Pictutorial: Making a Cummerbund Belt

After months of kinda-sorta wanting a cummerbund belt in my wardrobe, I decided I definitely wanted one to wear with my Tux Dress (post forthcoming, I’m waiting on Sew Weekly).  I kept an eye out in op-shops over the past few months for a still-good-but-castoff cummerbund; when I still turned up nothing last week I took matters into my own hands.  I can wear a wide cummerbund-style belt with most of my other clothes.  Here, I’m wearing it with the Leaflace Dress.

It’s made of black silk-cotton radiance.  I like radiance because unlike most satins, it washes easily and doesn’t show pinmarks.  The back is carefully elasticized to allow the back to stretch, but I covered it in such a way it doesn’t look like a scrunchie.  I chose to hand-stitch this cummerbund, but the pleated section could easily be made by machine.  You could also opt not to pleat the front section- leave it smooth, bead it, embroider, whatever makes you happy.  It’s not a difficult project, and the end result is light but strong and very wearable.

One last little detail:  I found the Chestnut Bun on Pinterest some time ago (how did I find recipes or hairstyles before pinterest?).  I’m in love with this simple little bun- it actually works on my not-quite-long-enough hair and holds it neatly and prettily.  Even better, it works best on slightly dirty hair.  Just sayin’.  It kind of collapses when I use clean hair, so I spritz clean hair with hairspray and brush it out at the ponytail stage.  It works really well.  The best part is it’s super easy to do.  Check out the Chestnut Bun Tutorial at Strawberry Koi.


  1. Oooh… I’m going to have too look at this again properly on my computer instead of my phone. This could solve the problem I always have with bows on sashes – make a cumerbund belt instead!!

    • Oh, and your link isn’t working, for me at least. It’s got your address before hers so it won’t click through….. Or maybe my phone is just being picky?

  2. Lovely :) Lovely hair up too. I only wash my hair once a week – days one and two it is down then days 3-7 is is up in a range of styles, with flowers :) It’s terribly unmodern to allow one’s hair to get ‘dirty’, but I love the oilier, heavier, glossier feeling my hair gets, it feels old fashioned! And it holds a curl like a dream!

    • When my hair was longer, I only washed every two weeks… I know some people out there swear by never washing it at all, and I’d join them if I didn’t love the smell of my shampoo so much. There it is. I love the way my shampoo smells.. ;)

      And dirty hair is sooo much easier to style…

  3. Everything is so lovely, Steph! I could write more, but it would just be more of the same… lovely… I want your dress… etc., etc.! :)

  4. Love the belt! It’s super cute! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. Sadly, I have to wash my hair every day or it looks terrible. I’m too greasy! Ick! :(

  5. Obi belts were so popular in the late 70s-early 80s that nearly every dress pattern I bought included one as an accessory. I like your pleated version. I made dozens of these sorts of sashes, as reversibles — the ties had to coordinate with both sides. Very versatile garment. We wore them with dresses, skirts, trousers. You could tie them high for an empire line, or at your natural waist, or as a hip wrap. Some friends, who were more Hippie Earth Goddess than I, wore them as head wraps. I suppose you could wrap one around your neck as a scarf or dog-collar necklace, should your neck be inches longer than my short, squat neck. Ankle bracelet? Thigh garter? Garrote for a pesky boyfriend?

    • I have a couple of obi belts, I really like them.. But when I tried them with this dress, the effect was just hilarious even though the shape was right. I tried putting this one in my hair, I didn’t mind the way it looked.. especially when I had some serious Brigitte Bardot hair going on…

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