us who work on Cake, she’s worked with sewing patterns from a variety of companies as a sewist.  She knows what you want.  She brings a certain objectivity and inventiveness to the linework that I’m in love with- I think you’ll like it too!


We worked hard to extend the intuitive user experience of the Cake instructions sheet to the pattern pieces- this is my favorite bit of the linework.  It’s gentle bust shaping for sizes 35 and up.  The basting line is marked using a line much like the “baste” symbol used in the pattern, and the seam is labeled with the relevant construction steps.


I did not want to make the Pavlova Separates pattern available for retail sale until I’d checked the proofs and approved them for printing.  Once we give the printer a thumbs up, the rest of the work will go quickly.   Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little about the prep work Leila and I did to streamline Pavlova’s shipping, and on the 15th I’ll make Pavlova available for regular retail price, to ship at the same time as the preorders.

How’s that?

If you have a question about the Pavlova pattern, let me know in the comments.  I’m here to help!


    • Me too me too! I was too distracted last time to be this excited, and also. The linework! I can’t wait! I want you to have it noooowww. Pavlova looks really good with swing trousers, by the way. Smart, but also kind of relaxed… :)

      • The linework looks fantastic, especially after looking at blah Big 4 linework all the time. When will we do my virtual shopping trip? I can’t wait to sew this pattern!

        • Yes, I’ve been thinking about you and about fabrics. Let’s email a bit, and I’m going to hit up The Fabric Store later this week. :)

  1. Very exciting. Your instructions and patterns pieces are so clear, it’s a joy to work with them. I can’t wait for this to arrive in the mailbox.

  2. I can not wait to get this pattern in my hands. I love it! ANd I also love that you are already quickly into another pattern. I will buy them all. I love your style and the patterns are so easy to read. You go girl!

    • Thanks so much! :) I wanted to get a second out sooner rather than later to help solidify my training (as a pattern maker) and Pavlova was great for that. I’m really looking forward to the sewalong, and to getting Hummingbird out!

  3. Wonderful, I can hardly bear the waiting! Tiramisu has already become a favourite pattern and I can see Pavlova is going to be so useful.

  4. Hi Steph, the pattern looks beautiful! Kudos to you and Tanit-Isis! I have two questions:
    1. Will the pattern be printed on tissue paper or bond paper?
    2. Does the pattern have cup sizing like Tiramisu?
    So, so, excited for Pavlova!! Thanks!

    • 1-Tissue. I thought it would be too much of a headache to slightly change the papers, when what we want is a big change in the papers. I’m really excited about the paper we found for the Tira second printing and future Cake.

      2- No, it does not. Cup size is not relevant for the style of the top, but the sleeve lengths, waist length, etc are printed clearly on the pattern.


  5. Even though I haven’t tried Tiramisu, I’m excited about this too (I’m intrigued by your sizing method). Which leads to my questions:
    1) As the poster above me asks, I also wonder about the cup sizing.
    2) Will all your stockists stock this pattern? We have a retailer here in Sweden and if they were to get it I will wait to order the Tiramisu and order both of them at the same time. What time frame can I expect?

    • No cup sizing on Pavlova. I’ll do that when it’s useful, but otherwise it’s just creating more work for myself for no reason. However, if I do say so myself, the front tie is very cleverly drafted so that every length of tie will match with every size of Pavlova Top. :) But the sizing for the top is very simple, as wrap tops are by their nature very adjustable.

      Yes, Strommig Designs has already pre-ordered Pavlova and we’ll ship it with the other pre-orders. :) Expect it before the end of the month, I should say.

  6. Just thought of another question. Will the Pavlova instructions/sewalong walk us through zipper insertion? I’ve never put in an invisible zipper before. Thanks!

  7. I’ve not delved into my shipment of tiramisu yet – it’s in queue! But I just wanted to say YAY about the fabulously talented Tanit’s part in making Pavlova a success!

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