What’s-Her-Name Giveaway Winner and Polka Dot Fabric Extra!

We’ve been voting, making up stories and deciding on a great name for Cake Patterns’ first covergirl.  When I checked the poll before going to bed at 1am Friday morning (local), Penelope won!  I always liked “Penelope” as a name, I love your backstories and the tale of Penelope wife of Odysseus.  So “Penelope” as the first covergirl for Cake Patterns makes me quite happy!  Penelope has a friend on the envelope, a girl with red hair I’ve named Esme.  I’ll be revealing the final cover art featuring Esme and Penelope at the end of the week for the Tiramisu pattern pre-sale!  Be sure to sign up for the email list so you don’t miss it, I don’t plan to make the pattern available for such a good price ever again.

I want to thank everyone again for your support, enthusiasm, naming ideas, stories and voting!  I’m so thrilled we can play together creatively this way.

Choosing giveaway winners is always hard, especially when it’s a random one.  I wish everyone could win. The random number generator chose Mari at Disparate Disciplines as the winner of the serrated scissors, 3m of jersey spotted fabric, and needles for her machine!  I only recently discovered her blog, but I really love Mari’s posts and her humor.  She knits, she sews, she’s funny and she made a 1912 corset cover work as a wrap top! 

Navy Blue Polka Dot Jersey on Etsy!!

Wait!  Don’t go away!  You could still get some navy or red polka dot jersey!  I get emails and comments asking me where I buy my fabric and bemoaning a lack of local fabric in Western Canada/Portugal/rural Nebraska, etc.  This happens so frequently, I started to wonder if I could do anything about it.  Accosting The Fabric Store and suggesting they create an online shop hasn’t worked yet, you all can go pester them and they might change their minds.

I know it’s impractical, but I really do wish everyone could win the giveaways.  The other day, I went to a Spotlight in a neighboring suburb (Brown’s Plains) to pick up some more navy blue jersey.  I decided I wanted some for myself, and my local had run out.   I also wanted to see if they had something cool for another giveaway.  Spotlight generally carries crap of varying degrees of crapulence, but I consistently go back because there’s *always* good stuff for those who will excavate for it.

This time I “excavated” 10m of navy blue jersey fabric with white spots!  It’s 100% cotton, washes very well, and the selvedges are cut along the straight of grain.  Hooray!  I bought 10m of blue and 10m of red because it was on sale, down from $12.95/m. I don’t need 20m of polka dot jersey (though I’m positive I’d use it given enough time!).

Red Cotton Jersey with printed white spots on Etsy- only 10m!

I bought it for you all!  I put the fabrics up for sale in my etsy store and marked the price $9/m.   I have long been tempted to try offering some of my local-fabric-store goodies for sale but never got around to it.  This time, the perfect fabric dropped in my lap at a good price so I thought I’d make it available.

I tried finding a similar jersey available in an online store but couldn’t locate any in cotton.  Did I miss something?  I also included the envelope back for the Tiramisu dress in the fabric listings, so go check it out!

Next time: little shorts and quantifying sewing value.

Then later: underwear again!

And still later: Conversant in Color- Contrasting and Blending


  1. What a great idea! Im very tempted, it remains to be seen if i can stay focused on my spring sewing plan.. I was thinking about a similar idea last night as I get so many comments about my fabric choices. Great minds think alike!

    • Yeah! Do it. That said, it took me about a year from the time I first thought I’d do something like that to just doing it.. heh.

  2. woohoooo, the fabric requirements for Penelope/Tiramisu, I can got fabric shopping – because of course I “need” more! Mind you most of my knits are in 1m or less pieces for little people wardrobes.

    No luck at the the spotty jersey at my local Spotlight – it was still at full price here – but I’ll wait till they have a sale or voucher – they seem to have one every 2nd day of late – and head in and see if I ‘need’ it then and leave your precious supplies to those in western canada, rural nebraska and antarctica!

