Happy Birthday, Amelia Earhart (Or- The Times They Are A-Changin’)

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a blogging word-binge, I wrote about Amelia Earhart’s fashion label. Yep. She totally had one. She also flew airplanes and broke records before disappearing while attempting to circumnavigate the world in her plane.

Today is her 115th birthday, and she’s easily the most stylish person I can think of over 100. I was here today, working on Cake Patterns when an email appeared asking me if I’d like to be interviewed on the radio about Amelia Earhart. Um- what?  Sure!

Carol Duncan at ABC Radio Newcastle rang me this afternoon and we passed a lovely 15 or so minutes chatting about Amelia’s spirit, her fashion, and her style on live radio. Carol also had some very lovely things to say about my blog. Thanks, Carol!  It was a pleasure.  I never knew how those radio interview things worked, now I do!  I can’t find the audio of the show, but if it appears on the website I’ll be sure to drop it into Facebook.

We bathed the ducklings in the bathroom sink this weekend…They’ve already doubled in size!

I went back to working on Cake stuff and mommy jobs after the interview and thought about how much sewing I’ve been doing lately, how much photography, how much writing.  Writing, writing, writing, revision, more writing, but not much blogging.  I thought about that Amelia post, and how now just a few weeks later I can’t find the time or the brain-space to craft a post like that anymore.

Readers, as much as I wish I were Wonderwoman and could do everything all the time, I have to admit to myself I can’t.  I’m working on a really big project right now, and that project needs my brain cells and production skills.  I’m also picking up a bit more teaching work, and Cake needs that teaching work to help pay for production costs.   I don’t want to quit blogging.  I like it.  I like reading comments, and following them to find new and cool blogs, spending time “catching up” with old-friend bloggers, and sharing ideas and inspiration.

But I can’t write the way I have been.  I am not even sure I can scrape together the willpower to finish the polarfleece hack.  I will, but I promise you’ll be underwhelmed.

Such tiny little wings!

Instead, I thought I’d focus on lighter aspects of domestic life for a little while, and leave the sewing and the hacking on the back burner.  Well, actually, that’s just about all I’m doing but I can’t also blog about it.  It just doesn’t work for some reason.

Fluffy, freshly laundered babies. Sarah is the black one, Jemima is yellow.

I have quilt squares that need making (anyone for a scrap quilt-a-long??), I have Christmas crafts and presents to start (not to mention my Christmas craft classes to plan!), some household sustainability projects to test out, design ideas and shapes to play with, books to review and oh boy sooo many kinds of cake recipes!  To balance my recent addiction to baking cakes, I’m also re-teaching myself to cook hearty and healthy meals.  These are the kinds of things I can write about now, in nice little posts.  And naturally, I’ll show you how the work goes with Cake and we’ll have some super fun giveaways.

Stephen took this today. I was rescuing a stuffed seal from a tree. The seal is now safe and sound, back in his cozy basket. We needed some “action” shots of Tiramisu… This is my third one…

I hope you understand, I don’t want to let y’all down as a blogger but that’s why I’m throwing most of my creativity into Cake right now.  So I don’t let y’all down as a pattern designer.  It’ll be worth it.  If you haven’t already, do sign up to receive updates about Cake sales and releases via email here.  I’m astonished that nearly 400 people have already signed up!

You have been such a constant source of support, constructive criticism and enthusiasm, I want to be sure I do my very best and most focused work for you with Cake.

Thank you for understanding!  By the way, can you think of other super stylish and inspirational people over 100?  They don’t have to be technically alive…


  1. Gosh Steph if you even find the time to write the odd post about a casserole and what Lila said yesterday, I consider is very lucky indeed! We love all of who you are, not just the part that goes boldly into sewing territories less travelled! xoxo

    • Aw thanks… :) The problem is, I’m spending pretty much the same amount of time sewing and photographing etc, but it’s not in a form I can easily blog about… But I’m still doing other stuff like cooking, trying to use less waste in my house, being healthy, etc..

      That Lila… She says some funny stuff.. Just the other day she said when she grows up she wants to marry Daddy.. I was like… “That spot’s already taken, kid…”

  2. I have way less on my plate and I blog way less often! You don’t need to apologize or force yourself! Cute ducklings, btw :)

  3. Don’t forget to breathe in the middle of all that. Go…do what you need to do and we’ll be here when you pop in. Most of all don’t forget to enjoy life. x

  4. I will miss the sewing posts, since I learned so much from them. I made my first pair of very simple high-waisted shorts based on your posts on pants fitting (based on RTW pants that fit me) – and they turned out nice enough to wear outside the house Thank you for giving so valuable advice on your blog, and I am looking forward to Cake. I will happily keep reading, no matter what you decide to write – it is your blog after all and any topic you pick you write about in a very engaging manner.

