My Last Tiramisu And Fabric Giveaway! (Now Closed)

Today I met up with my buddy Enid in Southbank, Brisbane.  It’s a great place to bring kids to play, with a city beach and water park and gardens open to the public.  Lila especially loves visiting the water park on a hot day.  I wore my new red-stripe Tiramisu dress and Enid took photos!

I whipped this dress together yesterday from my Tiramisu Dress pattern- by the way, you all have pre-ordered nearly 250 patterns!  I’m so excited, it’s such a pleasure to be involved in your sewing!

Speaking of sewing involvement, I’ve been experimenting with letting Twitter and Facebook into my sewing room.  As I stitched this dress and another sample yesterday, I took photos for my notes as usual (it’s the simplest way, I find).  This time, I tweeted my photos and some of my notes and it was such fun.  I loved that many of you responded and I chatted back, like having friends drift through my sewing room as I work.  Thanks for the lovely sewing experience, I’ll be trying that again!

This summer, I’m working with a predominantly blue and red color palette, and trying to work in some yellow accents.  I love yellow, but yellow doesn’t love me.  When I saw these canvas and rope wedges, I knew I had to pick them up to wear with my dresses!  I don’t like heels, but a wedge offers great stability and support so I like them nearly as much as ballet flats and loafers.   The black and white hat came home with me the other day, and matches my many black and white purses.  We didn’t get any shots with my bag, note for next time!

In the middle of taking photos, I had to explain to Lila it’s a bad idea to jump into a shallow pool. The only reason I include this is as an “action” shot- no gaping neckline!  No tumbling out!  This is a big deal to me.

After splashing around in the water park, we pretended to fish in a reflecting pool.  These were outtakes, but I like them and thought you might, too.  Lila’s wearing her Book Report Dress, it’s a favorite around here.

This dress fabric is a fairly stable cotton jersey.  I tested this dress on a wide variety of knits, and I’m happy with the way it behaves across the spectrum of stretchiness.  I find the “best” knits for this dress are similar to what would be used for t-shirts, but it also works with slinkier knits.  I have not tested this on synthetics or 4-way stretch but I doubt it would behave much differently.

If you’d like to win 3m of this striped jersey, leave me a comment below!  I love sending fabric out into the wide world, especially when it’s something I have used myself.  One caveat: this is a printed stripe, not a “knitted in” stripe.  I didn’t find it terribly different or difficult to work with, and as far as I could tell the stripes are printed on grain.

Click to visit the pre-sale! $11 pre-sale, $17 retail. Ends October 5th

It’s totally worth it anyway, because I love Penelope’s dress on the new pattern cover and it delighted me to no end to bring it to life.  If you’d like to bring your own Tiramisu to life, do pop over to Etsy for the pre-sale.

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, just tell me so below along with your favorite summer time style tip.  Leave a comment by the end of The Circus (October 5th, Brisbane Time) to enter!

Tomorrow: My Tips for Sewing Knits on a Regular Sewing Machine


  1. Va Va Vooooom!
    And not an inappropriate flash to be seen.
    Gorgeous. And congratulations on the successful pre-sale!

    • Hahah. Thanks, Evie. It’s a tightrope walk. :)

      So excited that you all like Cake so much! Been working up a storm, so much good energy coming from y’all. :D

      • Ah, you’ve earned it. You put a lot of work into this project and it shows. We who are about to sew salute you!

  2. Oooh, yes please! I’m very addicted to stripes this year… My favourite summer tops to whip up this year loose, bell-shaped knit tank tops. They skim over bumps and feel casual but cute to wear. And stripes go with everything! :)

    • I am *so* addicted, too. I just can’t get enough stripes, but I’m ok with it… Stripes, solids and dots for me. :)

      Thanks for the tip!

  3. The yellow wedges are perfect with this dress. You look lovely and very stylish. My summer time style tip is to embrace the old fashioned voile slip. I line most of my dresses and skirts but where I can’t or don’t I always wear a petticoat. As you know, in the subtropical climates a nylon or polyester slip, while allowing your clothes to skim over your body, can get a little uncomfortable. I’ve found a few voile and fine cotton full and half slips at op shops over the years and I love how they feel under a summer dress. I may have to actually make a couple this summer as the few I have are starting to show their age. On a side note, after a week of temperatures in the 20s, today Hobart is cold and windy. There was snow on the mountain when I went out this morning! The sooner I get home the better and looking at your Brisbane shots makes me even more anxious to be there.

    • Hey thanks, Carol! :)

      I’ll have to look into a voile slip… Might use Sherry’s pattern and some cotton lining fabric I have around here. If nothing else, very pretty for around the house… ;)

      I really love colder weather. I do. I love jackets and tailored coats and hats and scarves and knee socks and tights and boots and sweaters and layering and cabled mitts…. : / But… we work with what we have, right?

  4. I LOVE how this dress looks! It’s so super freaking cute! I really can’t wait to get this pattern and I’m glad it has sleeves and doesn’t gape. and the fabric ~ loving it. Please include me in the giveaway. Oh and congrats on the presale orders. That is awesome!!!

    • i forgot to leave my summer tip! Here it is ~ add color to your wardrobe. I have yellow shoes which I love, love, love and I have colorful cardigans (for the office). Having a variety of colors in my wardrobe just makes me happy, especially when I can’t enjoy the sun all day (because I’m stuck in the office ugh).

      • Thanks so much, Jenny. :) A nice range of bright colors makes me happy for the opposite reason- when I can’t get away from the sun I think “oh well, at least I’m not washed out!” ;)

  5. What at beautiful dress! I really, really love stripes, and especially in red and white! Nosurprise then that I want to join this giveaway;-) my summerstyle tip is: stick to a colorpalette (an all time favourite of mine) with some popping accentcolors (like yellow;-) who doesn’t seem to love me either…) and always, always overdress! so many seem to dress in summer like they have just threw something on.. But you never know (especially in summer) where you will end up and who you will meet!

