Finished Object: SpinalAce Tee

Lace inserted, wash, dried, and worn most of the weekend- SpinalAce Top.  I’ve been working with cut-on flutter sleeves this month, playing with both the shape of the drape and “volume.”  The Lacewing Tee is this month’s hack of the BCT and has longer, fuller sleeves.

Despite the dozens of fancy lace insertion ideas swimming around my brain, I couldn’t forget this image and gave in to it.  That meant I had to let go of the steep v-shape I used on Lacewing.  I’m sure it would work just fine to do it on the V, but I wanted a top very close to this shape.

I was pleased to wear one of my big ol' Texas belt buckles when we took photos... Haven't worn it for a while, but it's a favorite. I might try wearing it more..

I had to mark the lines for the lace insertion very carefully, but I think it was worth it because I’m pleased with the end result.  I can wear a top like this with most of my other clothes.  On the blouse illustration, the lace appears to wrap all the way around the top, but I had another idea-

My spine!  It’s made of lace…!  In order to incorporate the wide insertion lace in my top, I ran a line of it down the back.

Side note: A commentator asked if I would need a camisole beneath this top.  I don’t think so, because the insertions are so narrow I’m not showing off my underwear.  I hate seeing others’ underwear in pubic, so I keep an eye out for showing my own.  It would depend on the fabric and the lace and the individual wearer’s preferences.

Once I finished the insertions, the rest of the top went together very quickly- almost instant gratification.

I’m wearing a velcro hair bump thing like Lilli at Frocks and Frou Frou.  I love her hair!  It’s shocking how easily these slip in and stay put.  I like big hair but I don’t like to tease it, so it’s perfect to add a little shape to my hair.  I used a few hairpins to secure some loose ends, tied a grosgrain ribbon around it and I was ready to go.  I’m experimenting with other styles…

Trying to be "tough" but achieving "goofy."

I wanted to leave the edges of the sleeves raw so it would ripple and roll with age, but again the fabric had other ideas.  It looked sad and neglected, so I overlocked the edge and pressed it under for a narrow hem.  The fabric is thin, but substantial enough that it appreciates a tiny hem.  I’m hoping this top will soften deliciously as it ages, as linen wovens do.

Lace insertion is loooovely- not just for christening gowns, tea towels and lingerie.   This is a utility garment, mommy clothes, casual wear but soft and lacy rather than severe or schlubby.   At least, that’s where I’m aiming.

From the BCT I made from scraps...

If you’d like to play with some of this same cotton-linen (1.5m fabric, 1.5m each wide and narrow insertion) or the lace fabric I used for Lacewing, take a look at the “40’s Charm or Cheongsam” Giveaway.  I’m entering names in a spreadsheet for each “point,” then two names will be chosen at random.  The name with the most points gets first dibs.

Here’s a shot of a muslin of something I’m working on but isn’t ready to blog yet but I’m super excited so I can’t resist showing you all:

What’s that you say, Sybil? But Edith told me I could borrow it

Next post: A little neckline drafting…


  1. Love it Stephanie! As you have said great for your ‘mommy’ duties. For me, it would be great for the holidays when I always need a few more things for slipping out for a quick coffee or down the road to the shops.

    • Oh, and I forgot to say, I love the placement of the lines of lace on the front. I’m reluctant to do the one on the back considering my odd curved shape, but I think it would look fabulous on someone with a straight back. I have never laid hands on a linen blend knit – this interests me.

      • I don’t know that a lace spine on your shirt would be so odd.. But whatever you’re comfortable with… :)

        The fabric is interesting. Definitely feels different from a plain cotton. I wish I had some more, maybe The Fabric Store will have some…

  2. Love that outfit: the t-shirt, the headband, the belt buckle, everything! The 3 different lace versions are all beautiful and each with their own style – that’s a cool feat!

  3. Love that top! Looks like it would dress up and down easily! Maybe, I will have to try inserts one day. But not horizontal…I don’t do horizontal. Chevron maybe…how it that for challenging!

    • I think the whole “horizontal lines widen the figure” thing is taken too seriously… But to each her own.

      A chevron wouldn’t be too bad. Just mark it carefully, do one side of the V, remove the fabric behind the insertion… Fold under one end of the lace, overlap it with the point of the V, stitch it on, remove the fabric and lace behind the insertion…. I’m not the biggest fab of V’s, they look kind of cranky or ill-tempered or something to me. Which is completely silly! :)

  4. SO FUN! I want spinalace. I was hoping to do some sewing yesterday, but we spent the day hiking our local creek—so I shouldn’t complain, because it’s the first time we’ve been out this spring, but still. I also like that belt buckle, and I am not a big fan of the obnoxious oversized belt buckles (of which there are plenty around here ;) )

    • Hiking! Yay! I bet it was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous out.

      Yeah… I picked up this one because in the land of big belt buckles, this one didn’t annoy me. And after a few years of not seeing the light of day, it look ENORMOUS to me.

  5. Oh my, that turned out even better than I was picturing it! I love the subtle lace. It’s amazing that you can make your own textile, instead of relying on a shop to stock something like this.

    • You know, I’m always kind of puzzled when I see pre-embellished fabric in the shop… The kind that’s already shirred or pintucked or whatever.

      Thanks, Heather. :)

  6. I ADORE this blouse! Totally inspiring. Lace insertion is on my Check-The-Technique to-do list so I really love that you’ve shared it; thank you! x

    Ps. Love that little bump thingy. Where did you get it?

    • I’m glad you like it. :)

      There’s a hair accessories shop in the basement of the Queen’s Plaza, they have ALL KINDS of bumps and rats and rolls and etc. I want to go back and get a roll, for some epic victory rolls. They’re the only place I’ve been able to find that kind of thing.

  7. I love the lace + obnoxiously large belt buckle look! I don’t think I have the patience to do all the lines of lace insertion, but one down the back I think I could handle. And yay, Sybil/Edith’s blouse!

    • I’m pleased that we live on a similar wavelength. (Lace + big belt buckles / t-shirts+ girly skirts / angsty teenage poetry…) Nice to know. :)

      The blouse is so happy. Truly.

  8. I really like this! Even after saying I don’t really like lace! I think the belt buckle sets it off perfectly. I have a couple of Native American inspired ones with wolves and things like that, plus a really neat one from the Pacific Northwest (my favourite). I’m inspired to drag them out and wear them now! I think your whole outfit has a fun 50’s feel to it

  9. I love it! You know I wasn’t completely convinced when you began talking about lace but I knew you’d do something interesting anyway… and in the end I’d totally wear both lace tops… especially this one! Very inspiring.

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