Finished Object: Drapey, Stripey Tiramisu Dress in Cotton Nylon

Colorful Summer Lace Dress, Silk Lining | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours PastI finished the Lacy Stripey Tiramisu dress the other day, just before the “end” of the 30 Minutes A Day Sewalong.  I say end because I’m watching the flickr group and checking progress to see if we’re all on the same page before I publish the final two posts.  The final two will cover documenting your customized pattern/hacking and then we’ll have a Tiramisu Sewalong Party here at 3 Hours Past on Monday!

That’ll give everyone til Sunday to finish up and take a picture, and I’ll include any finished Tiramisu Dresses marked or tagged “Finished Object” in the flickr stream.  I’ll make a gallery page, be sure to link to your blog (if you have one) in the flickr stream.  I also wanted to feature some of my favorite questions and comments from the “class,” I’ll request permission first so keep an eye out on your flickr posting…

Now that’s out of the way…

Cotton Ribbing Waistband | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours Past

Thanks for all your tips and suggestions when I was putting the dress fabrics together before the sewalong started.  I knew I wanted to use some fun fabrics for this dress, I’ve shown a lot of restraint in my fabric choices for other Tiramisus.  I ended up choosing the black and white striped cotton jersey (no recovery), cotton ribbing for the waistband (great recovery), and a nylon lace fabric for the skirt.  I rummaged in my “recycled” stash and turned up silk for the lining and some old organic cotton for the pockets.  It’s firm, but very soft and strong fabric.

Lacewing TopYou may recognize the lace, it’s the same motif as another lace garment.  I like what I like. (and it was 40% off)

Woven Organic Cotton Pockets | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours PastInspired by Kaddidlehopper’s long, graceful Tiramisu skirt sweep, I cut my skirt longer.  This length used 2.5m of 60″ wide fabric, and I have enough left over for a bolero perhaps.  (Check it out, I’m wearing a bit of yellow!  I’ve been trying to work it into my life for a while now…)

Recycled Silk Lining | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours Past

I ended up using the recycled silk, because the colors beneath the lace reminded me of a tropical bird of some sort.  I can make a lining post for the Tiramisu Sewalong, but just briefly I cut the basic skirt from the folded piece of silk, sewed the single seam, and then stitched it to the skirt waist seam with a zig zag.  If I want to change, it’s easy and this treatment will wash.  The bias cut of the silk at the waist gives me enough flexibility to pull the dress over my head, even though it’s not a stretch silk.

Bias Drop on A Humid Afternoon | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours Past More yellow!  After a little while in the sun and humidity and being on my body, my dress bias “dropped”.  We’ve been discussing the bias and the way it behaves in knits almost every day in the Sewalong and I couldn’t resist sharing this photo because it shows the bias drop so well.  The seam is a good inch below my bustline, and I had to pin the neck closed.

That’s not a catastrophe.  I gave her an underbust tune up.  Now that the fabric has settled and dropped, I shouldn’t have any more problems from that seam.

The Gape Test | Stripey Lacy Tiramisu | 3 Hours Past

I love all the gape test photos for this dress cropping up on blogs, I pin all the Tiramisus I find while reading blogs but if I’ve missed yours and you’d like to be added, just let me know with a link.

After we finished up taking photos and were heading into the house, I started to jump the back fence, as is my habit.  I do this on a daily basis, regardless of what I’m wearing.  Stephen captured the amazing no gape neckline in action:

It’s terribly unladylike, but quick and saves me walking around by the sidewalk in the heat.

Cake Roll Kawaii

I needed a neat way to tote a few simple tools to and from classes, and to put into my project box for my current makes.  A friend suggested using a bamboo mat and some fabric to create a roll for my tools.  This afternoon, I found some really cute multi colored bamboo mats for cheap and tossed this together in less than half an hour.  I’m in love.   This Cake Roll is good.

Cake Roll Width

I put in little pockets for holding a seam ripper, pinbox, needle box, notions, and may add a little mini corkboard for pins I’m using.  I wrapped it up tight and threw it hard at my floor repeatedly to see if any pieces came out or broke.  They did not.

The bamboo mats were cheap and cute, so I bought as much as I could.  I have enough matting to make about 2 dozen Cake Roll kits.  I’ll take better pictures in the morning, write out the full kit contents and link to the Etsy listing in the Cake Update email newsletter.  The entire kit is quite light, which makes for cheap shipping. ($6.30 to US, UK, etc $4.50 NZ, $1.20 Australia)


Last week, I offered 8 organic cotton fabric sateen envelope kits to the email list which I promptly sent out to the UK, US, NZ and Australia.  I have ordered more fabric panels, and the kits will be available for both Tiramisu and for Pavlova at the end of this month.  I also have a local artisan friend to help me assemble the kits, we both used to put quilt kits together so this is… A piece of Cake…

I used some black organic cotton canvas woven fabric I had lying around on a whim to see how woven pocket bags work vs. knit- WOW.  Such a difference.  I don't think I'll use jersey again, much smoother and neater.

I used some black organic cotton canvas woven fabric I had lying around on a whim to see how woven pocket bags work vs. knit- WOW. Such a difference. I don’t think I’ll use jersey again, much smoother and neater.

We’ll finish up the Tiramisu posts here at 3 Hours Past with the Tiramisu Party on Monday, then I’m going to take a little “production holiday” for a few weeks so I can stitch up all the samples I need for upcoming Cake Patterns and Kits. I’ll be tweeting and pinning, but less updating to the sewingcake site and 3 Hours Past.  I’ll also continue to answer Tiramisu flickr group questions for as long as they appear.