    • I know what you mean… Summer is so uber casual, which is fine, but it also seems to be an excuse for wearing torn/dirty/unmatching clothes… Or under-dressing, like you said… Sigh. I love your reasoning! haha.

  6. Beautiful and stunning!
    And congratulations on all the preorders! I really like your approach to patternmaking and selling.

    • Thanks, fris fris! That means a lot, you’ve been reading for aaaaages. ;) I’ve had jobs in sales where I got in trouble for just telling the way the product would work in practical use… And never liked “lying” to people.. So it’s nice to be working for myself- for y’all. Know what I mean?

  7. Wow, you look so stunning in this dress that I want to have that, too. In red and white – so please include me in the giveaway! The hat is super cool btw.
    My best tip for summer is only indirectly connected to style: wear shoes that are comfortable and you don’t slide around in, or you’ll get terrible blisters (guess how I know?). So I’d rather use the second choice in looks and sacrifice style for comfort, but have my feet unhurt!
    My second tip is: for jewelry best go with earrings. Much nicer in the heat than a necklace or pendant against the skin. And you can wear those long earrings that in colder times only get tangled with a scarf.

    • Ah thanks!

      Comfort is sooo important. I’m still breaking in the wedges (the canvas is a bit stiff) but should be good for summer…

      Mmmm! Maybe I should get my ears re-pierced…

  8. I love this. My sister went by and loved it. I don’t have the money to pre-order the pattern right now; I think I’m going to make a desperate deal for a birthday or Christmas gift with someone, because I LOVE this pattern, and would want to own the dress in about 50 different reiterations (the other question is, where would I put all those dresses?) and dress all my female relatives in it.

    My favourite summer styling tip from this summer: twisting my hair into a low bun. It keeps my hair out of my face and away from my neck, it looks super stylish and super elegant, it’s a very easy hairdo to make.

    • Oh Hana!! You’re so funny! :) Thanks, I consider that high praise from you.

      Yes, agreed that simple and not-fussy hairstyles are great for hot weather. I never understand how some women leave their hair long during the hot times? Uuuugh.

    • Thanks, Dianne! We got out of there before the big crowds for the festival came in. I totally didn’t know people camp in Southbank!

  9. Your completed dress looks fantastic and fits right in at Southbank, a perfect place to go in today’s steamy weather. I really enjoyed your Facebook updates. Instead of seeing just your final product, I felt more involved in your process. And seeing the wrap top and waistband completed on you made me think of turning the skirt into an A shape shirt for summer. So that’s my tip. Very slimming and curve defining without exposing all we have.

    • Oh cool! I wasn’t sure if I was opening up the process or facebook spamming so I’m glad I didn’t annoy you. :) It was really fun, I’m not kidding about doing it again. I always take photos and notes when i sew these days anyway…

      Yes, the skirt will work on its own. Sh! You’re borrowing from Future Steph’s posts!

  10. Congrats on your pre sale success and please count me in for the giveaway.
    Since I live in Scotland, my summer style tip is layers as you never know what the weather will bring!

    • Oh, that famous Scottish weather! My in-laws were there during our winter, and the temps were more or less the same. ;)

      Thanks! Counted!

  11. You look like a star in your dress Steph. I love it. Congratulations on the pre-sales! I don’t really have a summer style tip, but an all-year-round tip: always wear a smile :) I think the world would be a better place if everybody smiled more (and would really listen to eacht other but that’s a whole different thing)

  12. I am so glad I discovered your blog in time for the release of this beautiful pattern. I love to sew and while I don’t often make things for myself, this dress certainly inspires me! Love it in the red and white stripes!

    • Hey Laura-

      I’d go bigger, but I already have trouble getting testers for my largest size, 50″ high bust. If you’d like, email me and let’s talk size development. :)

  13. Fabulous! I also love yellow however it is a fruitless love affair as it doesn’t love me :-( but shoes may be the answer… oh I hope I win the fabric. Striped stretch is almost impossible to get where I live!

    • Yeah! I thought I’d try yellow shoes after (of all things) seeing the yellow shoes on Esme on the pattern cover. Haha. It’s a bit weird… Like… Oh my shoes are yellow! So bright! But mostly pretty fun. ;) I might look around for some yellow bangles or something next time I’m thrifting so the yellow isn’t so lonely.

  14. Love the stripes, they are so flattering! Looking forward to getting the pattern (already pre-ordered!) and making several.

    My favorite summer tip is to bright colored toes! I am always running around with bare feet or flip-flops and bright colored toes just make me happy!

  15. It’s great to see that this dress behaves itself in the ‘real world’. I love it with the stripes but I bet it would look brilliant in a ditsy ‘anyway-up’ print as well.

    I’d love to enter the giveaway. I think my style tip for the summer is that style doesn’t have to disappear just because it’s hot or you’re on holiday. Pick a colour palette to stick to and by plenty of basic flippy skirts, linen trousers and camisoles, then add a few funky prints and some matching jewellery and you’ll always look well dressed. No huge, logoed T-shirts allowed!

    • Yes, good behavior is so important…

      Love your tips! I haven’t had a logo t-shirt for a very long time… Though the husband does wear graphic tees… :)

  16. Looks lovely! I loved the red and white stripe on the envelope-makes sense it’d look so good in real life.
    my summer style tip is a pair of jogging leggings that are especially ‘engineered’ to cool you down (cotton leggings are too warm for the equator!). All summer I have to be prepared for bouts of manual labor and having them underneath my shorter skirts gives me the ability to not worry that you’re about to flash everyone and that group of schoolkids visiting the local archaesite while giving me the heat reduction of a skirt.

    • Thanks, Teresa!

      There are so many things in your comment I want to interrogate you about- you live on the equator? Which continent? You’re an archaeologist? That’s so cool! I wanted to be one when I was a kid. :) What field? Era? Etc? Neat!

      Ever try a just-below-knee length circle skirt? For some reason, people who don’t wear them assume they’ll flip up at a bad time, but I find they’re among the most liberating garments I own… There’s just so much fabric that it can’t help but keep you covered.

