Announcing Frosting Fortnight 2012!

A while back, Mari at Disparate Disciplines wrote an engaging counterpoint to the “useful sewing” wave that’s sweeping the blogosphere these days. “Sew for the life you want!” she says, and offers tips for ways to incorporate fancy-fun-whimsical sewing into her everyday life.  It’s great!  Check her out.

In the comments section of that post, some of us kicked around the idea of a Frosting Fortnight- a time to get together online and share our love of “frosting” clothes and outfits- like an abbreviated, potentially freaky-fun-delightful little sister to MMM!  The time has come, dear friends.  Mari and I have sent a flurry of emails whizzing across the Pacific and she’s been working tirelessly to pull together an ace team of guest posters to explore all things frivolous during Frosting Fortnight!

Click for source!

And me?  I’m thrilled, I can’t wait to see what happens!  While Mari worked her head off behind the scenes to make Frosting Fortnight a reality, I lolled around writing knit tutorials and serging posts for The Circus and finalizing Tiramisu for the printer.  I just wasn’t much use to her-  Mari did the lion’s share of the prep for Frosting Fortnight, and I’m so excited to read her upcoming posts!  A tip of the hat, Mari.

During Frosting Fortnight, I’ll be sharing posts here about such *thrilling* subjects as Finding Your Mending Mojo, Four Ways to Throw Out Clothes, and my Mend, Blend, or End Campaign.   It’s a personal crusade, but I’ll bare my wardrobe and get real about what gets worn and what doesn’t and why.  For me, Frosting Fortnight will be about focusing on wardrobe “orphans” and rescuing them, reusing them, or throwing them out.

Meanwhile, Mari is orchestrating some truly terrific posts about the funsie side of sewing, with some awesome recipe/outfit tie-ins!  Be sure to keep an eye out over at her place, lots of action to come!  Week 1 will focus more on getting the fun, not-worn-often-enough pieces out of the wardrobe and out in the open!  Week 2 focuses on integrating these reclaimed loves into your rotation.

If you’d like to participate in Frosting Fortnight, head over to the Flickr group and sign up.  You’ll find a blank pledge there- you can make it anything you like!  I’m choosing a handful of wardrobe “orphans” and weird stuff to wear during the Fortnight (still whittling down my choices!), you can make it whatever you like!  Frosting may be self-stitched or not- the idea is to inspire each other to wear the things we have, and have a great time doing it!  Spread the word!  Mari and I are working on a button to share- available before the kickoff date on the 18th.

If you’d like to write a “Mend, Blend, or End” type post for Frosting Fortnight, email me and we’ll talk…

The last day of Frosting Fortnight falls on Halloween- the Ultimate Frosting Day!  I work at home, but I’m thinking I’ll go all out with something mad.  MAD!  It would be SO much fun to see y’all dressed up, too!  (Also, weekend Halloween costumes will be much admired.)

Next Up: Sergers/Overlockers- Differential Feed

Then: Eco-Knits and Where To Find Them

What do you think?  Are you up for it?


  1. sounds like a great idea. i wish it had taken place in summer here as i definitely don’t have enough winter frosting to take part as it is definitely too cold for summer dresses in london at the moment! however i am wearing one with tights and boots today!

    • Yeah for sure- I get that! I’d be super, super interested in seeing some “winter” frosting options… I might even compile some… Like fun and interesting knitted stuff, etc. Most people knit, right? Right? :)

      I’d love love love to have a fortnight of London street fashion running through my flickr stream. ;)

  2. Well, I’m not sure whether I’ll participate or not – travelling between school and home with a backpack is not exactly conductive to wrdrobe experiments… and my Flickr account is full. But a great idea nonetheless!

  3. How did you know I started sewing a wool jacket? Frosting if there ever was one. And I have to make a wearable muslin *first*. When the weather’s still sort of warm. Crazypants! I don’t have much “frosting” other than what I wear all the time anyway. I’ll wear my bubblegum pink skirt in your honor that week. :)

  4. Genius! I am definitely intrigued.

    One reason I tend not to wear the frippery is that then I have to launder it. That usually means a trip to the dry cleaners ($$) or hand washing/ironing more (time). I’d love a post about this side of wearing frosting, and maybe some shortcuts to save $$ and time on the clean up process?? :D

  5. Frosting Fortnight is made for me. Iam very good at sewing things I love that don’t go with anything. I’m having trouble posting so you may get several of these!

  6. Signed up, joined group, vive la frosting! Will blog about it to help spread the word for you tomorrow.

  7. I don’t really have much frosting in my wardrobe anymore. The move from Ontario to Manitoba culled most of the fluff from my wardrobe, and the move from Manitoba to the Yukon got rid of all but one or two dresses and three skirts (two of which are very utilitarian). Never mind that we got 2 inches of snow last night. But I’ll be following along, and maybe wear a dress or two during that Frosting Fortnight (even if one of them is a plain black knit…). Can’t wait to see everyone’s frosting!

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