Let’s Play “Name That Lady” and Test Tiramisu! (Closed)

Artwork by Mikhaela Reid

I’m so excited to introduce you to the covergirl for Cake Pattern’s first release- Tiramisu!  Tiramisu is a knit knee-length dress with front surplice (mock wrap) neckline and a midriff section.  The skirt features in-seam pockets and falls in the soft folds of a half-circle skirt.  Included are cut-on sleeves, optional stripes placement guide and cup sizing A-D.

I completed the drafting and grading for this pattern just before I announced Cake Patterns.  A lot more work goes into a pattern than just the drafting- writing, re-writing, and re-writing the instructions; taking technical photos, setting up retail options, testing the pattern over and over again, pestering other pattern makers with detail questions, budgeting/accounting, and of course finding the “feel” of the patterns.

It’s important to me to get that right- the “feel.”  Working on a project like this means making a thousand little decisions for which there is not necessarily a right or a wrong answer.  Each decision leads to another, and then one day Cake Patterns came to life, with a strong personality.  My main focus is on the user-experience- how The Sewist interacts with the pattern, the sewing, and the garment.   I’m heavily leaning on ideas, concepts and inspiration I’ve written about before:

Japanese Craft and Sewing Instructions– Because they’re clean, clear and friendly.

Vintage Comic Books/ Sewing Pattern Envelopes– Because they’re fun!  Lively!  Informative! Sometimes hilarious!

De-Grading Sizes– I work with ratios.  From what I can tell with my guinea pigs, it works pretty well.  This is not how things are “done.”  Also, the pattern pieces are “sized” according to your measurements.  There’s not a “size” as such.  Is this terrifying or awesome?

The Pitfalls of Plus Sizing– This is why I work with my weird crazy drafting lady ratio-grading numbers system.

…..and, the pattern tissue itself looks rather like a vintage pattern.  It has to do with the process I used, but more on that later.  All of that is to say, Cake Patterns are a bit different from other patterns.  I want to see how different- too much?  In a good way?
Edited to Add: All pattern pieces also feature stripes placement guides (because I love stripes) and height and circumference measurements.  All measurements used throughout are in both imperial and metric systems.  I was also a bit scroogy with the cutting layouts to reduce waste, but the fabric meterages are generous enough to account for off-grain knits (cut from a tube).  I check these all myself.

These were my old “kvetches” when working with patterns as a sewist so I wanted to include them.   Before I go to print, tell me what are your kvetches?

For now, I want to give this covergirl a name!  It doesn’t seem right that I keep calling her “The Tiramisu Lady,” that’s far too cumbersome.  She deserves a proper name.

I’m also looking for testers for the Tiramisu pattern.

Soooo- let’s name her!  (Complicated tragi-comic back stories are also encouraged and very much appreciated.)  In the comments section, let me know what you’d name this lady.

If you would like to be a tester- please say so and if you’re comfortable with it, your high bust measurement.  I’m looking for 30″-50″ high bust testers.  It would be helpful if you’ve sewn a t-shirt before, but vast experience isn’t necessary.  In fact, I’d like to have a newb or two testing to see what you think.  If this sounds like you, please sign up! I will choose my testers next Thursday and then email you with more details.

I’ll choose ten percent (or ten, whichever is highest) of those who respond here to test the Tiramisu proofs, so spread the word because I’d like a nice big testing crew!  I’d also like to send patterns to both bloggers and non-bloggers, anyone who is interested in working with me on this project.  Beware- sometimes I ask odd questions…

If you don’t want to test, do still throw out a name.  I’ll choose the top two, then one or two I just like and we can vote on it next week.  Because it’s fun.   And do sign up for the Cake Patterns update email list if you haven’t already- pre-sale and fabric/pattern giveaway time is coming…!

I’ll be back with some wardrobe planning in a few days.  Fabricabrac is on this weekend!  If you live in Brisbane, DO come and check it out.  The state of my inbox and the facebook pages tell me it will be a nice big event- 25 vendors, many of them work in local theatre or arts, or one of our lovely fabric shops.  I can’t imagine the great stuff up for offer…  And say hey to me, even if I’m running around like a headless chicken!

Edited to add: I have chosen a lovely crop of testers for this pattern, thank you SO much for volunteering!  I’ll need a new batch of test sewists/reviewers for the next pattern, so keep your eyes open!  Thanks again. 


  1. Oooh, well she looks like a Lizzie to me :)
    Please count me in for the pattern testing, my high bust is 43″

  2. I would like to test too. My hight bust is 38″. I am not very much experienced in sewing with knits before but I really like a challenge! I recently downloaded your blank canvas tee to give that a try too…

  3. Tita! God, she’s cute :) I’d love to test (HB 36, I think but have to check) but it is very hard here to find proper tshirt type jersey – everything has elastane…. even the liberty jersey I buy on line is either viscose 4 way stretch or cotton with less stretch but still very stretchy….

    • That’s cute!

      Hmm… Less stretch but still very stretchy. Like it doesn’t seem to stretch much, but bags out a bit? Like an interlock maybe? One of my test dresses is like that a little bit, but the cut of the fabric seems to compensate. It doesn’t hug so much as skim in most places….

      I think a bit of elastine/lycra can be an asset to a knit garment, definitely. If it’s more than about 5%, though.. I’m sure it would work for the pattern without an issue, the 5% is my own personal preference… Hm.

      • No, not an interlock – the Liberty knits I have all contain 5% elastane, but funnily enough the viscose ones are really really stretchy, whilst the cotton one is firmer – doesn’t bag, it stretches with good recovery – hey, I say that but have only sewn a viscose one so far – I bought a metre length of the cotton to try out the BCT after using some crap black cotton jersey that was lying around….
        Maybe the viscose one seems much stretchier because of the weight and slight slipperiness? It’s definitely 4 way stretch though. The cotton, I don’t think so.

        • Hmmm… Viscose knits are not my favorite fabric to work with. A bit fiddly, and often don’t wash so well… That said, I’m sure all viscoses are not the same….

  4. Marie: ‘let them sew cake.’ And she’s a bit French in the red & white stripe!
    I’m a 31 inch high bust. Sewn 3 tshirts. Still paying off my overlocker…. so it’s just by machine at the moment.

  5. Hi, i’d love to test the pattern. I’ve made 2 tshirts recently so i’d say i’m fairly new to knits. my high bust is 34″. Love your lady but all i can come up with is Bridie!


  6. Jayne was the first name that popped into my head, don’t know where it came from. I’d love to test your pattern and I’m a 34″ high bust. I love this dress in stripes but it could be fun in colour blocks, too. It’s a really versatile pattern.

    • Jayne!

      I’m pretty fond of my solid red Tiramisu… I’m wearing it right now, in fact. I must must must MUST do a finished object post about her, she deserves it for all the wear she’s given me…

      The colorblocking would be *very* fun.. Could be done in several ways…

  7. Hi there! I’d love to test, Not a knit expert, but willing to try. Highbust is 39

  8. Oh, boy! I’d love to test this pattern! I finally got over my fear of knits in January this year and have become a kit convert! <3 My high bust measurement is 35". I love how the sewing community embraces measurements and does not judge anyone because of them!

    The lovely lady must be a Zelda. She is fashionable, fabulous, fearless, and definitely creative!

  9. Hi Steph, love to test, got some strips from The Fabric Store that would work perfectly :) 35″ HB…. and yes I’ve sewn a t-shirt or 3 in my time…

    A name – she reminds me of a lady a met when in holidays in Sth Africa earlier this year so Nmarsa it is!

    • OOOoooh! I didn’t make it out to The Fabric Store because I was too sick to be out and about. I’m so kicking myself for missing it.

      Nmarsa. Cool name. :) I hear South Africa is quite lovely in some places… A very interesting place. Where did you go?

      • We have family in Cape Town so we mostly stayed in that vicinity as well as a little trip up to Knysna and Plettenberg area – where they still have a working weaving mill! Very cool! Travelling long distance with a 3yr old is challenging so we didn’t go far, but I did go fabric shopping – lol – as one should! a little blurb on if there… http://theclimbingtree.com.au/wp/?p=499

  10. I named her Ella in my head! Beautiful artwork on her.

    I’m a 39″ high bust and I would LOVE to test her out. I’ve done a few knit tees (including your blank canvas tee) and am starting to get the hang of knits.

    Even if I can’t test her out, I’d like to thank you for creating Cake and putting soooo much work into this.

    • Thanks for playing! :)

      You’re so kind! There’s been a definite learning curve for the first one, I think the second will come much quicker. I like the work… It’s not easy, but I like it.

      • I think there’s a unique kind of person who likes the “not easy” stuff…. I tend to be one of them. If it’s too easy, there just isn’t much of a point, is there?

        • Yeah. I find I get super bored and lazy if something is easy… Which can be quite a character flaw, I’m totally working on it.

  11. Steph, you’re so inspirational! I’m very impressed you’ve gotten to this point; how many others get waylaid by the amount of work involved…

    I’ll certainly test the pattern if needed. My high bust is about 34 inches.

