The Stylish Adventures of Lilasaurus

Lilasaurus rides the bus to the city.

I thought I’d take a break from stretch pants pattern and alteration posts to show you what I threw together over the weekend.  My niece and nephew all but share a birthdate, so my SIL throws one big party for them- usually themed.  Last year, I made Lila a leopard-print coat dress for the Jungle party.  (I have this crazy idea that I don’t like little kiddie jumpsuity animal-ly type costumes.  I like costumes to be semi-wearable garments.)  This year, they were all about dinosaurs.

Lilasaurus helps Mommy look for stripey fabrics.

Hmm.  I had no idea what to do for the costume, so I procrastinated.  On Friday, Stephen told me the party was that weekend, not the following weekend as we’d thought.  Awesome!  Luckily, I found a cute (and very very quick) tutorial for a dinosaur hoodie from DIYing to be Domestic.  It’s a new-to-me blog, but I love what she does!  Her hoodie is a little different from mine and she does a great job of showing you how to make it, so skip on over and check it out for instructions.

Lilasaurus standing on a street corner just before a pair of Japanese hipsters giggle and ask to take her picture.

This hoodie uses felt diamonds and a pre-made hoodie.  I can’t believe I had to go to four stores before I found a kinda-sorta plain one!  It’s nice and plushy, and has some cutie girlie details.  Lila wanted a pink hoodie with green spikes.  Ok, kid.

Lilasaurus wants to catch a pigeon.

I took some photos today while we were out and about.  I said to Lila “Let’s go to the library today, Mommy needs another Fandorin novel and you can get a new book, too.”

Lilasaurus stands in line for sushi.

“Ok.  Can we get sushi and go to the park?”

“Sure.” (Sushi is really cheap here.  Ridiculously.  It’s good, too.)

Lilasaurus loves the pretend pirate ship in the Bontanical Gardens, and learned the word “steering” because we don’t drive ships.

“I can wear my new hoodie!”

“Alright, Lila.”


Lilasaurus gets a book from the library.

I had originally planned to remove the spikes after the party, but she loves her little hoodie so much I’ll leave them.  We have such good fun on these afternoons out, thanks for letting me share!

Do you ever make kiddie costumes?  What’s your favorite?  Do you kinda want a dino-hoodie now?  (I do…)

I woke up this morning to nearly 80 new data points waiting in my inbox for the waist to hip ratio project I’m working on and they’ve been rolling in all day!  If you have a minute, I’d really appreciate it if you’d contribute your own measurements, too.  Once I have a nice large set, I’ll play with the numbers and write all about it!


  1. You have a really cute Lilasaurus! I’ve posted my measurements for you. Have you also considered flat butt, versus those of us blessed with great big a***s. It makes a big difference to fit.

    • Thanks. :) I really enjoy her company.. And thank you for contributing! :D

      The shapeliness of the body definitely definitely affects fit, this is something different.. I have some (more) crazy ratio theories and how they relate to sizing, I thought it was high time I got a decent sized sample of numbers to play with…. It’s not exactly scientific, but it’s interesting.

    • Thanks… We have fun together… She’s always yammering on about something cute, the sweet and pretty ways a tiny child looks at the world…

  2. I absolutely want one! One for me, one for the 3yr old, one for the almost-8-yr old (he’d probably still love it..), think the husband might not be too keen though. The only ‘costume’ I’ve made is a pirate hat for then-6-yr-old’s birthday. The braid is coming off now, so I might have to fix it up.

    And measurements contributed. I was surprised at the cm numbers.. I always measure in inches, and had to double check cause the numbers seemed so… odd.

    • I almost made one for my husband, but he decided at the last minute he wouldn’t wear it so I didn’t…

      Thanks for contributing! After five years of living in a metric country (and working in jobs where i have to use metric) I’m kind of used to cms and inches equally. I’m using cms for my statistics stuff because it’s easier. Cms use decimal points, I don’t have to go messing about with fractions. Treasonous words, I know!

      • Oh cm are absolutely easier what with the decimals and stuff, and I’ve lived here all my life so I should be used to them, but the inches numbers on my tape measure are printed larger so I see them first :)

  3. Yay for the Lilasaurus! Cutest little dino ever.
    At a loss for a costume for my 13-month old son, I dressed him in a medium blue velour sweatsuit with bear ears I’d made him. we dabbed a bit of blue makeup on his face and dubbed him An Artesian; one of the elusive creatures who made Olympia beer so tasty.

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  5. Lilasaurus is just adorable – perhaps there will need to be a slightly copycat Chloe-saurus at some point.

  6. Tyo has been wanting a dinosaur hoodie ever since a “friend” of hers gave her one and then reclaimed it a few days later. Which is a whole ‘nother story, but she’s adorable and that’s awesome that she likes it so much!

    Up here I am a big fan of the jumpsuit-type costume for Hallowe’en because you can stick a winter coat under it! (Not that my kids would ever consent to wear such a thing, well, not since the Care Bear costume when Syo was one…) I hate hate hate making single-use items, though, so making something that can be semi-practical (at least in the world of preschoolers) is awesomesauce in my world.

    • Goodness, with friends like that who needs enemies? The dino hoodies are pretty easy to make, I hand-stitched mine(social sewing) but it’d be faster on the machine for sure.

      I’d probably be a bigger fan of the all in one costume if I lived somewhere cold… But they just don’t make sense here. And pre-schoolers can get away with wearing such crazy stuff…

    • She’s a funny girl, very orderly and clean but she has quite the sense of humor…;) Babies are nice, but I think I like bigger kids.. More personality.

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