Feeling S-crappy

I thought I’d post what I did this week.  It’s not much.  I’m still recovering from the worst flu I’ve ever had (and going to the doctor again tomorrow..). Everything seems to move at half speed lately and its frustrating..

I taught a class this past weekend at Piece Together– such fun!  We worked on knits, using the Blank Canvas Tee as our vehicle.  Great work, ladies!  Much of the class seems to have had the same malady, at least it’s not just me.  It seems to be happening to half of mommy-Brisbane.

I made another two scrappy Lonestarburst blocks to go with the three I made last week.  That brings the total to 5 blocks- another 4 and I’ll have enough for my throw!

I used a white-on-white stripe here, you know how I feel about stripes.  For some reason, this fabric reminds me of toothpaste.  It seems very stark against the colored prints and I like that.  I found sizeable scraps of this fabric when I cleaned out my sewing room.

Yep.  I finally cleaned it up.  Messes bug me, and my sewing room has been torn apart for about a month.  A friend was dropping through Brisbane for the night and since the sewing room doubles as a guest room I had to clean it up or else.  I cleared out every piece of “what was I thinking” fabric, everything that’s a wrong-for-me, wrong-for-the-house fabric, everything for which I don’t have a clear purpose. It took me most of last week, but it’s done now.

I’m taking everything I cleared out to my table at Fabric-a-brac, a charity event I’m running at the State Library on the 25th of August.  It’s a great opportunity to destash or to pick up a few bargains from those who are de-stashing.  I stuffed all these yogurt and honey containers with my stock of large-ish scraps and remnants.  Useful bits and pieces I hope will find a good home.

Except these.  These rumpled odds and ends will eventually become scrap quilts.  I like to keep my scraps separated by color.  The red/pink box will become a pineapple quilt, the blue and white are a half-completed Storm at Sea, and the colorful box holds scraps of Lila fabrics.

The Lila fabric box will yield a fun, bright, and probably slightly obnoxious quilt…

Speaking of Lila fabric, she’s had a sudden growth spurt.  I have a little stock of fabrics for pants, skirts, little tops and dresses but I’ve been putting off making Lila clothes- probably because my workspace was a disaster area.   I love how quickly kids’ clothing goes together, and the first “people” I made clothes for were my dolls.  For some reason, sewing for Lila is the same kind of thrill.  Except she’s real and that makes the sewing 100 times more fun!

She saw this today while I was laundering it and asked for a dress.  It’s a very very fine merino- a steal at $10/m.  You will see much more of this fabric in the next few months, I bought as much as I could justify.  The pale aqua suits mommy and dolly equally well, so I’m sure we’ll get some good use out of it.

I’m using this fabric for a mini-hack.  I’ve been meaning to work on a Lila-sized Blank Canvas Tee for some time and I have a cute design I’d like to share, hack-style.   With any luck, I’ll find the energy to put together a few more separates for her that have been living in my head for months.  So watch out.  It may get a little cute around here this week…

How do you organize and use scraps?  How do you decide what to keep and what to toss?


    • Hehehe. We do eat a lot of yogurt around here… Thanks for that, it’s more frustrating than life-threatening I guess. I want to go back to being healthy and vigorous so I can take it for granted again! ;)

  1. Scraps: difficult. I get rid of the really small ones. Or the really nasty ones. Or the really nasty colours. Otherwise…

    I love these Lone Starbursts you’re making. I need to revive my knowledge of paper-piecing, because this pattern seems so very me and the perfect way to use up some of the aforementioned scraps…

    • I tend to get rid of ones that are smaller than my palm… And nasty ones, like you said.

      I hadn’t paper-pieced for almost a year when I picked this up, it took me a little while to get my head back in but it wasn’t hard. You can do it! I’d love to see what you’d make, I’m sure it would be quite lovely. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your bout of flu. I’ve only had flu once and my hair hurt! Scraps? I keep them for about a year in the stash box and then throw them out!