    And my suggested name for the lass is Jules.

    Well done!


    • Sam, I love work. As long as I know what to do, I really don’t mind work. It makes me happy.

      Thanks for playing and being so lovely and supportive! :)

  12. I’d love to test, my high bust is 40…. She looks rather like my friend LeAnne, so im going to have to go with that.

  13. I’d love to test; my high bust is 34″. I may count as one of your more novice testers. I’ve made a couple of knit bottoms but no shirts, though I’ve made a few dresses and tops out of wovens.

    • Thanks, Melissa. :) (Name? If you want, you can pick one of the ones that’s already been mentioned and you like…)

  14. Please count me in as a tester – high bust is 38 ish. I;ve never tested a pattern before and would love to get involved

  15. I’ll had my name to the tester hat. My high bust is 33″. I think she looks like Gabrielle. I don’t know why. :)

  16. Maria is a spy/interpretive dancer/sewist. She has infiltrated the highest ranks of a French cheese smuggling ring by intriguing the ringleaders with a performance art piece entitled “It’s Gouda to Brie Me”. After her cover was blown when she misnamed a Parmesan substitute Reggiano, Maria fled France with the cheese smugglers hot on her trail. She now spends her time moving country to country before she is detected and performs cheese resistance interpretive dance pieces in underground clubs. Maria likes to see her own dance costumes and the occasional frock. The Tiramisu is not only her latest dress design but also her code name in the cheese smuggling world….

    And, yes, I wold love to be a tester. I have sewn with knits three times now. One a hot mess, one pretty average and one sassy. My high bust measurement is 39″, if I recall correctly…

  17. Lupe popped into my head, I have no idea why!

    I’d love to test, I’m a high bust 36.5 and have zero luck with patterns unless I massively alter them… I’m a GG cup :( I mostly sew knits.

  18. She looks like a Michelle to me!

    I would be honoured to be a pattern tester. My high bust is 36.5″, and I have pretty limited experience with knits and no serger, and even less with stripe matching.

    • Thanks! I use a serger and I think they’re a good investment for someone who sews 1/2 or most of their clothes, but it’s not compulsory… :)

  19. I think she looks like a Lulabelle (although of course I like the first suggestion of Lizzie! )
    I would love to be a tester – high bust is 35″, short and curvy :-) – see blog for shape!!

    • Thanks, Liz! :) Heading over to check out your blog now. It’s always nice to find a new Brisbane sewing blogger!

  20. I’d love to test the pattern! I’m not a blogger (yet!) but you said that doesn’t matter, right? My high bust is 30.5″ and this lovely lady looks like an Olivia to me! :)

  21. Cupcake was the first name to spring to mind.
    I would love to be a tester Steph, my high bust is 39 and I’ve sewn knits before.

  22. Count me in! I would love to test out this pattern for you. I am fairly knew to sewing with knits. I’ve got one t-shirt (your pattern) and a skirt under my belt, but have never yet tried a dress, probably because being shortwaisted I always have fit problems with fit, so it makes me nervous to try. However, I’ve found that your sewing explanation are pretty helpful so I am definitely interested in giving this a shot. My high bust is 30 in.

    As for a name, why not Miri? (Okay, so for some reason when looking at her I wanted her name to still remind me of Tirimisu, silly I know, but there it is).

    • Short and long waisted would be relatively simple to fix on a pattern like this… Thanks for the kind words, I do try very hard to explain things as simply and clearly as possible, so it’s super great to know that comes through. :)

      Miri! I had thought maybe “Tira” but that didn’t seem right… And Lila wanted to name her “Mommy” so I thought I’d open it up and see what everyone else thought. :) Thanks for playing!

  23. Given my love of naming fictitious beings after opera characters, she looks a bit like a Susanna (Le Nozze di Figaro), though I think she’s sassy enough to be a Tosca too, but I thought against it because such a lovely dress doesn’t deserve to be plunged into the icy Tiber with its owner.

    I’d love to test on future patterns, and I’m sad because this one is right up my alley between my knits obsession and the silhouette, but I don’t think I can handle a midriff at week 22 of my pregnancy. ;(

    • One day when I live in a city with opera, I’ll get into it. :) Love it, I’ll have to go look up Tosca but sounds so interesting!

      Well… I haven’t tried it on a pregnant body, but the mock wrap attracted me at least partially because it would allow easy access for nursing, but it’s not like “a nursing dress” if you know what I mean… And the skirt is pretty capacious, if you made the CF hem longer I think it would be fine for pregnancy…

  24. Congratulations on your gorgeous pattern. I would love to test – high bust 38″. I think your name ‘Tiramisu’ is too perfect to change, and it fits so well with Cake Patterns and there must be wonderful cake names out there for future patterns :-)
    For some reason your picture reminds me a little of Nina Simone, so I would suggest Nina if you twisted my arm ;-)

    • Thanks, Angela. The pattern is absolutely Tiramisu, but I thought it’d be nice to name the pretty lady… :) Nina is super cute!

  25. I don’t know why but she looks like a Lucinda to me. I would love to be a pattern tester. I’ve been sewing for less than a year so I’d say I’m a newbie. I’ve sewn with cotton, charmeuse and knit (my last two dresses were knit and I’m planning on another this weekend). My high bust is 37″ and I’m only 5’2. Please look at my blog to see what I’ve done and hopefully I can meet your expectations :)


    • Thanks Jenny! Your latest dress looks quite good, are you SURE you’ve only been sewing for less than a year? Color me impressed. :)

      I have the issue with surplice tops, boobage, too… Tira is a little higher cut than the norm and there’s a few little details built into the pattern to help combat this…:) I didn’t set out to make patterns for larger busts but that’s definitely an issue I know how to address…

  26. Her name is Marica Miller and she’s a Companion to the Doctor. Who, you ask? Well, she does not quite understand it herself yet. But there is a lot of fun to be had. And a lot of running. Really, really a lot of running. That’s why Marica usually opts for her low-heeled shoes and comfortable knit dress with a wide skirt that allows for a lot of movement, even when going out.

    (The southern Slav name just popped at me. Don’t ask me why she has a southern Slav name. She just has.)

    I’d love to be a pattern tester, but then, I can’t with a clear conscience say I will be able to finish the dress in time… a slow sewist, no serger, not much experience with knits, a lot to happen in the near future. But if you need a high bust 33″, I’m available.

    • Hana! How lovely! :) Thanks for that. hehe. I would super super appreciate it if you’d look over the instructions, you’re so detail oriented that I’m sure you’d pick up any little snags that my eye just ran over (easy to happen when you look at the same project for months on end!)… :) I’ll email you in a week or two about it.

  27. I think she looks like a Marigold. It is a great drawing!
    I would love to be a tester. I am a newbie and my high bust measurement is 44in.

    • I wanted to name Lila “Marigold” but the husby thought it was too fruity.. Sigh. At least he finally liked “Lila”. :)

      Thanks for playing, Claire!

  28. I am definitely down for being a tester! I am pretty proficient with woven fabric but, despite having a serger, never really getting the hang of knits (the last major project was a cat-suit for halloween 5 years ago). Also, can I say you inspired me to re-measure my high bust? I had it down as a 38″ for so long, turns out, it’s 41″ which inspired a complete remeasure of EVERYTHING and turns out all of my numbers have changed in a year!

    I am very partial to the name Harper.

    • Ah! Well- know thyself and you will possess the keys to the universe, right? ;)

      What caused you grief with knits?

      • Fitting was actually what threw me off. I tend to over fit myself for garments (only recently have I begun to add enough ease to make a garment wearable if I gain weight or if…you know, it is a certain time of the month). Fitting with knits always felt like a battle between having a garment with no shape and having one that showed every bump and line. I never seemed to strick the balance right. I realize now some of it was poor fabric choice and hope to start again in more cotton jerseys than poly blends. Plus my new found love of ease should make the process less of a battle of 1/16ths of inches :)

        • The trick for balancing knits is to use one that’s a medium weight. I keep meaning to make a nice post on weights of knits and where to use them… I think about it a lot.

          Yeah… I used to tend to overcomplicate things like fitting, too.. And LOTS of overfitting. Usually with wovens, and generally because I wasn’t confident about my skills… I’ve learned to relax a bit more about that because I realized it’s important to get fit right, but certain cuts and fabrics are more forgiving than others.. That 1/16th of an inch might matter for a corset or a carefully fitted ball gown, but for regular clothes I don’t see it as completely necessary…

          • A post on weights of knits and where to use them would be fantastic! Choosing the right knit is a problem for me, too. And it seems like having the right knit would make a huge difference in successful pattern fitting.

            I’m averse to polyester on principle (didn’t you do a post about environmentally friendly fabrics not too long ago?), and that makes it so difficult to shop for a knit around here. It seems like if I have the right knit terminology, I’ll have some success at ordering knits online.

          • I’d love to read a post on weights of knits! I keep falling in love with the color and/or hand, but then use them on inappropriate patterns. What a waste of beautiful fabric that is!