  17. Count me in, red is my favourite colour :) and I’m one of the pre-orders. My summer style tip..hum…using light colours and fabrics, specially in clothes that I make

  18. Your dress is fantastic, and the fabric is gorgeous. For the summer, I live in sundresses and skirts. I always bring a cardigan with me in case of cool air conditioning. I’m new to sewing but I really look forward to trying my hand at the tiramisu. :)

    • Thanks, Julia. :) Just keep at the sewing, at first it might not turn out the way you like it but once you get used to it, you’ll love the freedom it gives you. :) Probably. I love it.

  19. I thought I might pre-order this pattern, but then I showed this post to my hubby. Here is his reaponse:

    “Now that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you! It’s very feminine. She’s hiding a lot, but the dress looks great on her!”

    So, yeah, I have added on my calendar to pre-order this dress right after my next paycheck.

    • Oh how nice! I’ve been going for that look for ages, nice to know I’m closer to the mark these days. :) Thanks for sharing that, Mary!

  20. Count me for the give away too. SUmmer is over here in Canada but the weather is still nice. You look amazing in the Tiramisu. I can’t wait until I get mine in November! My favourite summer time style tip is a ponytail – what is easier in the hot weather? That and a lot of dresses. Wearing dresses are simple and elegant all at once.

    • Thanks, Nothy! I thought you lived in the UK for some reason, silly me! Would love to visit Canada sometime.

      Thanks for the tip!

  21. My tip for summer is sunscreen and loads of it. A frozen strawberry daiquiri is a beautiful accessory for any outfit!!!!

  22. Wow…..the dress is beautiful. I love the red stripes.
    My summer tip is natural fibres and light fabrics.

  23. Oh, I love the striped jersey! I’ve been looking for some around my neck of the woods, and I can’t find any that isn’t lace and solid stripes instead of all jersey. The dress looks amazing on you, and I can’t wait to get the pattern and make a version of my own. If I win the fabric, I can be your twin in Texas. :) Summertime tip? A simple slightly loose bun secured by a clippie, hair sticks or even double-pointed knitting needles! Quick and easy, looks elegan, and keeps you cool. I also second a strawberry daiquiri, but my favorite would be a frozen fuzzy navel with peach schnapps.

    • Yeah, I feel like I’ve been seeing stretch lace stripes all over the place… It’s interesting, isn’t it?

      Oooh Texas, eh? What part? I have family in Houston and went to UT Austin. Love Texas.

      Mmmmm frozen fuzzy navel, sounds delicious!

  24. *squee* I was already loosing my mind over the fabulousness of your stripey Tiramisu and then I read about the giveaway!! Yippee!! I very much want to make a stripey version for myself and to win the same fabric as yours?! Amazing!

  25. love the version! And would be thrilled to get some suitable stripy fabric :)
    I think my yellow cardigan was the star of my summer wardrobe this year — 3/4 sleeve, shortish poly cotton and went with SO much of my wardrobe, which like your had not previously featured much in the way of yellow.

    I love all the action shots; I like all sorts of dresses but need to be able to sit properly to play the oboe and run around/sit on the floor/etc with small children so it’s nice to see it in action :)

    • Thanks for the tip, Emily. I might be brave enough for a cardigan sometime! :)

      Yeah, I like to show a bit of action. Besides, standing around for photos makes me feel all twitchy and bored… haha.

  26. love the dress and fabric so count me in for the giveaway. summertime tips: long hair is much easier to deal with if you put it up, wear sunscreen and carry a wrap to deal with the Scottish breezes.

  27. Oooh, what excellent coverage in that bending over shot. Another adorable version of a great dress. And congrats on your mega successful preorders to date! While I love the fabric on you, red really isn’t a colour I use a lot of so I’m not commenting to win, just to admire.

  28. Steph, I’m so pleased about your pre-sale. I keep telling my fiance how well it’s doing, and told him about pre-ordering because “She’s my favorite sewing blogger.” It’s a foreign world to him, but he supports you too!

    My summer style tip is off because I live in San Francisco: I love cotton twill jackets for summer layering! That and long rayon or silk scarves to bundle up when the fog rolls in. From my sultry New York days, my tip was to get a gym membership near work, so I showered a mere 4 blocks from the office–otherwise I looked like a damp cat by the time I got to work!

    I love the red stripe and also love that, since you’re wearing it so well, I know it will be a cool red that suits me too.

    • Oooooh you’re so sweet and lovely! We have a nice little world, don’t we? :) I like to chatter to my husband about the blogs and etc too…

      Great tips, thank you! SF is one of those cities on my “must” list…

      Damp cat! Hahaha.

  29. I love stripes! I’m so excited to make this dress up. My favorite tip for summer dressing is pretty earrings. They always make you look more put together even if you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

    Does this pattern work with heavier, more stable knits too? A winter dress for layering over long-sleeves would be nice.

    • Stripes are so great…

      Yes, yes it does. I made a version in a cotton double-layered jersey when I was perfecting the front neckline… It’s just fine, though it does grow a bit. But I throw it in the wash and it snaps back into shape.

      I’ll be publishing a long-sleeve hack later, once I ship the pattern. :)

  30. Funny you mentioned the action shot… I was scrolling down reading and saw that pic, and my first though was “hey – she’s leaning over and we are *not* getting a cleavage overexposure”… It made me even happier to have ordered the pattern, because it’s something I definitely have trouble with!
    I’d love to win the fabric if I can do that in the States!

  31. I was so excited by the non-exposure I forgot to leave my tip… well, I’m not the most stylish so you may want to ignore it… but I try to make something long-sleeved that “goes with” my summer outfits… just so I can go indoors with the excessive AC!

  32. Wow, that’s so pretty. I love it in that red fabric, you look awesome in it.

    I will pass on the contest though, I’ve got too much stash right now as it is.

    I’m seconding a lot of the layers tips above. I keep little sweaters, jackets, shawls around for summer so I can dress for the outdoor temperature and add when I get to work. I keep a shawl at my desk at work.

