The Pavlova Circus Leaves Town, Yet the Sideshow Continues

Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt | Final Day of Pre-Sale

Well friends, the Pavlova Circus & Pre-Sale draws to a close.  It’s the 21st here (all day) but since Australia’s in the future I will leave the pre-sale listing up on Etsy until midnight my time- there’s still a little time to get in on the pre-sale action yet!

Pavlova With Pants Back

Even though we’ve crawled all over the pattern in the past five days, I feel like there’s so much left to talk about!  Thanks for dropping in to play, and thank you so much for 198 pre-orders!  Woohoo! Production will keep going smoothly and by February we should all have our lovely paper patterns.

Pavlova With Pants Front

From the idea of Cake, to the Tiramisu Dramas to the Pavlova Circus, I feel like this year has been one very long and steep learning curve.  You all have been so kind and generous to me, patient when I make mistakes and enthusiastic about my ideas.  This means more to me than I know how to express, and I thank you.

In the past few weeks, I’ve started to feel like all the little pieces of this Cake thing are finally falling into place.  I’m sure we’ll still have bumps along the way, and 3 Hours Past will probably never be quite the same as it was before but I think I know better now what it is I’m doing.  Sometimes building Cake has felt like groping through the dark trying hard not to knock anything over.  Thanks for coming along with me, I think we’ll do some really good work together in 2013.

Perfectly Quick Knit Waistband

Perfectly Quick Knit Waistband Feature

I showed you the 2nd Position of the Pavlova Skirt yesterday- the knit waistband.  (We’ll go through 3 more positions once Pavlova ships!)  I still need to upload the pictutorials for the interlined pocket and the seamless Pavlova Skirt cutting layout.  That will happen before Pavlova ships, never fear!

Perfectly Quick Knit Waistband Feature 2

In the meantime, if you’re interested check out the visual guide I created to explain the process of making the Position 2 waistband.  I’ve been struggling with the best ways to present this kind of information, and I finally think I’ve found my “method”.  What do you think?  Yes?  No?

Perfect Knit Waistband 12 | Pavlova Circus | Cake Patterns

The sewingcake site allows me to be far more creative than 3 Hours Past with the way I organize posts.  For example- the Perfectly Quick Knit Waistband tutorial is posted to Flickr and shows up as a compact gallery on the PQKW page.  You can then click to view the individual steps, and leave a question or a comment.  That means if you’re sewing along and you get stuck I can easily answer you.  And others can see it!

Picture 25

I want to take full advantage of that neato new toy during the 30 Minutes A Day Tiramisu Sewalong.  You can go check out the intro page to sign up and click into the flickr group if you like.  I think it’s nice to treat a sewalong as I would a class, and that includes saying Hi and chatting a bit!  If you just want to sew along, that’s fine too.  It’s your choice.

I had the idea that during the sewalong you’d be able to upload pics of your trouble spots and fit issues to the Sewalong Flickr group, and I’d be able to sketch on top of your photos and re-upload them.  I do this often via email to sort out sewing and fitting woes and I find it works much better than words alone to convey what is needed.  Everyone speaks a different English, know what I mean?

Perfect Knit Waistband 2 | Pavlova Circus | Cake Patterns

The sewalong visuals will mostly take the same format as the Knit Waistband Tutorial- detailed construction shots with all the info and I’ll divide the sewalong into 10 days to suit knits newbs.  With each post, I’ll answer questions from the previous day and we’ll all eat Tiramisu.  It’ll be great fun- just like in classes.  If you are participating in the 30 Minutes a Day Tiramisu Sewalong and you have a particular question or issue you’d like to see addressed, please let me know on the Sewalong page.  Or via email if you prefer, but don’t be shy!  There’s no such thing as a stupid question…

The Beach

This will be my last or next to last post here at 3 Hours Past until after the beginning of the year.  I don’t have to tell you the last couple of months for me have been really busy and hectic.  I want to sit back and process everything and draw up a work schedule for next year and hang out with my family and go swimming in the ocean and make dollies.  Lots and lots of dollies!  Finally I’ll be able to sit and focus on the Ultimate Esme Petit Four…   I’ll be quietly tidying up and editing the sewingcake site, and uploading my dolly projects but very little else.

I wish you the very best of the holidays, or if the holidays aren’t your thing then just enjoy the time away from the daily grind.  It’s good to rest!

Note on shipping: If you ordered a Tiramisu in the past couple of days, it will be in the post shortly if not already.  Other Tiramisu orders will go out after the first of the year.


  1. Knew that it would look fabulous with wide legged trousers! Love, love, love.
    Happy Christmas to you and your lovely family. And may 2013 see your dreams soar as high as you can imagine.

    • I totally dug up those photos for you, Evie! :)

      Thank you. You too, I hope you can find some peace and joy in the middle of all the drama with the Boy.

      • Thank you on both counts!
        He’s doing fine at the moment, thank you. We’ve got the cough under control with antibiotics and hopefully they’ve dodged the sickness bug that was flooring children at school yesterday. 8 had to be taken out of the Christmas carol service. Poor little things.

    • Hm- good question! The Pieces of Cake game ends when 2012 does, and there will be a flickr gallery up on the Pieces of Cake page for everyone to upload their 8 pieces… Digitally assembled, or cut out or really whatever you like. :)

      So if the gallery is there and it’s uploaded and you want a Tira, I/we can drop it in the mail right away without a problem. Unfortunately, I can’t control the postal service. (express could be an option if someone wanted to pay for it) The sewalong starts on the 8th. Aus and probably NZ would get it in time, some places in the US probably and maybe in London.

      The winners will receive a special code and a place in one of my spreadsheets, so it can be redeemed any time. I have a “work wear” semi-couture set coming out in a little while, a men’s pattern and a frilly ruffly thing I didn’t complete before xmas but I *adore* so really want to put out as a nice pdf. :)

  2. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year to you and yours. You’ll cap a very busy year with the final production bits of Pavlova, and producing all those tutorials. Take time to rest and enjoy your husband and precious little girl.

  3. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013! I’ve really enjoyed the blog over the past year. It’s helped me to take a break from my own stresses and enjoy a little sewing (both mine and yours, vicariously). Congratulations on all your accomplishments with Cake this year too!

    Hope that you have a chance to relax and read that book over the holidays! Murakami is one of my favorite authors. “Dance Dance Dance” and “Wild Sheep Chase” were my introduction and probably my favorite books of his. I think “Hardboiled…” is a prelude to his more complex recent work. Enjoy!


    • Thanks, Jen. I really enjoy your responses, you really make me think and I love that we don’t have to agree. :)

      Yes! Kafka on the Shore was my first Murikami, and I’ve been a total fangirl ever since.. I’m taking my time over Hardboiled, it’s my third reading and SO many details and layers are coming out that I’ve never seen before. :)

  4. Such great work. And, I love those pants too. Hope to order some Tiramisu soon so I can join the fun. Thanks for all that you did/do, can only image the craziness involved. We dressmakers love it tho! Happy Holidays. – Jill

    • They are Wearing History Smooth Sailing trousers- except I stuck some Oliver + S patch pockets on the front… Organic cotton, quite aged but I love them… :)

      Hahah Not too much craziness.. Just the right amount I think. :) Happy Holidays!

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