    • Ouch… I’m past that stage, but for a couple of weeks my hair hurt and I felt like my teeth were going to drop out… But enough of that!!

      I’m trying to put together a nice list of alternate uses for scraps.. .Then I’ll go plowing through my list to see what happens…

  3. Hmmm. I tend to hoard scraps because a really nice crazy quilt is on my bucket list. And I’ve got 2 budding sewers in my house that regularly rescue scraps for their own ideas and projects for Barbies and dolls and whatever else they dream up. Can’t wait to see your starburst quilt. It’s going to be gorgeous.

    • Yes… I keep telling myself I’ll get around to making rag rugs, too, but that hasn’t happened… Lila loves digging around in my scraps, too… But she’s still too little to sew much.

      Thanks… It’s just a little quilt, but I’m looking forward to finishing it and having it lying around. It should look nice in my livingroom… :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. The last time I had nasty flu it took about 3 to 5 months for me to feel noticeably decent. I’d had a fever over 102F for over 8 days, but I had no insurance and so no access to professional care. I had to do the best I do with my knowledge of medical history. I don’t recommend it if you want a speedy recovery.

    • Oh no! That’s so awful, I’m sorry you had to go through that. I still marvel at the health care system here… I know Aussies tend to bash it a bit and it’s not perfect, but it’s such a weight off my mind knowing that if we’re sick, we can just go see a doctor without bankrupting ourselves. Very civilized.

  5. You’re STILL sick?! Oh man, I hope this flu dies out very soon because this is ridiculous. :( Although I’m impressed with what you’ve created while sick. Those squares are super pretty! So colourful and bright on such a clean background!

    I had a corner of the room, underneath my ironing board where all scraps lived. Uh..not so much scrap organization as the zone they were amassing their army. I eventually tricked it into a garbage bag and tossed it (I try not to weep thinking of it) when I was at the ‘Throw Everything Away’ mode of packing.

    • Yes. Half-speed. Not like dying sick, but can’t get stuff done, headache and cough and easily confused sick.

      hehehe. I love your description of the scraps army! I get all “Throw Everything Out” sometimes, too. It’s nice to get rid of stuff you don’t need. :)

    • Sweet! I’ve had a LOT of emails about it lately, 60 something people have rsvped on facebook, the vendor spaces are all full, everything seems full steam ahead! I’m looking forward to the day, myself. :) Keep spreading the word! (and do say hello to me, even if I’m running around like a crazy person!)

  6. Oh you will have the best time at Fabricabrac, which is the principle reason why I have very little scrap in my stash. I have been known to bag bits up and sell them there. Especially the pieces left over from a quilt, which is always an easy sell as they generally look good together. Over the years I have hoarded and discarded scarps many times – these days I throw out all but a couple of bits of a dressmaking project unless the leftover is enough to sell, but I keep all my quilt scraps bigger than a square inch! They go in a cube storage bin if they are random, in another if they are strips, and anything bigger than a fat 16th is folded and stored in a big box. But as I have taken to piecing quilt backs to use bits up, the scraps don;t mount up much.
    Also, scraps are a sign of productivity and I”ve been so unproductive lately, I am not generating any! :(
    Hope you feel better soon oxoxoxox

    • I’m thinking we’ll have a good time, I’ve had a pretty decent response and anyway it’s always fun to get sewy and crafty people together and see what happens… Thanks for sending Josie and FBB my way, it’s been a really lovely experience working on the event. :)

    • I think so, we still have ten days and I’m getting stronger every day… I can’t remember ever being laid this low by the flu, though!

  7. Steph, sorry to hear about the flu–hope you feel better soon. I used to give my scraps to some ladies at the VFW who made lap blankets for the Vets, but they quit making the blankets (not enough people to sew). So unless the scraps are something big enough to cut a contrast pocket out of (or yoke, cuff, etc.), I toss them. Not very eco-sound, but I need clean space to work.

    • Yeah, I hear that. Shame about the lack of sewists for quilting… And thanks, I’m really making progress this week with getting my energy back.

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