Finished Object: 40’s Charm Hack and Tee!

It’s finished!  I dropped off the radar completely for a few days, thank you for being so understanding.  I don’t know what I had, but it was awful.  The past couple of days are a blur, I drank soup and vitamin-C smoothies Stephen doled out and caught up on Sherlock Holmes.  Except I was so out of it, I can probably re-watch them and they’ll seem new.  Then I woke up this morning, was alarmed to discover it’s Friday already and felt much more like myself- except for a croaky voice.

At any rate, I put this version of the 40’s Charm Hack together in about an hour and a half this afternoon.  I simplified the design, removing both the lower ruching and the bust ruching to highlight the interesting neckline and the faux-lero seaming.

I used the same wonderfully slubbed linen-cotton jersey as Lacy Blank Canvas and SpinaLace.  I like wearing white, this jersey blend is very soft and easy to work with, and besides it’s what I had lying around the house. And most of my whites are pink now and I miss my white tees.

I’m wearing the hack here with Minerve, a linen-cotton woven skirt cut from a late 30’s/early 40’s French mail-order pattern.  She’s a workhorse skirt.

I also slightly lowered the neckline, as a sharp-eyed commentator pointed out my original neckline was a little higher than the inspiration.  I like it.

I even put my hair up in a reverse victory roll to keep the 40’s vibe going.  I haven’t worn this style much since I cut my hair last year, I forgot how much I love it!

To download the pdf of the hack (with heaps of construction photos!), click the 40’s Charm line drawing above.  Should I make her into a pattern?  I will if there’s interest, I already drafted the sizes to make sure it would work- so that’s half the job done already.

May’s Hack will be much more forthright, I’ve had her on my mind since February and I know she works!  Fingers crossed I don’t have the same drama and can get her out by the end of the month!

As soon as I get over this bullfrog-throat, I plan to make another video or two…

Once again, thank you so so much for your thoughts and kind words when I wasn’t well.  It means a lot to me.


  1. That is a sweet tee, lovely neckline. And glad to know you are feeling better. Also, your skirt looks great.

    • Thanks, Julie.. That skirt has stood up to all kinds of wear and abuse for aaaaaages, and is nowhere near retirement… ;) And she works with pretty much everything.

  2. juhu!! you still alive! :-)
    and you make a very chic t-shirt!
    and with this skirt and fishnets you look gorgeous.
    happy to see you like this.

  3. great interpretation of such a classic 40s look. love it. elegant and wearable, casual and dressy…completely adaptable.

  4. Ooooooo! I really love this hack! The neckline and neat seaming around the shoulders are emphasized nicely in this version (I think they got lost a bit with all the ruching). And I really like your whole look, with the linen skirt, those awesome tights and your hair done up like that. Nice to see the reverse victory roll again!

    • Thanks, Ginger… I’m only just starting to appreciate how much a belt can pull together a look.. Especially red, I do like having a bit of red involved in an outfit. :)

  5. I, too, really love the red/black/white outfit! If I can ever manage to get over my phobia of tucking in my shirts, that’ll be a look I copy. :)

  6. I really, really like this one! The beautiful lines really shine now. One quick question, is there one place where all of your hacks are being categorized?

  7. I was so distressed for you over your pink whites, and thought of you when I was looking at fabric dyes the other day. (Also decided never to use the washing machine method!) I wondered if you had tried the colour remover sold by the dye makers that’s recommended to bleach colour out of fabrics before re-dyeing? I think I saw a Rit one, and maybe another brand or two.

    • I have never, never had any problems with the washing machine method. Red dye is weird, I think that was it. I’m going to try white dye next… Sigh… I don’t know.

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  9. I really like it! I might have to make my next Tee from this hack. Or I might go the lazy route and just make another original!

    So glad you’re feeling better.

    • Well, if you give it a week or two I’ll send you the pattern to test for me. :) I’d love to see how it’d work for you. That’s the semi-lazy route, right? :)

      • That would be an exciting AND lazy route! I might still make a basic Tee out of the light wicking polyester I bought (because I can’t seem to stay away from coral this year! 3 coral tshirts!!), and use the cotton jersey I found in my stash for a hack. :)

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  12. I could KISS you for this!! I was so stumped on what kind of top to make for the SW 40s challenge. Now you, and Meg who pinned this, have saved me! Thank you! Dramatic seamstress rant over ;o)
    Your tutorial is awesome. I can’t follow instructions well with a headache, but these made complete sense on the first glance with a pounding one.

    • Sweet. :) I’m pleased you find them readable, I do try to write it that way… I hope it works for you (those dots are SUPER important!). :)

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  18. I made one of these today and I love it. It camera out a bit big because I didn’t tnt the pattern before but I like it a lot anyway and planning to make another one, probably hacking the hack because I want a different color faux lero, so I’ll have to modify the back.too.:) I’ll show you if I do it!

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