Finished Object: Tux Dress; Frock Out and Giveaway Winner!

I thought the Tux Dress tied in all too well with this week’s “Vegas” theme on Sew Weekly, which is why I held off posting the finished object until now.  Check it out at Sew Weekly to see the completely finished dress and details.

I had a great excuse for a new dress- hosting “Frock Out” night at Piece Together in Wooloongabba.  Basically, it’s a chance to get your favorite frock out of the closet (or, in my case make a new one!), dust it off and get together with other crafty people for dinner, drinks and a bit of sewing.  Piece Together is a magical combination of sewing cafe, workshop space and handmade marketplace.  This was my first event with Piece Together but it won’t be my last.

I mean, look at the space.  From the Colette sewing classes to the Oliver + S dress samples to the comfy old mid-century style living room set up in the back- it’s fantastic.  And homey.  And a little bit like “How did they read my mind about what the perfect sewing and teaching space would look like?”  We had 33 people, and while we ran out of sparkling wines after a while (note to self for next time…), the food was plentiful.

Once we’d mingled, had a few drinks and some food, we settled down to make the Dior rose hairclip/brooch craft.  It’s such fun to watch a group of people take the same craft and make it all their own.

I thought I’d throw in a few “Tux Dress in Action” shots.

Check out the poster behind me on the wall!  So meta.

If there’s anything lovelier than women sharing a laugh, I don’t know what it is.

To spice up the night, we gave away prizes sponsored by local independent fabric stores.  Many, many thanks to:

Fabric Fascinations- for all your apparel fabric and chick-ly needs (opening soon!)

Sckafs- Located in Indooroopilly shopping center, a great spot for top-quality haberdashery, lace, and wovens of all descriptions

Voodoo Rabbit- My absolute 100% favorite place for quilting cottons (a lot of Lila’s clothes come from there).  They’re in the Gabba and online.  And Ky did a really great write-up of the night on their shop blog.

The Fabric Store- My favorite place for apparel fabrics, this place has serious clothing fabrics.  Not just fancies- but everything.  And enough weird stuff to keep me happy, too.

And I’d like to say a special thank you to my Sister-in-law, Lisa Barry.  My husband (my usual photographer) flatly refused to come to Frock Out.  I think the thought of being the only man in a big room full of drinking and fabric-flower making ladies kind of terrified him.  His sister Lisa does gorgeous natural light children’s and family portraits (she did my wedding photos, which I love) so I begged her to come help me out and she did!  Indoors, at night, and a party atmosphere was a little bit different, but she really rolled with it.  Thanks, Lisa!

And finally: The winner of the Simplicity dress pattern + Dior Rose Brooch (if you’d prefer to make one, I can send you a kit!) is……. Gorgeous Nettie at Sown Brooklyn!  Flick me your address, Nettie, and I’ll send a little package your way.

Frock Out was so much fun, I’m already half planning another similar night for a few months from now- but better!  I’m also teaching several proper workshops at Piece Together in the coming months and weeks (details and registration coming very very soon), so if you live locally and you’d like to know when I’m hosting more classes and events, just fill in your name and email address and I’ll keep you up to date.

Frock Out was such great fun, and I met so many awesome new people!  Looking forward to seeing you next time.


  1. The dress turned out absolutely stunning – congratulations on that and also on what looked like an amazing evening! Also had a peek at the wedding photos, you looked so beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous dress! Tuxedo styles are so classy, and I love that little flip collar! What a wonderful space, sounds like a lovely time.

  3. The dress is beautiful, Steph! It looks like you had a lot of fun that evening. Too bad I live half-way around the globe, because I would have loved to have joined you!

  4. Oh that does look like it was a lot of fun!! And the dress is very awesome. I love the fact that a needle (pin?) can be seen in your collar in one of the pictures too. I stopped doing that for a while after I stabbed my husband giving him a hug one day, bit its nice to see other people do it too!!

  5. Frock Out looks amazing…what a great night. Tux dress is fabulous. You’ve done such a fabulous job with it. Gorgeous.

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