    • Thanks, Sera. :)

      Air conditioning isn’t used the same way here as it is back home. Like, at all. Some bigger malls are nice and frigid, and some shops but it’s not the same culture at all. At all, at all. I think part of it is because electricity is way more expensive here. Very interesting.

    • I love that, too. Boy do I love that- I can just get on about my life and not worry about it. :) Thanks, liza!

  33. Ooh Lovely!

    In the summertime I wear a pair of classic white Keds sneaker with practically everything…

    It’s almost winter in my half of the world here, and I’m thinking candy canes looking at this knit!

    • Hahah! Candy canes- what fun. :) We get a summer Christmas, which is pretty weird…. Even after 5 years, I just can’t “get” it… Paper snowflakes in shop windows? Sigh. I might need to super focus on decorating and crafting for a summer Christmas and posting about it… Hmmm..

  34. I love the stripe version! Although I must say, I was kind of hoping you had Penelope’s fantastic shoes, too! Your yellow wedges are definitely cute, though. My summer tip is to wear lots of flowy maxi skirts…that way there’s plenty of air circulation, but still covered up and presentable looking. For some reason, whenever I wear maxi skirts, people think I’m dressed up!

    • Heheh. I do have Penelope’s shoes, they’re black and white. ;)

      Mmmm maxi skirts. That’s a recent “Trend” or whatever that I think is marvelous and should never ever go away.

    • Thanks, Carolyn!

      well.. Since hot weather and bright sun seems to last about 8 months on end here, I’ll have ample opportunity! I’m looking at taking up some kind of water sport to help make the weather more enjoyable…

  35. Red is my favourite colour. I have been inspired by your comments on using knits and links to other peoples sites. Yesterday I went and bought some knit fabric and I am going to teach myself ( with a little help from my computer) how to make a garment with it. I have never sewn knits before. Looking forward to tomorrows tips and treasures from you. Thank you

    • I’ve always loved red… When I was a little girl I told my mother I wanted a red wedding dress and she was *shocked*… ;)

      I love 21st century sewing with computers! We can share what works and what doesn’t so easily, and everyone’s sewing gets better. :)

  36. You look awesome. The dress fits so well. I am so looking forward to making my very own. Love love that fabric too. Would love to have a chance to score it! Drool drool. Also so thrilled on your great pre sale result. It’s a great pattern though so you have definately earned it! Many more sales to come I am sure.

  37. I love those stripes and would totally make the same dress. And I might have to buy new shoes. And a bag…

    • Hahah! I’m so cranky at myself for not getting my tote in the photo.. I’ve been making very simple ones for ages now, they’re perfect for schlepping stuff around. My latest is black and white print, eeeerk I’ll just have to get it in another post!


  38. I just love the red stripe. I have never sewn knits before but having read your comments and followed a couple of your links yesterday I went out and got myself some knit fabric and I am going to give it a go. Looking forward to reading the next installments. Thanks.

    • I think red stripes might be my favorite stripes.

      Cool cool… I’m turning the focus from here until the end of the circus less to info about the pattern, and more to the sewing. :) I hope it helps.

  39. I’m really wanted to try out sewing with stripes. (also excited about your pattern!)

  40. You look fab as usual Steph and isn’t Southbank a wonderful place to play! I love knits and have been sewing with them for 30 years. They have come such a long way since I first started with them. We are so lucky now to have the superfine fabrics that drape so beautifully. The graphic prints are my favourite. the brighter the better. I am tossing up between spending the day sewing or in the garden working. I think sewing will win today. I can’t wait to get hold of this pattern to make it up in something gorgeous!

    • The kids looooove South Bank.

      But it’s a nice cloudy day for gardening! If I had a decent garden, I’d be out there in it…

  41. I love the fun red & white stripes! Your stripe matching is admirable, too ^__^ For summer I love sandals with a wedge or heel; you can put them with anything and they make you feel so girly & feminine :) I always keep my toes painted a bright colour of course ;)

    • Thanks! Haha… Part of it is good cutting, and part of it is being tricksy with the sewing… We’ll talk about it a bit.

      I had completely forgotten how much I love wedges! You’re so right about them!

  42. Pre ordered the pattern and can’t wait to sew it up! Would love to make it in the red and white stripes! I live in south Georgia, U.S. so summers are VERY hot and humid. I wear lots of skirts and dresses to try to keep cool here! Have been loving stripes recently…

    • Whew! I remember childhood summers in North Florida, we’d go to Ichetucknee springs to cool off.. Or splash in the St. Mary’s. If you add to that weather a scorching, sizzling sun then that’s Brisbane’s summer. ;)

      Thanks so much! I hope you love it. :)

  43. This is so cute! I love the red stripes and love the shoe color pairing! My summer time tip is sleeveless and fitted but not tight. My go-to dress has been a basic shift from a 60’s pattern.

  44. I would love to win the fabric to go with the pattern – that would be so cool. I am also a Brissie girl. I don’t go to Southbank much these days, I really should make the trip into the city.

    • Ah yes. The city center is pretty nice, like they’re trying very hard to make Brisbane a “New World City” like it said all over the place last year. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen that slogan for a while, I wonder what’s going on with that… Hmm..

      There’s a cinema on Gray Street near South Bank and it charges $6 to see a movie during the day, it’s also cheap at night time. And heaps of nice eateries. Then on the other side of the river is the J-Pop mall, I like getting Ramen there..

  45. Loving those shoes! I would love to be in the giveaway please!
    My summer tips are to add bright colours and natural fibre fabrics, way too hot in qld. for synthetics!
    I also want to add I love your lipstick :) Im just starting to embrace red lips myself, takes a bit of confidence but I love it!.

    • Thanks, Jodie!

      No, no synthetics. Or only very rarely. :)

      Thanks for that… I have somehow acquired six shades of red lipstick, I like this bright one and a muted one best. Hmmm… I feel naked without my red lipstick. :)

  46. Awesome pattern…does it look just as great on smaller busts? I’ve never tried a wrap jersey dress before. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your new pattern!