          • Alright ladies, your wish is my command. Working on the post or series of posts on how to choose the right weight of knit fabric… I’ll just empty my brain and notebook into the blog. heh. It IS a shame to misuse a nice fabric, I think learning to use them well is one of those experience things… But I’m happy to share what I’ve learned the hard way.. ;)

            I tend to regularly post about environmentally friendly fabrics and fibers… I wrote more specifically about polyesters a little while ago- http://3hourspast.com/2012/04/04/the-dirty-secret-behind-synthetic-fabrics/

  29. As soon as I saw her I thought “Gracie”. She was created by you to give us the grace of being able to sew lovely well-fitting patterns if we are off the grid sizing. Her hair-do & posture are both graceful, and she has an approachable demeanour, although somewhat regal. Finally & most, she reminds me of the classic images of “The Three Graces”, which moniker I & a couple of friends often bear.
    Although I’d like to help with testing, I have too many projects that need finishing in short time frame. So, for your on-going records I’d like to pass on 2 sets of info for you, both mine & my 25y.o. daughter: 1)high bust: 38.25″; bust 41; w 31.25″; h 42″; 2) hb34″; b38; w31;h47. We both have high hips, & straight square shoulders which complicate the FBA’s.
    All the best to you. I will buy Tiramisu when ready.

      • Thank you so much, Kathleen! I love what you wrote, and thanks for passing on the #s for my database! :)

        I’ll be posting about what I did to de-size Tiramisu in the next few weeks, I know I’ve been quiet about her but it was all the processing details I had to narrow down.. Full steam ahead! :)

  30. I think she looks like a Louise (don’t ask me why, lol). I would love to be considered for pattern testing. I’ve used jersey before but never to make clothes, so I would definitely be a newb. My bust size is 43″. It’s such a cute design! I’m so excited to see what else you come up with for your line.

    • Thanks, Megan! :) I can’t wait to show the other designs, but I’m *making* myself focus on just Tira for right now, since she’s my first and I’m working out the kinks so to speak… The next ones are separates, grouped as a top with a bottom…

  31. Oooh, pick me pick me!! Haha! I would LOVE to test this pattern :) My high bust is 33″ and I am a lovah of the knit fabric.

    My only kvetch with sewing patterns is when they don’t include the finished measurements. Most patterns include more ease than I prefer to wear, so I base my size off the finished measurements, not what the envelope suggests :)

    The covergirl is adorable by the way. She looks like a Billie to me.

    • Hehehe. I would like to know your expert opinion on the pattern, I know you use patterns from many many different places.. :)

      The Tira dress is more or less “zero ease” which makes for a slightly more relaxed fit… But I did take the fit to the extreme on one of my dresses to see what would happen, quite closely fit. I like both, the closer fit one make me feel minxy and I get so much attention when I wear it I’m not sure I’d wear it outside the house.. If you get my drift.. ;)

      Billie! So cute.

  32. I thinks she looks like a Moira. I would love to test, too. My high bust is 38″. I’ve been sewing for a little while, but I’m still a relative beginner.

  33. Oh I like the Toni suggestion from ElleC. My first thought was to look for a name that sounded nicely with Tirimisu, Trudy popped into my head but Toni Tirimisu would work well too.

    I’ll be a tester. I love the pattern and my high bust is 38″.

  34. She is certainly Italian. Named Marsala, in fact. and she loves the quick and easy dresses that allow her a few extra moments to whip up desserts to bring for spontaneous get-togethers. All she does looks effortless. We all know that she has a weakness for sci-fi TV and 80’s pop-music, and love her all the more for it.
    I would love to be a tester- high-bust of 35″. thanks for all the work you’ve done on this!

  35. Talia! My HB is 36″, and while I have intermediate sewing skills, I don’t have too much experience with knits! I’ve played around with making a t-shirt block and I think I made some knit breastfeeding dresses and tops eons ago when I was a new mom, but nothing lately I could count as ‘professional.’

    • Talia is so lovely. :) I only got into knits a few years ago, for some reason they scared me to death… But once I started, I loved seeing what I could make with knit fabric…

  36. Eloise. I love the design she’s wearing and would love to pattern test. 34 inches.

  37. I totally want to test! I don’t have my tape measure on me at the moment – and I want to double check my high bust, but I seem to recall that it’s 33 or 34 but that’s a measurement I continually forget (underbust is 30, full bust 37.5).

  38. hi Steph, I think the lady looks like a ‘Shirley’! I love her dress too. Please count me in to test – Im only sewing 2 years but I mostly use knits. I think my bust size is 40″, under bust is 35″.

  39. Well, since she wears “tiramisu”, I think it should be an Italian name. Since she is very beautiful, how about “Isabella” (okay, it’s really a variant of Elizabeth, but it’s got “bella” in it, doesn’t it??)
    I’d love to be a pattern tester for some of your future patterns (not before October). As much as I love the Tiramisù, I won’t have time to sew it right now.
    Good luck with your cake business,

    • Oooooh nice! :) I have two other patterns in the queue, I hope to have the second Cake out by the end of the year. I’ll need some testers then, so keep your eye out. Thanks for your kind words.

  40. Melita is a quiet librarian by day but moonlights as the vivacious jazz singer, Melissande. She loves to sew clothes that can be played up in either role and this dress fits the bill perfectly. I’d love to test the pattern – HB measurement of 47″.

    • Cute name. :)

      I’m not sure I see the two right feet, I’ll go have a closer look at my printed proof… She’s totally wearing my shoes, though..

  41. She looks like a Sadie to me, no idea why. I’d love to test the pattern – I’m a beginner, but have made a couple of yoga tops and simple dresses and just taped and cut your Blank Canvas T pattern.
    My high bust is 43-ish, full bust 49, height 6’3″


  42. How about Lulu? I just sewed my first t shirt a few weeks ago, and just purchased a serger from a friend, so I’m excited to try this pattern (whether I get to be a tester or not). My high bust is 38″. Congrats on your Cake!

    • Thanks for that, Claire! :) I can’t wait til the moment the freight company drops off a big huge box of the final pattern on my front step. I’ll probably faint or something. :)

  43. I think she is a Zoe.

    I have a 39.5″ high bust. I would love to test this pattern! It is so cute! I’m a pretty experienced sewer, but have never sewn knits!

  44. Mercedes was my first thought and Lola was my second. Wish I had time to volunteer as a tester, but I’m sure there will be plenty!

  45. I’d love to test–I have only sewn 1 t-shirt before and not been 100% happy with the outcome. My kvetches with patterns in general? I have VERY broad shoulders for a woman, but with a bust/waist ratio that is not too far from a lot of standard measurements. (Depending on hormones, slight weight gain or loss, health, etc.) This means that everything I buy at the store is boxy and everything I sew for myself binds across the shoulders and I am SICK of it. I can’t do my cross-shoulder measurements without an assistant and I am home alone right now, but I can tell you that I am between a B and C-cup bra but my above-bust and bust measurements are identical–37″! (Underbust is about 33″.) Anyways I’m interested in your pattern line precisely because you have written about how shoulders don’t get bigger and smaller when we gain and lose weight, they just are how big they are, so I hope you will have considered that variation in your sizing as well!

    • Well- there’s a few little knacks to sewing knits well, and it does mean a bit of a learning curve… But honestly it’s soo worth it!

      Shoulder width tends to change *slightly* with weight, but definitely less so than other areas of the body. I do make my patterns reflect this, and I’m always listening to hear what others say about the subejct/refining what I do… There’s always individual variation, too… With the cut-on sleeves I’ve been working with all year, it’s fairly simple to adjust for wider or narrower shoulders, no serious patternwork involved to change it. That will be in the Tira support pages on the Cake website I’m building.. :)

  46. I think she looks like a Yasmin – and a bit of a superhero. Maybe I just like the idea superheros who sew by day, though.

    I’d also like to test the pattern! I’m a newbie to knits [Unless almost disasterous cardigan/t-shirt refashions count?], and my high bust is 43″!
    I’m also a total newbie to knits, but I’d like to try!!

    • That’s awesome. Thanks for playing along. :)

      I love that enthusiasm! I’ll pick two or three intrepid newbies, more to see your reaction to the look of the instructions and the pattern than anything else… And I’m working on the Support pages for the Cake website, I’m super excited about them.. They’re the reason I’m posting on the blog much less often more than anything else…

  47. If you’re still looking for testers, I’d love to volunteer! I’m a newbie – I started my sewing adventure in June this year and blog at soisewedthis.blogspot.com. I’ve taken a sewing 101 class at a local fabric shop and will take 102 next month. I’ve also taken a sewing with knits class and completed 1 knit skirt and have 1 knit dress in the works. Your dress pattern looks like it would be versatile enough to wear to work and also comfy enough for everyday wear. And I love a defined waistband! My bust is 35″, not sure about high bust because i haven’t measured, but I would assume it’s a little less.

