Tiramisu Digital Download Live on Etsy | Brisbane Class Notes

I’m very pleased to let you all know that nearly all of the Tiramisu pre-sale patterns have shipped!  If you have not yet received a notice, you will shortly.  Leila has been fantastic, it takes a great deal of organization to send out as many patterns as she did (around 270 at last count) but she did it well and quickly.  During the shipping, we’ve been keeping Cake running around the clock between the two of us!  When I get up in the morning, I have an email from her to read about the day, and when I go to bed I write the same for her.

The other bright spot has been the much-maligned (by me) Australia Post.  They were so helpful and kind, I could hardly believe I was in a Post Office!

Now that the pre-sale is out of the way and we have our system in place for the Etsy orders, it’s time to release the pdfs on Craftsy!  I started out making pdf patterns through Craftsy before deciding to try my hand at paper patterns.  Craftsy was training wheels.   I wasn’t sure you’d want a pdf pattern if a paper one were available, but it turns out that those who love pdfs are a passionate lot!

You can click the twin Penelopes below to visit the Sewing Cake Craftsy shop to download either US or A4.  Please double check before you download.  Then come back for the pdf story.

A few months ago, Joost at MakeMyPattern linked to me in his blog and sent a follow up email.  I found him a witty and intelligent person, and we discussed drafting and software issues and blogging.   At some point he mentioned to me how he tiled his patterns, breaking them up from larger files.  I filed that information away, but at that point I was confident I could handle breaking up my pattern file.

Early last week, I decided I was wrong.  My computer didn’t want to manipulate the file and the various ways I tried tiling weren’t giving me the desired result, so I asked Joost for a hand because he knows so much about these things.  More than me, anyway!  I also really like working on Cake with people who sew.  Joost took the large pattern off my hands and tiled it simply and elegantly on 54 pages (I removed the blank page 30):

The files were back in my computer and neatly tiled in both A4 and US Letter formats within hours.  Even better, he covered the entire pattern with a very pale gray 1″ grid.

When I was scrabbling around on my floor putting together the A4 version I appreciated just how useful those little grid tiles can be.

This is easily the nicest pdf pattern I’ve ever made, and I’m quite pleased with the tiling.  Do check out Joost’s blog, he just fit a pair of pants he printed from his own software:

Software to pattern to decent looking pants with great welt stitching.  Well done!  And thanks for the hand, Joost!

I put a few notes for assembly into the digital files, and I should also mention that the digital downloads don’t carry the same linework issues as the Tiramisu Knit Dress paper version.  Should you find any, please let me know so I can correct them.

If you’re looking for the paper version of this pattern, you’ll find it here on Etsy.

The pattern has reference links to the Sewing Cake website.  I’m spit-shining the new site, re-arranging furniture and getting everything in place to open this weekend!  I thought it would be more fun to wait to open the site until more of us have our patterns- and don’t forget the Piece of Cake game.  I had originally intended to open Sewing Cake.com earlier this month, and that’s reflected in the rules.  The deadline is still December 31st.  We’ll talk about that more later.

Attn Brisbane- Class!

Piece Together, the sewing cafe where I held a few classes, has closed.  This meant organizing a Tiramisu Dress class of any type would be tricky.  Luckily, Ky at VooDoo Rabbit (She and Cloud are such fun!) invited us into their shop space in The Gabba for Cake classes!

So many of you were emailing me today from Brisbane to let me know you got your pattern and asking about classes, I thought we might be able to get a class together for early December.  I know it’s soon, but I’d love to get a class in before the end of the year!  What fun!

Voodoo Rabbit can comfortably accommodate 6, so we’ll be a small class.  We’re thinking either December 8 or the 15 (Saturdays) from 12noon-5pm.  The cost for the class is $95, pattern included (or discounted if you already purchased one).  If you’re interested, please let me know below in the comments and specify the day.  I’ll make a decision by Monday.

I’m going to rest for a little while, I’ll still be around for urgent emails and comments but I need to step away for a bit and then we’ll have the new site up this weekend!  (I had more photos and etc for this post, but halfway through WordPress decided to entirely change the way it uploads and handles photos??  Of course..)


  1. Hi Steph,

    I bought the Tiramisu digital pattern on your pre-sale, I am just wondering, are you going to send me the file or do I have to do anything on Craftsy?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Way to go, Steph! You deserve a break after all this. :D

    I missed the post where you talk about the problem in the line art. I didn’t comment there, but I think your solution was perfect and very elegant. Considering that this is your first print pattern, I think you’ve done a great job!