    Can’t wait for the pattern pre-sale. I’m attempting to think about a summer wardrobe with limited success as I keep getting stuck on the “t-shirts and shorts” routine. For some reason all my dress patterns seem to be woven fabrics so a nice knit pattern will be a welcome addition!

    Earth Girl Fabrics and Crafty Mamas both have some dot jerseys in that are cotton/lycra but at twice the price as what you paid, but they are lovely quality. . (http://www.earthgirlfabrics.com.au/collections/knit-fabrics; http://www.craftymamas.net/stenzo-polka-dot-knit-quot-turquoise-quot-50cm-x-150cm.html)

    • Hehehe. I’m so pleased you’re pleased!

      That crafty mamas fabric is sooo lovely !! I wish I could get my hands on it. Love their stripes, too!

      Yeah, Spotlight has heaps of sales at random… I had rather hoped I could score some more of the red and white knit I posted on facebook last week… At my spotlight, I bought the rest of the bolt because it was $3/m. At the one that had the spotted jersey, it was full price at $12.95…. Maybe spotlight runs their sales according to some arcane astrological chart or something? It seems completely random but often makes for an interesting shopping experience.

      • Half my knit stash if from EarthGirl & Crafty Mamas – and no I’m not telling you my address lol

        And yes random arcane astrological chart is a good description! I’ve picked up some nice quality cotton and cotton/lycra knits from Bargain Box at Capalaba along they way as well – about $12-$14/m.

  3. I am still laughing at your description of Spotlight! That is my opinion nine times out of ten but I’ve never managed to sum it up quite so humourously or *eloquently* as you have just done. If only crap wasn’t on the illegal list of words at school, I could share that so satisfyingly!

    Oh and yay for Penelope! I didn’t come back and vote for that name multiple times at all…

    • Bbaaahhaaaha. I have noticed they have some good linens, even some wool blend jerseys, but they really don’t impress me much… The one near me has a HUGE shelf of denim at the moment, all decent stuff but it’s not on sale and I don’t need any denim just at the moment…

      I like that she has a name now. :)

  4. Yay Penelope! Will you be reusing her for different patterns, or is she going to be Tiramisu-only? Different girl for each pattern? You could end up with quite a few pattern girls sitting around pining for new clothes… Ok I’ll stop my crazy imaginings where drawn [people have actual lives and personalities now..

    I rarely buy anything off the main floor at spotlight, but I used to find awesome stuff on the clearance table, like silk marked down to $4/m… they’ve wised up to the insanity of that now and its never less than $15. My biggest annoyance is that half the stuff has missing labels. I like to know the cost and fibre content of what I’m drooling over before I get it to the counter, and I can’t always tell if its all cotton or just mostly. I should have bought up some plain knit on saturday when it was all cheap… but I wasn’t looking for knit so I ignored it. ugh.

    • Bahahahha! I love that! M and I have talked about using different girls each time, different sizes and shapes and ethnicities… Though it might be nice to bring back the girls and give them new outfits. I like that.

      My buddy Enid got some silk satin at a Spotlight up north for $5/m not too long ago… :)

      I always buy the knits (don’t care what’s on them or the fiber content) when they’re cheap for dirty muslins…

  5. I’m impressed that you can get 10m lengths of fabrics anywhere! Our local stores tend to order short bolts, it seems. It took me 3 trips to find a cotton knit in a color I liked that had the 5.5 yards I needed.

  6. Haha, crapulence indeed! There are a few nice things there but the bottom line is hte place is cheap because, well, it’s full of cheap crap. And often overpriced, for what they have. But it looks like it ought to be a bargain place and so people keep going back there. I get so much business from them – people who refuse to go there because they have sussed this out! :)
    Gorgeous fabrics, Steph. A rare find. You have to know what you’re doing in there. David refuses to accompany me in however unless I promise to behave (i.e. remain polite under any circumstance, which I find very hard!) and we call it Snotties, short for Snotfight, in honour of my shameful tendency to get really cross and take it out on the staff! My bad!!

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