    I think she looks like a “Tara.” “Tara Tiramisu.” But you could give all the girls names starting with “Ca” to mimic “Cake.” Callie, Candice, Caitlin, Calyssa, Camilla, Cari…

    • Yep, the testers and naming is open until next Thursday, then I’ll choose and we’ll go from there. :) Thanks for playing.

      I think you may be on to something with the Ca thing… I’ll have to think about that….

      Cute blog, by the way.

  48. Chiara! But I like the other names a lot as well (especially Marcia). I am a beginner sewist, but would love to try out this pattern. I am still learning to use knits, do not have a serger, but made two self drafted T-Shirts and some woven dresses. My high-bust is 31.5″ or 32″ and I am glad the sizing goes to a D cup. I’d love to make this dress.

    • I know! It’s going to be SUPER hard to choose… I’ll have to think up some kind of game that involves darts and balloons and a pinboard or something. I’ll figure it out and we’ll have fun…

      I’ll talk more about the “cup” sizing, maybe next week.. :) It won’t always be a feature of Cake Patterns, because it’s not always 100% necessary, but I think it makes a difference where it counts…

  49. I forgot to add, since you asked about pattern kvetches: I usually need an FBA and sometimes up to 2″ in extra length for the bodice, and I had trouble with placing those longer/wider pieces in very tight pattern layouts. Now I know better and get extra fabric.

    • Yes… I know what you mean… I tested the cutting layouts for the largest cup of each “size” and it seemed to work ok. There’ll be some variation depending on the shape of the sewist, but I have been working diligently on that detail because wasteful/inefficient cutting layouts are definitely one of my kvetches.. :)

  50. I definitely want to throw my hat in the pattern testing ring! I know my bust measurement is 33″ but I’ll have to check my high bust later and let you know.
    As for a name, she looks like a Vera to me – always comfortable and always feisty!

  51. Hi,

    I don’t have a lot of experience sewing yet, I sewed the renfrew top from Sewaholic (3 different versions), the Sorbetto from Colette and a few Barcelona skirts from Amy Butler. I also like the patterns from Lisette, I’ve made two dresses so far. I have to say that I love to sew with knits, they are very forgiving on your mistakes… I would love to test Tiramisu, and I don’t have a blog yet. My high bust is 34″.

    That lady looks like a Lola for me

    Thanks for all the amazing information on your blog, I am learning a lot


    • Ooooh, those are some really great patterns you’ve been working with. So inspiring. :) I always open a Colette and think “What will Sarai teach me this time?” And it’s always something.

      Thanks for that, and thanks for playing along! :)

  52. When I saw her, my first thought was Serafina. I don’t have my high bust measurement handy since I’m traveling right now, but I would love to be a tester…I have the perfect fabric in mind!

    • Bahahahaa. Blame traveling, will you? :) I actually was just thinking I wanted to email you soon with some invasive measurement questions. I’ll wait til you get back. hehe.

  53. I would love to test Tiramisu, I don’t have a lot of experince, but I like to sew dresses and skirts, as I don’t wear trousers too often. I started sewing a year ago, and I am now totally obsessed with it! My husband is even complaining that I am not giving him enough attention, ha! I love to sew with knits, I find them very forgiving of my mistakes, and are also very comfortable to wear. I have a pear shaped body, small breasts (my high bust is 34″), with big hips. Tiramisu is a very nice pattern, it’s a shame it’s not on a pdf format, I understand your reasons, but I might be the only person that actually loves to work with pdf patterns, I always print them on sturdy paper, so I think they are easier to handle than those flimsy tissue paper. I think the lady should be called Lola, she looks like a Lola to me!

    Thanks for all the information you posted, I am learning a lot from it

    I wish you all the best with Cake


    • I havent ruled out pdf patterns, it depends on a few factors. If it is a possibility, I’ll definitely do it..

      I taught my husband to help me with measuring and hemming and stuff… Maybe we get a little handsy, but it’s fun… (Am I allowed to say that?;)) Anyway see if you can get him a bit involved, then he might not feel quite so neglected when you sew all the time…

      Thanks so much! :)

  54. Oh I was going to say something to do with Marie Antoinette too! I see that is a popular option. I also like Ida.

    Ida, the universal woman…

    “Ida sew Cake”
    “Ida like to make some Cake”
    “Ida be the lady on the pattern”

    Please save me & my stash storage from my longer lengths of knits and pick me to test! (High bust 38)

  55. she’s an international spy who changed her name from Marie to Giada. Her cover occupation is working as a dessert chef making incredible tiarimisu (some of which may have files baked in to aid in jail break efforts as needed) like all international spies, she just happens to have an incredibly fabulous wardrobe.
    I’d love to be a pattern tester. It’s been a while since I’ve made something knit, but I have made quite a few things in the past. I usually work from size 38 bust patterns, but have towork alter for a DDD chest and other roundnesses that want

    • Now I remember why I don’t usually comment from my phone :( trying to say I don’t match any part of the sizing on commercial (big 4) patterns. Also, how weird is it that just before I read this posting, I was trying to tell my husband how desperately I need to make a couple of wrap dresses for fall?

      • ooh, Giada, that’s pretty. I’m so impressed about commenting from the phone, my silly fingers always mess things up (not to mention that funny autocorrect business that doesn’t like my sewing words..)

        Not many people fit the sizing standards in the bigger pattern companies, part of that is that the market for sewing patterns was so small for such a long time.. But I do think that’s changing, more people are sewing and sharing info about it (which is AWESOME!) and I have an idea that today’s sewist is a bit more varied and sophisticated (meaning- we have easy access to more techniques and “work-arounds) than in the past, too.. But they are trying, a bit..

        Tiramisu is not a true wrap dress, those can be quite difficult to wear for some of us, but I have a true wrap top (based on my pdf Kimono Wrap, but a bit more refined and multi-sized)… That’s a month or two down the road. :)

  56. Miriam is her name!
    I’d like to test too. High bust is 34″. I’ve sewn knit leggings/long johns, and some knits for kids, but no other knits.

  57. To me she looks like a Maya. This pattern sounds fascinating! That sort of dress isn’t really my thing, but I’ll be on the look out for your next pattern.

  58. Hi there! I LOVE tiramisu and Tess (the name of the darling model). I would like to test the pattern VERY MUCH. I am a devoted sewer and have a (sagging) bustline of 35. Please give me a shot!

    Take care! Sally

  59. I’d love to be a tester, Steph! Please throw my name into the hat! My high bust is 38. My biggest *sigh – here we go again* thing with patterns is a very short waist and FBA adjustments. Getting used to doing them, though…. And I really think she looks like a Maria in the classic Mediterranean or South American sense, although I really liked the suggestion (above) of Tita. She reminds me of my DD’s historical American Girl doll, Josephina.

    • Thanks, Tia! Short waist can be challenging on some cuts, but using a midriff piece can help make that a simpler process, I think.

      My sister had Josefina! I had an “American Girl of Today” but LOVED Felicity especially, and Addy.. I’m really looking forward to introducing Lila to AG. She’s pretty careful with her toys and dolls, so I think she may be ready for her own Addy this Christmas…

  60. This girl’s a sweetie, so she’s Sugar and she can dance. She needs comfy, flattering clothes in which to shimmy and tango which don’t ride up or cling to places that dresses aren’t supposed to cling to.

  61. I think she’s an Alison & I’d love to be a pattern tester. My high bust is 39 and I’ve made a few t-shirts but wouldn’t say I’m comfortable sewing knits as I’m not very sure how to finish them.

    • Thanks, Bridget. A good old triple stitch zig zag will help, as does top-stitching some seams to make them lie a certain way. I think I may work up a post for sewing knits on a regular sewing machine very soon.. :)

      • Are you serious? I hope so!!! The only interesting guy patterns now are (Renaissance) costumes. I would so love to sew my guy a special, but wearable item. He is tall and thin (almost skinny) and it’s so hard to find suitable clothes for him (tall usually equals big…). Please go for men’s pattern. Adressing male fitting issues and pattern adaptations would be appreciated, too.

  62. Delilah, because she is a beautiful temptress; showing us to that we too, can look as lovely as her….I think she is a sultry nightclub singer, breaking hearts as she sings the blues.

    I’d love to be a tester too, high bust 32″.

  63. I’d love to be a tester for this pattern! I test sew for other designers and always enjoy doing so. My high bust is a 36.

    I think the cover model should be called Odette, she just looks like an Odette to me.

  64. Her name is Tallulah, she’ll “live til I die” but she isn’t a friend of Bugsy Malone, instead she’s made her living as a body double for Alex Kingston (UK actress, last seen as River Song in Dr Who)…it’s the hair…at least when she lets it down.

