Catching Up and Ducklings!

I have been woefully remiss lately, barely writing anything!  I miss you all, and I’m back now.  My life’s been interesting (in a good way!) lately, and I just don’t know what to write about.

I thought I’d start by thanking everyone who came out to Piece Together for the Perfectly Fitting Pants workshop.  I haven’t taught a day-long workshop in a year, but once we started I barely registered the time.  It was such a pleasure to work with so many extremely clever and talented stitchers!  We spent the day muslining Pants Blocks, then altering individual patterns to for fit and cutting the pants.  Some of us made it to construction stage, and at any rate we had a great set of finished patterns by the end of the afternoon. I was SO pumped when I went home that night, just full of ideas!

The new downstairs Piece Together space is pretty perfectly set up for classes and socializing.  While I was teaching Perfectly Fitting Pants my Knits Mastery class for next month filled up!  If you’re interested in information about either of these classes, I’ll run them again before Christmas so keep your eyes peeled.  Better yet, email me and I’ll put you on the waitlist!

In other turbo-fantastic news, my little machine is out of the repair shop!  She broke a few months ago after I botched an attempt at deep-cleaning (don’t, I repeat, don’t take your machine out of the casing…. I knew better).  I’ve been using a friend’s machine ever since.  I was very very grateful for the loaner machine, and we did some good work together but I missed my machine.  She works hard and handles everything I throw at her, we have a history and she knows what I mean by just a flick of my fingertips.  I’m really, really happy she’s well and home.

Jemima is yellow, Sarah is black….

And in non-sewing-related news, we have two little ducklings living with us.  They hatched last week at my husband’s family farm and we thought Lila would like to have some pet ducklings around the house.  When they get bigger we can keep them in our backyard pen or send them back to the farm to keep pests down in the orchard and turn kitchen scraps into fertilizer and eggs.  But for now, we have some chirpy fluffballs hanging around.  I do rather like ducks.

I’m always so jealous of everyone’s sewing cats on their blogs, maybe for a while I’ll have a sewing duckling…

A note on the polarfleece hack for June- It was underwhelming.  I’ll admit it.  I got super busy after putting it together enough to see it was kind of boring, so I set it aside. And I couldn’t find a red zipper.  Terrible.  I’ll be revealing what I did to that nice red piece of polar fleece this week, and July’s hack will be my improvement on June’s design.  June is nice but very middle-of-the-road, so for July I thought I’d roll up my sleeves and build on the design to make something a little more exciting.  That’s the plan, anyway!

Thanks for being patient with me lately.  I’m back- not every night, but I’m back now with heaps of ideas!  The blog may take a slightly different direction than I’ve trod thus far, but I’m really excited about the changes and I hope you will be, too.

If you’d like a little look at what I’ve been sewing the past week, check out my facebook page for the worst kept secret of 2012… Let me know what you think.  I’ll be writing about all of that later this week, too!


  1. OOH! Ducklings! Grown ducks always strike me as beig kind of shifty looking, but the fluffy little babies, wants’em my precious.
    Though what I really want is chickens.
    Though what I REALLY want is a large dog and a couple of cats..

    (And yay for working machines! I’m down to one.. The old girl just doesnt want to work..)

    • Awwwwwww… I love big ducks, too. These are the offspring of this mob I took photos with a few weeks ago..

      Sigh… The husband wants a dog.. I’d like a cat, maybe a few sweet and decorative finches, and a pair of chickens but we only have a very small house… And our poultry pen butts up against a commuter carpark, people like to feed our poultry rubbish so we haven’t had any for a while… DUCKS SHOULDN’T EAT BREAD. There, I said it. Terrible for their little livers… Sorry- rant! ;) We lost a few ducks to people feeding them bread..

    • Yes… These live in a tidy little box with shavings and a light for now, when they get to the crapping on my floors stage they can go outside. We have a poultry pen, but more likely we’ll send them back to the farm because I prefer chicken eggs. The faint odor d’poultry isn’t too bad for now, kind of nice.. S and I both grew up on farms.. :)

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