    • Well Sarah, “great” is subjective. I think it would look great, but we wouldn’t look the same. :) It’s a fairly simple shape, nothing too exciting, and I should think it would work fine for you. Just different.

      Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sarah

      I’ve got a small bust and I do wear wrap dresses and cross-over tops. I think they look fine on me. I just thought that could be helpful for you to know.


  47. I’m so excited about this pattern and so glad it is selling so well! I would love to make a red and white one, yours looks fantastic!

    • Thanks! :)

      The trick is I took in the side seams… My other Tiras were a more relaxed fit, and this time I just took it in a bit to show the difference.

  48. I just saw your review on Pattern Review and came here and now just purchased your pattern in a space of ten minutes! Isn’t technology grand! I am very excited as I was just wondering what on earth I would make with my stash of a cheap knit I bought that has thin blue stripes (kind of makes you head spin looking at these stripes but!). I am pretty much a tall skinny-pear shaped girl and have become very fond of accentuating curves to feel more womanly and I reckon your dress pattern is just the one I’ve been keeping my eye out for! You’re clearly a clever cookie and look fab in your dresses.

    • Thanks, Cath! Yes, technology is amazing. I think. I can barely remember a world without the internet though…

      Sounds great! And thanks! :)

  49. Oh, I love it! I don’t need to be entered into the contest. :) I have the perfect fabrics picked out already, and red isn’t part of my palette! My tip though is to always wear bike shorts or silky bloomers under your dresses. It prevents chafing, preserves modesty (I’ve had my skirts fly over my head in a gust of wind on a crowded downtown corner before! My undies had kittens on them that day, and EVERYONE saw.), and makes me even more fearless when climbing over fences and running through the woods in whatever I happen to be wearing that day!

    (Since I have such a narrow upper back, do you think that using the 35 for the back piece and the 40D for the front might work? I know I’ll have to futz a bit with the shoulder seams, but I’ll need the 40D for my front, and my overbust is 37. Or would taking it in through the centre back work, since there’s a seam there?)

    • Love that you were wearing kitten panties. Hehe.

      I think that would probably work. You’ll have to futz around a bit with the shoulder seam, but that’s well within your skill set (futzing) so you should be fine. I’d actually be quite interested to see how that works for you, if it’s good I might advise that rather than a bust adjustment. Hmm!

      You could take in the back seam, but then that might make the back neck too narrow. It really depends on your body and what works for you.

  50. I’ve been trying to think of a summer style tip all day. I think making your dress is going to be my summer style tip actually! Having smart shoes or sandals does really seem to pull an outift together, but in my experience of having too wide-sized feet for all but expensive leather shoes, sometimes smart shoes are outside my budget. I’ve bought one length of fabric ready to make your Tiramisu, but utterly adore your red and white striped fabric, so if I won, then by kiwi summertime I would have two tiras to wear! Good luck with your Cake venture – I think it is wonderful what you are doing and am looking forward to the possibility of making a pattern out of the envelope which actually fits me! Sandra.

    • Thanks, Sandra. :) My feet are pretty wide, too, but these wedges work ok. I usually buy Floorsheim or Born shoes, they seem to suit my width well. They’re a bit expensive, but I figure I spend so much time on my feet that it’s worth it to have good shoes. :)

      Thanks so much! I can’t wait, I have so much to show you all about Cake…

  51. Wow, I loved the drawing of the striped dress on the pattern cover, and this is just perfect! I’m a total sucker for stripes, so I think that’s my summer style tip – play with stripes! I love the chevron skirt and especially the neck binding, and I would love nothing more than to win the fabric so I can duplicate your dress exactly!

  52. Am not surprised you are selling so much – well done! And you look beautiful, the dress is fabulous and I´m looking foward to making my own one :)

    • I am! A bit. I was thinking it would take longer etc but I’m really pleased by everyone’s support. This wouldn’t happen without the community here. :)

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  54. It’s stripes! Red ones! And white! In a knit! What is NOT to love about this dress! My summer time style tip is stay cool and comfortable – then you’ll be stylish. And dresses definitely help on all these counts.

    • I know, right? I Loooooooove red and white stripes… ;) And blue ones. And black. ok, all of them.

      Good advice. :)

    • Oh thanks! You’re so kind… I was having a “cranky about the weather” afternoon and wasn’t sure if it comes through the photos. hehe.

  55. I have pre-ordered your pattern and looking forward to it arriving, in the meantime I will read lots of blogs on sewing with knits as I am clueless and never sewn with them before. My summer time styling tip is a cotton poncho or little cape made from lightweight cotton to keep the sun off your shoulders.

    • Thanks, Candy!

      Don’t read so much that you get confused or anything, do make sure you make a little time to just sit down with your machine and work out the stitching. :)

      I do that! Not a cape, a sun jacket thing, but I totally do that! :D

  56. I love red, and knits, and the stripes are perfect with this dress! My summer style tip is to wear as much dresses and skirts as I can, since I don’t like to wear trousers anyway… Thanks for the giveway!

    • Great advice! :) I like to wear looong looooooose flowing trousers in the summer to protect my legs… But dresses and skirts just can’t be beaten for lovely feminine style. For sure. :)

  57. This is such a fun dress-congratulations on your Tiramisu debut. I am looking forward to making this up.

  58. Love this striped Tiramisu. It looks lovely on you and the yellow shoes are a great accent. I just pre-ordered my pattern and wouldn’t mind being a copycat with that same lovely fabric ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Thanks, Andrea! :)

      Hahah, I’m imagining if all of us on the thread had red and white Tiras, a legion of bright and happy chevrons… Hehe.