    More recently she has been buskin’ on the mean streets of Stratford Upon Avon waiting to be discovered by the top bods at the RSC as she’s realised her true vocation is as a classical actress (darling, lovey) and her early flirtation with musicals was all down to getting high on greacepaint fumes…she’s changed her name to Tilda and got herself a better Agent

    (I’m another 35 inch high bust, but I only sew for 7 year olds at the moment so I wish you best of luck with the testing)

    • Zom! I love that backstory! Delicious. :)

      I completely understand… Future releases may tempt you to sew a bit of knits for yourself.. Just warning you now… ;)

  65. Oooh Steph, I’d love to be considered as a tester! My high bust is 34.5″ – 35″ (cup size is DDD, so perhaps that would take me out of consideration?). I’m a very experienced sewist, and frequently sew with knits.

    She looks like a Mimi to me! Probably because her appearance very much resembles my awesome artist friend whose name is Mimi :D.

    How’s the sweater coming along? I have buttons ready for your consideration :D!

    • Thanks, Ginny! I do want to test with some experienced hands, so that’s good to know. :)

      The sweater is coming along slowly but surely, I was just thinking the other day that I should drop my swatch in the mail to you. :) Will do. You’re so lovely, making me some pretty buttons. Thank you!

  66. she could be a Tammy, but I suppose that is just the name that comes when hearing Tiramisu. In reality she should have an exotic sounding name, but I draw a blank on that.

    proper naming of techniques is great i.e. I just did a pattern that went through 2 pages of describing how to do flat-felled seams without saying that it is flat-felled seams once (in fact I thought I had gotten it all wrong until I checked out a tutorial on the companies website and yes I did get it right).

    I have no real experience for sewing knits and not much with sewing other things, so if you need a complete newbie here I am, but you are probably better off going with someone else. I don’t even have an overlocker/serger. I do want to start doing knits and jerseys, because really that is what I wear most of, but other things keep coming up.

    I will see you on Saturday. I am really excited :-)

    • Oh dear me. I like patterns that are useful to beginners, but at the same time I think there ought to be some kind of heading or something on steps like that so if you know how to do the technique, you can move along without fear of missing something…

      Thanks for that, I love your attitude! :)

      I probably won’t have any time at all to chat on Saturday :( but please do say Hi! :)

        • Well, I do hope so! It’s so fun, though tiring. I have my SIL’s 30th that night, too.. We’ll see how that goes!

          But do say “hi” even if I’m fluttering around… I’ll probably wear The Birds dress or some other big skirted 50’s thing… They’re so fun to wear and it makes it easier to find me…

  67. Oh, I’m keen! I’m still a knit noob. I’ve got a 34 high bust. Your pattern sounds so fascinating! Also, I believe that is Mathilda modelling?

  68. For some reason she looks like a Francesca to me! :)
    I’d love to pattern test – my high bust is about 38 inches. I’ve sewn a few Renfrew t-shirts with knits, but no dresses yet! I’m so excited for the pattern though – It’s exactly the design of knit dress that I love to wear! Thanks!

  69. I think she looks like a Karla and she gets things done! So she needs comfy but gorgeous clothes to suit her busy lifestyle. I’d be keen to test your pattern, my HB is 36″ and I’ll have my sewing room all set up in my new house next week after a 4 month break so I’ll be dying to get into a fun project :)

  70. Stef I am interested in testing out your pattern. I have completed one t-shirt pattern (done on conventional machine) and am finishing up a second one with a serger. My H-bust is a 39 (but a G cup, in case that matters).

    How about Vanessa?

    • Thanks, Trice! :) I haven’t tested on your cup size, and I’ll definitely post more about how I approached the 20 different bodice sizes… There’s some wiggle room in the pattern too because it’s a knit and all…

      At any rate, I included an alteration line on the pattern to go with the bust alteration tutorial… I want the sewing to be as painless as possible.

  71. I think she looks like an Inez, and she owns a Cuban bakery that also offers amazing coffee and always has rumba playing in the background. I’m about as new as they get, sewist-wise. My measurements are 35 hb, 37 fb, 29 waist and 37 hips.

  72. I would call her Patti Cake. I would love to be a tester. I do have experience with many different pattern companies and different garments so I think I could give very good feedback my upper bust measurment is 42 with a DDD cup. Good luck with your pattern company as your first pattern looks great.

  73. I like the names (and stories!) for Zelda, Melita, and Maria.

    I’d love to be a pattern tester, if you can send a pattern to Canada — I understand if you can’t. High bust 32″. I’m new-ish to sewing knits, and I’m not a blogger, but I love to give overly-detailed answers to questions! :)

    • Yes, I will send more or less anywhere. :) Thanks so much for volunteering for experimentation! (Nah, won’t be that scary..) :)

  74. I can’t tell if my comment disappeared or is just waiting to be approved, but here it is again, just in case:

    I love the names (and stories!) of Zelda, Maria, and Melita.

    I’d love to be a pattern tester, if you’re willing to send on to Canada — if not, I understand. High bust 32″. I’ve worked with knits, but not a bunch, and I’m not a blogger, but I’m *very* willing to give overly-detailed answers to questions! :D

    – Caroline

  75. For a name, Camellia. A little bit exotic, a little bit pure beauty, a little bit softness.
    I would love to test as well, my high bust is 34″. I have made two tshirts for me and some repurposed stuff for my kids, so I feel like I have a bit of a hang on it but I still feel unsure of some aspects of making things really sturdy without a serger.

    • Well, often a good old triple stitch zig-zag helps with the sturdiness. It’s not a gorgeous finish, but it’s tough and washes well.

      Thanks for playing! :)

  76. Her name is Bella! because she’s beautiful… just like the dress! Getting back into sewing my own clothes, well, dresses mostly, as that’s what I want to add to my wardrobe… off the rack usually doesn’t flatter my shape… Short (6’2.5) and curvatious. I generally have to alter for bust and upper arms. I’ve been following your blog for a while and anxiously awaiting the release of Tiramisu… just my style! Love your flare for the vintage. Would love to be a tester if you need another relative newbie… HB 44″

    • Uhm… Wondering if I read this wrong, but are you 6 inches or 6 feet tall? That can’t be right… ;)

      It seems to me like most everyone with your HB has to alter for bust and bicep, which seems silly, right? If there’s some kind of consistent ratio (there is! in my spreadsheets anyway!) then why not use that and save the sewist some time? Right?

      Thanks so much. :) I’ll email testers next week and we’ll talk more about Tiramisu and measurements etc..

      • Ha… should have reread before hitting send… yes 62.5 inches or 5ft2-1/2. Silly is right. My biggest pet peave… sleeves that ride up into your armpits… UHG! what is the industry thinking? I’ve got a piece of black poly knit with white polka dots screaming to become something… and I think your Tiramisu dress is just the thing!

  77. She looks like a Dorothy to me. Would love to be a pattern test HB 35. Best of luck with the project :)

  78. I think she should either be named Julia after Julia Child or Patty for Patty Cake (my Mom’s name is Patricia and she’s a great baker, also. LOL).

    I would love to be a pattern tester. My high bust is 36″.

  79. I think she looks like a Deborah. I would love to test, I recently went back to work and need to make myself some clothes. My high bust is 38.

  80. I think her name is Teresa… She’s a young Mexican American woman, and she learned to sew at the knee of her abuelita. Her family doesn’t have much money, but they work hard and they all take care of each other. She prides herself in being able to make beautiful clothes that look just as stylish as the things her friends buy at the store.

  81. Hello from Manila~

    I would love to be a tester – my HB is 37.5 inches. I began sewing when I was 11 years old in 1971. One of my first outfits was a jumpsuit – far too short in the crotch and it still makes me wince. Another early attempt was a blouse in vyella. My tailoress grandmother said, ‘That collar pattern piece is too high!’ I thought I knew better. If I had been a giraffe the collar would have been perfect! Many items later and some failures and successes I feel ready to tackle this great dress with that gorgeous lady modelling it. My faithful machine and I do reasonably well with knits.

    She looks like a ray of sunshine to me so my name would be the Sunshine Lady .

    You are amazing Steph! Well done :)

    • Oooh the tight crotch is a simple fix… Ouch!! :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment, I’ll let you know about testers next week. :)

  82. Hey Steph, I would like to test. Bust is 41, but will have to check high bust later. Am a beginner – bought my sewing machine at the start of the year and have made a few tops out of stretch fabric

  83. I love the dress. My high bust measurement is 32 inches and the model’s name is Ruby!

  84. I would say ” Cléa” with the “C” like in Cake pattern. I once bought a perfume with this name and I think it would be great for the Tiramisu dress.
    I would love to be a tester for this dress : I love to sew knit dress, I have a thing for wrap dresses or mock wrap dresses . I love to play with stripes like this dress or this one.
    I have some striped knit fabric that would make a great Tiramisu dress. My high bust measurement is 38″ .

    • Oh! I remember your amazing amazing navy blue dress, but I hadn’t seen the yellow one! Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor- it’s so absolutely fantastic on you! I can’t wait to get you into a Tiramisu… ;)

  85. I don’t know why but I think she looks like a Margritte. Something with a little bit of exotic flavour to it.

    I’d also love to test your Tiramisu pattern. My high bust is 32″ and I’m an intermediate sewer. I could do with building the self-made section of my wardrobe.

