Being Quiet, Being Loud, and The Tux Dress Preview

Remember the 1940’s Pajamas I started for Stephen for Sew Weekly’s 40’s Challenge? He’s not a “pajamas” man, not really, but I wanted to make them and he was happy to wear it.  In fact, he really likes wearing pajamas all of a sudden.

I made the top in a few pleasant hours over a week ago, and he’s worn it almost every night since.   See that length of blue on the line beside it?  Those are the pants- some assembly required.  The two-piece, no-side-seam-pants that would take me an hour and a half to make.  I *want* to make them, he’s excited about them and keeps asking, but I simply haven’t done it.  I have a stack of sewing, all projects that I want to work on- but I can’t decide where to start.  So it sits there.  How silly!

Being Quiet-

Lately I’ve approached blogging with the idea of trying to string my posts together in some kind of logical manner.  Last week I chugged along showing my Tux dress progress, then I wanted to blog about the pajamas, and also skin care and five or six other things.  It’s the opposite of writer’s block- I couldn’t decide what to write about because everything sounded good and inspiring.  Just like my sewing.

And so then, like with the pajama pants, I didn’t do anything- no posting for a few days.  Being quiet.

I thought about 3 Hours Past and how much I like writing and how to choose what to write about.   I don’t think I have it in me to write 500+ word posts every day.  Blog scheduling is not something I ever thought about much, but I want to post more consistently with fewer inexplicable quiet spots.    I decided that rather than trying to write 6-8 posts a week, I’ll dial it down to 4: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.  I’ll still write about my projects, sewing techniques, and new patterns- but I can’t keep up the volume of writing I’ve been doing the past few months.  It takes up more time than the sewing!

Being Loud-

Frock Out went really well last night!  If you’re reading this and you went, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for coming- what fun!  I’m working on a proper write-up once I get the photos back so I can share.

I have several more local events and workshops in the early planning stages right now- that’s another reason I need to blog a little less.  I’m working on being loud locally.

I’m also nearly finished with May’s Hack (which I’ve been all secretive about!) and I have Colette’s Clover pattern and several lengths of stretch fabric.  I’m determined to “unlock” the Clovers and share what I do with them.  I’ll use my pants block to alter the pattern- it’s the same stretch vs. woven fit conundrum I played with when I made the Pinkie Pants.  I’m determined to find a simple way to switch from wovens to stretch using the same block.

Tux Dress Preview

This was me last night- after I slipped out of my heels and into flats.  The photos aren’t ready, but as soon as they are you can bet I’ll show you *everything*.  This dress is great- super comfortable and fun to wear.  I made a very light and strong cummerbund belt- expect the tutorial later this week!

Thanks for listening.


  1. Your dress was fabulous Steph – as was your Frock Out night! Congratulations! I hope this becomes an annual event – I know that I would come back and I would love to bring some friends with me next time (in fact I have two or three in mind already)! Way to go Steph!

  2. Sometimes a girl just needs some quiet time to put her thoughts in order! Your tux dress looks awesome, and I’m so pleased you had a great time at the frock out party too. (I made a belt today to go with my mad men dress, my first ever) X

  3. EEEEEK! Your dress! I’m so excited for the photos! It looks great in that pic!

    I think I tend to spend a little too much time blogging and reading other people’s blogs, but really, that’s half the fun for me (especially since I’m not particularly skilled, and sewing can be pretty frustrating sometimes, so seeing the projects you more skilled folks make helps to keep me inspired). But it’s smart to evaluate and make sure you’re using your time and energy on what’s really important to you.

    • That makes sense, Ginger. I get that. :) Blogging *is* important to me! I want to get better at it, more consistency etc. But really, it’s quite important to me.

      • Oops, didn’t mean that blogging wasn’t important to you– I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth. :) Sometimes I wonder how much I could accomplish if I actually sewed in the time that I write or catch up on my blogroll! :)

  4. I totally get the scatterbrained feeling when you want to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE and then you do nothing because you can’t commit. Hehe.

    You’re dress look gorgeous in that last photo, and I can’t wait for your reveal post. But I have to admit that I was distracted because you look SOOO much like one of my cousins in that photo, and I can’t look at it and see you, I see her. Thanks for the little unintended trip down memory lane. :)

  5. Love the dress and dying to see more pics – it really looks good on you…. also dying to see what the latest hack is like – I take it that vintage pattern with the cute neckline and buttoned shoulder is a hint:)

    I will miss your almost daily posts as i am sure all of us will but it’s totally understandable that you feel you should post less – it’s obvious that you put a lot into your posts!

    • Soon- I’m waiting on Sew Weekly to publish… This week is Vegas, I *had* to get the tux in for that. :) My weird, illogical timing.

      Yes, neckline, pintucks, buttons. All of it. Mmmm yummy. ;) Thanks for being so understanding (though I wonder how long I’ll be able to stick to 4 a week… Sigh…)

  6. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you should do rather than what you want to do, and I think you’re wise to prioritise. I love the pyjama’s, am glad you had such a wonderful time at Frock Out, and cannot wait to see the finished pictures of the tux dress…it looks amazing in your little teaser picture.

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