Day 1 | Pavlova Circus & Pre-Sale | In A Tree Mobility Testing

Pavlova Envelope Front | Pavlova Circus This morning, I am happy to introduce to you Esme, the covergirl for Cake Pattern’s second release: Pavlova Wrap Top and Skirt.  Pavlova Separates.

The second release from Cake Patterns is nearing printing time!  You can see the envelope cover, envelope back and read just the sewing facts at the Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt Etsy listing.

Production is set to go to print in early January, when I’ll be running the Tiramisu 30 Minute A Day Sewalong.   I want to focus on developing the classroom aspect of at that time, so we’ll have the Pavlova Pre-Sale and Circus now rather than then.


Pavlova Envelope Back | Pavlova Circus


Pavlova Separates:

“Ballet style wrap top in jersey ties at the natural waist while the back tucks into the skirt as a ‘muffin cover.’ The top is cut all in one piece with the sleeves, which may be cut longer or shorter.

The four-piece circle skirt makes optimal use of fabric, zips up the back and features a pintucked patch pocket. A strong, simple, neat double binding finishes the waist edge of the skirt.”

Wow Pavlova Wrap Top and Skirt | Full | Hi Res


Choose the Pavlova skirt according to waist measurement.

Choose the Pavlova wrap top according to full bust. Bicep and waist height measurements printed on pattern.

30”-50” / 76.2cm-127cm : Full Bust

25”-50” / 63.5cm-127cm : Waist


esme in the backgroundYou may recognize Esme.  She was the “back” view girl on Tiramisu, which featured Penelope.

Esme has a great story of her own, and during the Circus I’ll

Click for a hint

Maya | Covergirl for Hummingbird | Back View Pavlova |

share her story with you.  Mikhaela

and I worked happily over the past week on a special “Esme” project for Xmas.

Meanwhile, consider the Pavlova Circus and Pre-Sale open!  Go check out the Pavlova Circus Information Desk- I’ll update the gallery on that page with each Act and Side Show in the Circus.  The information desk will keep everything in one place.

The Pavlova Circus Pinterest board serves the same purpose.  It’s easy to re-pin something to read later.  So very, very easy.

  Watch the details unfold this week on 3 Hours Past with posts about:

Raw Inspiration | Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets | 21st Century Doll | Old School Doll | Jointed Paper Doll

Raw Inspiration | Inkjet Printable Fabric Sheets | 21st Century Doll | Old School Doll | Jointed Paper Doll

  • Pattern Lore Behind the Wrap Top (And “Muffin Cover,” explained)
  • Skirt in Stretch or Woven (And Fabric Efficiency)
  • The Pavlova Discussion (edible Pavlova toppings and also tissue vs. paper pattern poll)
  • Esme, Petit Four on a silver Cake stand

For your first good look at my strawberry linen Pavlova Wrap Top, I offer you a mobility test gallery.  I played with the photo settings in most of the photos to best showcase the drape of both fabrics.

I also added a few photos of a drapey wool winter version of Pavlova.  If you click one, a slideshow should come up…

Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt | In A Tree 0

The strawberry linen jersey wrap top is soft and drapey.  I wash it with like colors in a warm wash (sometimes hot) and line dry.  It’s loose and flowy, great for summer.  We’ll talk about winter options a little later in the Circus.

The ivory merino version is the same size, same construction, but made in a dense and fine merino wool.  A lovely winter blouse.  More on that later…

Pavlova Wrap Top & Skirt | In A Tree 7The Pavlova Circle skirt here is made of a lightweight corded cotton canvas with a horsehair hem and an invisible zipper closure.  In some photos, the skirt is longer than others to show that slight length variations make a big difference.  Keep an eye out for that later this week when I focus on Skirts.

Fusible Webbing Guide | 3 Hours Past

I included a few photos of the gray sample I made from plushy windowpane check wool.  I showed you the construction process a few weeks ago with my Semi- Couture Hem Finish.

Pre-sale Price | Cake On Etsy Button | Pavlova Circus


  1. This a lovely outfit – and it happens to look great both dressy and casual. I really like the generous overlap of the wrap which would make it a little more wearable than your average wrap.

  2. Me too! Ordered the pattern, that is. Can’t wait!

    I’ve been meaning to ask, the Tiramisu # is 144, the square of 12, and the Pavlova # is 169, the square of 13. This can’t be accidental! Is there some hidden meaning here? I’m intrigued!

  3. Great details in these designs – love the pintucks on the pocket and the creamy winter version of the top with the pearl brooch.

    Also, great choice of reading matter!


    • Thanks! We’ll get after those details with a microscope- like… Can the pocket be made from pink tulle? I think so…

      I like those orange Penguins. Pretty much guaranteed a good read.

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  5. Hi Steph,

    Just wondering if you got my emails about catching up tomorrow (Wed). I haven’t heard back from you so I am wondering if one of us is having email problems. Julie

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