  86. I’m in if you want a noob. I have a 34inch high bust measurement. I’m also 5ft2, if that matters! :)

  87. Hi Steph,

    I’d name her Gigi – no idea why I thought of that name.

    I’d love to sign up for testing as well, I am a beginner with some experience – just finished 4 pairs of knit leggings for my daughter and have a serger / coverstitch and am finally(!) using them as well.

    Tiramisu has all my fav design elements in it and would love to test it!

    High bust: 34,
    full bust 37-38
    underbust -28

    • OOOh look at you being so prolific! Upgrade yourself to intermediate. Extra points for using your machines well. :)

      Thanks for playing!

      • no no nooo!! no intermediate by any chance. :) I’ve made kids clothes so far – with knits. The only adult clothes I’ve ever made are a couple of tunics / blouses in classes, where my hand was held by teachers. So, yes, still a very beginner!

  88. I’d love to test, HB is 31 and FB is 33 if I measured correctly :)
    Hmmm, I thought Daria as soon as I saw her? Don’t know why…

  89. I would name her “Charmaine” because that name sounds similar to “charming”, which the tiramisu pattern is, and because she looks a little like a Charmaine that I know. The Charmaine I know sews, organizes a quilting bee for people with mental health/developmental disabilities and she is a Planned Parenthood educator for people with disabilities. My Charmaine is an awesome lady and she deserves to have a beautiful sewing pattern named after her.

  90. I can lose a whole morning reading your blog and the comments! I love it. I’ve been this for an hour or more already. I read most of them, but I finally had to skip to the bottom.

    Rosa – She’s definitely of ethnic descent, but her heritage is indeterminate. Rosa could be from any number of countries, and her name doesn’t give her away. She might possibly have been “Maria” when she was a spy in France, but under that facade is Rosa. (My apologies to Amanda for hi-jacking your backstory. It’s fantastic!)

    Anyway…I’d love to test. My high bust is 40″. I have years of sewing experience for interior designers, and now I’m working on that self-assigned project that I’ve mentioned here before of learning to fit patterns and sew my own clothing. I’m working on the FFRP fitting shell right now, and the goal is to complete that this weekend. The size 18 fits my back fine, but it looks like the DD-cup pattern front isn’t going to cover the girls. There is an FBA in my future.

    I’d love to try Tiramisu to help you see if your built-in adjustments and the knit fabric can accommodate my figure. Also, I’m a technical writer by trade, so I can take a crack at proofreading or editing your instructions if you’d like.

    And like my daughter always says when she’s trying on a dress she likes and finds that is has pockets, “It just got better!”

  91. Hi Steph, I would love to test your pattern. I would be really excited to working with a pattern with different cup sizes. My high-bust measurement is 37.5 inches and my cup size a G, so more than a D, but in a stretch knit I suppose it would still work. I use Simplicity’s, Vogue’s, etc. cup-sized patterns and a D usually works quite well for me.

    Oh, yes, and I’d name her Marlene (as in Marlene Dietrich). I think it would make her a bit exotic but still very classy.

    • Well… I’ll write about it very soon, but the ABCD isn’t exactly like bra cup sizing, it’s more of a proportions guide… We’ll get into it. And, as a long time FBA-er on every single commercial pattern I ever worked with, I drew alteration guides on the pattern itself. With an accompanying tutorial. You’ll love it. :)

      Ooooh Marlene is cool.

  92. My high bust is apparently 37″, and I am much bigger than a D. That said, I have some magenta French terry that’s waiting impatiently for this pattern!

    Alas, I cannot think of a name.

  93. I’d love to test! My high bust is 36″. I have a fair amount of experience sewing knits, mostly reclaimed from old clothes. And I own a serger.

    I’m currently eight months pregnant, and my favorite maternity-friendly dress has a very similar cut. This pattern seems like it could be quite maternity/nursing-friendly. I’m excited to try it out and see how well it will adapt to the various body changes I’m likely to go through in the next few months. I’d probably make both a maternity version (shorten the waist yoke section, if it seems necessary) and regular version.

    I think her name is Dolores.

    • I thought Tira might be very friendly to new/expecting moms, too. I’m trying to hassle one of my nursing friends into doing a photoshoot with me, we’ll see how that goes. I’d love to do something like that and include it in the Cake website.

      Thanks for playing! And take care of yourself, rest up. :)

  94. Oooh! I’d love to be a tester but it looks like I’m not the only one :) I’m really looking forward to seeing the next step in the process. Congratulations Steph!

  95. I think she looks like an angelica! I’m not sure why though….Anyway, I would love to test this pattern, I’ve been eying it for the past month since it was announced and I have a stripe knit with a border on the bottom that I am dying to see if I can make work I’m not sure, but I can try! I have a bit of experience working with knits making t-shirts for my daughter, but nothing for me so far so I would love to give it a try. My full bust measurement is 37″ :)

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking! It is this pinky purple fabric with these white floral stripes and a seriously awesome border and I have been trying to figure out how to use it!

  96. I’d love to be a tester! I am a high bust of 35 (though I should double check). I am really excited about this dress–good knit dresses are hard to come by! Also, you asked for our kvetches about patterns–mine is when the finished measurements are not on the pattern envelope or the instruction sheets. I hate having to hunt around on the pattern pieces for the measurements (and sometimes there aren’t any!) Finished measurements are really important to me when choosing which size I will make.

    • I hate that too!! Grrr! :) Knits are a little more forgiving than wovens, but it’s still helpful to know these things, isn’t it? There’s a very compact finished measurements chart on the pattern pieces where it would apply… (Full bust on the front bodice, waist on the front midriff, etc. ) :)

      Thanks for playing, Jilly!

  97. Oh and I don’t know if you need testers, but please pick me if you need any testers!

  98. She looks like a Rita to me. I’d love to be considered for pattern testing, upper bust is 41″. I am a nursing mama and I’d love to try this pattern It seems like it could potentially be nursing-friendly. I have an advanced beginners experience with knits and t-shirts.

    • Thanks, Emilee! I’d love to get a nursing mom into a Tiramisu, ever since I started working on her I thought she’d be good for that. :)

  99. Carmen, or Carmine, is no shy violet and knows how to accentuate the positive!

    I’m still a novice sewist (have made a skirt and a shirt), but would love to try Tiramisu! My hb is approximately 44″.

  100. I agree with the Rita or maybe a Wanda. I would love to be a pattern tester. Not sure on my high bust and I haven’t sewn a lot with knits.

  101. HB 32″ here. I think she looks like a Carlita. No doubt Tiramisu is influencing my perception!

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  103. I would love to be a tester! HB of 41″, I’ve not sewn a tshirt but I didn’t realise knits were supposed to be scary – I’ve sewn lots of underwear and bike shorts etc, and I’ve sewn tops with wovens. So not the exact skill set, but the bit before it! I’d say I’m a basic intermediate sewer, and a bit of a newb to the pattern world.

    I also want to say, I think that is a BRILLIANT way to size, and also thank you so much for offering, and talking about, plus sizing. I know there are so many logistical hurdles with offering a large range of sizes, and I understand why most indie pattern makers don’t. But it’s very disheartening to see lovely patterns being sewn, and companies I’d love to support, but they only go up to an ‘XL’ – and their XL is a good three sizes too small for me. I don’t think a 46″ bust is that big, myself! I have lots of friends who are bigger, and it’s upsetting to see us sized out of nice things in patterns as well as RTW. So, thank you!

    • Thanks for that!

      Yeah, there are some logistical issues, but it’s something I’ve put a lot of thought into.. I know it’s not possible to suit 100% of all people all the time, but I feel much the same as you do.. Why size someone out of wearing something nice? Even just a nice basic.. Right?

  104. I like Abella.

    I can’t wait to buy your pattern. I will really look forward to the info on stripes. SInce it is a knit, I think you should include a tip on sewing zigzag on a regular machine if the seamstress doesn’t have a serger.

  105. I’m not going to volunteer to test – I’m too slow and busy. But I did want to offer some names. Of the ones that have been mentioned already, I like Rosa, Maria and Maya for Ms Tiramisu. Or how about Ravenna?

    To put my kvetch in positive terms, I like it when patterns identify where the bust, waist and hips are with that circle-and-cross symbol. (i think it would be even better to have the whole horizontal line indicated, but perhaps that would clutter up the pattern too much.) I’m super short between waist and hips (patterns are usually drafted for about 9″ between the two, and I’m more like 5″), so landmarks like these are really helpful.

    • Thanks, Zena! :)

      Yes, I like apex points, too! I left them off this pattern because due to the nature of the fabric, the point will fall differently for everyone, and even fall differently for the same person and different fabrics. Also, the pattern piece shape for the bodice is shorter than the bust it will cover- because it’s cut on the bias.

      But I’ll definitely use it as a feature where it’s logical. :)

      • Yes, I now see that apex points wouldn’t make sense on this pattern.