    Good luck with your class! I wish I could attend it. :(

    • Thanks, Heather! :) We’re planning a New Year’s camping trip, probably be completely offline for the better part of a week. I’m really really looking forward to it but for now it’s all good. (Was ssooooooo tired when I wrote that but it’s amazing what sleep can do..)


      It’ll be fun if we can pull it off… It’s a rather awkward time of year… ;)

  3. YAY! I’m so excited. My pattern has shipped, and I might actually have the time to start sewing again. :) I’m really intrigued by your idea to do a 30-minutes-a-day sewalong. Often I don’t sew because I want to move from start to finish in one go, which is ridiculous.

    • Time to sew? That’ll be nice!

      I’m a fan of sewing all at one go, too… I’m always afraid if I don’t get it done, it will never get done!

      Hmm, wondering if we should have some kind of simple time trial experiment so I can get the 30 minutes just right… ;)

      • Considering how long it’s taken me to respond, I am probably not the person to try it! Still chugging away, trying to finish a course. So much reading. Social theory is really interesting, but also really overwhelming.

          • It’s for an archaeological theory class, so from tomb raiding to culture historical, processual and post-processual (which in my opinion are the most interesting, whee!). I might be taking a history class in the spring, if I can get the prof to pre-approve a topic involving looking at gender (specifically lower class women) during the Italian Renaissance. Yay, post-processual theory!

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  5. Wow…busy lady! I know my pattern has been shipped and I’m waiting by the letterbox with bated breath. Oh to live in Brisbane so I could attend your class. It would be worth the Christmas Barbecue! ;-)

    • Yeah for sure, it’s a pleasure. :)

      You’ll have to suss out the Byron sewing scene for me… If I can, I’d definitely teach the occasional class in BB. Absolutely. What a great excuse to go kayaking.

  6. Hi Steph, found u via Voodoo Rabbit. I’ve been waiting for a sewing class like yours! Cricket season is still on for the next few weeks but am very interested. Will let u know which dates suit.

  7. I am interested in the sewing class in Brisbane, I have my pattern already (yay). I am busy the 8th but the 15th would suit if it all goes ahead!

    • Great! I’m glad it got to you in one (65?) piece(s)! :) Please use “meh” fabric for the first bodice, and email me if you need anything.

  8. Downloaded the pattern and I’m taping up right now. Just wanted to let you know that the foldline on your front midriff piece says “center Back” and the foldline on the back midriff says “Canter Front”. I can’t wait to put this together.

  9. Just thought you might like to know that mine arrived today – Nevada, USA. Thank you for the speedy shipment!

    • Excellent! I think I’m going to put some pushpins into my world map as I find out where the patterns are at… It’s too tempting.. :)

  10. My pattern came in today (Massachusetts) with corrections, your nice letter and everything. I think Cake is getting a great start and that all your hard work will pay off.

  11. Just downloaded the US PDF today- I’m so excited! I just wanted to let you know that I had problems with getting the scale right on the two different printers that I tried. First I did the standard “no scaling” for the printing, but my inch box was about 1.5 inches. This was on the big printer at my place of work (shh, don’t tell). After some random trials at on my printer at home, 74% was the magic number to get the inch box to actually be an inch. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone that is having problems (though maybe I’m the only idiot who is)! Anyways, thanks for this fab pattern and thanks so much for putting in the work to make it into a PDF. I love PDF patterns!

  12. Congratulations on releasing this pattern. It’s a huge project to undertake and I understand your frustration with tiling patterns. I’ve had trouble with it in the past and only recently have I discovered an easy was to do it (through InDesign).

    The Tiramisu dress looks fantastic!

  13. Mine arrived! I’m in Delaware, USA. Very interested in your thoughts on adding slightly longer sleeves. Any reason not to just lengthen the sleeve caps that are already there? I like something just below the elbow.

  14. My pattern arrived on friday. I glance at the instruction sheet real fast. I like the way it’s laid out. Sadly, I probably won’t get around to making this pattern until next year. :-(

  15. My pattern arrived just now! I’m in England. I don’t think I can get to making it until the New Year sadly.

  16. Got mine this morning in Ireland. I cant wait to get it cut out and made up – hopefully this weekend. Thanks it looks great! Looking forward to the sewalong and the new website. Keep it coming!!

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