  59. I’m just wondering where you bought this fabric from? Having lived in Brisbane for many years until returning to Melbourne, I always found the fabric shopping to be very limited, and bought most of my fabric on- line.
    My summer fashion tip is to wear ‘Luvees’ underwear with skirts – gorgeous bike short style pants made out of stretch lace, designed to prevent chafing (an essential for me in the Brisbane humidity) whilst remaining cool (and NOT looking like nana pants!)
    SO looking forward to getting this pattern – I’m envisaging making a work version out of a lovely soft slinky knit

    • Well… This stripe comes from Spotlight. They have the occasional good piece of fabric, and I have noticed in the past two years they have had some decent jerseys. Another game-changer on the Brisbane sewing scene was when The Fabric Store opened last year. It’s awesome. I believe you have one in Melb, so you know what I mean. There’s also gardams and sckafs and alla mode, but they’re generally really expensive fancies whereas The Fabric Store has wearable normal fabric. Even though some of it is quite interesting… I digress.

      Ah yes, little shorts! I only found out about those a year or so ago, I never knew that was a thing! :)

      Aww thanks! :D

  60. That dress looks amazing! And can I just say, seeing that it doesn’t gape when you lean over is making me very impatient for this dress. It will probably be too cool for knit dresses here by the time the pattern is out, but who cares? Red and stripes make it into my palette no matter what the season, so of course I adore this dress. I have my heart set on recreating the version on the envelope, so I’ve got my fingers crossed to win! My summer style tip: pixie cuts are adorable (on lots of people, of all shapes and sizes) and super practical for the summer months. You absolutely must have a pair of giant sunglasses to go with your new, cute hair, as well.

    • It should work pretty well as a layering piece. In fact, I like it better as a layering piece than all by it’s own like I’m wearing it… :) When I ship the patterns, I’ll also publish a hack to make long sleeves.

      I cut my hair off two summers ago in a fit of “troppo”… Was too hot, felt a bit crazy, cut off all my hair. ;) Heheh. Nice tips.

  61. Love the style of the dress with these little sleeves and the cross front. In summer, I like to wear knit top always with sleeves. I’m in lack of some dresses with full skirt and short sleeves. And I like stripes !

    • Thanks! :) It’s a nice comfy summer style, it doesn’t stick under my arms. Which is a problem here! So it’s nice not to have that happening…

  62. I rarely enter giveaways but I love this fabric so I’m in. My summer tip – carry an umbrella! That mainly comes from living in the UK, but also from a many years ago July trip to the Yucatan in Mexico. I was one of the few westerners who was carrying an umbrella as a parasol – but loads of the locals were doing the same (it was one of those great tips I picked up online before my trip). There were a couple of times I felt as though I might have actually fainted without the teeny bit of shade I got from my umbrella. It also came in useful during the downpour that occurred every afternoon.

    As a person with skin that is so white it looks blue most of the year (and the residue from high SPF factor sunscreen makes me even whiter) I think parasols need to come back into fashion :)

    • I love parasols! :) Sometimes it’s sooo much to juggle, but sometimes it’s perfect…

      :) Yes! I’m often the only “white” person around here all covered up, but I see plenty of asian ladies similarly covered. It’s really interesting, but like you sometimes that bit of shade or cover just really saves me. :)

    • I wholeheartedly agree that parasols need to come back in fashion. My arms, legs and feet will tan if i let them, but my face just burns to a nice bright pink after about 15-20 minutes of summer sun which also makes my freckles look green and that’s a color combination i’ve never been much for.

      • Ugh… I just don’t want to be all leathery when I’m older. It’s probably a really shallow reason to cover up/ wear hats but there it is! :) Also, too much UV makes me sick. Quite, quite sick, it’s a medical thing…

  63. Hats! The Australian sun is so harsh, and as healthy as a tan looks, I don’t want to have a leathery, wrinkled face before I am 30!

  64. I love this style and fabric combination. Red is my absolute favorite color, so i can’t think of too much that would better than a red and white stripey dress.
    As far as my tip goes i would say- living where i do (coastal Maine,USA)- it’s a good a idea to have a supply of comfy and cute sweaters or hoodies to wear over those summer tops and dresses- you never know when the weather will go from sunny and 90 f. degrees to a cloudy,chilly 50-60 f.

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  66. I really like seeing the cover illustration brought to life, it’s really fun! The photos make me very jealous for summery weather though.
    My tip would be suncream. Seeing sunburnt skin makes me wince (I’m very pale and very empathetic) and it’s never a good look.

    • Thanks! :)

      Yes, I could not agree more! I’m also not a fan of the “Tandoori Chicken” look or the “Oompa Loompa”. Pale skin hasn’t really caught on here though so I do get quite a lot of people asking me if I’m sick. haha.

  67. Gorgeous! Absolutely wonderfully gorgeous!
    It looks so friggin good on you!

    Summer style tips seem so strange as the UK is pretty much in winter.
    But my ultimate tip – shirring. All the dresses I have with shirring just end up so much more comfortable!

    • Thank you Melody! :)

      I love the weather in the UK. I may be the only person on earth who does, but I do. I really really do.

      Yes, shirring!

  68. Oooh, I just love this version! I have actually already purchased fabric for my Tira (jumpin’ the gun a bit here :) haha) – a soft bamboo knit in a rich purple – but I am thinking multiples are in my future :)

    Oh, and my favorite summer style tip – rayon prints! The rayon is super airly/breathable – and the print keeps sweat stains from showing :)

    • I can *not* wait to see what you make of this dress. I love your sewing.

      Mmmm rayon prints… I have a navy blue and white spot… Meant to make a 40’s draped peplum dress last summer and never got around to it.. Hmmm…

  69. I’d love to win the red striped fabric to go with the pattern I re-ordered. After a very hot St. Louis summer, my tip is to wear flowing natural fiber dresses to be stylish & keep cool:)

  70. I love the dress and the fabric. I have just started using knits and it is a great learning experience for me. Thanks for all the great info in the blog.

  71. I love, love the red/ white stripe knit! red is my favorite color :) not sure I have any summer style tips – other than you can never have too many snazzy summer sandals! (the yellow wedges are so cute!)