        Another kvetch/idea: It seems to me that the instructions for commercial patterns are not geared for trying on and fitting as you go (e.g. stitch all skirt darts while flat, rather than stitching side seams and then checking whether the darts are even correct). Not sure if this is a practical suggestion, but hey, I thought I’d throw it out there.

        And some backstory: Ravenna is a singer (jazz and opera). She used to be rather painfully shy, but no one would know it now.

  106. She looks like a Lucy to me. My high bust measurement is 33″ & I’d really love to be a test sewer. I’ve made a few t-shirts & have been trying to improve my sewing with knits. I have next to no experience matching stripes so I’m eager to what your stripe placement lines are like. I’m a test sewer for the 1912 project, so if you want to see what kind of feedback I’d give, check out my blog, DisparateDisciplines.wordpress.com. Thanks! And congrats on starting your business!

  107. Hi Steph,

    I love your approach to body shape, and I would certainly happily present a challenging test shape for Tiramisu, I love this style of dress, and I’d be super happy if you’d put me in the draw for pattern tester! High bust 46″. I have no blog, but I’m on Facebook! Also, I think she looks like a Dana.

    Kate :-)

    • Thanks, Kate… I just have to be myself, I guess. :)

      Super happy to work with bloggers and non-bloggers alike. Thanks for playing!

  108. This made me smile, because usually I am the Tiramisu Lady! I am famous amongst my friends for making the best tiramisu in Manchester and yet being very reticent who I make it for, because the raw eggs are a logistic / health and safety nightmare.
    I am not suggesting naming her after me (Stefania), as it would be a little bit like naming her after you! We could name her after my Mum, the original Tiramisu Lady, but she’s called Grazia and someone’s already named a magazine after her – boo hoo! (true story – as a child I thought the magazine was actually named after my Mum, especially the special issues booklet called “Grazia’s recipes”)
    I like the Wanda suggestion, since it was my Mum’s Mum.

    I realise I am very late to this party, but my high bust is 40″ and I would like to be a tester. Since this April I have sewn skirts, dresses and tops but only very rarely with knits. I have a 1971 Singer that does do zig-zag and threads from the front, so in theory I could use a twin needle, althought when I tried threading was a bit of an issue!

    I love, love, love a good dress pattern and Tiramisu does look like a keeper! I like the way you approach the dressmaking process on the blog and I think it’d be lovely to have patterns that reflect that approach!

    • Oh… Grazia. I like that! :)

      Thanks so much for your encouragement! I feel like I’ve put 100% of my ideas into practice while working on this pattern, it’s really satisfying and I can’t wait to get it out there!

      I’ve been making the occasional Tiramisu lately. Oooooh it’s so good!! The raw eggs can be a bit tricksy for some, and I sort of had to convince myself it’s ok. Like cookie dough. And besides, my eggs mostly come from chickens I know are healthy. You can always make it without, and many people do.. But OOOooohh how good is a plate of Tiramisu? A Pick-Me-Up, to be sure.

  109. I would like to name her Tana. And I would love to be a tester. I’ve made several shirts and dresses and one t-shirt. High bust is 46.

  110. I’ve commented above, but I am really much better at back stories than sewing…although I am getting better…but someone above suggested Penelope but forgot the back story…so here it is

    “Penelope” is a “cat who walks by herself”, she’s travelled the world (alone) and knows what’s out there, and after many many false starts and broken hearts found a man who thought like she did…

    She walks barefoot as she likes to feel the ground beneath her feet, she loves the rain and the smell of the ground when it is raining, she likes dancing in the rain but misses rain in the southern hemisphere (because sometimes it is warm)…

    She makes jam…and paper aeroplanes with her 7 year old son…she’s rocked out, done the festival thing…can bore you with memories of bands she has seen and the concerts she missed out on…

    she cooks, she cleans, she does hard labour in the garden cos someone has to build the patio !

    Can talk to you about literature, music, theatre, great art and food in fantastic restaurants…but can also talk about Dr Who, Power Rangers, star wars, Dino’s kitchen science and the beano…and knows how to make a water bomb !

    She is ultra organised between 9-5 monday to friday but gloriously spontaneous the rest of the time…

    She is you, she is me, she is what every one of us imagine we are…but mostly she is 35 F, looks good in a wrap dress, especially if it is a knit and will be persuading her mum to make tiramasu for her !

    Oh, and she makes the best G&T…

    • Oh my gosh! I love this! (and also, do you live next door to me or something? you totally read my mail…I don’t have a 7 year old son, but everything else…)

      This is so lovely, thanks ! :)

  111. Terry the Tiramasu lady! loves to make and eat tiramasu! I would love to test your patterns, especially striped, my bust is a 46″ and I have sewn a knit shirt. thats about it.

  112. I think she’s an Ebony or Rosemary. Needs to be sassy but classy!

    ‘Twas nice to see you yesterday, albeit brief. I was being royally hassled to come through with promise / bribe of visiting the BIG dinosaur.

    Would love to test Tiramisu for you, with the caveat that I am prone getting carried away and making silly mistakes when sewing! Have made about 5 BCTs now, none as good as the first one I made with your supervision…. High bust is 33-34.

    • It was nice to see you too, albeit briefly. What is the hold that huge dinosaur exerts on little kids? Lila is obsessed with him…

      Thanks Katie! You’re such a careful sewist, I’m sure your BCTs are quite nice. :)

  113. To me she looks like a Gina.
    If you still need pattern testers let me know I’d line to try it. Do not have much experiences with jersey though. I do have a loot of fabric that needs to be used up, but did not have the guts to start on it. You lovely design will get me there. Already have an idea of what fabric combination to use.
    Ps my bust measurement is 36 inches.

    • Thanks Simona! Ideally, I’d like my patterns to be like a mini-class in an envelope, with some great support on the Cake site so even beginners can have a crack at making a great garment…

      Thanks so much for you kind words! :) I’m really looking forward to seeing what others do with this basic little pattern…

  114. I can not WAIT for this pattern!!! If you need a tester with a 40″ high bust, I’m your woman. The Tiramisu lady looks like my neighbor Anne, so that is my pick for a name.

  115. I think she’s very French in her attitude–yes, Juliette is very confident. I would love to be considered as a tester for the Tiramisu. Loved the dress from the moment I saw it. I love your unorthodox methods of designing. I am an experienced sewist and I sew knits regularly (made all my knit tops for summer this year). My high bust is 36.5″ and a D cup. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Steph.

  116. After seeing you have 280+ comments I doubt you need any more pattern testers. But if you are I’d love to help out. The Tiramisu pattern looks adorable and so versatile. Yay for Cake Patterns! :) I’m a 33-“34” high bust measurement.

    • oh well, half of them are me responding, some of them are little chats… I’m keeping this open til Thursday, then I’ll send out a few tester emails. Should have a really nice testing pool. :) Thanks so much!

  117. Hi Steph,
    I’m thinking she is Coco, a little chocolatey and just a little “fashion goddess” (Chanel).

    I’d love to test your pattern. My high bust measurement is 37″ I’ve sewn stretch fabrics before but only ever been brave enough to make t-shirts. I’d love to give a bigger project a go.

    It’s great to see so much interest in your new pattern company – good luck.

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  119. Hi Steph,

    I think her name should be Leia. I love this pattern and would be honored to be a tester. I am a high bust 37. I have sewn knits but, not in a while. I do lots of sewing for others….seldom for myself. So this would be fun

  120. Mercedes is what came to mind for me. I’d love to test the pattern, but I’m plus sized and a little nervous about the midriff band. My high bust is 48″ (D cup). I’ve spent this year studying and trying to accomplish a good fit, but don’t have a lot of experience with knits and I’m eager to try them. I think a post from you on sewing knits with a regular machine would be fabulous! Thanks.

    • Well, I have a lot of respect for those who can’t find clothes that fit and turn to sewing. I did something special with the midriff band, will be posting about it very soon. :) Thanks for playing!

  121. I am a theater dork so Shakespeare heroine names appeal to me. Miranda, from the Tempest, meaning “admirable, wonderful” is always a great place to start! Also one of my great good friends has a lovely, smart daughter named Miranda who looks a fair amount like the ten-year-old version of your cover “model”.

    I am an American in her early forties who knows my way around the sewing machine but has never sewn a t-shirt or a dress. Upper bust 37″. Would be happy to be considered as a tester but in any event looking forward to more of your writing and patterns!

    • Ah… Theatre.. :) Miranda is a lovely name, though I’d want her to wear the crossed braids associated with Miranda from the Tempest… I wonder how that started?

      Thanks for playing along!

  122. Moira perhaps?
    I’d love to test. About 34 ish upper bust (can remeasure when I get home tomorrow — am away at the moment).
    relative beginner, have made some Colette patterns: Jasmine, two peonies, meringue, as well as grainline studio’s maritime shorts as well as a Darling Ranges blouse and a few other wadders that still taught me some stuff… As for knits I’ve made a Sewaholic renfrew as tee and as tank dress.

