Cake Fabric Panel Giveaway and Measurement Survey!

LilasfirstdayLittle Lila started school this week!  She’s happy and bright and absolutely ready to start school.  She likes everything about school- the rules and routine, the silly kid games, her lunchbox and already has a best friend.

Lila’s first day of school means I can work on Cake full time.  Previously, I snatched afternoons, evenings, and weekends as I could to work.  Now I can reliably schedule my work-week!  (Seriously, I am stoked about that.)

I hate not blogging, but I don’t have the energy for big exciting posts or series either (I’ll save those for Circuses, Shipping Seasons and Sewalongs).  I have a lot to do these days.  Some boring, some top-secret.  To keep up the practice of blog-writing, I set myself the goal to post 300 words a day until I receive word about the Pavlova pattern shipment (could be tomorrow or two weeks from now).  Nothing heavy, just snapshots of my production work and maybe a few notes and a discussion.

Pavlova Envelope DetailOne thing I did this week was finish off the Tiramisu and Pavlova Organic Cotton Sateen Envelope Kits.  Each kit has instructions, a fabric panel, a magnetic button set, interfacing scraps, and facing fabric to create a fabric envelope sleeve.

Finished Kits | Organic Cotton Envelopes

They’re all ready to go!

Panels GiveawayI have six offcut sets (two Pavlova, four Tiramisu) to offer as giveaway prizes.   These are not full panels, I don’t want to sell them as a kit.  I’d rather send them out and see what happens!

To enter, please share two measurements:

handwidthHand circumference


I will choose the first winner tomorrow at 6pm Sunday local time, the second winner the next day and so on, drawn from the comments on this post.  I’ll announce the winner at the beginning of each “snapshot” post.  How’s that?

(I have some awesome vegan makeup giveaways coming up, too.)


  1. Exciting times for you & Lila!

    My hand is 19.5cm, and my bicep is… strong ;-) In fact, it’s 35cm.

    • oh! Hahah, I suppose so… I’ve been testing some proportions equations I found in an old book. Probably drive people nuts who know me irl… ;)

      Thank you- imperial and metric! I usually use metric in my spreadsheets, decimals are easier to play with than fractions…

  2. 8″ and 20″ and oh, Lila is growing up so fast! It’s so cool that she took to school, though really not surprising! :)

    • Oops just checked your photo Steph and redid my bicep as you did – 15″. The first time I took it further up and clamped my arm to my side. Mind you, the above tells you a lot about my need for ease! :)

      • True, and how interesting… I suppose for ease requirements it’s best to find the maximum bicep… Hmm.. But for this exercise, I think we’re ok. Bicep is the constant, hand width is the variable. If it all works out according to plan. :)

    • No, I doubt I’ll do that. It’s simple enough to add a few inches to the end of a sleeve and stick your thumb through the seam, please do on any Cake releases you would like to. :) But I’m not likely to write it in there…

      Thank you! :) :)

  3. First days at school, that’s a great step :) It’s great to hear that the transition is going smoothly! I wonder what you’re going to do with those measurements? Anyway here they are: 8 1/4″ and 13″ (I have very wide hands!)

    • Such a big step! :)

      Oh, I’ll plug them into a spread sheet and juggle them and mix them with some other spread sheets and then use it in the Hummingbird drafting for something completely unrelated to hands and arms. :) Thank you!

  4. 17.5 and 32 are the 2 magic numbers….

    H started kindy last week – just 5 days a fortnight – its astonishing what you can get done in that short period of time!

    • Thank you! And yes, yes it is. She was really getting to the point where she needs that constant stimulation. Like a beagle. :) Now when she gets home in the afternoon we relax a bit and hang out, it’s nice.

  5. 7.75 inches and 14.5 inches.
    I love the photo of little one with the school bag that’s nearly as big as her! Such a winderful time for you both, enjoy!

    • Thanks, Fiona. :) It IS huge, she chose the pale blue one with sea monsters and whales all over it even though there were brilliant pink princess ones on the same rack. I was pretty pleased. :)

    • Thanks, Laura. (Yes, the best red lipsticks I’ve ever ever ever found in my life and they do other colors, too. It’s too good not to share, vegan or not! :))

    • Thanks, Sunflower…

      My daughter does this thing lately at the table where she swallows her milk or juice or whatever in one gulp and announces “I WON!” We look at her, baffled, since it wasn’t a race, just a meal… Everything is a competition with her lately. :)

      I think you’re in good company, looking at my spreadsheet that’s all in metric…

  6. Don’t include me in your give away (I like paper envelopes, although yours are adorable!), but I’ll contribute to your poll. Hand 7.5 inches and biceps 13 inches. :)

    • Oh alright. No giveaway prize for Heather. Noted. ;) :) Thanks for contributing, I have a nice little dataset going. Fingers crossed I get heaps more!