  72. . What a lovely style of dress. I like the look of retro with modern style. You look like you are having so much fun in it. It iis getting cool in wisconsin so my best summer tip is for the winter… just because it is cold outside; does not mean you cannot take advantage of the extra sewing time inside. Time to get sewing for summer. :)

  73. Oh please throw my name in the hat for the fabric! It would be the kick in the butt that i need to finish what I’m working on so that i can move onto something new!!

    • oh i forgot to include my favorite summer time style tip: stay indoors with the AC on! he he. the summers are brutal here. i wear a lot of sleeveless tops, skirts and dresses during the summer. it’s now fall, but it still feels like summer!

      • Thanks! :) The AC isn’t used as widely here as in the United States, I think in general Aussies are pretty good about energy use…

  74. I’d love some stripe fabric for a dress of my own for next summer, up here in Sweden it’s not the perfect season for dresses in November!

    I used to live in Brisbane almost 20 yrs ago (or noth of, In Redcliffe) and loved visiting southbank! I bet it has changed since I was last there in 2005.

    I run an online fabric shop here in sweden, and I have a new stripe fabric that I am dying to use for your pattern! Please visit at if you like :)

    • Layering?? :)

      Redcliffe is beautiful.

      Bne has changed heaps since I moved here five years ago… It’s almost what might be called a proper city, but not really. It’ll get there eventually! :)

      I’ll go take a look, thank you!

  75. I have already pre-ordered this pattern – love it! And I didn’t intend to enter the fabric competition because I have enough stripes, but then you said “polka dots”, so count me in!

    I grew up in Bris Vegas (now living in Melbourne) and I cannot stand the humidity and heat. My summer styling (such as it was) involved long and loose cotton and linen tops, trousers and sweaters. I rarely wore shorts or short skirts because the heat gets to your legs and you stick to chairs. I hated sticking to chairs! Natural fibres all the way and put the knits away until the weather cooled down somewhat.

    • Thanks so much! :) :)

      I don’t mind heat or humidity, Austin is hotter and more humid. It’s the sun that kills me, and the stillness.

      Yes! Great advice, thank you so much!

  76. Love the photos and the dress! Especially the candid, no exposure one. That is so important!
    Dressing for summer, wear what works for you! Take the time to find the style and colors that work for you and you feel like a million bucks in!

  77. Love the dress, and the fabric! I studied at Griffith University as an exchange student a few years ago, and still remember Southbank. It was lovely there!

    • Thanks, Elena! I think I’d adore Southbank if I were a student, it’s nice at night time when the students come down to the beach… :)

  78. My young 13 year old daughter wears nothing but stripes (she very luckily has an aunt who is similarly fond of stripes and regularly spring cleans her wardrobe) and I think she would look rather lovely in the Tiramisu (she is swiftly developing a bosom and bottom that the shape of the Tiramisu flatters so well). We would probably have to make an agreement that we don’t wear them on the same day, as I intend to make a version for myself as well.

    • Sounds like she knows what she likes! :)

      The dress can look really really different depending on fabric.. I’ll get it together and make a sort of “comparison” post… :)

  79. Your dress is lovely!

    Oh, I would love to win some of that fabric! I bought the pattern and it would be perfect not to have to find something similar, even though it sounds like most knits would work well.

    • Thanks, Rachael!

      :D Yes, the way the dress is put together, it’s easy to adjust for various types of knits. You’ll see. :) Thanks again!

  80. I love your pattern and the stripe alignment is perfectissimo! Please also enter myself into the giveaway. :P My summer styling tip is to always carry an umbrella! In Britain it always rains so a bright umbrella with spots keeps the summery fun! :P

  81. Oh gosh, that stripey fabric is knocking my socks off! I actually gasped when I first saw it. Is it from spotters, too? Please say it is! :P

    I love those shoes, too. Perfect with it. I don’t do heels, but I do have a couple of pairs of wedges and I find them more comfortable than some of my flats. And I always feel so FANCY in them! Ha. It’s the little things, I guess. I love yellow to, but it doesn’t love me either. But I’ve found I can wear a yellow skirt or accessory, just not near my face. I should definitely seek out yellow shoes! So happy. And they’d be perfect with my mostly black and grey winter wardrobe for a splash of happy.

    • I’m so pleased you like it. Yes, it’s from That Place. I got it for $3/m, it’s printed but it’s a decent quality print. :) They had a Navy version last month, I bought heaps of that too…

      Thanks! I do like wedges.


      • Probably worth braving it then! I almost bought some polkadots the other day, but decided to sensibly wait until payday, since was a bit skint. They had striped ponte on sale, though, I’m hoping it still is.

        Now if only I can find where they’ve moved the $*% zips to!

        Ps, I’ve been looking at handbags because I need a new one, and keep coming back to bright yellow/red/navy stripey ones. Clearly under your influence! :D

  82. For some reason, I discovered your blog only recently and I’m addicted! I’m one of those who preordered and I can’t wait to put my hands on Tiramisu (which, coincidentally, is one of my favorite desserts).
    Last summer I tried to incorporate accessories in my outfits, and since it was too hot for necklaces and bracelets, I went crazy with earrings, and had a lot of fun with it.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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  84. Love the dress and I’ve ordered the pattern. I am scared to sew with knits but it seems like there will be lots of help available here…

    My summer fashion tip is the same one somebody else suggested: wear lightweight bikeshorts type underwear under your dresses to prevent chafing. This kind of underwear totally revolutionized my approach to summer dresses.

    • Thanks, Becky! Don’t be scared, please have a look through The Circus posts to build a bit of knowledge and confidence. And if you need a bit of help with the sewing and you don’t see the answer around here, you know where to find me. :)

  85. Would love the fabric! And what a cute pattern. My summer style always includes flashy earrings – big and bold ones that I can’t wear with scarves and jackets in winter.

  86. I am learning to sew knits and I love this red vavavoom dress! I pre-ordered the pattern and can’t wait for it to swim all the way around the world to Canada! Please enter me in this giveaway. I see a Canada Day dress (red and white) in my future.