    • Lovely. :) Sounds like you’re doing quite well with your sewing, you’ll have fewer wadders as you go along, really.

  123. Hi,
    I would love to test your pattern. I’m an intermediate sewer and a nursing mom, so I could test that aspect out for you too. My high bust is 37.5 and I’m trying to figure out how to do full bust adjustments for my own sewing.
    I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we don’t have too much of a garment sewing community here so your blog helps to fill that need for me.
    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks! :) I like to write about what I do and think about, so I’m thrilled that it’s useful to someone. I’ll be sending out tester emails later this week, when I know how many testers I have!

  124. I think she really looks like an Ella. Something about her makes me think of the 30s jazz scene, maybe the extended shoulders and bias cut of the dress. I see her as a talented and promising young painter who breaks hearts as a sultry jazz singer by night. She is singing to earn some extra money and fulfill her dream of a move to Paris.

    I think this is a beautiful dress that would be so easy to wear, and I would really love to be considered for a pattern tester. I have sewn a couple of basic knit tops but am by no means an expert with knits. My high bust is 32 1/2″.

    • Oooh, I like that! Painter by day, singer by night…. :)

      Thanks so much! It’s not necessary to be an expert, not at all, just willing.

  125. i cannot possibly compete with 5currantbuns on backstories so I’m just going to suggest Tia…
    I’ve said it before but i will say it again i absolutely love what you are doing here. would LOVE to test for you – and having rooted out tape measure, how is it i have so many but they all disappear?! high bust is 32″ and i’ve sewn a handful tshirts and vest type tops from knits. Tiramisu looks like it’s be super comfortable for cycling to work and still looking appropriate for office!
    anything else you need a hand with proof-reading, fresh eyes at a diagram to see if it makes sense, answering random questions – shoot me an email or tweet anytime :-)

    • I know, her story is so good… I couldn’t top it either.

      Thanks, Louise. That really means a lot to me, coming from you. :) And thanks so much, I will almost undoubtedly take you up on that. Some of the stuff I’m working on is a little “different” so it’s good to know I can ask your opinion! :)

  126. I look at her, and I don’t think of a name, so much as “Havana”. Maybe like Dirty Dancing 2, (which yes, I’ll admit to), I bet she could hold her own on the dance floor. I would love to test. I’m ready to tackle knits, even though my love affair with wool and cotton lawn blazes on. My high bust is 33″, and I teach middle school, so honestly, nothing you ask could probably phase me. : ) I’m also pretty picky about clothes, because everything has to pass the “Can I stand in front of a room of 13 year-olds in this?” test.

    • Havana is a cool name. I always wanted to go visit.. .Thanks for playing!

      Are 13 year olds scary? I’m really not fond of young teenagers as a general rule. Twits, the lot of them… ;)

      • I’d visit Havana, too…
        13 year olds are honestly awesome. They are figuring out who they want to be, and yet they still want to know what you think. Easily entertained by lame jokes and they have their own kind of unfiltered honesty. Tact? Well, sometimes. : )

  127. Such a cute, comfy looking dress! I’d say she’s an Esmeralda. I’d love to be a tester if you need any more! I’m a 34 inch high bust. I’m an intermediate sewer but often have trouble adjusting things to fit my bust area, the arms always end up too tight or cross-overs too loose. I think it’s a combo of small bust but average sized arms?

    • Thanks, Bohdana. :) Cross-overs can definitely be tricky, I think I just might have gotten it right this time.. We’ll see what the testers say. Thanks for playing!

  128. I think Leiana! I’d love to test! I’m a 36″ high bust with zero knit experience (yet!).

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  130. Hi Steph, I love this design! Could be enough to give me a waist!! ;-) I’d love to be a tester. My HB measurement is 31″.

  131. Hi, I’ve just found your blog, it’s fab. I don’t know if you’re still taking potential testers for Tiramisu, but if you are, I’d love to be considered. My high bust is 34.5″, I’ve sewn t-shirts and jersey dresses before.
    Your lovely lady looks like a Theresa to me.

  132. Oh she definitely is a Carmen! The red dress, the red lips, that sassy pose–she looks like she is a fiery, independant woman. Although unlike Bizet’s Carmen, she doesn’t use a rose to cast a spell on men–instead she makes a mean tiramisu…

    I would be thrilled to give the pattern a test drive if you’re still looking for testers! My high bust is 93 cm (so what’s that, like 36,5?). My experience with knits is limited to a handful of garments I’ve sewn for my daughter–nothing for me yet!

    • I love that! Haha! Thanks for playing along, and we’ll get you sewing knits for yourself sooner or later. :)

  133. Hi, Steph.
    I follow your blog with the greatest interest! I’m a cellist, finally getting back to sewing after 20 years. I have a high bust of 36 1/2 inches. It looks to me like your Pavlova will be a full skirt, perfect for playing the cello. Count me in on either pattern! Thanks so much and best of luck! Debbie

  134. She looks like a Maureen to me.

    I’m willing to test. Actually, I’d love to—I’ve been looking for a good pattern of this style, since the only dresses I’ve ever owned and loved have the cross-over bodice style happening.

    But, I haven’t sewn with knits since I was perhaps 13, so this sounds like an exciting challenge! My high bust is 41″

  135. Oh she looks like a Tia to me! I would love to test sew. i am a 34″ upper bust measurement and have not sewn a tshirt before. But am going to the market saturday to buy tonnes of jersey to make tshirts. :D

    • Tia is cute! :) Thanks for playing, and I’m sure your shirts will go well. Just remember there’s a learning curve, and try not to get discouraged if the first one or two don’t look exactly the way you’d like. :) Thanks for playing!

      • Glad you like the name! I stumbled upon your new venture by accident and am very excited by it! I really hope it goes well for you!

  136. ooh I love this pattern! I’m a newbie to sewing but have just sewn my first jersey maxi skirt and almost finished a kimono sleeve t-shirt and think I’m addicted! I think she looks like an Esther, though maybe just because that’s my new favourite name! High bust is 34.

  137. I think I saw this before, so I vote for Marie, “let them eat cake…” or tiramisu. I am loving you BCT, so I would love to be a tester, my high bust is 37″.

    • Ahhh… Tiramisu is categorized as cake in heaps of places, but I know what you mean… It’s not a “Cakey” cake, it’s more a trifle… But insanely delicious!

      Thanks, I’m so pleased the BCT works well for you! The upper part of the bodice was drafted from my BCT pattern… :) Thanks for playing along, I’m sending out tester emails in the next day or so.

  138. I’m terrible with names but she looks like a Leesa to me!
    My high bust is 32″ & I’ve sewn a couple of your blank canvas tees & am working your long sleeve hack since fall is now on the way :) I’d love to pattern test – can always wear another dress!

    • Ah cool! :) Let me know how the hack goes… I miss doing them, but the patterns are more fun…

      Thanks for playing!

  139. hi my upper bust measurement is 44inches. I would love to try the pattern. I have just started sewing for myself again after finding nothing looked good when i had spent my time making it. I am on the lap banding road at the moment and have lost 40% of my excess weight and hopefully will lose the rest slowly and sensibly over the next six months. I think your pattern needs a 1950″s name ie Marilyn.

  140. She looks like a Carmen to me. I’d love to be a pattern tester, not much experience with knits but looking to start doing more. HB 48.

  141. I think she’s a Fleur. Love the shape of the pattern. I’ve been hooked on your blog since you made the vintage pattern dress from your thrifted sheet. I even tracked down a copy of the pattern for me! Would love to try your Tiramisu. I’m a 38 bust and a beginner-Intermediate sewer – how’s that for hedging my bets!?

  142. So cute! I’m throwing my vote in for Marie too.

    I’d love to test the pattern. I’ve made a few knits pieces and am itching to make a few more by the end of the year. And I love stripes (who doesn’t!?) My high bust is 34″.

  143. Oooooh she looks wonderful. I like the name Tiramisu but I guess you’ve already established that you want something else. High bust 38, full bust 44″

  144. I’d like her name to be Tiramisu or something similar. So that it’s not too hard to keep track of who is who when your collection expands to 100+ models. ;-) If not Tiramisu, then maybe Tira, Tara, Tiera or Tierra?

    I thought my HB was 29.5″ but I just measured and it’s now exactly 30″ so I would love to be a tester as well.

  145. She looks like a Loretta to me somehow. I’d be up for the pattern testing if it’s not too late. My high bust measurement is 37″ (that’s the fullest point of the bust right)?

  146. She reminds me of a girl I know called Gina, so I second that suggestion. I would happily be a pattern tester for you. I’m sure I would wear this dress often and I am keen to try it out. I also like sound of the approach you are taking with the instructions. I’m a non-blogger with a moderate amount of experience sewing with knits and about a 36″ high bust.

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  148. I would love to test! I have a 47 inch bust and I have sewn with knits before. I love the pattern and have the perfect stripe jersey in my stash!

    • Thanks, Sooz… I closed the testing for this pattern, but keep your eyes open for the next one in a month or 6 weeks. :D

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