    • It might be very interesting, might not. More like… Y’all are helping me answer a question I found in my drafting. :) Thank you!

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  8. Hi Steph – what would you call an arm warmer and/or a gauntlet pattern? that has me thinking about birds and dessert names now :-) my hand is 18cm and my bicep is 41 cm. Love the comps/quizes you run, thanks Monika

    • I would call it… Someone else’s pattern. ;)

      Thanks for your measurement, Monika, I’ll add them to my tidy little dataset. :D (aw, thanks… got to keep busy!)

  9. No need to enter me for the giveaway, but here are my numbers: 6 7/8″ (17.5 cm), 10 1/4″ (26 cm) -ish.

  10. I can’t say that I’ve ever taken my hand measurement! But now I know :) It’s 7-3/4″. I have taken my bicep measurement for sleeves before, it’s 13-1/2″. My measuring tape doesn’t have cm on it or else I would convert those for you. (Guess that’s what I get for “Made in America” goods!)

    • Thanks, Emilee. How very strange it doesn’t have metric… I think both ways, myself… And very grudgingly I have to say that metric is better than imperial in pretty much every way… :) Maybe future Cake kits will have a little “both ways” tape measure… Hmmm!

  11. um, I’m feeling wimpy now….hand 7.25, arm 10.25. No need to enter me in the giveaway, just contributing to the small end of the bell curve. :)

  12. Just for you, I measured in cm :) 17cm hand and 24cm bicep. And now I’m thinking I need to go lift some weights to work on my lack of bicep muscles… Interested to see how you use these measurements!

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  14. Like everyone else, I’m curious… both about the underlying reason for, and the end result of, this survey…
    My hand is 18cm, and the “bicep” (or my best approximation of where it would be if I had a proper one) is 28cm.

  15. I don’t care about the giveaway but I wanted to add my measurements. I still have gotten around to measuring all the men in my house either. Do you still need man data?
    Hand 7 inches Bicep 11 1/2 inches.

    • Oh alright, haha. I’m still collecting man data, yep. I didn’t get very much, but that’s ok, I have some other sources… And thank you!

  16. I’ve got a little person who’s itching to follow his sister to school. He tries to break in every day. Roll on September, I say!
    My measurements are 7.25″ hand and 12.5″ bicep. Hope this helps!

  17. Hi Steph, I’m finishing my Tiramisu tonight or bust! Thanks for the excellent sew-a-long.
    Racking my brains to think what kind of pattern this will be … my hand is 7.5 inches, bicep is 11.
    Cheers –

    • Thank you, Ruth. :) Pavlova will be available very very soon, it’s all with the printer now and I can’t speed them up. I’m not important enough… ;)

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    • Thanks, Teresa. I suspect most of us have a slight difference from one arm to the other… I could have asked for both and then we’d know for sure… :)

    • Thanks, Claire! And congrats to you, too… I do sort of pinch myself every so often and think “Am I really old enough to have a school age child? We did that? Good work, us!” ;)

  19. Hand 18.5cm
    Bicep 35.5cm

    And my 4yr old saw me measuring and wanted to join in, her hand is 12.5cm and her bicep is 17cm. On each side. Because why would you measure one but not the other? Silly poppet.


  20. You didn’t say whether you wanted dominant or non-dominant hand/bicep. I chose right (non-dominant) because it was easier to measure. ;-) Hand: 18.5 cm Bicep: 39.5
    I would love to know what theory you are chasing down! Just looking at the data submitted so far, mine is one of the smaller hands, but one of the largest, if not the largest biceps. Please share once you have enough data to start reaching some conclusions!

    • Thanks, Kay. For what I’m doing, dominance doesn’t really matter…

      Well.. It’s a bit abstract probably. I started out wondering what variation I might find in handwidths for another project not related to hands or arms or anything. A proportions puzzle. Then I started to wonder if handwidth is tied to weight, biceps are an excellent indicator of weight change so I tied the hand measurements to that. I don’t think there’s any correlation, but I’ll “publish” my thoughts on it on Friday when I run out of giveaway offcuts. :)

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