  87. I love the dress! and the fabric! I’m waiting for my pre-ordered pattern to arrive. I see a Canada Day (red and white) dress in my future.

  88. I do love how this dress has no inappropriate “pop-outs”! I shall definitely be giving it a go and am ordering it as I write!

  89. I’ve just discovered your lovely pattern and it is going on my wishlist! My summer style tip is to pop on a frock – instant style! Add some bling somewhere and you’re ready for anything!

  90. YAY! A giveaway! Style tip…hm.
    Okay, I save any long silk scraps I have leftover from sewing projects, & turn them into super light-weight scarves to add a pop of color to outfits w/o adding hot layers. I don’t even hem them! lol! Just pull threads to create an even edge on 4 sides of your scrap, trim off evenly to about an 1/8th inch, then fray to the “pull line”. Just don’t put them in the washer with that faux finish – they’ll unravel madly and fling threads EVERYwhere! (Ask me how i know that. a-HEM.)

  91. Oooh, throw my name in the hat please! My biggest summer style tip from living up north in Townsville is to keep to cottons and natural, light fabrics, and even though you think singlet tops and short shorts are going to keep you cool, you’ll suffer as soon as you get into the sun – often I feel much cooler in a blouse with small or elbow length sleeves and a knee-length skirt than when I’m wearing ‘less’ clothing.

  92. Hi Steph,
    Looking forward to the pattern release, I ordered mine last week. My summer style tip is stay away from black – black is boring and hot. I like the ‘bike pants’ tip – I wore them when I was pregnant through summer – it works a treat!

  93. I tried to post a comment before, & don’t know what happened to it, so here I go again! lol! I got in on the pre-order of Tira, and am going to have to live with my impatience now till November! ;) Love your candy-cane dress, Steph, & I want one of my own! Please put my name in the give-away!
    My summer tip: Use all your long scraps of silk or silky rayons, etc., & use them to make quick & easy summer scarves to toss & add color and pizzazz to your outfit, without adding the heat of layers! Just run a line of stitching around all 4 edges, then fray to the stitching line – ta-da! Instant (almost!) scarf, to make your summer outfit look polished! :-)

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  95. Funny to think about summer tips when today is the first “real” autumn day with very windy, rainy weather! :D I lived in my Sorbettos and Banksias this summer, so although nothing new, that would be my tip

  96. Yes, please, I’d love to enter. Looks like you already know favorite my summertime tip, hats not only look great but protect you from the sun!

  97. Yes, please, I’d love to be entered. Looks as if you know my favorite summer tip…wear a hat…they look great and protect you to boot. Love your new Tiramisu dress!!

  98. Yes, please – enter me in the contest! My style tip – in the summer heat, a dress is so much more comfortable than anything else to wear. You’ll look stylish and cool at the same time.

  99. Hi Steph! So dang excited about the Tiramisu pattern that I preordered it immediately — I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time lately daydreaming about stiching up a slew of Tiras!!! I’d love to be entered in the giveaway — not sure I have a great summer style tip, but I have always been fond of making sure to have a neutral (tan, nude, whatever color matches my skin well) pair of comfy wedgie sandals every year. I find them a perfect compliment for just about any summer outfit: dresses, skirts, shorts, even jeans and they do give me the optical illusion of a longer leg line.

  100. I’d love to be entered. I’m not sure you two could possibly look cuter! I’ve been holding off on pre-ordering since it’s approaching winter here and I don’t seem myself in a knit dress again until next spring, but you continue to tempt me! If it’s a knit maybe I can just lounge around the house in it with a cardigan and tights, right? ;)

  101. You look like a total movie star – love the dress, the shoes, the hat – all of it! I finally got paid and bought the pattern the other day – can’t wait for it to come:)

  102. Your red striped Tira is gorgeous and your stripe matching on a knit is just perfect! I must check out your post on the Book Report Dress – I seemed to have missed it.
    I wouldn’t be great on style tips, but I like to wear dresses in summer, so I always have nice colourful high heel to match! Love your yellow wedges.

  103. My summer style tip may not appeal to everyone, but: Summer is not the time to grow your hair out! Cut it short and have it be easy and light all season (no sitting under the hair dryer or lots of time spend with products).

    I would love to make this exact dress, I love stripes so much! Can’t wait for the pattern to come out.

  104. I love that fabric. I can’t wait for Tira!
    I have two summer style tips – firstly, find a lovely sunblock and always put it on in the morning under your make up. Second, buy a pair of ‘bling’ thongs – pop them on with any daggy outfit for instant style.

    thanks for a great pattern and giveaway.

  105. Love the dress! I pre-ordered the Tira pattern and would love to win some fabric.

    As for style tips – I would second (or quadruple) the bicycle shorts under skirt tip. However, sometimes it is so beastly out that seems even hotter. On those days I apply deodorant AND THEN baby powder to the chafing bits. The deodorant makes the baby powder stick better, so the barrier lasts as long as you need it.

  106. Your dress looks amazing and comfy! I love the red stripes! My best summer style tip is smile. Enjoy the nice weather and summer holidays!

  107. Congratulations Love your dress, style and your ability to share your knowledge with the sewing world. I just purchased your pattern and can’t wait to sew it. And yes I want to win the fabric, my summer tip especially for sunny Queensland, where what you want add lashings of your favorite lipstick and seek air conditioning.

  108. Love it! Stylish and comfortable. You look lovely! I cant wear yellow either except maybe lemon yellow but I do own a pair of yellow shoes. Maybe next summer I can wear them like this!

  109. Love that dress! I’m brand new here but I’ve already spent a good amount of time browsing. My summertime style tip would be to find a great pair of comfortable sandals that you can wear with anything!

  110. My favourite summer styling tip is to have a couple of lovely sun hats to swap depending on my outfit. (And because a sun hat is necessary in this climate of ours, it makes wearing one more interesting.)

    I love the chevron stripes of your dress!

  111. I love the crispy bright fabric and chic design. I am looking forward to the long sleeve hack!

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