  5. Eep! The cuteness!

    We had ducks growing up (lived on a pond). At one point, we had a couple of babies we kept inside when they were little and then set them free on the pond with the other ducks when they were “teenagers.” There was an awkward moment of sending your baby duck on their own. They were chased back a couple of times before the other ducks accepted them. I have a distinct memory of walking around my house with a baby duck in my shirt pocket.

    Take some time and hang out with your ducklings! I used to hang out in the yard with our little ducks and dig up earthworms for them.

    • Aw! In your pocket! It’s amazing how tiny they are at first, and how quickly they grow… We’re spending some good times playing with them, getting them used to humans. They’re future layers, they also keep down the bugs and weeds in the orange orchard and provide fertilizer and recycle kitchen scraps… Very useful little creatures, and my FIL likes them to be gentle.

  6. Go, Steph! You do what you need to do and we’ll be here when the blogging buzz is let loose again. I’m perfectly happy with duckling posts – so cute!!

    • Awwwwwww! Thank you. There may be a little more than ducklings, but probably not much… I’m waiting for Jemima to grow up a bit more so I can put a ribbon leash on her and stage a few photos like the ones I dug up from Weimar Germany’s bohemians…

  7. Katharine Hepburn, obviously, for the list of super-stylish and over 100! :) Not afraid to live (or dress) her own way, and 105 this year (born 1907).

    Plus, as a bonus Amelia Earhart crossover-type-thing, KH played an aviatrix in an, ok, kind of forgettable film, Christopher Strong, but the wardrobe was bizarre and memorable, from leather helmets to lame catsuits.

    Isak Dinesen might be another one. It’s kind of weird that we know far more about actors than about people who actually, ya know, did stuff, like Amelia.

    Good luck w/Cake!

    • Oh! Of course! K. Hep. You’re so right! I love the story about her director not wanting her to wear pants, so she threatened to walk around set in her panties and got her way. :)

  8. I can’t even focus on the rest of this post because those ducklings are just so darn cute!!

    OK, back to the task at hand! Dude– you’ve got a LOT going on! Don’t feel any pressure over here in blogland! Take your time, do what you need to do, and write when and what you want!

  9. Love the Texas necklace! Other than that, I find that I get bogged down and feel like I almost live my life online and miss “real life”. It’s good to get offline and live. I’m sure we’ll still be here when you do post.

    • Thanks… I’ve worn it for the better part of four years… Probably wouldn’t wear such a thing *in* Texas, but when you’re transplanted it helps to have little ways to hold onto home… I don’t clutch my pearls, I clutch Texas! ;)

      • I know what you mean. I never would have either until after I moved to PA for almost 5 years. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll miss until you don’t have it.

  10. Take all the time and energy you need. New ventures and just living are big jobs just in themselves. I too will read whatever you have time to write, whether it is sewing, or ducklings, kiddos or cooking or, of course, Cake related. Don’t forget to sleep now, y’hear!

    • I will do, though I’ll definitely be around here… Just with a major change of programming, so to speak…

      Mmmm sleep… I learned to make it a top priority sometime in college, otherwise my world falls apart… :)

  11. I’ll miss your blog posts, but I will also be totally selfish and look forward to cake! I’m looking forward to making a tiramisu :)

  12. Hey, it happens to everyone. I feel bad that I’m not posting as much as I used to (and that’s a teeny tiny fraction of what you do), but there’s just other stuff going on, and I just hope everyone understands. I know I do about you having to cut back. :) Good luck with all of your endeavours! I’m excited to see how your Cake Patterns come out. :D

  13. It’s completely understandable and it’s really important not to spread yourself too thinly – I know all about trying to do that. We’re still hear reading when you want to post and loving what you make :)

  14. Amelia is pretty much my hero. Her and Charlotte Mason, educator (don’t know if she sewed!).
    No wonder you can’t keep it all up – I can’t keep up with reading your posts (: There are so many things I want to and need to do, just staying within my current job description. It’s too disappointing to give up things I love to do, so I just had to resolve to streeeeetttcchhh out my timeline. I can do everything, just not as often.

    Good luck on Cake. Your hard work will pay off.

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