Giveaway Winner, Pretty Pictures, and What’s Coming Up

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 40’s Charm or Cheongsam Giveaway and game.  It was so much fun to see which designs you all liked the best- 40’s Charm won out!  Don’t worry Cheongsam fans, I think it has great potential as a layering piece so I’m likely to make it later this year.  I’m playing with the cut and ruching treatment for this month’s hack and I am working with a muse this time!  I’m used to dressing myself, I want the challenge of dressing another’s shape, coloring and personality.

And the winners are… PendleStitches and Cindy Moser!  Ladies, please email me your mailing addresses so I can send out the lace and lace fabric.  As PendleStitches had more points, she gets “dibs.”  I just want to say another big thank you to everyone who played along, and I’ll be running other games and giveaways in the near future (because it’s fun!).

My family and I spent the weekend on the northern NSW coast.  It’s so beautiful, I always come back refreshed and feeling centered so I thought I’d share a piece of my world with y’all:

Under the Pandanus Trees, Cabarita Dunes

Cabarita Beach.

Cabarita Beach

The rip was heavy, but I could sit on the rocks and enjoy the surf washing over me in relative safety.

I'm on a "surf-ski" which is sort of like a very light and shallow kayak, great fun on tributaries to the Tweed River. Yep, totally wearing Lacewing Top. She's tough because I built her that way. The flutter sleeves give me room to paddle.

As the sun got lower, the scent of Eucalytus closed in. There were *so* many flowers!

I’m really excited about this week.  I’m ripping into my $5 Fijian Suit Jacket for your amusement (and who knows what we’ll find!), the second, fine-tuned version of the Sisters of Edwardia Blouse (though I doubt the Ladies Crawley would wear this one!) and also breaking down the favorite designs on the 40’s Charm pinboard (you can still go and tell me which ones are your faves).  Best of all, I’m really *really* excited to tell you about this silly little sketch:

While I’m planning the writing for this week, I’d like to know if there’s a concept or a technique anyone would like me to tackle?  Leave me a comment and let me know!   That will be the “wild card” post.


  1. Lovely post – great pictures and I´m thrilled to see that my blogging pal at Pendle Stitches is a winner..I knw she´ll be so happy and will make something incredible!

    • I am absolutly beside myself with glee! Thank you for being happy for me.
      I’m so pleased to be a winner and have sent a totally incoherent email to Steph putting dibs on the lace fabric. I love it so much. Although I don’t think you’ll see me surf-skiing in my top. That looks awfully good fun.
      So thank you Steph for an incredible giveaway. And I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. It’s raining hard in the UK so pictures of sun and fun are always cheering.

  2. I loved the pics! What I’d like to know is where to buy decent fabric online (other than the hemp from Margaret River). I only have a local spotties, and the selection there is very limited :( Love the hemp/cotton though, and have made my husband a number of t shirts with their jersey. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. “superchic” your kajakoutfit! and envy for the warm weather and water.
    my husband & i love to go kajakwandern in a old folboot made from wood, cotton&rubber :-) and i hate most of the modern “outdoorfashion”. so nice to see a girl “dressed” for sports ;-)

  4. Oh surf ski is fantastic fun and easy easy, umm, to get really really wet while having a fab time. Well, I get super wet and it looks like Steph you are more skilled at it than me!

    Interesting sketch ….

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