What do you think?  I kind of want to make the lace skirt into a separate piece, and put a solid red skirt on this dress.. Not that I don’t like it, more like I like the skirt and want to wear it with all of my tops..!


  1. HOLY. CANNOLI. I love the recycled silk – it looks spectacular under the lace!! I love the longer length, and bits of color in the skirt paired with the black and white stripes. The effect is stunning overall!

  2. love your tira! i think it would be gorgeous with a red skirt too – maybe that skirt with a plain black bodice or top to really show off the lovely pink lining?

    i need to hem tonight and take pics tomorrow and i will be uploading to the flickr group (my photographer is back in the country – or at least he will be in the next few mins!)

  3. I love the skirt, but I think turning it into a separate and adding a red skirt would look fabulous and that skirt with the silk peeking though deserves to be mixed and matched!
    And you know already how much I looooove the tool roll you made!

    • Thanks… I do have some red organic cotton around here, I might cut a short circle skirt and see what happens. Seamless… Could look terrible though, like a skating costume… ;)

      Yes! It’s such a fun and tidy little project, I am already thinking of making a grooming one for traveling…

  4. I love the pink. I love the skirt you made yourself as lining. I don’t love it as lining – so I totally vote for “change the pink to a real skirt, put a red lining under”. Can I vote for “make red lining match at the hem to black lace” while you’re letting us vote? /grins

    Seriously – that black lace long skirt looks ****amazing**** on you, and should get whatever treatment will encourage you to wear it lots.

    • No hearthie, the pink is too light for a skirt on its own and that wasn’t one of the voting options! ;) ;)

      And no, I don’t think I’ll go all the way down. It’s not done in RTW skirts of this type (always shorter) and would read frumpy I think, to people who are looking and not thinking about it.. Just a hunch… Also, it’s *hot* here and the lace encourages airflow.

      Thanks. :) I think I will make it into a standalone skirt, when I get a few minutes… And I can’t get the idea of a red circle skirt out of my head for the dress bodice…

  5. I love the longer skirt, too. And the different fabrics. Ever since you started working on the pattern and discussing the knits issues here, I’ve been wondering what the pattern would do in a woven… When I finally lay my hands on it, I may try it. :-) (I made a gift arrangement in the end, but so far no pattern…)

    • It’s usually a bad idea to try to make a knit pattern in a woven. Though it’s usually interesting to make a knit garment from a woven pattern.

      The shape, the bias ratios, everything would be off and I don’t recommend it. Not in a “challenge accepted” way but just not at all because it would be a complete waste of fabric way…

      Gift arrangement? Did I miss something? Do email me if that’s the case.

      • No, no, you did not miss anything, it’s a gift arrangement with my sister. :-) She had some problem with the link I sent her, but I don’t believe it was a problem on your side.
        I did carefully collect the cake pieces, but could not find the last one and had other things to do towards the end of the month, so I do not have them all.

        OK, no woven. Only maybe as an experiment in proving you right if I have a really, really, REALLY ugly fugly fabric I have absolutely no idea what to do with… :D

  6. I love it, so, so pretty!
    The longer length looks great.
    Also love the idea of being able to wear the lace skirt over lots of other slips.
    The stripey top would look lovely with a red skirt. So many options …

    • Thanks Fiona!

      I know! So many options… :) I even thought for a few minutes about attaching the bodice to some knit circular shorts for a playsuit…

  7. Just Gorrjuss!!! Love it :)
    ps – I got my crayfish in the post last night! Haven’t opened it yet because I’ve got a big project finishing at work today and I’m saving it for tonight :)

    • Ooooh let me know how it goes! He may need a gentle pressing, but the silk is very very tough. Presscloth, etc, and a light spritzing of vinegar if there’s any stubborn creases. I tried to be quite careful. I hope you like him, he’s *so* much prettier than mine… :)

  8. I say make it into a skirt! It’s to lovely to be consigned to the one top. And give the red skate skirt a go…what’s the worst that can happen.
    I’m now wishing I was sewing my cream lace rather than toile-ing a shirt for The Husband…but its his Christmas present, I still owe him a pair of trousers I promised 3 years ago, and it’s snowing here so lace can wait.
    And I’ve just realised that he might like the Lamingtons pattern when it comes out. Win!

  9. It looks gorgeous! What a combination! One question – do you ever interface to get rid of some of the fabric droop?

    • Thanks Amy!

      No, that won’t work. For one, I’d be fighting too hard against the nature of the fabric, and that seldom works for very long. The stretch would fight the interfacing and it would look ugly on the outside.

      It also won’t work for mobility and etc. I wouldn’t be able to pull the dress over my head. It just doesn’t work, no interfacing in that area. Not even elastic, what a disaster. I should post my disaster Tiras so no one does these things… :)

  10. I really like the longer length and I love the pop of yellow. I have yellow toenails at the moment and it’s fun for summer. The coloured silk is gorgeous and the whole outfit is perfect. I always get a kick out of seeing what you come up with.

  11. Gorgeous dress! I think I want to make one that is all black stretch lace with a single colour underlining, and maybe plain black jersey for the midriff and bindings? Let the fabric hunt begin!!

    P.S. the Tiramisu fabric envelope which you posted on Monday (I think) has arrived in the UK today! Super fast or what! I may have to sew it up tonight so it’s ready for all my sewalong pattern pieces to go in.

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